Chapter 421

Chapter 421

Grid’s shocking strength and bravery were backed by his items. It was enough to qualify as a tiger. It was relatively easy to avoid the combo of Transcended Link and Linked Kill Wave, but even Russia was forced to shrink back from the power of the items.

‘Alexander was overwhelmed... I didn’t know that the power of items was this much.’

‘It isn’t a match for Kraugel, but it can be compared to Night. ’

‘There’s a limit on what the three of us can do.’


Night, an unofficial ranker who destroyed Alexander at the PvP competition held by the Russian government. Grid was so strong that they were reminded of Night’s strength. The Russian representatives shuddered, while the third advancement users thought quickly.

‘The two second advancement classes failed to escape from Grid’s Transcended Link and fell down the mountain.’

‘Those two are weak. If we’re killed by Grid, it’s impossible to win with just Kraugel and those two.’

‘We should compromise here.’

Step, step.

Grid was approaching. If they didn’t want to experience a catastrophe, they needed to make a quick decision. The Russia representatives made a suggestion to Grid.

"How about making an alliance?”

“Haven’t you suffered a big loss of power? We won’t fight until the end, instead we will help each other out with other countries. Won’t we be invincible if we join forces?”

"Let’s share the gold and silver medal.”

The Russians thought that Grid would willingly accept the proposal. Currently, the only survivors of the Korean team were Grid, Yura, and Peak Sword. It was also clear that Yura and Peak Sword would soon be logged out by Kraugel.

‘Grid would be left alone.’

‘Grid will stubbornly fight.’

'It’s the end for South Korea if Grid dies.’

‘If Grid isn’t a fool, he won’t fight us until the end.’

The Russian representatives were sure of it.

“What if I don’t want to?”

Grid showed an unexpected reaction. Was he stupid? No. He had steadily developed in the past year. It wasn’t just his power, but his thinking abilities as well. He was always aware of Lauel’s advice and grasped the battlefield more accurately.

“The moment we ally with each other, it’s likely that the other counties busy fighting each other will become alert towards us.”

The countries currently alive were powerful. It wouldn’t be good if they worked together in a pincer attack.

“Let’s make it simple. I will kill you here as originally planned.”

The Russians thought it was absurd. They hurriedly tried to persuade him.

“Think about it calmly! It’s better to combine strengths rather than fighting and destroying both of us!”

“Destroying?” Grid asked like he didn’t understand. “I will be destroyed by you?”


The Russian representatives frowned.

“What is with this reaction? Don’t tell me you believe that you can easily beat the three of us alone?”

“It doesn’t seem that hard?”

Grid shrugged as he held Grid’s Greatsword + Failure, which only had a short duration remaining. Grid’s Greatsword and Failure were both weapons with a legendary rating. Once they were joined together through Item Combination, their power exceeded the ‘sealed’ myth rated weapons.

It was a weapon that couldn’t be understood using the common sense of current users. What happened if the Rune of Darkness effect was added to the Blacksmith’s Rage buff skill? It would make the 50% drop in PvP damage pointless. 

[Opening the Rune of Darkness. Demonic power has permanently increased by 10. * For one minute, 20% addition shadow damage will be added to normal attacks and skills.]

[Blacksmith's Rage has been used. Attack power will increase by 25% and attack speed will increase by 40% for 35 seconds.]


Grid rushed towards the Russian representatives. The Russians clicked their tongues at his ridiculous judgment and threw their weapons to weaken Grid’s power.



Their eyes widened. Grid surrounded his body with the black cloak and the weapons thrown at it were stuck or bounced back.

{W-What? Did you see that? What in the world is that cloak?}

{I’ve seen several legendary cloaks, but nothing like this...}

{Don’t make a big fuss. Stay calm.}

Indeed, it was funny to be surprised at items. From the very beginning, Grid was the king of being overgeared.

{No matter how great his items are, he’ll have definite limits.}

Grid’s control skills were at the level of the low level rankers.

{Aim at this point.}


As soon as Grid got within a certain distance, the representatives of Russia formed a triangle shape with Grid in the center, isolating him. They linked skills that made use of the strengths of their different weapons, disturbing Grid and dealing constant damage.

It wasn’t that Grid didn’t know their intentions. His intense combat experience amplified Grid’s judgement ability in a positive direction.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship.”

Grid moved naturally while using Pagma’s Swordsmanship, avoiding the Russian rankers’ non-targeted skills. This made the Russians feel astonished.

‘Avoidance skills?’


They didn’t know. Over the past year, how hard Grid had been working to defeat stronger enemies and how much he developed. Then Grid gave them despair.


A wide area CC was activated in an instant, causing the Russians to look contemplative. Grid swapped from Braham’s Boots to Grid’s Boots to raise the destructive power even more, and dealt a blow to them. At this moment, commentators, experts and viewers around the world were thrilled.

