Chapter 762

Only one minute. Peak Sword defeated an existence that people perceived as the best in a very short time. Peak Sword might’ve died as well, but people didn’t care about this part.

"No way! A bug!”

Those who worshipped the Hero denied reality.

"Isn’t this enough to beat Kraugel this year?”

"The real top is neither Kraugel or Grid, it’s Peak Sword.”

Some busybodies enjoyed the situation. A whirlwind of confusion swept across the globe. But Peak Sword didn’t know this.


Peak Sword had died in exchange for using Iyarugt’s intoxicated state. His entire body was soaked with sweat when he logged out. It would’ve been a failure if he missed a single attack. In the midst of this heavy burden, fighting the Hero was intimidating for Peak Sword. The mental power consumed was too great.

'God Grid who can fight this monster for dozens of minutes...’

Grid’s presence became even bigger as Peak Sword lay in the capsule and shivered.

Grid, who had fought the Hero one year and three months ago, couldn’t help looking great to Peak Sword.

In addition, this year’s Grid made the item ‘Iyarugt’s Sheath,’ which could devastate last year’s Kraugel in two blows.

'Truly God Grid... he’s a god.’

“...Player Peak Sword? Player Peak Sword!”


Peak Sword woke up from his thoughts. He looked up from the capsule and saw the host approaching. The excited host pushed the microphone towards him.

“You did a great job! People are wondering how you beat the sky above the sky in just one minute and one second. Have you been hiding your skills until now?”

At the time of last year’s National Competition, Peak Sword had been branded ‘useless Peak Sword.’ Despite being in the top 15 of the unified rankings, he didn’t win a single medal. Then this year, Peak Sword’s unified ranking fell to the 20th place. People hadn’t expected him to play an active role in this year’s competition. Yet he showed a reversal.

The host’s eyes shone like lanterns while the crowd was breathless. Peak Sword realized that the world was focused on himself and wiped the sweat rolling down his cheek. Then he spoke with his best expression.

“Do you know Overgeared?”


“Do you know God Grid?”


It was unfortunate. It was impossible to get a normal interview with Peak Sword, who was fascinated by the power of Iyarugt’s Sheath and Grid’s items. He missed the chance to be reborn as a top star in the world.

[The secret to Peak Sword’s gold medal is Grid’s items?]

[Grid who makes the useless Peak Sword useful.]

[(Column) If Grid took part in Breaking the Hero, could he knock down the Hero faster than Peak Sword?]

And so on. Headlines around the world were concentrating on Grid rather than Peak Sword.


“God Gridddd!”

After the breaking the hero and piercing the waterfall events ended. Peak Sword wore the two gold medals that held the wishes of 50 million people and ran straight into the waiting room. He grasped both of Grid’s hands and cried out.

“Amazing! I won a gold medal thanks to your item! You are really the best! A god!”


Spit spit! Spit spit spit!

Peak Sword was so excited that he kept spitting while he talked. Grid’s face became terribly soaked.

"No, how did you make this monster-like sheath?”


[Iyarugt’s Sheath]

Durability: 200/200

* Iyarugt’s demonic power is supplied to Iyarugt’s Sheath. 1% demonic energy will be charged every 10 seconds.

* Drawing Iyarugt consumes Iyarugt’s demonic energy. 1% demonic energy will be lost per second.

* Once 20% magic power is charged, Iyarugt will enter the satisfied state. At this point, Iyarugt will easily submit to the owner and gains 20% attack power. This state is maintained for 30 seconds after the sword is drawn. The cooldown time of Draw Sword is reset.

* Once magic power is charged to 70%, Iyarugt will enter the ‘excited’ state. At this point, Iyarugt won’t listen to the owner’s commands and will go at his own pace. This state is maintained for 70 seconds after Draw Sword. The cooldown time of Draw Sword is reset.

* Once magic power is charged to 100%, Iyarugt will enter the ‘intoxicated’ state. At this time, Iyarugt will recognize the owner as his prey. The damage of Iyarugt’s drawn sword will increase by 500%. The user will lose 50% of its health in 4 seconds and will die within 30 seconds. In order to avoid death, the sword must be retrieved within 10 seconds and Draw Sword can’t be used for two minutes while demonic energy is declining. The moment Draw Sword is used again, death is instantaneous.

Conditions of Use: None. However, the weapon is limited to Iyarugt.

Grid had succeeded in securing bloodstone in the 2nd National Competition. But he couldn’t easily find a use for it. Iyarugt was already a sword and the quantity was lacking to make an armor. Then they raided Belial and secured a large number of materials. Bloodstone fell to the side. Grid had neglected the bloodstone only to make a hypothesis before the National Competition.

