Chapter 413

Chapter 413

『 ... 』

The broadcasting companies showing the National Competition fell silent at the same time. They were shocked by Grid’s abilities that surpassed the imagination and were at a loss for words. But as professionals, they couldn’t remain silent forever.

The broadcasters hurriedly regained their minds and proceeded again.

『 Basically, Satisfy implements a system where the player’s defense mitigates the damage as a percentage. 』

『 In the National Competition, PvP damage is reduced by 50%. 』

『 Experts observed that PvP damage is actually 30~35% in the National Competition due to the player’s defense... 』

『 ...Grid quickly took care of Bondre and eight representatives. 』

『 Grid’s damage is far too powerful. It seems like there’s a limit that the player’s defense can alleviate his attack. Even the patch can’t stop his might. 』

『 It isn’t just high attack power. Grid perfectly utilized a counterattack against the high ranker Bondre. Is this just a coincidence? No. Grid is different from last year. Now Grid seems to have high quality control. 』

『 ... 』

The hosts praised him while the experts who predicted that ‘it is fortunate if South Korea doesn’t come last’ were silent. Grid’s show was amazing. It was beyond expectations. God Grid. It was the moment when the arrogant nickname was once again engraved onto the minds of the world.

On the other hand, Bubat of the Turkish team had a relaxed expression on his face. Grid’s level was just what he expected. 

‘Indeed, the patch had an impact.’

When Grid used the new skill called Linked Kill Wave, Bubat predicted that all the people hit by it would die. But the result was only four deaths, three serious injuries and one minor injury.

This alone was a very traumatic incident.

There were few people who could sweep away the skilled people of each country with one blow. However, wasn’t their opponent Grid? Grid was a monster who destroyed dozens of people in the National Competition last year with just Transcended Link. Compared to last year, his power had definitely fallen.

'He isn’t a threat to me now.’

Bubat was convinced as he looked at Grid, who even Bubat couldn’t defeat. There was a reason for Bubat’s confidence.

[Undefeated King’s Battle Gear Set]

Madra, a man who had never been defeated and was called the Undefeated King. He was the 9th king of the Lubana Kingdom, which was now absorbed by the Saharan Empire. There was a legend that the Lubana Kingdom was unbeatable during his rule. The Saharan Empire in its prime couldn’t occupy the Lubana Kingdom that Madra defended. The Lubana Kingdom was safe until Madra’s death.

'The undefeated king who endured the onslaught of the enemy knights alone.’

Now Bubat had the strongest set of armor used by a legendary person. Bubat gained wings from the set and had the best tanking power.

‘You can’t imagine the sacrifices I made to get this, Grid.’

Despite the failures he experienced, Bubat’s eyes remained brilliant and strong. After arming himself with a blue armour and holding a large shield in his hands, Bubat ran towards Grid and shouted.

“I will stop you!”

Bubat took out his unique rated weapon, ‘Seres’ Hammer.’

‘Now Grid will be frustrated.’

He defeated four players with Linked Kill Wave and all the French players retreated after Bondre’s defeat, but the number of people here was still overwhelming. The South Korean team were surrounded and under pressure from over 60 enemies. South Korea would be in a crisis if Grid didn’t get there quickly, so Grid would be in a hurry.

Then as if to prove his impatience...



Demonic energy exploded from Grid. Grid increased his attack power but received a penalty of lowering his health.

‘As expected!’

Bubat smiled with satisfaction as he watched the nervous Grid.

"Bring it on!”


[Taunting Shout has been activated.]

[The enemy will be provoked.]

The rare hidden class, Crusher. His stats was that of a typical tanker, but the greatest advantage of the class was its ability to destroy formations. He used the ‘Unconditional’ skill to rush within 3m of the target and used CC combos to instantly destroy the enemy.

But last year, this didn’t exert any power on Grid. Grid was immune to abnormal status conditions.

‘Now it is different!’

In the course of achieving level 310, Bubat acquired skills that forced the enemy into an abnormal status. This was originally designed to allow CC to work on boss raids, but it was currently deadly to Grid.

[’Bubat’ has taunted you.]

[You can’t resist.]

Grid frowned.

‘Lauel’s concern was right.’

Lauel was sure that for the sake of balance, skills that overcome the status conditions immunity would surely emerge. Grid had scoffed at the time, but Lauel’s concern was turned to reality.

It was like when a game company sold the cash shop item ‘Shield that absolutely defends against an enemy’s attack’ and later sold an ‘item that breaks down the absolute shield’ at a higher price.

