Chapter 755

United States: Gold (4), Silver (3), Bronze (0)

Canada: Gold (2), Silver (4), Bronze (1)

China: Gold (2), Silver (0), Bronze (0)

United Kingdom: Gold (1), Silver (0), Bronze (4)

Japan: Gold (0), Silver (1), Bronze (2)

South Korea: Gold (0), Silver (1), Bronze (0)

France: Gold (0), Silver (0), Bronze (2)

This was the result of the first day of the 3rd National Competition. As with previous years, the North American, European and East Asian countries were remarkable. Of course, this table was only temporary. There were still 18 events remaining today and tomorrow. New countries would emerge on the leaderboard. Last year’s number one, Russia was included.

『 Just like yesterday, there will be nine events held today. Six of those are team events. Today is the most important day out of the National Competition’s three days. 』

In order to win the team events, the team must have a wide variety of players. Countries with many outstanding athletes were more likely to win a team medal. The US, Canada, China, and Russia met these conditions. Other countries were significantly less likely to win medals at team events.

『 The countries that wins many medals in the team events out of the four major powers will be ranked first in the overall rankings. 』

『 Will Russian achieve first place for a second consecutive year? Will the United States regain its reputation after winning first at the 1st National Competition? Will Canada, which has always been a first place candidate, finally be different this year? Will China gain the honor of being the first Asian country to be ranked first? 』

『 The possibility of Russia getting first is very low. Alexander is outstanding and there are other great talents, but the team is much weaker than when they had Kraugel last year. 』

『 I agree. Russia’s goal is to reach the top 10 and get the country buff. If Russia’s strongest ranker Knight, who has been raising his reputation recently, participated, then there was a chance they could get first. 』

『 What about France, the third ranked country in the 1st National Competition? 』

『 Bondre, who lost his status since the collapse of the Seven Guilds, isn’t participating in the National Competition this year. France also has no hope. 』

In the end, it would be the trilogy of the US, Canada, and China. It was as everyone expected, causing the commentators to smile bitterly.

『 It’s sad that South Korea, which took second place in the 1st and 2nd National Competitions, isn’t being talked about at all. 』

『 The reason why South Korea was able to be placed high in the past National Competitions was because the number of events was small. On the other hand, this year’s National Competition has 27 events. Grid might win two gold medals alone, but it’s impossible for South Korea to be ranked as highly as before. Look. Today South Korea is only participating in two out of six group events. The players on the participating list are all obscure. 』

『 Based on the atmosphere, South Korea seems to have half given up already.  』

『 The attitude is like just participating in the National Competition is fine. 』

South Korea was a country shallow in players. There weren’t many notable players except for Grid and Yura.

『 Yura might win one more medal and Grid might win medals in the PvP and blacksmithing event tomorrow, but that’s it. 』

『 Frankly, I wonder if Grid can win a gold medal. The new rules for the blacksmithing event are disadvantageous to Grid. Then in PvP, Kraugel is standing in the way. 』

"They’re making too much noise.”

The Korean team’s waiting room. Eat Spicy Jokbal was burning with enthusiasm as he prepared to take place in the subjugation expedition event. As a Korean person, he felt the desire to prove the commentators who undervalued South Korea were wrong.

"The commentator isn’t necessarily wrong.”

The hanbok-clad woman Viola giggled. She had long eyes and a long chin, looking like a fox when she laughed.

“Is South Korea really weak?”

"That's right. South Korea is weak.” Eat Spicy Jokbal nodded as if to agree with Viola’s words. “But only when we weren’t here.”

A ranker’s official activities might bring wealth and fame, but there were also large constraints. That’s why Eat Spicy Jokbal, Viola, and Ma Bongshik had always been unofficial rankers. But now they decided to reveal themselves to the world. As long as they decided, they didn’t intend to do it roughly.

"Our appearance should be gorgeous. Just like a certain someone.”

Eat Spicy Jokbal looked at Grid. Grid saw him and said easily, "Come back with gold.”

“Okay. We will bring back two.”


Eat Spicy Jokbal’s momentum! The other young Korean players didn’t know his identity and clicked their tongues. They were questioning why he was so confident. On the other hand, Grid’s expectations were high since he knew Eat Spicy Jokbal’s identity.

‘Blood Carnival’s master.’

Eat Spicy Jokbal was a big person who created and operated the strongest and worst dark gamers group. Grid also acknowledged the power of his hidden class, Dungeon Maker. Grid and Peak Sword were sure that his appearance would bring a tremendous shock to the world.


[Eat Spicy Jokbal? The ID is real.]

[Crazy! What is this? ㅋㅋㅋ]

[Wow, this name is more idiotic than childish.]

[I guess he likes jokbal.]

Subjugation expedition was an event that introduced PvP to the existing raid. Three countries participated in a raid at the same time, hunting the boss while keeping each other in check. The country that accumulated the most damage to the boss would be the champion.

The boss was a cockatrice. It was one level below the drake, the boss of the existing raid. If the raid target was too strong, the players would take a cooperative attitude instead of keeping each other in check. Thanks to this, the subjugation expedition event was expected to be much faster and more intense than a raid. This was the S.A. Group’s intention.

“Our first opponents are South Korea and Japan. We have good luck.”

The participating countries in Group A were South Korea, Japan, and Russia. It was good luck for the Russian players. South Korea was weak apart from Grid and Yura. In fact, the Korean players participating in this event were completely unknown. Japan was no different. Damian and Katz weren’t participating in this event, only second level rankers.

