Chapter 332

Chapter 332

Grid answered without hesitation.

"Daughter! I want a daughter!”

Wasn’t a son better than a daughter as the successor? That didn’t matter to Grid. He just wanted a child that was like Irene. The girl would be bright, kind, and beautiful, unlike him.

‘I am afraid a son will resemble me!’

Typically, a daughter resembled the father and the son resembled the mother, but Grid didn’t believe this. He didn’t think a girl would have his appearance and personality.

[Do you really want a daughter?]


[Okay. The baby who will be born soon will reflect your will.]


From the smithy to the castle. Grid ran through the streets using the shortest path. He wanted to see his child’s face as soon as possible.


"You aren’t late.”

Lauel was waiting for him at the gates.

"It’s been 30 minutes since them midwife entered. Maybe the child will be born soon. Before that, are you really going to name your child Grene? Huh? How about rethinking the name?”

Lauel was sleep deprived, as always. In the game, he was busy managing Reidan, Bairan, and Cork Island, while in reality, he was responding to the endless flood of inquiries about joining the guild. So Lauel’s somewhat tense words were heard as they headed to the 3rd floor.

Cry! Cry!

The cries of a newborn baby was heard from Irene’s bedroom at the end of the hall.


The maid assisting the midwife ran out and shouted. The emotions in Grid’s heart were indescribable. He really became a father! He felt a vague fear, but his joy was much greater.


The maid responded with a bright expression.

“Your son!”



It was an unexpected and shocking answer. Grid received a mental blow. On the other hand, Marquis Steim and his vassals were dancing.

"A precious baby boy was born in our family! A young gentleman, young gentleman!”

"Congratulations Duke Grid and Marquis Steim!”

"I wish you the best!”


A young gentleman.

‘A son?’

Didn’t it say that his choice would have a large effect on the gender of the child when born, so what was this?


Grid belatedly replied.

‘I was originally unlucky.’

When had anything ever gone as he wanted? There were few occasions. The result always went against him. He had been lucky since becoming Pagma’s Descendant, but before that, he had been so unlucky that he wondered if he had sold a country in his previous life.

Yes, this was the reality.


Grid sighed and entered Irene’s bedroom.


“Dear husband... It’s a boy who resembles you. I’m so happy.”

Irene's complexion was noticeably tired. It was difficult to fathom how painful childbirth would be. But Irene’s smile was brighter than ever. Grid realized something.

‘It might be more influenced by Irene’s wish than my bad luck.’

Grid was relieved when he saw the baby in Irene’s eyes. What did it matter if it was a daughter or a son? Proof of their precious love had been born. He was glad and happy. In the first place...

‘We can always have another child if I want a daughter.’

Irene was the only daughter of her family, so she had a strong desire for many children. She wanted to constantly give birth if she could. Grid smiled and kissed Irene’s forehead.

“You must’ve suffered. Thank you. Thank you for giving this gift to me. Above all, I wish for you to be healthy.”

"Dear husband...”

Irene was always affectionate towards Grid. Irene was thrilled and handed the child to Grid.

"Please hug him.”


Grid was startled. Didn’t the child have black hair like him? It was concerning. His son, he looked like Grid.

‘Please let his nature be different...’

Grid sincerely wished as Irene handed the child to him. Then his eyes widened.

‘Why is he so pretty?’

Babies who were just born and couldn’t open their eyes reminded him of monkeys. But what was this? The white skin was resilient and the already opened eyes were blue like Irene. They were intense eyes like gemstones.

Grid’s mouth stretched widely as he looked at his son. It was an exquisite combination of himself and Irene, so an infinite affection rose inside him.

"What is the name of our grandchild?”

Marquis Steim asked. His mouth was also stretched widely. He looked even more delighted than Grid.

"The child’s name...”

Everyone’s attention focused on Grid. In particular, Lauel was staring at him with eager eyes.

'Please don’t let it be Grene!’

Was his wish heard? Grid spoke a normal name for some reason.


Don’t be despised like him, be loved and respected by all. Don’t be envious of others like him, but have a wide heart. It was a name filled with these wishes.


It was a good name. It happened when everyone, including Lauel, was feeling happy.

"Maybe I should add my initial preceding it, G-lord.”


Lauel’s expression twisted. He shouted angrily.

“Glord! That is a name that copies the format of an orc chief!”


Grid felt relieved of the frustration that filled him for a decade. Glord. It was a name that he came up thanks to all his naming experience.

"Phew, it’s cool.”

Lauel saw Grid’s expression and shouted again.

“Please just name him Lord!”

"Isn’t that too common?”

“It is better than a name that copies an orc chief!”

