Chapter 404

Chapter 404


It was a familiar name to Grid.

‘Where did I hear it?’

He thought about it, but nothing came to mind. He summoned Noe and Randy, placed the God Hands all over the place, took a defensive position and asked while drinking a potion.

“Who is Lantier?”

[Lantier isn’t an individual’s name.]

Eclipse, the strongest and and worst assassination group believed to have existed more than a thousand years ago.

[Lantier is the name that has been passed down to the leaders over generations. But there is only one Lantier that I know.]


The black smoke started to become thicker. As the black smoke became thicker until Grid couldn’t see in front of him anymore, Braham spoke shocking words.

[The legendary assassin.]


The moment Grid felt astonished.


One of the God Hands protecting Grid was struck by a weapon. It couldn’t deal with the shock and went flying. It was the first time that the God Hands had this strong reaction to an attack instead of stiffening. He could infer how high the enemy’s attack power was.


Grid narrowly twisted his head to avoid the hand flying at his head. Noe hurriedly yelled as he looked at the God Hand.

"Behind you! Nyang!”


When it first appeared, it instantly moved from the front to the back. It seemed to have a troublesome skill to instantly appear behind the target.

“Save me!”

Once Grid commanded, the God Hands moved all at once and gathered behind Grid. At the same time, it happened.


The dagger that flew like lightning and tried to pierce Grid’s neck collided with the God Hands instead. A shock wave occurred and cleared the smoke, allowing Grid to confirm Lantier’s appearance.


That’s right. Lantier wasn’t a human. He had died a long time ago, becoming a skeleton. Lantier was moving with such a body.

An enemy who competed with the four God Hands with the dagger held by thin finger bones. There was an aquamarine light shining eerily in their eye sockets.

‘Undead...! This is why I couldn’t detect it with magic power!’

[No, the result would be the same even if Lantier was alive. It isn’t easy to find Lantier when he doesn’t want to be found.]

The basics of an assassin was hiding. They had the ability to erase their presence. Lantier was a top assassin who got the title of a legend, so it wasn’t just at the level of erasing himself. He could deny his existence in the world.

On the other hands, Grid’s Magic Detection was only at level 2. It was virtually impossible for the current Grid to find Lantier, let alone when he was undead.


The skeleton, Lantier, disappeared into the smoke again. Grid tried to find him using his high insight and the Slaughterer’s Eye Patch. But it was wishful thinking. Grid lost Lantier and asked Braham.

"Why is he an undead?”

The answer was simple.

[Baal’s contractor has the ability of a necromancer. Pagma found Lantier’s body and turned him into a death knight.]


In other words, Pagma was a legendary blacksmith, a great swordsman, and a necromancer?

‘It’s a scam.’

He also helped neutralized the invasion of the great demons alone. Grid felt desperate because of this. If the legendary assassin’s death knight emerged on the 61st island...

‘It is likely that other legends will emerge on the 62nd~66th islands.’

The difference between the power of the previous legends and the current legends was remarkable. The previous legends were regarded as complete, while the current legends were still growing. Grid’s level was low and he hadn’t finished all his class quests yet.

‘How do I clear this place?’

Braham gave hope to the frowning Grid.

[The undead legends are very weak compared to their complete state. On the other hand, you have me. If you rely on me and keep learning magic, one day you will be able to beat them.]

"That's right.”

Pagma might be a legendary blacksmith and necromancer, but Grid was a legendary blacksmith and magician. He was also qualified to become the strongest, and had the potential to overcome any trials. Just...

[I just question if you can even learn Fireball.]


This situation wasn’t positive. Then Braham whispered to the frustrated Grid.

[He’s coming back.]

It was true. The God Hands that Grid scattered in all directions sensed the enemy and flinched. They were like a spider web. And a spider web was weak. A spider web might be strong enough to hold a small bird, but it was easily torn by beasts.


Lantier’s black cloak flapped as he appeared through the smoke. He easily shrugged off the God Hands flying from all directions and broke through Noe and Randy. Noe’s claws tried to slash it, but it seemed like the cloak had a high resistance. Lantier’s dagger was then captured by Grid using the Slaughterer’s Eye Patch.

