Chapter 96

Chapter 96

[You have joined the Tzedakah Guild.]

Guild Name: Tzedakah

Level: 5 (57,630,440/100.588.127)

Reputation: 612,140

Master: Jishuka

Number of Members: 18/80

Affiliation: None

Alliances: None

Hostile Relationships: Rio Kingdom/ Fire Dragon Trauka/ Yatan Church/ Iron Style Group/ Helding Clan/ Couch Clan

Inclination: Neutral

Territory: None

I was very disappointed when I checked the guild information window that popped up when I joined the guild.

“What is this? The number of members is small since it is a group of elites, but you don’t have any alliances or territory? And why do you have so many hostile relationships? Why is a red dragon hostile to you?”

"We haven’t felt the need to make an alliance yet, and there are many enemies due to quests and raids. Umm, don’t worry about the red dragon. He won’t do anything unless we enter his territory.” 

"Putting all that aside, why don’t you have a territory? As a top level guild, shouldn’t the Tzedakah Guild have a territory?”

It had been one year since Satisfy opened. Some top guilds belonged to certain countries and built up their achievements, receiving territory from the kings or nobles. They were barren land, but depending on how the guild manages and develops it, the land could become a city in the future and huge taxes could be collected from it. In other words, the acquisition of a territory was one of the ultimate goals of a guild. Therefore, it was natural to wonder why the Tzedakah Guild didn’t have a territory.

Jishuka explained. "Grid, you are mistaken. Our guild is the strongest guild, not a top guild. There are fewer guild members so there is a limit to how much we can raise our guild level, as you can see by our low guild level. The level of the top guilds is estimated to be around 7~8 right now.”

“Wow... A bad guild with low level and no territory... How can this guild make me rich?”

It seemed like I joined the wrong guild.

‘I should leave.’

A man entered the smithy when I decided to leave.

“Listen to a person’s words to the end.

It was Pon who played an active part in the raid against Malacus.

"Our guild might be low in level, but we have steadily built up a reputation as we progressed through quests and raids. Many nobles and nations know about us, and we have received countless offers of territory from them. We just refused.”

I didn’t understand. "You refused the territory?”

Other guilds were eager to snatch any territory they could. If they could get land, they would lick the feet of the nobles and royalty. Then why did the Tzedakah Guild refuse to accept the territory?

I couldn’t understand it.

“Puhaha! You should bluff more moderately. Why would a guild say no to a territory?”

“Because of you.” Jishuka pointed at me with her long fingers. Even her hand gesture was seductive. "We had to make the entire continent our area of activity while searching for the unknown craftsman. That made it difficult to have a base and manage it. The nobles and royal families started to make suggestions about us becoming their subordinates around the time of your appearance.”

In other words... 

"You gave up territory just to find me?”

“Yes. But strictly speaking, we didn’t give it up. It is just on hold for a while. We can get territory in any country we want at any time.”

I never imagined how much the Tzedakah Guild needed me. "But why do you want me so much? You know now that I have a hidden job, but at that time, didn’t you just know me as a blacksmith?”

"The reason we want you is because you're a blacksmith. Your hidden class is irrelevant.”

Pon explained.

"The average user level in Satisfy is 80. High-level users like us are just a fraction of the two billion users, so there is always a shortage of equipment available for high-level users. The items with the performance we want are rarely dropped through hunting or raids, so we have to rely on produced items...”

Was it to welcome my new colleagues? Khan kindly came out with refreshments. He was an NPC, but Pon respectfully accepted the teacup given to him. Then he continued speaking.

"A blacksmith who can produce high-level items is very rare. Among users, there are no advanced blacksmiths and even the advanced NPC blacksmiths are only available in major cities. In addition, advanced blacksmiths only have a low chance of making epic or higher rated items, so the burden of investing the materials and the commission fee is very high.”

Jishuka took over. "Then epic rated arrows that not even advanced blacksmiths could make appeared. We thought that the maker had the ability to produce the items we wanted, so we earnestly searched for you.”


