Chapter 958

[Magic Machine: Raiders]

[Rating: Artifact

Durability: 12,540/15,888

Attack Power: 13,888  Defense: 9,888

* The skills of the passenger who is of a class other than a ‘rider’ class don’t work with Raiders.

★ Knowledge that transcends the concept of eras has changed the imprint. The passenger’s intelligence level is linked to Raiders.

* Raiders consumes 988 mana per second. A rider class passenger will have 588 mana consumed per second. Raiders will stop and be forcibly recalled the moment the passenger’s mana is exhausted.

★ Knowledge that transcends the concept of eras has changed the imprint. The passenger will have 2,964 mana consumed per second, and Raiders’ output will be three times higher than before.

* The passenger’s consciousness and mana are focused on maneuvering Raiders. As a result, the passenger can’t use their own abilities such as magic or skills.

★ Knowledge that transcends the concept of eras has changed the imprint. The restriction on the use of unique abilities such as magic and skills has been lifted. However, there is a high risk of the connection with Raiders being interrupted when using a resource-intensive ability.

* The occupant can’t be harmed until Raiders’ durability reaches zero. Raiders will stop and be forcibly recalled the moment the passenger’s mana is exhausted.

* Weapon number one ‘Spear Calling Out for Destruction’ has a hard to quantify weight. After attacking, there is a 95% chance to cause a fracture or stiffen the target. Additionally, there is a 100% chance of greatly reducing the item durability of the target.

* Weapon number two is only available to riders who have acquired the highest grade riding skill.

* The information on weapon number three is only available to passengers who can fully synchronize with Raiders.

* Raiders is resistant to abnormal status conditions (apart from physical conditions).

* There is a 40% reduction in damage from magic and siege weapons.

* 150% additional damage to buildings such as walls.

* 80% additional damage to all races apart from gods and dragons.

The Saharan Empire has excavated four magic machines. There is very little information about the ancient artifacts that are hard to find in history and mythology.

Boarding Conditions: Level 300 or over.

Weight: Measurement isn’t possible.]

It wasn’t an item worn by players but was an item with the concept of boarding. Anyone could board it, but a riding skill was essential to unleash even greater power. In particular, a passenger’s abilities wouldn’t work with the magic machine unless they were a rider. It meant that the stats of the passengers didn’t apply at all to Raiders.

Could Raiders be called a good item from the position of a non-rider? Yes, Raiders was a good item. Its basic damage and defense alone were sufficient to demonstrate a destructive performance.

After level 300, one point in the strength stat increased attack power by 0.7. The attack power of the +4 Enlightenment Sword was 4,611. After level 300, one point in the stamina stat increased defense by 0.9. The +3 Valhalla had 1,622 defense. Even if he combined all of this with his helmet, gloves, shoes, and cloak, Raiders’ attack and defense were twice as high as Grid’s.

The attacks also caused fractures, stiffness, and item destruction. It was no wonder why Chris couldn’t win.

‘The empire has four of these things?’

Through the item information, Grid got a peep at the power of the Saharan Empire. He licked his lips as he remembered that the strongest NPC mentioned by Lim Cheolho, ‘Grandmaster Zikfrector’, also belonged to the empire. His tension increased at the thought of fighting against the mighty empire. To be honest, he was afraid.


Grid pulled the bowstring of the newly copied myth rated Red Phoenix Bow to the limit and calmed his heart.

‘I have to fight.’

It wasn’t a matter of choice. The Saharan Empire dreamed of unifying the West Continent and would definitely invade the Overgeared Kingdom. Even if this wasn’t the case, Grid had a duty to resolve the grudges of Piaro and Asmophel. It was an inevitable fate.

“Fly Up!”

Grid aimed for the magicians first. The ice blossoms that slowed Raiders, the big hands made of sand that held onto Raiders’ arms, and the constant explosions against the boosters were very threatening.

“I’ll stop it!” The South Korean representative Coke responded first. He used a dash skill and ran in front of the magicians who were the targets of the red phoenix.

‘Please, just survive one blow.’

This was Coke’s attitude. 

“I will be a barrier to defend my allies!”

