Chapter 406

Chapter 406

Scale armor.

As the name suggested, it was armor similar to the scales of a fish. Several small pieces of iron plates were put on leather straps and then joined together with thick cloth or leather. The range of activity was high because it allowed free movements of the body. In addition, it was good at deflecting swords and other sharp weapons. It had resistance to stabbing and slashing as options.

But the basic defense power was inferior when compared to other heavy armor. In particular, it was difficult to avoid a fatal injury if the joints where the iron plates were joined together were attacked.

‘In the end, the gap between iron plates is the biggest problem.’

That’s why tankers hardly wore scale armor, despite it being classified as heavy armor. The scale armor had obvious advantages, but there were also obvious limitations. However, Grid thought of a way to overcome the limitations of scale armor. It was thanks to the hint from the troll lord’s breastplate.

‘If I make multiple layers of iron plates, I can maintain the advantages of scale armor while covering the deficient defense.’

Typical scale armor was one layer of joined iron plates. The moment the weapon struck between the plates, the defense was forced to fail. The troll lord’s breastplate minimized this weakness with a double layer of iron plates. Was it possible that blacksmiths had never thought of this idea? 

No. Existing blacksmiths also knew that multiple layers of iron plates would increase the defense. The reason why they didn’t make it...

‘The higher the iron content, the higher the weight and the more limited the movements.’

In other words, it lost the advantages inherent to scale armor. Heavy and movement-limiting scale armor? Who would want to use it? If it was going to be inconvenient anyway, they might as well wear heavy armor with much higher defense.

‘But the items I make are different.’

Black iron was two times harder and three times lighter than iron.

‘I can use this to make the plates as thinly as possible.’

He would make scale armor that was light and easy to move in, even if the iron plates were doubled or tripled. This wasn't an easy task. Black iron smelting was seven times more difficult than iron smelting. Even Khan, whose blacksmith skill was advanced level 8, wouldn’t be able to smelt black iron so thinly and shape hundreds of scales.

However, Grid was different. Grid’s blacksmith skill was legendary level 7 and his dexterity was close to 3,000. For him, smelting black iron was just as hard as ordinary blacksmiths smelting iron.

‘I’ll prove why I’m a legend.’

Compared to other legends, it was true that he was lacking many things when it came to combat. However, as a blacksmith, he could proudly say that he was the best.

Ttang! Ttang!

The taste of holding minerals in his hands was the best. The pleasure was greater compared to when killing monsters. Grid’s concentration rose rapidly as he started hitting the black iron on the anvil.

‘The width of the iron plate shouldn’t be too wide.'

The joints between the iron plates increased the flexibility of the scale armor. Grid wanted the iron plates to have a narrow width, in order to maximize the characteristics. However, the smaller the plates, the longer the working time.

In particular, the number of iron plates increased because he needed to make three layers. It was impossible to make hundreds of small iron plates and join them together, even if it took two full days.

But Grid was a craftsman. The increasing workload? It didn’t matter. It was necessary if he wanted to make better items.

Ttang! Ttang!

Small and thin black iron pieces were refined in Grid’s hands. The appearance, size, and shine reminded him of black dragon scales.

‘Beautiful scales.’

‘The scales are at least three times smaller than the scales of typical scale armor, but the details are much better. The technique of the duke is really delicate.’

‘Wow... It seems like he has made over 100 already? How many is the duke planning to make?'

‘This would be incredibly boring and difficult work for me.’

Khan and the young blacksmiths were amazed at Grid’s workmanship and care.

[The Legendary Blacksmith’s Patience skill has been activated.] 

[Concentration, stamina and defense will rise to the extremes for one hour.]

[The Legendary Blacksmith’s Breath skill has been activated.]

[The Legendary Blacksmith’s Breath has increased the effectiveness of your production items]

The roosters cried out at dawn. Beyond the blacksmith’s window, the spires of the castle rose in the distance. However, Grid didn’t take a break.

Ttang! Ttang!

Grid relied on his high stamina to continue making the iron plates. He devoted himself to work, despite the day passing and it becoming night again. Excluding meal time and sleeping time, he never released his hammer.

Then two days later.

