Chapter 53

Chapter 53

 "Damn! Daaaaammmnnnn!”

Katz, possessor of the third epic class, was furious.


[You have killed the poisoned pioneer.]

[5 gold has been acquired.]

[The poison-soaked cloth has been acquired.]

[543,500 experience has been acquired.]


[You have killed the closed-off pioneer.]

[2 gold has been acquired.]

[617,000 experience has been acquired.]

"This thingggg!”

A month ago, Katz finally got 39th on the unified rankings. It was the result of taking advantage of his epic class that was specialized in hunting. Katz had been fine until then. It only took him a month to get from 53rd to 39th, so he believed that the number one goal he was aiming for wasn’t far behind.

But what was going on? Except for sleeping time, he sat in a capsule all day and hunted. However, his rankings stagnated at 39 and he couldn’t increase it. Then today, his ranking dropped to 40th place. Katz's high pride was shattered.

“This is me! Why am I wandering around the 40th rank for a month?”

He got a great epic class, so he declared on air that he would win first place in the rankings. Then what was this? People from all over the world were laughing when they saw the list of rankers. The second son of ‘JIN,’ a leading Japanese conglomerate, was branded as a braggart to the world.

‘I can’t understand, no matter how I think about it.’

Katz didn’t stop thinking while hunting monsters.

'The Blood Warrior’s attack power and battle speed is unmatched. There is no other class that can hunt as quickly and easily as this. Then why isn’t my ranking going up? How are those other people levelling up faster than me?’

Katz was currently level 215. From level 210, the amount of experience needed to level up increased significantly. This was called the hell section by rankers, yet Katz was quickly climbing the hill by hunting solo.

But his ranking wasn’t going up. It was useless, despite the fact that his experience kept climbing. He utilized the power of his family, was armed with the strongest items and had the best class. Nevertheless, his ranking...

"I... it means my gaming skill is less than others!”

Katz couldn’t understand.

"I’ve never missed the top spot in any game so far!”

Compared to his brother and sister who were called ‘geniuses,’ his brains were somewhat lacking. He had a weak temperament and he was totally excluded from being a successor. However, his talent at gaming exceeded his older brother and sister, and he was confident that he was the best in the world.

But now his pride was shattered.

“I can’t accept it... I can’t accept it!”

Katz was a loser in the real world who couldn’t cross the wall of his brother and sister! He didn’t want to be a loser even in Satisfy. So he made a decision.

'I will move my hunting ground. To a stronger place!’

Currently, Katz was hunting at a place filled with level 230 monsters. Monsters here appeared in groups of three and had different skills, so even the best rankers hunted in a party at this place. 

Even Katz, who absorbed the enemy’s health every time he attacked, had to rely heavily on potions to play solo here. Now he wanted to play solo at a higher level hunting ground? It was tough, no matter how excellent his class was. If he was the slightest bit careless, he would die and lose experience.

But Katz had money.

‘I will arm myself with better equipment and potions.’

Katz’ weapon, armor and accessories were all unique rated. But Katz wasn’t satisfied. In particular, the performance of his armor and gauntlets were unsatisfactory.

[Armor of Great Sorrow]

Rating: Unique

Durability: 38/310   Defense: 459  Movement Speed: -11%

* Reflects 10% of the damage received.

* Once durability drops below 100, all stats will increase by 5%.

An armor that Daymode, a former knight, wore when he fought with Piaro and was falsely accused as a traitor. 

Daymode’s armor is filled with his grudges and pain.

User Restriction: Level 180 or higher. More than 750 strength. More than 600 stamina. Intermediate Heavy Armor Mastery Level 4 or higher.

Weight: 2,300 

[Black Wind Gauntlets]

Rating: Unique

Durability: 110/170   Defense: 57 Attack Speed: +5%   Accuracy +10%

Gauntlets used by the Black Wind Assassins.

It is very light and comfortable to wear, so you can attack the target faster and more securely.

User Restriction: Level 200 or higher. More than 220 agility.

Weight: 200 

The Armor of Great Sorrow had very good options, but its defense was less than other heavy armor. Meanwhile, the Black Wind Gauntlets had a good basic performance, but no special options. Both of them were lacking despite being unique items.