On the other hand, Russia had Alexander. He was the strongest ranker in Russia after Knight, who had recently started to gain popularity. Last year, he acted with Kraugel to make Russia first in the overall rankings.

“Our goal is the gold medal. We have to get through this first game.”

The results of the previous four group events made the development of the National Competition interesting. The United States didn’t win any gold medals, Canada won three gold medals and China won one gold medal. It meant the United States failed to be first. If Russia succeeded in winning gold in the remaining two team events, maybe Russia could be in the top position in the overall rankings The Russian players were motivated.


Three minutes before the boss emerged. Alexander glanced at his successor, Ikonikoski, now one of the leading rankers in Russia. Ikonikoski rushed to his side and answered vigorously.

Alexander ordered, "There is a high possibility that South Korea and Japan will feel a sense of crisis and ally with each other. We must aim for the Korean players at the start of the match. Don’t give them a chance to cooperate with Japan.”

Ikonikoski’s abilities were equivalent to the former Alexander. It would be simple for him to get rid of three small fries alone. Ikonikoski replied confidently.

"Yep! I’ll get those yellow monkeys...ugh!”

Ikonikoski suddenly screamed. It was because Alexander hit the back of his head. Alexander warned him with a grim facial expression.

“Don’t be racist.”


Alexander was a notorious skinhead. Ikonikoski was stunned once he talked about racial discrimination. Alexander explained to him, "Kraugel is also Korean! You stupid bastard!”

“I-I’m really sorry!”

Many people didn’t know that Alexander was following Kraugel. Ikonikoski hadn’t known. He wasn’t able to understand the situation properly but had to respond like this. He was afraid of Alexander. Right as the Russian team were in turmoil.

"The first match opponents are too weak.” Eat Spicy Jokbal on the South Korean team was unhappy. "Shouldn’t my debut appearance be at least the level of Kraugel?”

It was the exhibition he had thought hard about. Eat Spicy Jokbal wanted a gorgeous debut to the world. He wanted to imprint his presence on people. However, the Russian team were the first opponents. Ma Bongshik comforted him.

"Alexander is quite famous. It’s lucky that we’re matched against him.”

"Hmm... it isn’t the worst.”

Unfortunately, he couldn’t do anything. Eat Spicy Jokbal thought positively as he looked over the battlefield. Sand and dust blew through the steep canyon on the center of a wasteland and a cockatrice was on top.

'The key is the climb the canyon first.’

The team that reached the cockatrice first could accumulate more damage. In the end, it would be a game of speed. It was a space where flying magic was blocked. Who could climb the high and steep canyon quickly?

‘In addition, the other players have to be kept in check. Well, it has nothing to do with me.’

Eat Spicy Jokbal paid attention to the cave at the entrance of the canyon.

"It’s a good structure to summon a dungeon.”

A Dungeon Maker became stronger when dungeons were created. It wasn’t just because of the rise in stats. He could also summon a dungeon that he created into a specific area. Eat Spicy Jokbal made a variety of dungeons and was able to cope flexibly in any situation as long as the terrain was suitable.

“Let’s go over there.”


Viola and Ma Bongshik started to move according to Eat Spicy Jokbal’s basis. While the Russian and Japanese rankers moved towards the top of the canyon, they headed towards the cave at the entrance of the dungeon.

『…??? 』

『 What is this...? .』

Immediately after the subjugation expedition match between South Korea, Japan, and Russia started. The commentators who were sure that Russia would win were surprised. It was absurd that the Korean team members were hiding inside the cave instead of defeating the monsters.

『 It’s hard to see the actions as meaningful. They must be very nervous. 』

The commentators thought that the Korean players had panicked. They thought there was no possibility of winning and decided to ‘hide’ in the cave. They were stupid cowards. The Russian rankers thought the same.

"They’re worth half a penny.”

Shake shake.

Alexander laughed. He was stunned that the Korean players hid out of fear.

"Ikonikoski, just ignore them. Move faster than the Japanese players.”


The Russian players moved in an orderly fashion. In the process of climbing the canyon, they narrowed the distance with the Japanese players. The cockatrice was pecking the sand on top of the canyon. It seemed that both the cockatrice and the Japanese players would be killed by the Russians. But it went differently from everyone’s expectations.


The cockatrice pecking at the sand suddenly looked down at the canyon. The sharp eyes were looking at the cave entrance where the Korean players were hiding.


The cockatrice let out a loud sound. Its long legs stretched out. It ignored the Russian and Japanese players climbing the canyon and jumped down.


The Russian and Japanese players were upset. When did it suddenly jump down when they had gone through so much effort? It was also where the Korean team was hiding!

"C-Chase it!”

Even if the Korean players were small fries, their levels were over 250 if they were participating in the National Competition. The three of them would be enough to catch the cockatrice. The Russian and Japanese rankers were nervous. But the canyon walls were too steep. They couldn’t catch up with the speed of the cockatrice. The cockatrice arrived in the cave where the South Korean players were hiding.

“Hey! This damn chicken head! Stand there!”

Why was it doing this? Why did it show such great interest in the cave? Alexander questioned it as he yelled at the cockatrice.


The moment the cockatrice entered the cave.

“Chicken isn’t bad.”


Eat Spicy Jokbal’s sword cut at the cockatrice. It was the moment when dozens of cameras moved from the Russian participants to focus on Eat Spicy Jokbal.