He used the skill that Vantner, the 1st ranked guardian knight and one of the 10 meritorious retainers, had declared to be the ‘strongest shield technique in the world.’ The Wall of Protection, which Vantner had built up through his own difficulties, was manifested as a tall barrier around Coke’s shield. Could it handle the red phoenix that looked stronger than Jishuka’s red phoenix? The crowd and viewers questioned it.

Tsk.” The Demon King frowned and clicked his tongue. He had predicted that his red phoenix would be blocked. Wall of Protection exerted a particularly strong power against projectiles. Additionally, Grid knew the power of Coke who was the Overgeared Kingdom’s secret weapon.

The red phoenix hit the barrier, and there was a deafening noise. The remnants of the red phoenix covered the battlefield with a rain of fire. The players’ cheers came from all over the place.

“Wow, he is the real thing.”

“I thought the best new player this year would be Haster.”

Coke’s performance exceeded expectations every time, and it was great enough to impress the rankers of each country. He just had a long way to go in comparison to Grid. Grid stood on the magic machine’s head and ignored the bombardment of magic. Demon King Grid had already summoned a second red phoenix. This was the power of God’s Command, which reset the cooldown of the skill.

“This...!” Coke’s face paled as he tried to raise the shield again, but it was hard. His arms were badly damaged from his first collision with Fly Up! The rankers ran to his side belatedly, but it was pointless. The red phoenix didn’t only aim for Coke. As it flew toward Coke, the red phoenix changed its direction and flew over Coke’s head instead.

The red phoenix seemed like it was alive. It seemed to prove the fact that the Demon King’s skill level was much higher than Jishuka’s skill level. The red phoenix flew over the heads of the tankers and killed more than ten magicians. This was the power of being overgeared. Grid used the Elf Thimble which changed non-targeted attacks to a targeted attack.

“How can that son of a bitch shoot so well?”

Had it been 10 minutes since the battle began...? The Demon King was like an onion, continuing to show new abilities in this short amount of time.

‘What is the point of there being no Grid?’

The players had been happy because they didn’t have to face Grid in this year’s National Competition. They had believed they could be more active because there was no Grid. Yet although there was no tiger, the fox reigned. Their anger erupted as they were brutally trampled on by the Demon King who appeared in Grid’s absence. The moment that the players thought this, the black giant jumped high to escape the bondage of magicians.

The giant’s flashing eyes were obviously staring at Jishuka. Grid held it back. “Start with the magicians.”

Jishuka was clearly one of the most threatening enemies. She was one of the few damage dealers who could cause significant damage to Grid. In fact, Grid was being damaged by Jishuka’s arrows, and his health was falling. Even so, Grid wasn’t fazed by the loss of his health. He had many blood-sucking related skills and items, as well as recovery-related titles and items. Health was something that could be restored at any time. The moment he gained 1.9 million health, he became more relaxed about his health.

“Our first priority is dealing with the magicians.”

The problem was the magicians. Grid had just killed 10 of them, but there were still around 70 people remaining. Their spells to restrain Raiders were a threat. Raiders turned away from Jishuka and rushed forth. Once the giant with a leg length of three meters moved at triple the output, it crossed a distance of several hundred meters in an instant. The giant crossed the burning battlefield, and the magicians scattered in a frightened manner. Despite this, there were no casualties.

『 The attack rate of the Demon King’s magic machine is very low. 』

『 I agree. Since it was summoned, not a single attack hit until now. 』 

『 It is fast compared to Zibal’s magic machine, but it doesn’t seem to be very effective. The players must’ve welcomed it. 』

The commentators and audience members were relieved. In contrast to Zibal’s magic machine, the effectiveness of the Demon King’s magic machine was too low. It was just a quick mount. 

“Is it half-complete?” The players quickly understood the atmosphere.

They realized that the Demon King’s magic machine didn’t act as intended and was actually a useless lump of scrap metal. This enlightenment made the players active. The players used the magic machine as a foothold and climbed up to attack the Demon King.

Grid was forced to put away the Red Phoenix Bow and pull out the Enlightenment Sword to respond. Black flames exploded in the form of black magic, and it helped him overcome the crisis. As expected, items were the only thing he could believe in. Inside the mind of the grumbling Grid, Braham’s trembling voice was heard, -These insignificant things dare...!

