Chapter 779

Kill Immortal!

The press conference held by Grid because of a personal grudge contained serious moral issues. Not only did Grid declare that he would destroy a force who caused him damage, he also asked for people’s cooperation. It was obviously revenge. Grid was like an absolute tyrant as he wielded the power of his position. This gave a physiological rejection to the public.

It was a press conference that should gain criticism, rather than public approval. But Grid’s press conference received huge support from the masses. It was thanks to the screenplay written with money.

"I understand that the Overgeared Kingdom has suffered tremendous damage. But in the end, isn’t it just a quarrel between two forces? What relationship does it have with the world? Why should other people join in the Overgeared Kingdom’s revenge?”

"It’s for the future of the National Competition. If I don’t condemn Immortal, who invaded another power during the National Competition, there’s likely to be a second and third Immortal in the future. From next year, the forces that will be damaged during the National Competition will get out of control.”

“Um... then the participation rate of rankers in the National Competition will fall?”

The National Competition had become a world festival. There was a joke that people waited one year for the National Competition. The public didn’t want a National Competition that only involved second and third advancement users.

“That’s correct. If you enjoy watching the National Competition, then you shouldn’t let Immortal set this precedent. I believe that we should thoroughly punish Immortal so that a force that will abuse our National Competition won’t appear again.”

"Are you saying that the Overgeared Kingdom is punishing Immortal for the sake of the public, rather than a private grudge?”

"Yes, that's right."

There might be more than 200 reporters gathered at the press conference, but Grid only received the questions of 20 people. They were reporters bribed by Lauel. The 20 reporters asked questions favorable to Grid. They ignored the violence of revenge, which was a matter to be taken seriously. Thanks to the questions asked by the reporters, the Overgeared Kingdom’s desire for revenge was covered by a good packaging.

“Excuse me, wait a minute. In the cause of Immortal, they invaded the Overgeared Kingdom to stop the expansion of power. Isn’t this an acceptable strategy? Don’t you think it is too much to want to completely destroy Immortal?”

"In the process of suppressing Immortal, you caused great damage to ordinary necromancer players. How is that...”

“Raise your hand if you want to ask a question. Reporter on this side, please ask.”

Buzz buzz.

Grid ignored the reporters who asked common sense questions. No matter how much they raised their hands, Grid only received questions from reporters bought in advance.

‘How blatant!’

As the press conference proceeded in Grid’s good direction, the suspicions of the reporters grew and were soon confirmed. They realized that Grid’s press conference was a show and they were just bridesmaids. Some of the reporters were furious and tried to make a disturbance. Grid sprinkled bait like he had been waiting. It was bait to fool the angry reporters and the public at once.

"I will make items for those who contribute to protecting the future of the National Competition by joining the Immortal Hunting.”

"Is it the mass produced Grid set commonly found in the Overgeared Kingdom?”

“No. It’s more special. I will guarantee that the items will have at least an epic rating. As a token of my appreciation, I will pay for the materials.”


A chance to get a free item made by Grid! The reporters couldn’t miss this scoop. They dropped their doubts for a moment and started to focus on the reward articles. The public’s attention was focused on the compensation.

"This press conference is finished. I thank you for your participation.”

By the end of the one hour press conference, Grid was presented as the ‘apostle of justice’ that condemned Immortal in order to protect the rights of the public and a popular event. Corrupt media and sweet capital combined to give a sweet Cola.

“Is it okay?” After the press conference. Toon looked at Grid in the back seat and asked anxiously.

Grid seemed uncomfortable. He seemed to feel remorse for buying the media and deceiving the public.

Grid smiled bitterly. “I’m fine. Don’t you know? I’m originally a bad guy.”

Even if he was a good guy, he would become corrupted for Khan’s revenge. Grid’s fists shook.


"I watched the press conference. You did very well.”

Blur the issue and focus on justice. This was the advice Lauel gave him and Grid carried it out earnestly. The reporters bought by Lauel helped a lot.

"Why are you praising me? I just read from the script written by Huroi in the movie you staged.”

"Doesn’t the completion of the movie depend on the actor’s performance?”


Grid closed his mouth. He felt uneasy that his face was getting thicker. He was worried that he would become a rotten person like the politicians he saw in the news and movies. Lauel smiled at the anxious Grid.

"Politicians are very clever. Don’t worry. It’s unlikely that you will be like them.”

"...That’s good.”

Grid was reassured by the answer and smiled at Lauel. Grid belatedly noticed that Lauel was trying to make a bright smile.

'My face is too stiff.’

He tried to relax. Friends were truly good. Just like Khan.

"Don’t worry too much. I’m not feeling bad.”

