Chapter 401

Chapter 401

[Fog Island haunts this island.]


Grid had eagerly hoped to encounter Fog Island. It was because he had a lot of challenger points stored that could be exchanged for goods. But why?  Why did it appear at this timing?


Grid opened his mouth like a carp and sat down listlessly. He howled like a man who lost his country after seeing all the treasures disappearing in the fog.

"Treasure...!! My treasure!!!”

Grid had to go through many trials to reach this 57th island. The clone on the 41st island, the golden crowns, the strong monsters in the 50s islands and the labyrinth he just passed. The degree of difficulty for the Behen Archipelago was atrocious.

How good would it be if Fog Island had appeared in such a difficult area?

‘Then I wouldn’t have suffered so much...’

The probability of missing a bonus stage like Treasure Island would’ve fallen dramatically. But reality was a gutter.


Grid realized once again. Lady Luck had abandoned him. It was rare for there to be such an unlucky person in the world.


Grid kept weeping. If it was the Grid of the past, it would’ve taken him a considerable amount of time to escape from the shock. But now it was different. His spirit recovered fairly quickly.

‘...Still, the harder the island, the better the compensation.’

Let’s take an extreme example.

What if Fog Island appeared on the 41st island? Grid wouldn’t have met the clone and never had the chance to learn Linked Kill Wave and Pinnacle Kill.

‘Yes, it’s good that it didn’t show up on the 40th island.’

Grid developed his thinking skills and thought as positively as possible as he got up.

"It’s enough to get what I want.”

Grid wiped away his tears and walked through the thick fog. Then after a while, he saw a light. It was the light emitted by the pumpkin-shaped carriage. Grid identified the products on display as he approached the carriage.

‘Pass on the hidden classes.’

Fog Island sold a total of 13 hidden classes. The rare classes ranged from 1,000~15,000 challenger points. Currently, Grid had accumulated 31,001 challenger points and could purchase any of the class change books.

However, they didn’t catch his attention. Since the emergence of the third advancement classes, the value of the rare hidden classes had fallen. There was no reason to invest points in it.

‘Next are the skill books...’

There were a total of 46 skill books listed. The rating went from normal to unique. In particular, several unique rated active skills boasted outstanding abilities. However, Grid was a legend. He had the legendary skills, so there was no reason to be obsessed with unique rated skills.

The mastery skills were the exception.

[Skill Book: Weapons Mastery]

Rating: Normal

Type: Passive

The Weapons Mastery skill is generated.

Price: 6,000 Challenger Points.

Weapons Mastery raised the power of every type of weapon. It was the highest mastery skill.

“I have to learn this.”

Of course, Weapons Mastery had its drawbacks. The increase in abilities was small compared to the mastery skills that were specific to one weapon. But Grid didn’t care. Weapons Mastery was a skill with fantastic compatibility with Grid, who could use any weapon without restrictions.


Over the past several months, he had worked hard collecting challenger points. Grid consumed 6,000 challenger points without hesitation. 

[Skill Book: Weapons Mastery has been acquired.] 


Grid was delighted as he confirmed that the skill book had entered his inventory. He was happy that he got the skill he wanted.

"Learn it... Hrmm?”

The reason Grid purchased the skill book wasn’t just to look at it. He planned to acquire it immediately without letting it stay in the inventory for too long. Then he stopped moving as a skill book caught his eyes.

‘Magic Mastery!’

[Skill Book: Magic Mastery]

Rating: Normal

Type: Passive

The Magic Mastery skill is generated.

Price: 5,000 Challenger Points.


Magic Mastery? It increased magic power and shortened casting time. Of course, Magic Mastery wasn’t the same as the Weapons Mastery skill that could be learned from a skill book. This was because it needed a magician class to learn.

‘Originally, I would have no relation with this skill.’

But thanks to the Behen Archipelago, he had a chance to enter a new realm.

‘I can now learn magic from Braham through Assimilation...’ 

Learning Magic Mastery wouldn’t harm him.

‘No, this is a skill that must be learned.’

Grid had low intelligence and couldn’t master Braham’s magic. He could only learn the lowest level of magic. But how could Braham’s magic be common? Magic Missile (Enhanced) and Magic Detection (Enhanced) had features that were incomparable to magic of the same type that ordinary magicians had. He had to unconditionally learn Magic Mastery.