[You have successfully made the ‘Scale Armor.’] 

[The structure is different from the ‘Scale Armor’ on your production list.]

[Analyzing the scale armor.]

[The function of your scale armor is phenomenal.]

[Scale Armor (Enhanced)]

Scale armor modified by the legendary blacksmith Grid.

Unlike conventional scale armor, it has a triple layer of iron plates.

Black iron is used to minimize the weight, and 621 iron plates were made as small as possible in order to increase the range of movement.


[Scale Armor (Enhanced)]

Scale armor modified by the legendary blacksmith Grid.

Grid felt a sense of deja vu from these words. At first, he couldn’t think of anything, but then he remembered.

[Magic Missile (Enhanced)]

A magic missile developed by the legendary great magician who has completely overturned the activation formula.

Yes, it was Braham’s magic. Just as Braham strengthened existing magic, Grid was able to strengthen existing items. At this moment, Grid was able to truly understand why he was a legendary blacksmith.

[Please decide the name of the item you have created.]

The system asked before listing the item’s ratings and options.


Grid thought carefully and came to a conclusion.

'I made three layers of iron plates.’

It matched well with the three-layered meat that Koreans were familiar with.

"Let’s call it Three Layers.”

It was the worst. Lauel would’ve tried anything to stop Grid if he was present. Unfortunately, Lauel wasn’t here. For the sake of Reidan’s future, Lauel was busy interacting with female NPCs and didn’t care about Grid. It was really a pity.

[Have you decided on ‘Three Layers?’]


[’Three Layers’ has been added to the list of item production methods!]

[Three Layers has been completed.]

[Three Layers]

Rating: Legendary

Durability: 721/721     Defense: 1,115

* 30% reduction in damage from physical attacks.

* 50% reduction in damage from stabbing attacks.

* Passive skill ‘Sword Breaker’ will be generated.

* Strength +50

Scale armor modified by the legendary blacksmith Grid.

The 621 small, iron plates made by hand and joined into three layers has ensured a high defense and range of movement.

In addition, each iron plate has a small groove. If the enemy’s weapon strikes it, there is a certain probability of the weapon being damaged.

Like the black dragon scales, these 621 iron plates will shine whenever the wearer moves.

Ogre’s blood was used to increase the durability of the leather straps, slightly increasing the strength of the wearer.

User Restriction: Level 320 or higher. 1,500 strength. 1,830 stamina. Advanced Heavy Armor Mastery Level 5 or higher.

Weight: 2,501

[A legendary rated item was produced, so all stats have permanently risen by +10 and reputation throughout the continent has risen by +500.]


It had been two and a half years since he became Pagma’s Descendant. Not in game time, but in real time. Grid had made a huge number of items in the meantime, but only 12 legendary items so far. He had no luck, despite being a legendary blacksmith.

Thus, Grid cleared his mind. In the process of making items, Grid didn’t dare think about making legendary items.

But today. He had a hard time over the past few months due to the Behen Archipelago, and now he made a legendary item after a long time. Grid was filled with anticipation.

“Finally... Finally, the heavens knows my skills and heart.”

Being rewarded for their efforts, it might be natural for geniuses, but not ordinary people. No matter how hard they tried, they often didn’t get reasonable rewards. It was particularly bad for Grid.

But now Grid’s efforts were seeing results. It was a result achieved through Grid’s growth.

“Okay... Keep this momentum going.”

Grid was very pleased with the result. The material used for the Holy Light Set was adamantium, so the options and durability were much better. However, the defense of the Three Layers was superior.

"Next is the helmet and leggings.”

The balance patch to the National Competition that nerfed him?

[Grid’s attack power, which is his biggest weapon, is suppressed.]

Grid smiled as he recalled that headline.

‘I’m not a damage dealer.’

Items were flexible. An overgeared person could be a damage dealer or tanker. In this National Competition, Grid was planning to show off an attack power that didn’t yield to the patch, as well as his defense. In other words, he would be a flawless damage dealer tank that would overturn the world.

Ttang! Ttang!

The helmet, leggings, and gauntlet were gradually completed, while Lantier’s Cloak was reproduced through Item Creation. It wasn’t long before he would become a matchless overgeared person.

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