Maybe the reason why Iyarugt’s soul was sealed in a bloodstone sword was because Iyarugt’s soul was compatible with bloodstone? Wouldn’t Iyarugt become stronger if a sheath was made with bloodstone? Grid was obsessed with reinforcing his items before facing Kraugel and immediately made a sheath. The result was Iyarugt’s Sheath. It was a beautiful sheath that fit the standards of Iyarugt.

“As you can see, a powerful sheath was born. It’s strong, but the penalties are huge.”

Iyarugt’s satisfied state had no merit for Grid, who had the Enlightenment Sword. Even with a 20% increase in attack power, Iyarugt was weak compared to the Enlightenment Sword. The same was true for the excited Iyarugt, who was uncontrollable.

Then what about Iyarugt’s intoxicated state? As it happened, Iyarugt’s intoxicated state also wasn’t attractive to Grid. There was a 500% increase in pure attack power but it could only be used safely for three seconds. The damage wasn’t high compared to the various options of the Enlightenment Sword.

‘Of course, the pure attack power is higher than the Enlightenment Sword. But the Enlightenment Sword is more stable.’

He didn’t see the value in swapping out the Enlightenment Sword just for higher damage. Of course, this was only the case when Grid used it ‘directly.’

Grid was convinced and reached out to Peak Sword.

"Now, shouldn’t you return the items you borrowed?”

The story was different when the God Hands used it. The God Hands didn’t have the concept of health and could use the intoxicated Iyarugt with less penalties.

“Y-Yes. Of course.”

Peak Sword lay directly in the capsule.

The synergy of Peak Sword and Iyarugt, which boasted a high attack power, was certainly fantastic. But he wasn’t entitled to use Iyarugt since he didn’t have demonic power. It was only possible to use it when Iyarugt was in the intoxicated state, which meant the damage was bigger than the gains.

The sword was inappropriate for Peak Sword other than a one-off event like the National Competition. Peak Sword wasn’t greedy for Iyarugt at all. Just.

"E...Excuse me, God Grid. Once I ask for minerals from this gold medal, can you make a blade and sheath set for me?”

Peak Sword requested carefully. Grid nodded immediately.

"Of course.”

A byproduct of a sacred creature. Considering that the power of fire was embedded in the Red Phoenix’s Breath, there was a strong possibility that the Blue Dragon Breath contained the power of lightning. Lightning attribute items were likely to have speed increasing options.

"Ask for the Blue Dragon’s Breath.”

How strong would Peak Sword become? Grid trembled. He felt proud that his skills could help someone grow. And time passed...

『 Now there’s only the last event remaining! 』

The National Competition’s third day. Eight out of nine events ended, leaving only the closing event. PvP. The big match that the world had been looking forward to for over a year, the moment where Grid and Kraugel would reunite.

“Kuk! Kukukuk! Finally, the moment had come!”

Seuron of Argentina.

"Grid and Kraugel, I can take out these trash with my power!”

Zhang Zheng of China.

“Grid! I will get my promised revenge this year! I will neutralize your items with the power of Erosion!”

Tarma of the former Blood Carnival.



The sky above the sky.

A total of 32 people were converging on the stage. Of course, Grid was part of them.

South Korea: Gold (6), Silver (1), Bronze (2)

United States: Gold (5), Silver (8), Bronze (4)

“Grid, have strength!”

"Please win this year!”

“Kraugel! Be sure to win this time!”

"The first place in the overall rankings must be the US!”

“Grid! Grid! Grid!!”

“Kraugel! Kraugel! Kraugel!”

The crowd’s shouts resonated across Tokyo. Tokyo Dome was heating up. The sky above the sky and the person who nearly reached it. Which one was going to fall this year?

In the midst of the people’s cheers and expectations.

"During saint sword drawing.”

Grid and Kraugel faced each other on the stage. Grid started talking.

"I was relieved when you got the gold medal and Yura got the silver medal.”


"It was fortunate. You didn’t lose. My heart wouldn’t be beating this fast if you’d been defeated by someone other than me.”

The person who broke the sky must be Grid. It was the last proof remaining before he could reach the top.

“This year, I will surely win.”

Kraugel briefly replied to the motivated Grid.

“I’m looking forward to it.”

For Kraugel, Grid was a special existence. The only person who victory wasn’t guaranteed against. In today’s showdown, Kraugel might be more eager than Grid.