He was correct. Glord was a proper noun in Satisfy, so it was right to avoid it. After a moment, Grid nodded.

"Okay, I understand. The name of this child is Lord.”

At that moment.

[Congratulations on the fruit of the couple’s love!]

[You are the first user to become a father!]

[The title ‘First Father’ has been obtained.]

[First Father]

* When you are in a party with your child, all of your stats will increase by 8%. 

If the child’s health drops below 30%, the passive skill ‘Father’s Instinctive Love’ will be activated, increasing movement speed by 80% for 20 seconds and resetting skill cooldown.

Resetting skill cooldown time! It was truly a huge passive skill. Grid was glad when he suddenly felt doubts.


Why would he go hunting with his child?

‘Why is it like this?’

Then Lord’s status window floated in front of Grid’s eyes.

Name: Lord Steim

Age: 0 years  Gender: Male

Occupation: Young Nobleman

Title: Grid’s Son

* The son of a legendary blacksmith. He has inherited most of his father’s abilities.

Title: Genius of Eternal

* A genius that represents a country. He overwhelms local geniuses, and his level and abilities will rise 40% faster than normal. In addition, he can acquire skills in a wide range of fields.

However, there is a limit to the level and abilities that can be raised until he is 15 years old.

Title: One who Will Become a Legend

A person who will leave his name in history. There is an 80% chance of being immune to all status effects and illnesses. When attacked, if his health falls to 1 point, he will enter the immortal state for 2.5 seconds.

Level: 1

Strength: 31   Stamina: 39

Agility: 25     Intelligence: 47

Dexterity: 90  Charm: 100

Dignity: 15    Insight: 78

Skills: Beginner Blacksmith Skill (F), Beginner Weapons Mastery (C), Discerning Eyes (S), Overwhelming Charm (S), Famous and Legendary Pedigree (SS).

His mother is the successor of a noble family in the Eternal Kingdom and his father is a legend. He has inherited all of his parent’s strengths, so his potential is outstanding. Teaching him will be inspiring.

However, his talent and environment are so good that he is likely to become arrogant. Education will determine his history.

“This is completely...”

A gold spoon in Satisfy. Grid was forced to admire it.

Lord Steim. It was the day when the overlord of the world, who would later have the name of the Overgeared clan, was born.


"Abu. Abu.”

It had been a week since Lord was born. Compared to when he was born, the beauty of the child was already shining. He had Grid’s eyes and high nose, the good parts of Grid, as well as Irene’s face, skin, lips, and pupils.

"So pretty."

Saintess Ruby arrived in Reidan two days ago. She had wanted to see her nephew’s face. She smiled and didn’t leave Lord’s side. On the other hand, three women were uncomfortable.

Yura, Jishuka, and Sexy Schoolgirl. The women who gathered in one place after a long time were struggling.

"Well, I’ll admit that the baby is pretty. However, the next baby that I’ll give birth to will be better. Think about it. How dignified and sexy would a child born from Grid and I be?”

It was Jishuka who talked with confidence. Sexy Schoolgirl couldn’t believe her ears.

"Oh my~ Jishuka, are you going to marry Grid? Ah, in the game like Irene?”

"Huhut, this young girl is talking nonsense. If I was to marry Grid, it should be in reality. You can play the role of concubine in the game.”

“Sister, do you not like me? Are you afraid that I will be sexier than you after one or two years? Yes?”

"This kid, shouldn’t you be more self-conscious?”

“Be quiet. I don’t have the emotions of a kid.”

Yura intervened between the two girls. She was calm in front of Lord, unlike Jishuka and Sexy Schoolgirl.

"Yura, aren’t you worried? Irene and Grid will probably become closer after Lord is born. Our positions will become smaller."

Yura spoke to Sexy Schoolgirl in a nonchalant manner, "I am already treated as a folding screen. I don’t need to worry.”


In the meantime, Grid was indifferent towards Yura. One of the world’s most beautiful women, Yura, was treated as a folding screen. Jishuka and Sexy Schoolgirl honestly couldn’t believe it. Sehee laughed from where she was playing with Lord with the baby toys that Grid had drawn.

'It is because Oppa is very shy.’

Everyone forgot it because Grid was married, but he had no experience with love in reality. In reality, he hadn’t even held hands with a woman. An unrealistically beautiful and talented woman like Yura was too high of a barrier to be his first love. Ah, it might be different if Yura had a big chest like Jishuka.

At the same time.

“It’s really amazing.”

The soldier Royman reached level 160 under the thorough guidance of Piaro and Asmophel. Grid was thrilled when he confirmed Royman’s information with the Great Lord's Sword. 

At this time, a huge 5,000 troops were entering Reidan’s vast desert.

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