Chapter 84

Chapter 84

A fortnight passed since the war between the Alliance and the Yatan Church began. In the process, the Giant Guild had gained many achievements, so they were celebrating today.

"Congratulations on the master’s inauguration as a lord! Cheers!”


The Giant Guild was one of the best guilds since Satisfy launched. Their guild master, Chris, was a top ranked player who was third on the unified rankings. Chris, who was appointed as Lord of Pedro for his achievements on the battlefield, proclaimed towards his 530 guild members.

"Now is the time for stabilization! For the next fortnight, we will stop going to battle! We will focus on Pedro’s defense and strengthening our power! And!”

Chris stopped talking and pulled out a leather armor. He once again checked the information of the armor.

[Unexpectedly Comfortable Rat Leather Armor]

Rating: Epic

Durability: 24/24   Defense: 22  Movement Speed: +3%

An armor made of rat leather by a craftsman with great skills and potential, but lacks experience and reputation.

It is designed and created so that the wearer won’t be inconvenienced when moving. The wearer can move a little faster. 

The fact that this type of armor was made with meager materials is amazing.

User Restriction: Level 13 or higher. Beginner Leather Armor Mastery. 

The unknown craftsman who created the first epic rated arrows and caused a hot topic for a while! How to find him? He desperately searched for a while, but couldn’t even gain the slightest clue. However, not long ago, he accidentally found a clue while reading a post on a community site.

‘Please make it in time...!’ Chris once again eagerly prayed.

"Have half of the guild form a search team! Go to Winston! The goal is the unknown craftsman! Find him and invite him to the guild! No matter what conditions he presents, accept it unconditionally!”

In order for the guild to become stronger quickly, they needed a number of high level combat classes. But in order for the guild to become more robust and complete, it needed skillful support classes.

Chris failed to invite Panmir and Steng, who were first and second ranked on the blacksmith rankings. He succeeded in inviting the fourth and fifth ranked blacksmiths, but it was still lacking.

Therefore, he wanted to invite the unknown craftsman. Chris wanted to establish the supremacy of the Giant Guild with him.


“We are lacking in people.”

The Tzedakah Guild were too busy to worry about their mental conditions. They searched for Euphemina and completed quests against the Yatan Church to increase the reputation of the guild.  They were also still looking for the unknown craftsman. 

First of all, the Tzedakah Guild only had 17 members. The guild members might all be rankers, but they were lacking the numbers to do various things at once.

In the end, the guild members didn’t think it was possible to maintain this and presented their opinion to Jishuka. Thus, a meeting was held.

"Let’s postpone Euphemina’s death. The reason we want to kill her is to get revenge for our members and the dignity of the guild, but there is no immediate benefit. On the other hand, the Yatan related quests and the unknown craftsman all directly benefit the guild. I think it is better to postpone the revenge and focus on the quests and finding the unknown craftsman.”

“I agree. It isn’t easy to catch a girl who hides like a rat.” 

"7 votes for. 7 votes against. 3 people have abstained from voting.”

"I think we should go ahead and proceed like we have been. If we quit along the way, rumors will increase. I’d rather take off the quests related to the Yatan Church. To be honest, we are skilled and can always improve our guild reputation without having to rely on these miscellaneous quests.”

"That's right. Getting revenge is a matter of our pride. It shouldn’t be delayed. Has everybody forgotten about the Tzedakah Guild’s pride?”

"7 votes for. 5 votes against. 5 people have abstained from voting.”

Regas, who had been watching the meeting progress silently, finally spoke up. “What about looking for the unknown craftsman?”

Jishuka asked Regas. "Do you think we should postpone it?”

Regas instantly replied. "No, to be honest, don’t you think it should have the highest priority? What about you?”

“I agree.” Jishuka concluded. "We will stop the Yatan related quests. Concentrate our power on finding Euphemina and the unknown craftsman.”


After the meeting, the guild members scattered.


The Tzedakah Guild was staying in this city. Due to many circumstances, it was likely that the unknown craftsman was staying here.

"Hrmm, the meeting was boring. Huh?”

After the meeting. Regas discovered an Asian person while he was going to his inn. Then a bright smile crossed his face.

“Hey! Gladiator of the body!”


Grid, who had been walking with his head down, looked up with frustration when his path was blocked and someone called out to him. He recognized Regas straight away.


“Haha! You know me? I thought you wouldn’t remember.” Regas rejoiced.

