Chapter 701

[Your memphis Noe has harmed the degraded medusa.]

[Your memphis Noe has harmed the degraded medusa.]

[Your memphis Noe’s level has risen!]

[The doppelganger of the Mysterious Forest Randy has harmed the degraded medusa.]

[Doppelganger Randy’s level has risen!]

[The Overgeared Skeleton One has been petrified.]

[Due to continuous petrification, the petrification resistance of Overgeared Skeleton One has increased by 1.]

[The Overgeared Skeleton Two has been petrified.]

[Due to continuous petrification, the petrification resistance of Overgeared Skeleton Two has increased by 1.]

[The experience of God Hand (4) has increased by 0.01%!]

‘Huh? Is this honey?’

Rock Forest. The medusa, which had been damaged by Grid’s 100,000 Army Massacre Sword, turned to grey. Grid only summoned his pets in order to save his life, but ended up giving them experience.

‘Almost all of the medusae were dying, so they were relatively easy for Noe and Randy to catch.’

On the other hand, the Overgeared Skeletons hadn’t yet reached level 50 and didn’t have a chance against the medusa. They didn’t get any experience. However, their unique ability to learn quickly raised their resistance to petrification. They were exposed to the petrification every time they met the eyes of the medusae. 10 minutes later, eye contact had evolved to the point of resistance.

[Fighting energy has reached 10.]

[All stats are restored to their normal values.]

Grid’s penalty finished. The fighting energy that was fixed at 0 for 10 minutes naturally recovered to 10 and his stats were restored.

“Okay. Shall I take care of the children?" 

The development of his pets was directly connected to Grid’s development. The excited Grid put on Malacus’ Cloak again. The bloody smell started to attract new medusa. Randy screamed as the medusa gathered like dogs.

“It’s hard for Randy. Scary.”


[Fighting energy is at the maximum.]

[Strength, stamina, and agility have increased by 50%.]

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship! Transcend.”



The increase in stats due to fighting energy raised Grid’s power to the extreme. As a result of Transcend, Grid’s attacks were converted to ranged attacks. Four strikes were released per second and the medusa couldn’t cope. Two hours after arriving at Rock Forest. Now Grid understood exactly how to take advantage of fighting energy.

‘I should seal 100,000 Army Swordsmanship.’

Rather than losing fighting energy by using 100,000 Army Swordsmanship, Grid would rather have his damage increased while using Pagma’s Swordsmanship by keeping fighting energy at the maximum.

'Of course, 100,000 Army Swordsmanship is strong, so I might rely on it sometimes.’

Grid was very disappointed in the fighting energy consumption of 100,000 Army Swordsmanship.

‘No matter how strong, 50 fighting energy is too much.’

At first, he thought it would be solved by relying on the Ring of Absurdity. But the ‘all resources consumption reduction’ of the Ring of Absurdity didn’t include fighting energy. If he wore the Ring of Absurdity and used 100,000 Army Swordsmanship, only mana consumption was reduced.

‘It’s because fighting energy is a special resource.’

Grid was forced to accept it. It was because he already experienced the special stat called demonic power. The ‘all stats increase’ effect that occurred when making a certain level of item didn’t affect the special stat that was demonic power.

‘In the end, I need to use 100,000 Army Swordsmanship and fighting energy properly.’

It was just like this. Grid felt the need for fighting energy.

‘It wouldn’t be so unfortunate if I could accumulate fighting energy with large skills.’

Fighting energy only accumulated as a single attack. If he hit multiple targets at once with a ranged attack, fighting energy didn’t accumulate. The restriction seemed to exist because easily accumulating fighting energy was too fraudulent. Grid returned the Enlightenment Lightning Sword to his inventory. Rock Forest was empty, because once fighting energy was at the maximum, the speed at which he hunted the medusa surpassed the medusa respawn speed. 

Grid moved to the safety zone and pulled out Madra’s diary. Fighting energy accumulated and the 100,000 Army Swordsmanship skill was activated.

‘Now I can experience the contents of the diary.’

The moment Grid opened the diary.


Grid’s vision blurred. When he opened his eyes, Pagma was standing in front of him.


“How trivial! How scandalous! How dare you deprive me of my burden! You deserve to die a hundred times!!”

Resurrection as an undead just for the burden of protecting the Hall of Fame? Regardless of my intentions? It was unacceptable and unforgivable.

“100,000 Army Massacre Sword!”



I aimed my sword at Pagma. It was my sword technique that defeated more than 100,000 imperial troops. But.


Pagma couldn’t be cut. My body couldn’t be controlled. My body refused to cut him. I tried to swing the sword again but unlike my will, my sword avoided Pagma.

Pagma explained with an indifferent expression.

“I wouldn’t have revived you without a safety device. I’m your master. You can’t attack me.”


It was as described above. Now I was a death knight. Regardless of my will, this disgusting instinct called out for me to follow Pagma.