The Tzedakah Guild recognized my abilities first and searched for me. I confirmed that I made the right decision in joining them.

“We came looking for you. You have the ability we want.”

After that. All 17 members of the Tzedakah Guild, including Jishuka and Pon, gathered at Khan’s smithy. Then they welcomed me with enthusiasm. All of them looked at me with expectant eyes, making me feel overwhelmed. But unexpected, not one person asked about my class.

"Isn’t anyone interested in my class?”

Jishuka smiled gently.

"It isn’t that we have no interest. Everyone, including myself, is curious about the exact class. But we won’t ask because we know that hidden classes are reluctant to disclose information about their class.”


It was really meticulous care. As I started liking the guild more and more, Jishuka cut to the chase.

"Grid, in the future, I want to commission items for the guild members. We want epic or higher rated items suitable for our level. We will buy the completed items for an appropriate price.”

"It is okay if you give me money. But it will take a while to obtain the materials and production methods required...”

"If you tell us what you need, we will get it for you. You just have to worry about making it.”

That was convenient.

“Okay. But I don’t have a lot of capital, so I can’t make too many items at once.

Jishuka made a confused sound. "Capital? Why do you need capital? The guild will supply the materials and production methods. All you need is time and the technique.”

“... Eh?”

Were they going to give me free materials and production methods? This sounded like a dream! No, don’t get too excited. It was strange. It was suspicious that they were so nice from the beginning. I couldn’t believe in people-especially women- because they might hit me in the back of the head!

I  became wary of Jishuka.

“You’ll give me the materials for free and then buy the finished item from me? Why are you giving me the materials and production methods? Isn’t it just a loss for you?”

“Hah?” Jishuka was confused. "What are you talking about? Aren’t you a blacksmith of our guild? It’s natural for the guild to support our blacksmith with materials and the production methods.”

Regas laughed from where he was listening to the side.

"Grid, a competent blacksmith is a talent that all guilds covet. They have to give the blacksmiths the best treatment to prevent them from going to other guilds. It is obvious that a guild with a competent blacksmith will have a huge growth gap with a guild that doesn’t have one.”


A blacksmith class, wasn’t it a total honey-like class? But this was only for competent blacksmiths!

‘Blacksmiths are very difficult to grow... So the value of an exceptional blacksmith is very high. However, Pagma’s Descendant has fraudulent blacksmith skills so it honey...’

I once again felt the greatness of a legendary class and appreciated it.

‘I want to start working.’

I was filled with enthusiasm and prompted Jishuka. "So who am I making an item for?”

Pon raised his hand in a flash.


Vantner grabbed Pon’s hand. Then he raised his hand. “No, me first!”

Toban shouted. "Of course, the master should be first! Then the chief of staff!”

"What does chief of staff have to do with the sequence? Don’t abuse your authority.”

All members of the Tzedakah Guild were rankers. They all aimed at and desired to level up. Being armed with stronger items would make it faster and easier to hunt. It was obvious that all of them wanted their item to be made first.

No, I had to exclude Regas, who was laughing without saying anything.

‘Regas is a martial artist who trains his body, so it seems like he doesn’t care about items. That reminds me...’

I pointed to two men who couldn’t hide their uncomfortable expressions and Toban. 

“Toban. And you two.”


The three people called became filled with anticipation. They misunderstood that I would make them items. However, it was the opposite.

"I will make your items last.”


I explained to the surprised Toban, "Toban, you were nasty when I asked to join the Guardian of the Forest raid last time...”

"Heok? It was a few months ago, but you still remember? Strictly speaking, it was indifference, not nastiness!”

“Shh. And the other two...”

I checked the IDs of the two people. One was a Hispanic male with black hair called Rook, while the other was a slim, middle-aged man called Jeep.

"The two of you. Didn’t you come here before?”

It wasn’t long after the production making game with Euphemina. They were the two people who entered Khan’s smithy to ask about Euphemina’s whereabouts. At that time, they ignored me and disregarded Khan since he was an NPC.

"Our relationship is like this, right?”