Braham felt ashamed of being treated as a folding screen. The shame became anger, and that anger was expressed as magic.



Many large fireballs were created over the head of the magic machine, and the doubtful players once again turned their eyes toward Zibal.

‘Didn’t you say the magic machine can only swing the spear?’

‘You said that the magic machine can’t use spells?’

All types of questions were burning in their eyes, but Zibal couldn’t answer them. He was more surprised than anyone else. Wasn’t this exactly like the legendary spell, Meteor? The magicians were unable to protect themselves from the baptism of fire. Several layers of shields melted down, and dozens of magicians turned to ashes.

『 Hup...! 』

The spell was aimed perfectly, completely different from when it was swinging the spear. The destructive power was also above that of the red phoenix. The legendary magic was revealed to the world, and the commentators came up with a new hypothesis.

『 Is the magic machine actually the main body of the Demon King? 』

The magic damage that the magic machine showed was too great.

-Wind Cutter!

The magic machine summoned a tornado this time. Unlike an ordinary tornado, dozens of sharp blade-like tornadoes were created simultaneously, quickly sweeping over the battlefield. The commentators didn’t know much about magic, so a specialist called Dr. Magic jumped forward.

『 T-That is the legendary magic, Chaos Tornado...! 』

『 Chaos Tornado...? What type of magic is that? 』

『 It is a large-scale tornado magic that uses the spell Wind Cutter as a basis. It is the most powerful spell known to turn an area into a wasteland in no time! Hundreds of years ago, the legendary great magician Braham used it to destroy the Etel tribe...! 』

Dr. Magic’s extremely excited words made the crowd and viewers nervous. Chaos Tornado... The legendary magic would turn the battlefield into a hell. The initial number of 80 magicians had already been reduced by more than half, and the tankers’ shields had turned to crude garbage. However, Braham’s anger still didn’t calm down.

-Chain Lightning!

Braham kept using low-grade spells in order to make this battlefield disappear. This spell was one grade above the basic spells. It caused the magic machine to overload, but Braham didn’t care. Waves of lightning enveloped the battlefield. It was four times wider than the range of Grid’s field magic, Storm Demonic Energy Field. Such a scene unfolded.

“A-Avoid it!”

It was really dangerous. With the exception of one player, all the players instinctively started to scatter in all directions. That player was the emperor of the FPS game world. He was one of the Five Miracles praised by Lim Cheolho, the disciple of Red Sage Winfred and the master of Heroic Story.

Haster approached the magic machine instead of running away. The waves of lightning hit like a tsunami. A translucent orange shield was created, and it defeated the waves of lightning. This was the effect of the skill ‘Heroic Story’, which nullified all types of skill and magic damage during the time limit. It was the power of one of the seven malignant saints, just like Grid’s God’s Command.

Even the legendary great magic (?) was defeated by the orange shield around Haster. He pierced through the continuous spells and arrived at the magic machine that was emitting black smoke from being overloaded. This National Competition would be his brilliant debut. He would use the National Competition as a foothold to regain his former glory. The Demon King event was a great opportunity for what Haster planned. If he managed to deal a big blow to the Demon King, his presence would be deeply ingrained in the world.

As he poured out what he had learned from Winfred, Haster didn’t doubt this. He believed in the power of Heroic Story. Haster was counting on dealing a one-sided blow to the Demon King during these 10 seconds and then escaping unharmed. However, Heroic Story was a power that prevented ‘magic and skills.’ It didn’t block basic attacks. This meant Haster was defenseless against the Demon King’s basic attacks.

[You have suffered catastrophic damage!]

[You have died.]

The debut of an old legend while the whole world watched... It ended in only five seconds. 

Simultaneously, in the United States, Hurent burst out laughing as he watched the National Competition.

“You are on the same train as me, and you aren’t a match for him.”

‘Pine caterpillars should live eating pine needles,’ Hurent thought this once again.

Just like the other members of the Five Miracles, Hurent didn’t know that he was called one of the Five Miracles. His self-awareness was terrible. It was a defect created by Grid.