Chapter 321

Chapter 321

“I greet My Lord!”

The vacant lot in front of Khan’s smithy. Piaro came at the promised time. Grid’s expression wasn’t good. It was because Piaro was the same as yesterday. He was wearing old clothes covered in soil and holding a rusty hand plow.

The outright image of a farmer. In addition, a poor farmer!

"Not dressing formally as the captain of the Overgeared Knights Division and commander of Reidan. Can’t this be interpreted as disloyalty towards me?”

Grid came out strongly. It seemed he still hadn’t accepted Piaro as a farmer.

Piaro stood his ground.

"I dress appropriately when carrying out my duties as commander and captain of knights division. Right now, I am a farmer, so I look like this.”

"This damn farmer’s life, I’ll settle this today.”

“You don’t have to. Isn’t this the increase in power that My Lord wanted? As a farmer, I am capable of exercising power beyond what was possible before. Now I am much stronger than when I was a great swordsman. Please respect the path I chose and acknowledge this fact.”

“It’s weaker than a sword saint! Get rid of that farmer and become a sword saint!”

Grid didn’t speak for long. He pulled out two weapons.

[The +9 Failure has been equipped.]

[The +8 Grid’s Greatsword has been equipped.]

The plain Grid’s Greatsword from yesterday was now shining with the color of a +8 enhancement. It was a result of investing all the enhancement stones that Grid had gathered. It was unfortunate that it didn’t reach +9.

“Today I am different from yesterday!”

Confidence filled Grid’s eyes. Piaro couldn’t understand it at all.

‘Why does he believe this?’

Didn’t he see the difference between them yesterday? His skills couldn’t have gone up in a single day, so what was the basis for his confidence?

‘He is the master of 20,000 people and a legend.’

It was a bigger problem if he was arrogant. This could easily create enemies and cause danger. Piaro had a different set of values from Braham. Out of loyalty to Grid, he made a decision to break Grid down.

“I will show you my power today.”

As soon as Piaro armed himself with a hand plow and hoe, Grid attacked as if he had been waiting. He advanced and utilized the long reach of Failure.


He blocked with the hand plow, and used the repulsive force to retreat back.


The air around Grid started to boil. His black hair and the stones on the ground started rising. Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Transcend.

[Entering the transcendent mode.] 

[Attack power is doubled. Your basic attacks will be converted to ranged attacks.]

[This effect will last for 30 seconds.]

“If you don’t want to die, avoid this.”

Kwa kwang! Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Grid continuously wielded his two greatswords. He swung them without a break. Every time he did, powerful energy blades poured out.


Piaro admired it. Grid’s momentum rose and Transcend had a powerful force.

‘Certainly, he is different from yesterday.’

Yesterday, Grid relied on pure swordsmanship and suffered. Today, Grid used Pagma’s Swordsmanship from the beginning. It was a very wise decision. The legendary skills were the only means of narrowing the gap between Piaro and himself. Piaro was impressed with Grid’s wisdom.


The difference in basic abilities was too great. Wisdom alone couldn’t overcome the fundamental issue.

Pepeng! Pepepepeng!

Piaro confronted the heavy bombardment with his hand plow and hoe.  There was an explosion whenever the farming equipment collided with an energy blade, and the energy blade would disappear. Piaro wasn’t hurt by Grid’s skill.

But to a third party, Piaro seemed to be in a great crisis. Piaro was in the center of a series of explosions and seemed like he would be injured.

“This is impossible...”

"Wow, that is complete damage.”

Chris and the Five Captains were astonished as they watched the battle from a distance. Grid’s use of Transcend was great. It looked impressive. Grid seemed like he was completely overwhelming PIaro.

‘Grid can easily fight an opponent we couldn’t…?’

‘Grid is strong!’

They thought they had become stronger than him after reaching the third advancement, but this was a mistake. Compared to Grid’s legendary class, they were still lacking. As they grew, Grid was also growing. Chris and the Five Captains’ pride was crushed at this time.


Piaro spoke from the centre of the explosion. Chris and the Five Captains were delighted as they confirmed that Piaro was fine.

‘Indeed! Piaro would never be defeated by Grid!’

‘Grid, it looked amazing, but there was no substance behind it!’

They weren’t any worse than Grid after reaching the third advancement. As Chris and the Five Captains were feeling happy, seeds shot like bullets towards Grid. The female of the Five Captains, Pinky, was certain.

“This is the end for Grid.”

Piaro’s seeds weren’t something that could be blocked or avoided. They were fast and powerful, unconditionally dealing blows to the target.  A few days ago, Pinky had been hit by the rice seeds and feel into a critical state. How could Grid handle this technique?

Pinky was certain. But she too arrogant. Pinky made this conclusion on the assumption that she was superior to Grid. But the reality was that Grid was much better than her.