『 Pagma’s Swordsmanship, it had an obvious weakness! The footwork is needed to use it. 』

『 In fact, in last year’s National Competition, Grid was hit by a few rankers using this weakness. 』

『 But this year's Grid is different! He uses the skill while moving! Grid has learned how to avoid this weak point! 』

『 Overcoming weaknesses and sublimating weapons...! It’s really amazing! Really great! Grid is actually a genius! 』

It was more than two years since Grid was exposed to the world. It wasn’t a short amount of time, and at last, the world started to see Grid’s true value.

A true top class.


‘A monster was hiding on this small island.’

The Chinese representatives were upset. They ignored Japan as a small country. Yet Katz’ strength was incredible. It was more than they predicted. Meanwhile, Damian was also very surprised.

‘He’s above the average level of Overgeared.’

‘Genius at fighting’ Hao.

The best person in China, whose population was over 1.3 billion, his strength was unrivalled. In particular, he had excellent control skill over secondary weapons like chains. Damian thought that Hao was equal to the top members of Overgeared.

Yet the more surprising thing...

‘Katz is the same as Hao.’

"Blood Breath!”

“Dragon Fear!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

It was like a Hollywood blockbuster movie. As the magnificent and destructive confrontation between Hao and Katz deepened, the environment became worse. Damian used a wide range protection spell so that his teammates wouldn’t be hurt by the damage.

‘What will be the outcome?’

The Chinese representatives stood arrogantly, believing only in Hao’s strength. On the other hand, the Japanese were nervous that Katz would be defeated by Hao. In the end, Japan couldn’t wait any longer and moved.

“Don’t fight head on. Retreat and fight!”

China boasted the best power in Asia and their average level was higher than Japan by 15. There were three third advancement classes. The moment that Yoshimura and the Japanese representatives were being pushed back by the momentum of the Chinese representatives.

"Don't run away and fight. Divine Protection, Incarnation of Light, Goddess’ Blessing.”

Damain used various buff skills.

[Divine Protection increases the defense of you and your party by 20% for 3 minutes.]

[Light Incarnation increases the attack power of you and your party by 10% for 3 minutes.]

[The Goddess’ Blessing increases you and your party members’ stats by 10% for 5 minutes, negates one strike and will create a shield that absorbs 8,000 damage.] 


The effect was comparable to the buffs used by priests. In particular, the effects of Goddess’ Protection was beyond imagination, causing the Japanese rankers to feel shocked.

Katz was also impressed.

‘He isn’t the pope for nothing.’

The Blood Warrior had a passive blood-sucking effect, so his battle endurance was very good. With Damian’s buffs and healings, Katz would be able to hunt infinitely. Katz decided that he would surely turn Damian into his own person after the National Competition ended. He didn’t doubt it, because he believed in his wealth.


Hao groaned because he couldn’t adjust to Katz’ rise in stats. It happened when Katz smiled triumphantly and was going to link a combo.

"Shed Weapon.”


Hao showed wonderful control through a different skill. He accurately grasped the orbit and speed of Katz’ sword, grabbed it and dropped Katz’ weapon to the ground.

[Your weapon ‘Crave’ has been released!]

[This is the result of a skill. You won’t lose ownership of the item. In 12 seconds, the item will return to your inventory.]

‘My weapon was forcefully removed?’

If he couldn’t pick up the sword that fell to the ground, he wouldn’t have a weapon for 12 seconds. Hao hit Katz’ chest and shoulders and used another skill.

"Shed Armor!”


Once his armor was caught in Hao’s hands, Katz cursed as he felt the worst result. Then Hao’s sword tore through the single piece of cloth and pierced his abdomen.


‘It’s up to here.’

Hao wanted to finish Katz off completely. But he was worried about Damian’s intervention. While Katz was flinching, Hao stepped back and examined the battlefield.



Most of the screams came from the Chinese representatives. China was completely shaken by Japan.


Along with the fraudulent buffs, Damian occasionally used offensive magic and healing magic. He was showing off the ridiculous abilities of the first pope user, standing there with a laidback expression, like an old man who was drinking alcohol.

‘Japan is a strong team this year.’

They were also a candidate to win. Japan felt stronger than any country that Grid and the Overgeared members belonged to. It was almost like Russia or the United States. Thus, Hao had a question.

“Why? If you have this much power, why aren’t you absorbed in the target processing? Why abandon getting a medal?”

Damian responded like it was obvious.

“Isn’t Grid participating in this? Rather than losing and lowering the morale of the team, it’s better to give up on this event.”


Hao had no direct experience with Grid. He’d only witnessed Grid’s videos in the past, so he couldn’t understand.

Lauel and Damian. Why did people who he acknowledged keep overestimating Grid?


The puzzled Hao became shocked. The only object of his awe, the score of the Russian team that Kraugel belonged to, completely stopped, while Korea’s score started to rapidly accelerate.

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