Chapter 319

Chapter 319

‘Piaro is at least level 400.’

Grid didn’t even need to observe him with the Great Lord's Sword. There was no other way to explain why his attacks didn’t do any damage despite Piaro wearing no armor.

‘At least a 100 level difference...’

The difference of 100 levels was big. It was a gap that couldn’t be filled. Apart from the level compensation system, the difference between the stat numbers and power of skills was different. Using common sense, the probability that Grid would beat Piaro was 0%.


‘I have a means of destroying common sense.’

This meant...

‘Of course it’s items.’

It was the attraction of items that could destroy the balance of the system. For those who couldn’t afford it, items were a curse. But it was the opposite for Grid. He would stand at the peak as an overgeared person. On the other hand, Piaro was only using rare rated farming equipment and old clothing.

‘The odds are good enough.’

Grid knew the strength of a legendary farmer. However, how could it compare to a sword saint?

'Piaro, I will break your stubbornness.’

He would make Piaro dream of becoming a sword saint again! Grid pledged and used the item disassembly skill.  After extracting the Water Clan King’s Tears from the four golden blades, he poured a total of 27 pavranium into the furnace.

It was the beginning of the smelting.

'What is he trying to make this time?’

Khan and the young blacksmiths flocked to Grid’s side. They focused on Grid’s behavior and tried to figure out his intentions. However, they couldn’t understand Grid’s state.

‘What is he doing?’

Ttang! Ttang!

Grid produced a mold while the pavranium melted. But the model of the mold wasn’t common. It wasn’t a blade or a spear, but Grid’s hand itself.


The pavranium expedition repeatedly attacked the 10~15th vampire cities.

They wanted to challenge the cities that hadn’t been attacked yet, but they took Grid’s warning to heart.

"There is a vampire duke called Marie Rose. Braham says she’s sleeping somewhere inside the cities. If we don’t want to be killed, only hunt in the places that we have secured. Yes? How old is she? Um... She is strong enough to wipe out all of the Overgeared members? This is a complete scam, a scam.”

‘Many times stronger than Elfin Stone...’

‘Perhaps a dragon class?’

Grid had succeeded in the Elfin Stone raid after reaching level 300. He recently became more and more suited to be called the strongest. They were also proud that the Overgeared members was the best guild. But this vampire had a presence that could overwhelm all of them alone?

Indeed, Satisfy was wide. There were many unknown areas and existences that hadn’t been met yet.

"The elixirs are really dirty. Since the first day we came here with Grid, the number of vampires we hunted has surpassed 10,000. So why hasn’t even one elixir dropped?”

“I agree. If only one stamina elixir dropped...”

“There is even the buff that increases item acquisition, so the drop rate is worse than rumored.”

"We still obtained 11 Junior Vampire Rings. That is big enough.”

In cities where they had already raided the boss once, the appearance rate of the True Blood vampires dropped. The boss was also weaker than the first boss. This meant the difficulty of the dungeon fell, resulting in lower quality items dropped.

The Overgeared members couldn’t make as much as they expected. But their attitudes were positive. It was because the vampires gave a lot of experience. The vampire cities were still the best hunting grounds. It was phenomenal, causing the level 203 Yura to rise to 210 in just one week.

"But why isn’t Grid here? There are only 25 days left on the experience buff.”

"He has something important to do, so he will come in two days.”

“Important? He made a greatsword for Chris a few days ago, so what now?”

“Perhaps Chris hit Grid in the back of the head?”

"That’s not it. He said that he’s making an item that is the peak of being overgeared."

"Peak of overgeared...?”

Swords, spears, bows, etc. They were always discussed when talking about the peak of fighting. But the peak of being overgeared, they couldn’t understand what this meant.

"Did he find a way to do Item Combination without the merging time?”

“...It might be possible.”

Didn’t Pagma's Descendant have many abilities? In addition, couldn’t Grid take advantage of all of them? The Overgeared members still couldn’t predict the result.


Grid thought rapidly.

‘Hands? They’re easy to make!’

Grid currently had close to 2,600 points in dexterity. There was also a large rise in proficiency due to making the two greatswords. Grid was more confident than ever, and made molds in the shape of his hands. Then he poured the molten pavranium in the five molds.

After a while.

“Okay! Perfect!”

