Chapter 430

Chapter 430

Debirion. The indigenous god that the monks served. He was known as the god of hunting.

This was the reason why Zibal was Debirion’s Envoy. He chose a class specialized in hunting, aiming only to raise his level to reach first in the rankings. The fatal disadvantage was that it was weak at PvP.  He originally didn’t greatly feel this disadvantage. His innate sense of battle was great and he couldn’t perceive himself as weak. His experience of being defeated on the battlefield was so low that it could be counted on one hand.

But that was against ‘humans.’ Now he realized that he was lacking in talent compared to the top classes, the so-called ‘skies.’

‘During the Reidan invasion...’

Yes, he was killed in one blow by the hand plow of a crazy farmer. It was Zibal’s history of defeat. Killed by a hand plow! The moment he couldn’t believe this reality, he was killed by the assassin called Tarma and seriously wounded by Pon and Kraugel. 

Above all, at this moment... 

“Pinnacle Kill.”



[You have been hit by a lethal blow!]

[You have died.]

[This is a server dedicated to the National Competition. The death penalty won’t occur.]

He died to Grid.

Defeat, defeat, yet another defeat. The head of the Snake Guild and representative of the United States fell to the status of punching bag. Zibal’s shame and fury pierced the sky.

‘I have always been praised...!’

He was proud about being better than anyone, so how could he be humiliated so many times in a row? This couldn’t continue. He had to restore his fallen honor. Zibal swore as he watched the landscape change to black and white.

‘I will become stronger!’

He would no longer cling to the rankings.

‘I will obtain a strength that transcends the concept of level!’

Zibal was a fool with talent. On that day, he established a foothold for his efforts.


[Your party member Zibal has died.]

Zibal turned to grey after one blow from Grid. When the 2nd ranked user died, it wasn’t just the people of the world who were shocked. It was Lauel as well.


Lauel valued Zibal in many ways. Bold determination and execution, unique boss raid ability, fast level up skills and innate combat senses. Looking at Zibal’s advantages and the abilities of his character, it was enough to qualify Zibal to be in Satisfy’s top 10. He was strong and balanced.

Yet he died in one blow. Zibal had less than half his health remaining, but it was an unintended result, considering Zibal’s equipment and level. Lauel’s gaze was stuck on the farming equipment in the hands of the Korean NPC magician.

‘That flail...’

It was probably an item that had a chance to exert the strongest buff. Thanks to it, Grid’s current damage rose by at least double.

‘Crazy. When did he make such a strange item?’

Grid had stayed in the Behen Archipelago for a while, so failing to grasp his latest specs was deadly for Lauel. Lauel was anxious and took a few steps back. It was to look at the entire battlefield.



"...This is bad.”

Blood and screams filled the battlefield. Lauel’s eyes twitched as he saw it. It was so absurd that he laughed. Grid was running wild like an unbridled foal. It was impossible to measure his strength as he tore through the US formation in an instant.

‘The third advancement NPCs are being cut down like they are straw.

Grid’s current strength was just like Kraugel when Super Sensitivity was used. The level of a disaster. A level that humans couldn’t resist. But Lauel didn’t give up. Buffs had a time limit. In particular, the more outstanding the buff, the shorter the duration. Grid could only maintain this for approximately two minutes.

Lauel started directing the troops again.

"Set the forest on fire!”

Was it to suppress the Korean army that started to move in response to Grid? The NPCs set fire to the forest and Lauel used Wind Dragon’s Breath, quickly turning the area into a sea of fire.

"Restrain the actions of the enemies!”

Lauel ordered without hesitation. The magicians summoned stone and ice barriers to forcibly lock Grid into a limited space. But the barriers built by the magicians were nothing in front of Grid.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

“T-This is impossible.”

The magicians doubted their eyes. It was an unbelievable sight, the barriers summoned by investing a lot of mana were shattered with a single blow by Grid. In the end, Lauel had no choice but to use Zephyr, who was keeping Peak Sword and Yura in check.

The 1st ranked acrobat, Zephyr. He was a man skilled in using tricks to distract the enemy with his agile and abnormal behavior. When Kraugel attacked the US, Zephyr was low on mana and couldn’t act against Kraugel. But Zibal declared that Zephyr’s footwork was excellent.

"Zephyr, please tie up Grid’s feet. In the meantime, I will take the Korean base.”

“I understand.”


The monster who killed the 2nd ranked user and six third advancement NPCs in an instant, Grid. Zephyr showed no signs of tension as he headed towards Grid. He believed in his skills.

‘He might be a monster, but he can’t cope with my acrobatics.’

It was funny that he had to just buy time.


Zephyr burst out into bizarre laughter while jumping over Grid’s head and spinning like a spintop. It wasn’t a meaningless act, but the activation of his ‘Acrobat’s Laugh’ skill. The enemies who heard the laughter would temporarily lose their hearing and become confused.

But Grid resisted.

Zephyr didn’t panic. He already knew that Grid had status resisting capabilities.


Nevertheless, the reason he laughed was because he didn’t want the enemies to approach him and to also raise his morale.

"Why are you repeating it?”

The confusion was resisted, but the sound of the laughter was terrible. Grid frowned and swung Iyarugt towards the approaching Zephyr.


Red light scattered like jewels and cut at Zephyr’s body.