As the zoomed in face of Grid distorted, the hundreds of millions of viewers realized the situation that was happening. The silent experts suddenly shouted.

『 That armor that Bubat is wearing...! I’ve seen it in an ancient book! 』

『 It’s Undefeated King Madra’s battle gear set! 』

『 Undefeated King Madra was called a legendary tanker. There is a record stating that he endured the onslaught of the Red Knights alone! 』

『 Bubat’s tanking power will be beyond imagination. Grid won’t be able to defeat Bubat. 』

『 In the end, Grid failed to save the Korean team. 』

The experts raised the anxiety of the Korean viewers.

-Wow, really. I looked up Undefeated King Madra and he is wearing the exact same armor as Bubat.

-One of the best tankers is equipped with the best armor... However, God Grid will win.

-A lot of Grid’s skills must be on cooldown... It might be tough.

If this was the reaction of Koreans, what about the foreigners? Most people believed that Bubat was a mountain that Grid couldn’t cross. However.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship.”

Grid arrived in front of Bubat, regardless of his will, due to the taunt. He used Blacksmith’s Rage and Quick Movements.

“Haha! Try and hit me! You will realize that it is futile and feel despair!”

Bubat provoked Grid to the end. Iyarugt aimed for the weak spot detected by the Slaughterer’s Eye Patch.


[Pinnacle Lv. 4 (0.5%)

A sword that expresses the essence of a warrior god.

Deals 800% of your attack power to a single target. This skill will ignore 64% of the target’s armor.



Grid’s attack speed suddenly became very fast? The attack orbit was hard to read. More than anything else...

[You have suffered 17,050 damage.]

‘It hurts?’

No, what was this?

The shield held in Bubat’s hand became obsolete.


Bubat blinked because he couldn’t understand what was happening. It was natural. The Crusher possessed the highest level of defense among the numerous classes in Satisfy, and Bubat was also wearing the strongest armor set belonging to the undefeated king.

Then why was it so painful? Bubat staggered and seemed to fall into a state of confusion. He tried to counterattack with his hammer, but Grid boasted extreme agility due to Quick Movements.

The Slaughterer’s Eye Patch and Iyarugt told him the attack orbit and he could defend against it. But Grid ignored the hammer. He judged that Bubat’s attack power wasn’t threatening at all.


[You have dealt 1,090 damage to the target.]


Bubat’s eyes widened with astonishment.

It was a unique rated hammer, so why didn’t it do any damage?

‘What? Isn’t this a big deal?’

Did Grid’s defence go beyond their predictions?

‘A tanker? Don't tell me?'

"If I can’t reproduce the strongest attack power because of the patch, then I will show the strongest defense. I will thoroughly use this patch to look much better than last year.”

Grid’s remark from the press conference entered his mind. That’s right. Bubat never even imagined it. Grid hadn’t even pulled out Three Layers yet. Grid aimed a finger at the confused Bubat’s forehead.

"Magic Missile."

Magic Missile (Enhanced) constantly gained proficiency in the Behen Archipelago, but it was still level 2. The experience was only at 60%. The proficiency gain rate of legendary skills was the worst.

On the other hand, the damage of the legendary magic was strong. It ignored the enemy’s magic resistance and dealt damage equal to twice Grid’s current magic power. Grid was still wearing the Holy Light set, meaning his intelligence was increased by 200 due to the Holy Light Crown. The elixirs also increased his intelligence by 400.

Bubat was surprised by the high damage.



Bubat’s head snapped back after he was hit by Magic Missile. Looking at the blue sky, Bubat was convinced that the situation was the worst. Notification windows appeared in front of Grid.


[The option effect of Iyarugt has caused the target to bleed.]

[The 3rd combo has been achieved!] 

[The option effect of Iyarugt maximizes the bleeding of the target. The damage done to the target will increase by 200% for 1 second.]

Grid attacked during this gap. It was Pinnacle Kill.

[Pinnacle Kill]

An attack that completely ignores the target’s defense and deals 2,000% of your attack power.

* The sword can change orbit in the middle, making it hard to deal with.



Just like most tankers, Bubat invested his stat points into stamina, and his agility was very low. However, he hardly ever encountered inconveniences due to low agility. Was it sometimes difficult to respond to enemy attacks because of low agility?

It didn’t matter. His defense was high, so he could endure it. But Grid’s attacks were an exception. They hurt. He struck continuously and eventually linked Hell Sword. 

It was a legendary attack skill attached to Iyarugt.  It was another star. It happened in less than a minute.

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