Five golden hands floated and started moving around Grid. Grid was filled with joy. It was fun to imagine how these five hands could help him in the future. He couldn’t ignore the battle-oriented aspects.

Just imagine it! The five hands would protect him with shields, while attacking the enemy with swords. Grid would be absolutely invincible.


Khan and the blacksmiths were amazed to see hands floating in the air alone. Creating moving hands, they looked at Grid like he was a god.

"Huhut... Now, shall I test your performance?”

Grid took out Failure, Iyarugt, Grid’s Greatsword, the Ideal Dagger and the Divine Shield from his inventory and commanded the five hands.

"Arm yourselves!”

Pa pa pa pat!

The five hands flew towards Grid and collided with the five items. That’s right. They collided instead of grabbing the weapons.


Rather than equipping the items, the hands let them drop to the ground. Grid was dismayed.

"What are you doing? To hold an item, you must fold your fingers. Why are you keeping your palms open?”

He asked with frustrating, but the pavranium didn’t answer. They might have a will, but the pavranium was only a mineral. They couldn’t possibly talk.

“Ah, this is frustrating.”

The five hands lined up in front of Grid. Then he tried to teach them by repeatedly folding and unfolding his fingers.

“This is rock! This is scissors! This is paper! Now follow me!”


The pavranium didn’t move despite his passionate shouts. They just kept their palms open.

"No, try to follow me!”


Grid cursed at the five hands floating in the air. The blacksmiths were baffled because Grid wasn’t acting as normal.

‘Why is he acting like this?’

‘What’s wrong?’

‘Why is the great sun of Reidan…?’

Among the young blacksmiths, Khan shook his head.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen this...”


[Hand Model of a Legendary Blacksmith]

Attack Power: 22

A model of the hands of the legendary blacksmith Grid.

It is made of pavranium, so it can move by itself.

If the open palms hit the opponent’s cheeks, the provocation effect is activated.

Weight: 15


Grid read the item description several times and belatedly realized. How delicate were the hands of a body? Due to the presence of multiple joints and muscles, fine control and all types of actions were possible.

In other words, it was necessary to produce the joints for these pavranium hands to function properly. Without the joints, it was no different from a plaster of a hand. The fingers couldn’t bend.


Grid could only sigh. He needed to fully understand the structure of a hand in order to produce what he desired. It was dark in front of him.

"First of all, look at the encyclopedia... Although...”

Didn’t the anatomy books need at least an IQ of 100 to understand? Grid trembled.

“Needing to know the structure of the human body to make an item in game...!?”

The Grid in the past would’ve cursed, asking why they didn’t make a game for stupid people to play. However, not the current Grid. In order to get what he wanted, he needed to put in the effort.

He took a deep breath and logged out.


‘The hands consist of the thumb, the index finger, middle finger, ring finger and little finger. The thumb consists of two joints, while the fingers have three joints... The front and back of the finger have tendons, while the outer sides have the nerves and blood vessels...’

Shin Youngwoo searched for ‘hand’ in Korea’s largest portal site. He entered a medical encyclopedia and learned about the shape and structure of the hands. He repeated the same thing several times in order to memorize it. It couldn’t be helped because he didn’t have a good memory.

‘I don’t want to forget the contents after logging in.’

To be honest, he didn’t think this was necessary. In order to create an item that perfectly reproduced the functions of the hand, he could rely on the correction effect of the creation skill. He just needed the basic knowledge in order to draw a blueprint.

But Youngwoo did his best to memorize the contents. It was an act that originated from the desire to create perfect hands.

His mother’s voice was heard while he was studying for a long time.

“Youngwoo! Take out the trash!”

"...Disturbing your son who is studying for the first time in five years!”

His mother always had excellent timing. If he wanted to do his homework, he would be interrupted. If he sat down in preparation to study for five hours straight, she would come into his room and lecture him.

"Is she a psychic...?”

Maybe she had a hidden psychic ability? Youngwoo childishly imagined it and followed her order. He didn’t forget to wear a mask and sunglasses that perfectly covered his face.

‘I will have millions of anti-fans because of Braham, so I have to be careful.’

Maybe he would be attacked.  Youngwoo was too afraid to search his name on the Internet these days. He still didn’t know the repercussions of the incident with Braham.

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