I smiled and the two of them looked at each other before bowing and apologizing, “We’re sorry for that time! We were so impatient that we were rude! We sincerely apologize!”

"You need to apologize to Khan, not me.”

Khan was watching me and my new colleagues happily! The two people apologized to Khan, but they didn’t really mean it.

“What? Are you still ignoring NPCs? Well, regardless of whether you ignore NPCs or not, it doesn’t matter to me; however, Khan is different. Khan is my precious friend, and if you don’t respect him, I will never produce any items for you."

“... I’m sorry Khan.”

"Please forgive us.”

Rook and Jeep’s apologies were sincere this time, and it seemed that they realized that even an NPC could be a valuable asset to someone.

‘They will do well.’

Well, I didn’t want to criticize them anymore because I also ignored NPCs that I didn’t need. So the conclusion...

"I want you to make a spear for Pon first.”

It was Jishuka’s will.

“As revealed in the Malacus raid, Pon currently has a low level weapon, so he can’t exert the maximum amount of power in a high-level raid. He is one of the pure physical damage dealers in our guild, so we have to prioritize his weapon."

Pon approached.

"I already have a method of making a spear.”

[’Gale Spear Production Method’ has been acquired.]

[Gale Spear Production Method]

Prerequisite: Advanced Blacksmith Mastery Level 4.

* Gale Spear: A spear made of mithril. It is very light so the more skilled the user, the more the power can be maximized. However, this lightness can be a disadvantage.

User Restriction: Level 240 or higher. 


Following the Divine Shield, I got another free production method! I failed to conceal my pleasure as Pon asked me carefully,

“Is it possible?”

I replied as if it was no big deal, "Of course.”

The Tzedakah Guild members were agitated.

"It means he at least has Advanced Blacksmith Mastery level 4...”

"Isn’t the first ranked blacksmith still at the intermediate level?”

"Is his excellent combat skills and mastery of blacksmith techniques because of the hidden class?”

"It must be one of the best among the hidden classes...”

I learned the production method in front of them.

[You have learned how to make the Gale Spear.]

[Gale Spear]

Rating: Rare ~ Legendary

Rare Rating Information:

Durability: 210/210   Attack Power: 290

Attack Speed: +5%

* Attack speed will increase by 0.5% for every attack that connects.

Epic Rating Information:

Durability: 280/280   Attack Power: 336

Critical Chance: +5%    Attack Speed: +5%

* Attack speed will increase by 1% for every attack that connects.

Unique Rating Information:

Durability: 363/363   Attack Power: 400

Critical Chance: +5%    Attack Speed: +10%

* Attack speed will increase by 1% for every attack that connects.

* The skill ‘True Illusion’ will be generated.

Legendary Rating Information:

Durability: 444/444   Attack Power: 493

Critical Chance: +10%    Attack Speed: +10%

Accuracy: +5%

* Attack speed will increase by 1.5% for every attack that connects.

* The skill ‘True Illusion’ will be generated.

A spear made of mithril. It is very light so the more skilled the user, the more the power can be maximized. However, this lightness can be a disadvantage.

User Restriction: Level 240 or higher. More than 750 strength. More than 400 agility. Advanced Spear Mastery level 2 or higher.

Weight: 200 

'Ohh, it is a good spear.’

It wasn’t inferior to the Sword of Self-transcendence that I made. The materials required to make it...

“Pon, in order to create one spear, I need 15kg of mithril ore, 1st tier high-grade Tipan wood and four griffin tendons.”

Pon made an excited sound.

"I will acquire them for you now. Then while you are making the spear, I will look for the whereabouts of the Divine Shield that was stolen. So don’t worry about anything during the production.”

I nodded with a much lighter heart. “Okay. I will concentrate and make a good spear.”

I was standing on a stage. The guild was filled with expectations for the creator of the Special Jaffa Arrows. And I was ready to surprise them.

'For some reason, I have a lot of confidence today.’

Of course, there was a chance it might be ruined. But there was no reason to be blamed if I made a rare rated item. The result of the item produced was clearly luck. So there was no need to be burdened. I started to concentrate on my breathing.

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