“Protect this place from the invasion of the great demons. It’s your mission.”

This was the end. Pagma left and I was left alone. It was the beginning of eternal solitude.



The moment that the contents of the diary was finished, Grid wiped at his sweat. The mental pain he felt when he became Madra was very great.  It led to extreme anger and confusion. He was dominated by an infinite sense of loss.

‘I don’t want to read any more.’

Grid was afraid. He didn’t want to experience the loneliness that Madra felt when trapped on the island alone. But Grid eventually opened the third chapter of the diary. This diary was Madra’s favor. Grid felt an obligation to confirm things.


The third chapter.

I counted how many days had passed since I opened my eyes. The body of an undead couldn’t fall asleep and the concept of ‘day’ dulled.


A small island with nothing. I didn’t know if I felt the pain of being alone for a few days or a few years.

I forgot myself in my solitude.

I wish I could close my eyes.

I wish I could stop thinking.

I hoped to disappear.



After being forcibly resurrected as an undead with memories of his life, Madra was alone for decades. The prison called eternity that held him was as terrible as hell. The fourth chapter, the fifth chapter, the sixth chapter. Madra only experienced solitude.

Grid felt deep sympathy for him. He resented Pagma, despite knowing that Pagma’s actions were for the peace of the world.

Then an event occurred in the seventh chapter. Finally a great demon appeared!


The seventh chapter.

“This is the last island.”

He said he was the 10th great demon.

“My name is Leraje. I am one of the 33 rulers who control hell.” Leraje covered half of his face with a deep hat. The red lips were a sharp contrast to the pale skin. "I’m a great ruler who combines power and strategy. The proof is that I easily made it to the 66th island. Huhut.”


It had truly been a long time since I have met other people. Maybe it was decades. But I wasn’t happy. I didn’t want it to be a great demon who was selfish and talked about trivial topics.

Leraje kept talking from the moment he emerged.

"My specialty is struggle. I have a habit of winning against anyone I compete with. The evidence is that I easily took care of all the previous legends guarding the other islands. Demon Slayer Alex who made great demons tremble? Even he couldn’t be my opponent. Huhuhut.”


“Hrmm... It’s unreasonable to try and talk to a death knight who doesn’t have an ego. It’s no fun. But I’m looking forward to it. Based on the sword hanging from your waist, you must be Sword Saint Muller. Didn’t you seal several great demons, including Hell Gao? I have always wanted to meet you. I will use this opportunity to prove that I am better than Hell Gao.”

“I’m not Muller.”

Who would dare to mistake me? As I opened my mouth, Leraje smiled.

"Hoh, a death knight is talking? Yes, you aren’t Muller? What are you called?"

“Madra. I was king of Lubana.”

“Madra...? I have heard it a few times. How disappointing. I was hoping to meet Muller on the last island... The final battle will be worthless as well.”


My anger rose. Pagma, you resurrected me because you are afraid of this guy?

"200,000 Army Crushing Sword.”


I couldn’t find any meaning in this second life. I had no motivation and couldn’t move since I was trapped alone on the island. I stood in place and looked up at the sky. But my skills aren’t rusty. Fear filled the eyes of the arrogant Leraje.


[At present, you can’t reproduce Madra’s swordsmanship with your abilities. You can’t read the seventh chapter of the diary to the end.]

[In order to read the seventh chapter of the diary, you need to learn Madra’s swordsmanship.]

[Swordsmanship Textbook: 200,000 Army Swordsmanship has been acquired.]

[Death Knight Madra’s diary is sealed until you learn 200,000 Army Swordsmanship.]

[Swordsmanship Textbook: 200,000 Army Swordsmanship]

Rating: Legendary

A textbook recording the basics of Madra’s swordsmanship. However, it records the swordsmanship used after Madra became a death knight so the contents are weak compared to the original.

Only one swordsmanship technique, 200,000 Army Crushing Sword (Degraded) is recorded.

Learning Conditions: Those who have been recognized by Madra. Level 399 or more.

"A legend at Muller’s level.”

It was easy to guess when he heard Braham’s evaluation. His reputation was low compared to other legends because his active area was limited to Lubana, but his skills were the best. It was certain since the 10th Great Demon reached the last island after beating Lantier, Alex, Kruger, Gis, and Povia had felt horror when he saw Madra’s swordsmanship. 

“Then... After 100,000 Army Swordsmanship, I got the textbook for 200,000 Army Swordsmanship...”

Would he eventually learn One Million Army Swordsmanship? The excited Grid became frustrated when he confirmed the level limitation of the swordsmanship textbook.

“Level 399. It will take many years to read this diary.”

Unfortunately, what could he do? Sometimes there was content that continued over a long time.

‘Let’s return to Reinhardt first.’

Grid placed the diary back in his inventory and rose from his spot.