Grid sat on a chair and pulled out the main point.

"Immortal is hiding in the empire like you predicted?”

“Yes. They probably won’t come out for the time being.”

The empire’s infrastructure was the best on the continent. From the hunting grounds and quests to the facilities, everything was perfect. There were some inconveniences from the large population. However, there was nothing wrong with staying in the empire for a lifetime.

"Moreover, Immortal belongs to the empire. They will be treated generously in the empire.”

"They will enjoy themselves?”

“Yes. But they will suffer from a constant threat. It’s because the players in the empire will be watching Immortal. The moment they step somewhere by mistake, they will receive the surprise attack of an assassin!” 

This threat would continue. It was terrible from Immortal’s viewpoint. However, Grid wasn’t comforted. Grid wanted Immortal’s utter ruin. In particular, Grid couldn’t tolerate Veradin, who dealt direct suffering onto Khan, as well as Agnus behind him.

“I have to visit the empire.”

“You plan to infiltrate and assassinate by yourself?”

“Is it possible?”

“It’s impossible. After Your  Majesty abducted Sir Asmophel, the empire’s defense facilities were upgraded. The search magic will find you even if you wear the invisibility cloak.”

Of course, the remote regions of the empire could be crossed freely. However, Immortal was likely to be based in the imperial palace. It would be impossible for Faker’s grandfather to safely infiltrate the imperial palace. Then what about Grid? There was no way.

“...Don’t tell me?”

Lauel was amazed as he was showing a negative reaction. It was because he saw the ends of Grid’s mouth curving up.

"You intend to openly go?”

Grid maintained his composure after Khan’s death. He showed a wonderful and cool appearance at the press conference. That’s why Lauel was caught off guard. He forgot that the current Grid wasn’t sane.

“Don’t worry. I’m still holding on tightly to my spirit.”

Grid reassured the worried Lauel and gave an order.

"Send a letter to the empire. The Overgeared King Grid will officially pay them a visit.”

The master of the West Continent was the Saharan Empire. Grid was supposed to visit the emperor and give greetings as soon as he built a kingdom. But he refused and was oppressed by the empire.

"During the truce...I will use this opportunity to meet the emperor.”

The fact that the empire proposed a truce agreement with the Overgeared Kingdom proved that the Overgeared Kingdom couldn’t be ignored. Grid believed that he wouldn’t be insulted if he visited the empire at this time. He judged it was an appropriate time to find out what type of person the emperor was. Lauel read Grid’s thoughts and was thrilled.

"I wanted to tell you to visit the empire once after the truce. But I couldn’t say it because I thought you would be unhappy.”

If Grid visited the empire and gave a good impression, the duration of the armistice might increase.

“But...” Lauel suddenly had a doubt. "What are you going to say to the emperor? Will you ask him to hand over Immortal?”

“I’m not a fool. Should I bow down only to be rejected?”


It was fortunate that he wasn’t a ‘fool’ anymore. Lauel felt relief.

"I’ll be in the smithy working on the insane dragon iron. Gather all the workmen and sculptors of the Overgeared Kingdom together. Ah, there’s also the merchant ranker called Muto. Tell him I want to make a deal.”

Grid gave meaningful commands. Lauel grasped Grid’s intentions and immediately nodded.

"I understand.”

Lauel’s heart thumped in his chest. He noticed that Grid’s intelligence was in the process of development as he learned to use everything in the environment as well as the individual’s armed forces.

‘It’s like looking at a chimpanzee.’

Primates such as chimpanzees were relatively uneasy. But innate intelligence alone couldn’t make them smart. They had to learn how to use the tools and environment to become smarter. Just like the Grid of the past. This could sum up the present Grid.

"The stage of maturity...” (TL: Maturity can also be hard-boiled egg)

“What? Why are you suddenly talking about an egg?”


Lauel, who was muttering with a happy face, looked like he was waking up.


"From now on, make ornaments out of the insane dragon iron. The more you have, the better. However, don’t think about making it roughly. I can’t give it as a gift if the artistry isn’t high.”

“Yes. But I think it will be too difficult to craft.”

"I will help. White, make a large number of needles with the insane dragon iron.”


“Yes. No matter how solid the wall, won’t it break if needles are inserted in? Teach it to the blacksmith called Panmir.”

"Yes, I understand."

The smithy complex in the center of Reinhardt regained its vitality for the first time since Khan’s death. A large number of workers gathered and Grid watched them while burning with motivation.

‘Just wait. I will go and kill you many times. '

It was fortunate that Immortal was hiding in the empire. This opportunity allowed him to deal a severe blow to a future enemy. Grid’s way of thinking was colder than ever.