‘Okay, I read the orbit!’

This was the synergy between his high insight, the Slaughterer’s Eye Patch, and Iyarugt. Grid moved quickly and successfully avoided it. But the problem occurred next.


Lantier once again appeared behind Grid and stabbed. Grid wouldn’t suffer from this again.

“I’m not an idiot who will fall for the same trick three times!”

Grid had already used the footwork of Revolve and planned to return Lantier’s strike back to him, causing 50,000 damage. Braham clicked his tongue.

[This obvious tactic is a trap.]


Lantier was blown away by Iyarugt. Grid smiled with satisfaction as he looked through the scattered red afterglow, only for his eyes to widen.


Lantier disappeared like an illusion after being hit by Revolve. He appeared to the side of Grid. Grid tasted a terrible pain the moment he realized.


[You have been hit by a lethal blow!]

[A legend doesn’t die easily. You can resist all attacks for 5 seconds with a minimum of health.]


Grid could only laugh. It was only two blows and his immortality passive was activated. The strength of the opponent was too surreal.

[You have inherited Pagma’s power, but this is reality. As you are now, you can’t even win against a creature made by Pagma.]

Why did Braham want Grid to realize his own powerlessness? It was simple. Braham wanted Grid to crave magic. In other words, he would want to grow as a magician now.

Why? Did Braham want to resurrect himself faster by raising Grid’s intelligence? Of course, that was one reason. Rather, it was more because he believed that a magician was greater than a blacksmith.

Braham thought it was better for Grid to grow as a magician. But Grid was a blacksmith to the bones. Right now, he was thinking from the perspective of a blacksmith.

‘Lantier is strong for a reason. His basic abilities and skills are excellent, but he also has good items.’

The dagger shone with a white light. Grid just guessed, but it was probably made from adamantium. Assuming that the weapon was made by Pagma in his prime, the attack power of this dagger was probably far superior to Grid’s Greatsword.

‘The cloak also has high defense, so I can’t imagine the defense of the armor.’

Thus, his conclusion.

‘In order to beat this place, do I need stronger items?’

Unlike Braham’s intentions, Grid’s desire as a blacksmith was ignited as he activated Blackening and fought with Lantier for five seconds. The result was, of course, was a total failure. Lantier didn’t allow Grid to hit him once. Noe, Randy and the God Hands were obsolete in front of the legendary assassin.

[You have died.]

[Returning to the 60th island.]


“This game is truly about items.”

Level, stats, skills, and magic growth were just the basic premises. Later, when Grid once again challenged the Behen Archipelago, the most important thing to pay attention to was items.

‘Let’s assume that the legends on the 62nd~66th islands are also undead.’

He needed to make items that would be deadly to the undead.

‘I also need to make items for Noe and Randy.’

In retrospect, Noe always used his claws to fight and Randy used the copied weapon. They would become much stronger if he equipped them with items.

‘As a bonus, I will learn magic.’

That would be the icing on the cake!



Grid laughed because he had tasted failure and frustration many times. This point of view was quite different from what Braham predicted.

‘Has he lost his pride after the fight?’

Braham didn’t know anything about psychology and had this absurd thought. His anger soared into the sky.

‘He considers magic a bonus.’

Braham’s affinity for Grid fell by 2. As a result, Braham’s affinity for Grid was at 68 points.  If the two of them were the opposite sex, it would be high enough for marriage. 


It was an joyous day for Reidan.

Lord Grid returned after a long time.

"Dear husband!”

Irene, the heir to the best family in the kingdom and lady of Bairan, as well as Grid’s duchess. She rushed to the outskirts of the city and greeted Grid. She was still bright, beautiful, and lovely.


"Dear husband~!”

Irene had become more aggressive after giving birth to Lord. She didn’t care about the residents and soldiers watching as she hugged and kissed Grid. Grid was feeling embarrassed when Lauel sent him a whisper.

-In order to raise Reidan’s fertility rate, you must set an example as the lord. Please share your hot love even more where people are watching.


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