Grid sat down at the fountain and replied. "A good loan guarantor... No, you were the only one who defended me against the accusations, so how could I forget you?”

Several months ago, when he was at leve -3, Grid tried to participate in the Guardian of the Forest raid party. But when he applied, he became the subject of criticism by the other raid party members.

At that time, the only one who believed and supported Grid was Regas. However, Grid felt reluctance rather than appreciation towards Regas. The pure and good nature was the opposite of Grid, and he also disliked the fact that he was handsome.

But after a conversation, Regas seemed more naive than Grid thought and was someone who would act as a guarantor for a debt. So he finished the relationship with Regas as neatly as possible.

Now they met again! It was time to eat the rice that had been laid at that time.

Regas was worried. “Why is your expression so dark? Did something happen?”

Grid made the saddest possible expression and explained. “An old man stole my item.”

Regas jolted with surprise.

“Such a wicked...! There is such a bad person in this world!?”

“ seems like it. People who take the livelihood of others should die.”

Grid expressed his resentment. Regas nodded. "People like that should pay the price.”

Grid started preparing to eat. " good would it be if someone helped me... Well... there is no chance. In this harsh world, there is no one who would help others for free. Right?”

Regas jumped up. "This world is harsh, what are you saying? This world is warm and beautiful!”

"Is that right? Huh...but the world that I’ve experienced is harsh and poisonous. Having my item stolen...”

“What is that item? It is that important?”

"Yes...really important... It was my life... But I lost it... I think I will commit suicide...”

Regas’ face paled from fear. “S-Suicide! You can’t commit such a sin! Aren’t you sorry towards your parents? Filial duty! Have you forgotten the spirit of Taekwondo?”

"Hah, I'm sorry. I’m so physically and mentally tired that I had a bad idea.”

In the end, Regas bit the bait. “This can’t continue! I will help you! I can’t forgive anyone who would deal such a big injury to others!”

‘Yes! I got you!’

The moment Grid was cheering with delight...


Jishuka incidentally heard the conversation between the two people and hit Regas on the back of the head. Then she pulled at Regas’ earlobe. "You’re going to help someone? Haven’t you forgotten a lot of things?”

Grid’s eyes were shining as he looked at her. Tanned skin! Red and plump lips. Long and curved eyes! A big chest! Jishuka was the ideal girl that Grid had dreamed of.


Despite his earlobe still being pulled, Regas explained to the questioning Grid. “She’s my guild master. Ah! Ack! I-It hurts!”

"Does it hurt, you pathetic bastard?”


Jishuka pulled Regas’ earlobe more strongly and turned towards Grid. She sighed as she saw Grid look up and down her body with explicit eyes. She was used to attention from men, but it was still unpleasant.  Even if this was virtual reality, not reality.

"Hey you."

“Huh? Yes!"

Grid came to attention as Jishuka called out to him. Grid was generally strong in front of women, but it was different when the woman was his ideal type. He couldn’t help being nervous when standing in front of his dreams.

Jishuka glanced at him and sniffed. “Newbie. Regas is busy right now, so you should take care of your own matters. Now then, we’re going.”

Jishuka kept holding Regas’ earlobe and pulled him away.

Newbie. Newbie. Newbie. Newbie...

Grid looked at Jishuka’s departing back while the word echoed in his mind. Then...

"She looked at me like I was a dog.”

An ideal type was just an ideal type. Grid recovered his spirit and caught up with Jishuka.



Jishuka was surprised when Grid, who couldn’t even meet her eyes a short time ago, blocked her way. But it was only for a second. Jishuka gave him a relaxed smile and crossed her arms, emphasizing her chest.

"Why are you calling me?”


Grid’s gaze focused on Jishuka’s chest. But he quickly cleared his mind.

"Can you give me Regas? He said he would help me. What right do you have to interfere?”

"I have a natural right. I’m his guild master. So he must follow my commands. Do you understand? Don’t be offended and go away.”

"Just because you’re his guild master, doesn’t give you the right.”

"Then? Does a third party have the right?”

Jishuka naturally had the advantage. Rather than fight with her, Grid chose to bow.

“...Please. I am really desperate right now.”

"We are desperate as well. We can’t spare any people.”

"I'm more desperate!"

"We are more desperate!"

“I am more desperate!"

“We are!”



A large number of people gathered as an adult man and woman began a childish argument. In particular, it caused a big wave because Jishuka was famous.

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