‘The price is too expensive.’

It cost 5,000 challenger points. He could buy at least 20 elixirs with that. Braham’s magic might be powerful, but was it enough to give up 20 elixirs? Grid worried about it for a while before deciding. 

‘...I will learn it.’

Grid was looking into the future. He would keep levelling up and increasing intelligence. Then someday, he would be able to learn higher level magic from Braham. Grid bought the Magic Mastery skill book.

The result.

Remaining Challenger Points: 20,001


Grid had over 30,000 points just a while ago, so he felt pained seeing it fall to 20,000.


‘It isn’t in vain.’

It was a skill book he purchased in order to become stronger. He shouldn’t be sorry. Grid controlled his heart and finally looked at the list of elixirs.

[Strength Elixir]

Permanently increases strength by 10 points.

Price: 250 Challenger Points.

[Stamina Elixir]

Permanently increases stamina by 10 points.

Price: 250 Challenger Points.

[Agility Elixir]

Permanently increases agility by 10 points.

Price: 250 Challenger Points.

[Intelligence Elixir]

Permanently increases intelligence by 10 points.

Price: 250 Challenger Points.

From a common sense of view, the most important stat for a blacksmith was stamina and then strength. However, Grid didn’t buy elixirs for those two stats. In the first place, his strength and stamina were high enough.

‘Right now, I need agility.’

Piaro had a strength to agility ratio of 1:1 when he was a great swordsman. Grid followed it in a desire to become stronger.

Name: Grid

Level: 306

Class: Pagma’s Descendant

Title: One who Became a Legend

Title: ...



Strength: 2,830 (+160) 

Stamina: 1,306 (+230)

Agility: 1,836 (+130)    

Intelligence: 771 (+340) 

Dexterity: 2,916 (+680) 

Persistence: 1,102 (+130)

Composure: 718 (+130)  

Indomitable: 973 (+240)

Dignity: 1,626 (+130) 

Insight: 1,466 (+130)

Courage: 662 (+130)    

Demonic Magic Power: 102

Stat Points: 6



"I should use all the remaining points to buy agility elixirs.”

20,000 points was at least 80 elixirs. It meant he could gain 800 agility at once, which was equal to 80 levels. Grid pressed the purchase button under the agility elixir.

[A consumable item.  Please enter the number you want to purchase.]

Grid smiled with satisfaction at the notification window and was about to reply with ‘80’ when he stopped.

‘...Is this really right?’

If it was before he fought the clone, Grid wouldn’t have hesitated. Now he was different. He could learn magic due to assimilating with Braham’s soul, and at the same time, he acquired Magic Mastery. Wasn’t it right to invest in intelligence in order to take advantage of this?

‘Every time I level up, six points will be put in intelligence.’

If he gained 100 levels, he would only increase intelligence by 600 points. It was questionable if he could even learn Fire Ball before Braham’s soul left.

‘Yes, don’t be nervous and look at the future. I’m not tied to a legend. I will become a myth.’

He should look at the forest, not the trees. Grid took a deep breath as he recalled Lauel’s saying and opened his mouth.

“I will buy 40 agility elixirs and 40 intelligence elixirs.”

Was being an all-rounder bad? Yes, a common all-rounder stunk. There were many people who weren’t strong or weak. But a legendary all-rounder was different. He would be an universal being.

Grid didn’t have any doubts as his eyes shone brighter than ever.


[You have learned Weapons Mastery.]

[Weapons Mastery Lv. 1]

* When a weapon is equipped, attack power will increase by 2% and attack speed by 1%.

[You have learned Magic Mastery.]

[Magic Mastery Lv. 1]

Increases magic power by 3% and reduces casting time by 1%.

[You have taken the agility elixir.]

[Agility has risen permanently by 400.]

[You have taken the intelligence elixir.]

[Intelligence has risen permanently by 400.]

He gained 800 stat points and two mastery skills at once. Now Grid was much stronger.

“Let’s speed up the process.”

Grid was full of confidence as he moved through the gate to the 58th island. The 58th island was a time attack type hunting dungeon. Grid was able to clear it within the time limit due to his increased attack and magic power.

At the same time, the level of Weapons Mastery and Magic Mastery rose steadily. The level of the monsters was over 400, but the Mastery skills were only beginner level, so the increase in experience was bound to be large.

Grid was thrilled with his growth.

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