A powerful explosion occurred and Grid groaned. It wasn’t Zephyr that Grid attacked, but a Zephyr clone with the ability to explode. Beyond the smoke, Zephyr’s eyes were curved like a crescent moon.

"Beast’s Ring.”


A blazing ring of fire was created around Grid.


Like an elephant, a large cerberus appeared and jumped towards Grid in the center of the ring. The momentum was so terrifying that Grid reflexively took a defensive posture. However, no shock was delivered. The cerberus penetrated through Grid and the ring and disappeared like it was a lie.

'What is this?'

A mere trick? This pointless skill... Grid flinched the moment he thought this. It was because the burning ring, centered around him, had started to flare up.

‘It is popping!’

Grid retreated with surprise and at this moment, Zephyr threw 12 balls that he had been rolling around in his hands.


“Kyakyakyak! Does it hurt?”

Zephyr headed towards Grid, who was once again swept away by the explosion. He was overflowing with confidence. Even if he couldn’t kill Grid, he was confident that he could play around with Grid for an hour. Of course, he was too arrogant.

“It doesn’t hurt.”


Grid stepped forward from the smoke. He spoke to Zephyr, who was summoning hundreds of doves.

"You will die in five seconds.”

Grid had countless combat experience. He might not be smart, but he could quickly understand the characteristics of the enemies and judge how to cope with it. That’s how he could say this.

“Kyakyakyakyak! I don’t know what you are talking about!”

Zephyr burst out laughing like it was really funny and the hundreds of doves flew towards Grid. Grid’s field of view narrowed as hundreds of flapping wings and beaks threatened him. Disgusting things like bird dung and feathers also fell down. But Grid wasn’t shaken. He depended on all his buffs to rush in Zephyr’s direction.

‘It’s difficult since he’s resistant.’

Zephyr clicked his tongue and took off his hat. The moment Grid attacked him, he planned to pull out a turtle to defend, and then a rabbit to increase his movement speed and fight back. But Grid was too fast. He stabbed as soon as he arrived, not giving Zephyr time to pull out a turtle or rabbit. Inevitably, he had to use Clown’s Tears.

It was the ultimate skill that caused a hallucinogenic effect on nearby targets and increase evasion rate by as much as 70%. If he combined all his items, titles and class effects, it was an additional 21%, giving him an evasion rate of 91%. It would be difficult to hit the current Zephyr even with targeted skills. It was no different from being invincible.




Zephyr’s heart was pierced by a sword. Questions rose at the unexpected pain.

‘Why can’t I avoid it?’

He evaded Grid’s sword, only to be drawn back like there was a magnet. It was a phenomenon that couldn’t be understood. Zephyr coughed up blood as Grid dealt a second blow.



Why? Why couldn’t he avoid the enemy’s attack? Zephyr was filled with intense doubts when he suddenly had a hypothesis.

‘Don’t tell me that his accuracy exceeds my evasion rate?’

It was ridiculous. There was no way such a fraudulent accuracy existed.

‘It’s just luck...!’

Zephyr denied it as he died.


Silence filled the battlefield. This was Zephyr. One of the leading rankers was easily dismissed by Grid. However, the silence didn’t last long.

“What are you doing? Sweep them all away!”

At Grid’s cry, the South Korean representatives and NPCs attacked the US forces.

"Shoot! Shoot!”

The US archers and magicians resisted. They made Grid their top priority, so all of Grid’s attacks were focused on Grid. However, Grid’s defense had doubled. No matter how strong the third advancement users were, they couldn’t deal a fatal injury. In particular, the Holy Light set resisted some of the magic attacks. His items were really great. Grid used the ability of Elfin Stone’s ring to maintain his health as the enemy bombarded him.

There was a bright smile on Lauel’s face as they met face-to-face.

“I am proud of you.”

Usually, he was criticized for only using items. But Lauel knew. A person also needed abilities to utilize their items. A pig wearing a pearl necklace? In particular, Grid actively showed the use of strategies with their items. Lauel was thrilled by the dramatic growth.

“If you have no talent, you wouldn’t have grown to this point. Perhaps you could keep trying because you were stupid. I sincerely respect you.”

Lauel was touched and spoke tearfully. But Grid felt offended.

‘Is that a compliment or a curse?’


“Can’t you tell the difference between business and personal matters? Stop being so delighted.”

Right now, Grid was the representative of South Korea. In addition, he fought with his colleagues rather than fighting alone. He couldn’t be beaten on purpose by Lauel. Lauel understood. He was in the same position as Grid.

“I can.”


There was something strange. He was speaking from the standpoint of the winner...

‘It can’t be!’

The worst result appeared the moment Grid sensed it.

[Your castle was occupied by the enemy!]

It was the notification window that signalled South Korea’s defeat in the siege. Lauel smiled at Grid.

"Setting fire to the forest was a signal to Skull.”


Siege didn’t support the party chat or whisper function. The organizers were hoping for a more realistic and dramatic war to be produced. Thus, Grid was careless.

Grid was very sad.

The result of the first siege match. As expected, South Korea lost. But the world didn’t condemn or mock South Korea. Everyone, regardless of race or nationality, praised the Korean representatives, especially Grid.

"Well fought!"

Grid received more praise than when he won the gold medal. This meant that Grid showed an amazing scene. Now Grid was growing to be someone’s subject of envy.