“I need new armor and gauntlets.”

Katz decided to log out. Then he went to the item trading site and looked at the list of armor and gauntlets. Tens of thousands of items appeared on the list, but he couldn’t find any that were better than the Armor of Great Sorrow and Black Wind Gauntlets. At this point, the Armor of Great Sorrow and Black Wind Gauntlets were the best items.


It was no use, even if he wanted to spend money. Katz cursed at the blacksmith users.

"Are the blacksmiths just playing around? When will they be able to create items superior to items obtained through hunting or quests? Shit, isn’t this a dereliction of duty?”

There were at least two billion users in Satisfy. The demand for items was astronomical. But the growth of production class users was relatively slow, so supply couldn’t keep up with demand. The users of Satisfy sincerely hoped for the appearance of a skilled blacksmith.

Euphemina was fortunate that she became aware of the blacksmith called Grid and asked him to make her an item. But right not, Euphemina didn’t feel so good.

Frontier, the capital of Earl Steim.

In a place where hundreds of merchants came and went every day, Euphemina had stayed here for a week already. She gathered information from where she practically lived at the market, and she also monitored the item trading site and auction site every hour.

But she couldn’t find a way to make the orb. No, all methods of making an orb seemed to have disappeared. Euphemina wasn’t normally interested in how to make items, but now she realized how difficult it was.  In particular, the methods of making items with a high level restriction was like obtaining a star in the sky. 

" the end, all my efforts are in vain. Is crafting really that rare...?”

In the past month, Euphemina searched all the major cities in the Eternal Kingdom. However, she didn’t get any results, so she wanted to cry. She earned 6,500 gold from the item creation game and Rabbit’s quest, so she believed that she could easily obtain a production method using this money. However, reality was too cold.

‘It is annoying but...’

Euphemina’s expression stiffened in front of the auction house. It was because her unusually high insight stat detected someone’s gaze. It had started two days ago.  Unknown people were systematically monitoring her.

‘Who is it?’

Euphemina was a secret ranker who renounced many benefits, including fame, by making her name private on the list of rankings. She operated carefully under many pseudonyms. In other words, it was unlikely for someone to catch onto her tail. This was her first experience with being monitored.

"It is unpleasant...”

Who? Why? How?

Euphemina entered a secluded alley. Then she spoke to the air, "Come out. I know that you’re there.”


"Come out. I know that you’re there.”


The words of the target he was observing caused Faker’s heart to drop.

‘Surely, she didn’t see through my stealth?’

No, it was impossible. Faker was the genius who reached 1st place on the assassin ranking only eight months after starting Satisfy. Even Old Sword Demon, who had been the number one assassin since Satisfy launched, fell down before Faker’s talent. 

‘A blacksmith can’t detect my stealth.’

Faker was convinced and reported it to the party chat window.

(Does it make sense that she is referring to me? It must be you guys.)

There was a backlash.

(Don’t make me laugh! We have secured a safe distance! She can’t have noticed us!)

(Hey hey, she is staring in your direction in the first place...)

(ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ The number one assassin is found by a mere blacksmith.)

(Why did you stick so close...? You have too much pride as the number one assassin…)

Faker and his party members were all part of the Tzedakah Guild.

It was around a month ago.

The Tzedakah Guild received information about the item making game in Winston and quickly gathered in Winston. Then they collected information about the blacksmith who made the epic rated dagger. There were many people watching the game at the time, so it was easy for the Tzedakah Guild to gather information.

The blacksmith’s ID was Erina. The gender was female. Her height was 160cm She was estimated to be between 17-19 years old. She had bright golden hair down to the waist and a beautiful appearance that was unforgettable.

The Tzedakah Guild completed a portrait of Erina based on witness statements, before splitting up to track down Erina. Then two days ago, Faker was able to find Erina at Frontier.

Jishuka heard the report from Faker and commanded.

{I will meet her in person. Keep watching her until I get to Frontier.}

And now.

Faker’s surveillance was on the verge of being noticed by Erina.

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