“Freely Move.”

It was the skill attached to the title ‘Secret Hero.’ There were limits to the range of use, and the cooldown time was one hour. However, it was a top dashing skill that allowed him to avoid all non-targeting skills until he reached his target.

Piaro’s Sowing was quick and exquisite, but they couldn’t reach Grid unless it was a targeted skill.


Piaro’s eyes widened with surprise. Grid showed a surprising swiftness as he approached through the rice seeds.

“Aren’t I different from yesterday?”


Grid whispered to the surprised Piaro and attacked. With the help of Freely Move, he arrived in front of Piaro and used Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Pinnacle.

“This is impossible!”

The Five Captains were shocked. Piaro had a big wound on his shoulder and was bleeding. They couldn’t believe it.

“The opponent that even Chris couldn’t harm...’

‘He received a fatal wound!’

Chris reminded the dumbfounded Five Captains.

“No, Piaro is fine. This is the limit for Grid.”

It was true.

Piaro’s posture didn’t collapse despite the wound on his shoulder. Grid struck properly, but the level difference made it possible to avoid a fatal blow.


Piaro ignored the greatsword stuck in his shoulder and struck forward with his hoe.

‘I will be hit!’

Grid read it with the Slaughterer’s Eye Patch and his insight, and tried to defend. He wanted to block the hoe by moving Grid’s Greatsword. However, Piaro’s attack contained an anomaly. It seemed to rush in front, but it actually moved to the side, making Grid’s defense useless.

[You have suffered 11,900 damage.]

‘This is crazy!’

Grid paled as his side was struck. He was wearing the most powerful armor set in existence, but he received so much damage from a rare rated farming equipment? The hand plow flew towards his forehead.

“This is the end!”

This time, Asellas was sure of it. A few days ago, he had been defeated by Piaro’s blow to his forehead with a hand plow. However, this was also a mistake. Grid had something that Asellas didn’t. It was the power of items.



Piaro cried out with alarm. He was greatly astonished. It was natural. A shield suddenly appeared in front of Grid and blocked the hand plow. The hand holding the shield didn’t belong to Grid...

‘A hand that’s moving alone!’

This hand even held an item! He could imagine all the ways that it could be used. Grid laughed at the shaken Piaro.

“Let me show you the power of items.”

Grid declared and threw Failure and Grid’s Greatsword into the air.


Forsaking a weapon during battle? Chris and the Five Captains couldn’t grasp the exact situation because they were watching from afar.


“What is this...?”

Something ridiculous happened. Two more gold hands appeared and grabbed the greatswords thrown by Grid?

“Take a good look!”

Chris hurriedly spoke. This might be the only opportunity to get a glimpse of Grid’s power. He couldn’t miss anything.

“Who are you?”


Chris and the Five Captains flinched with surprise while they were concentrating. It was due to the appearance of a handsome man with blonde hair to his waist. His name was Asmophel, and he wore white armor and a blue cloak.


“Who are you?”

Chris’s response was angry because he was interrupted in an important moment by a NPC. Asmophel responded with a nonchalant expression.

"A captain of the Overgeared Knights Division.”

“Overgeared Knights Division?”


The name of the knights division was funny. Chris and the Five Captains reflexively laughed. Asmophel didn’t like this reaction.

"Now you’re sneering at My Lord’s knights.”


Asmophel pulled out a sword. It was a one-handed sword that seemed to be a compact version of Dainsleif.

“Who dares draw a sword in front of us?”

"Everyone is looking down on us! Don’t make fun of us just because we’re covered in dirt!”

The Five Captains were furious and armed themselves, and they had to pay a harsh price.

“Red Sword.”



It happened in an instant. There was a red storm of light and all of the Five Captains, except for Zirkan, were bleeding.

“There wasn’t only one monster...!”

Zirkan barely defended against the attack, but it was pure luck. Zirkan’s eyes shook as he realized the difference with Asmophel from just one skill. Asmophel saw him and sighed.

“Many of my skills are dead.”

He was once the only rival of a great swordsman, so it was shameful that he couldn’t get rid of this weak person with one blow. Chris shouted as Asmophel was about to attack again.



Chris was clever and had experience with Piaro. He was well aware of how to act foolish. 

"We have a mission from Piaro to work in the rice fields! Then we’re going!”

What was more valuable than their lives? Chris and the Five Captains ran away from Amosphel. Asmophel didn’t bother chasing after them. The important thing right now was the confrontation between his lord and his friend.

‘What is this?’

Asmophel knew Piaro’s strength better than anyone else. Therefore, he couldn’t believe the sight that was unfolding before his eyes. The four golden hands that were holding three greatswords and one dagger.


His lord was surrounded by black magic. Piaro started to be pushed back.

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