Chapter 986

By the time Bullet arrived at the scene, many people were already present. The Overgeared Shadows and Sticks analyzed the traces of the battle while dozens of soldiers controlled the onlookers. Lauel covered half his face and was in deep thought. ‘This...’

Bullet was able to enter the scene without the soldiers stopping him. His complexion darkened as he looked around the collapsed inn. It was because he saw the traces of Dyulebul’s light ray. Unlike his desperate wish, Agnus was apparently involved in the battle here.

‘However, Agnus didn’t fight because he wanted it,’ Bullet believed this.

Thus, he approached Lauel and insisted, “It is clear that someone attacked Agnus first. He wouldn’t intentionally make a disturbance in the Overgeared Kingdom.” 

Bullet hoped that Lauel would release Agnus from jail. Lauel made an interested expression. “What is the basis of your claim? Agnus is an unpredictable madman. Furthermore, as the head of the former Immortal Guild, he must be holding a grudge against the Overgeared Kingdom. It wouldn’t be unusual for him to intentionally cause damage to the Overgeared Kingdom.”

“Agnus isn’t a fool. In addition, he doesn’t feel any regrets about Immortal. In the first place, the one who set up Immortal and chased Agnus was Veradin. Agnus himself doesn’t have much interest in Immortal.”

“You should know the truth first before defending him.”


“Aren’t you a member of Overgeared? Why are you acting as Agnus’ advocate?”

“I-I’m sorry!” Bullet realized his mistake and hurriedly bowed his head.

‘I should’ve figured out the truth first.’

It was simple. All he had to do was ask Lauel a single question, but he was worried about Agnus and skipped the most basic procedure. He was just distracted by Agnus’ safety.

‘I’m disappointed.’

Bullet was in a greatly favored position due to Grid. Despite being from Immortal, he had received forgiveness and obtained the Jiangshi Production method. How reprehensible would his behavior be from the standpoint of Grid and his colleagues, who considered Agnus their enemy? Bullet couldn’t lift his head.

Then Lauel’s hard voice was heard, “Please be careful next time.”

“Yes. I will be careful.”

In fact, Lauel wasn’t disappointed or angry with Bullet. He knew from the beginning that Bullet was soft-hearted. Grid liked this tendency of Bullet’s and accepted him as a colleague. It was hard for Bullet to turn away from his old colleagues. Nevertheless, Grid didn’t say this to Bullet because he wanted Bullet to know how to keep a level head.

Lauel spoke to Bullet who was still looking at the ground, “First of all, we have failed to secure Agnus.”

“He got away?”

It couldn’t be. This was the heart of the Overgeared Kingdom. The place was completely guarded, and there were monsters lurking everywhere. It was impossible for Grid to escape with force, let alone Agnus. Lauel shook his head at the incredulous Bullet. “He didn’t run away. He was dragged away.”

“Dragged? No way!” Bullet was reminded that Agnus was wanted by seven kingdoms. “T-This can’t be...”

Bullet was able to grasp the truth of the situation. Agnus had lost a place to go and hid himself in the Overgeared Kingdom, an enemy kingdom. Then the pursuers of the seven kingdoms followed him and attacked him.


Bullet shouldn’t act like this in front of the Overgeared members, but he was worried about his old idol. When he realized his mistake, he hurriedly shut his mouth. Lauel saw this and smiled bitterly. ‘Agnus has his own charm.’ 

Looking at the early days of the Overgeared Kingdom, Grid had been publicly known as trash. At the time, Grid was filled with poison and was fierce toward many people. Nevertheless, he received deep trust and affection from his colleagues. Agnus could have a similar aspect. He was a person who couldn’t be understood without actually experiencing it. 

“Lauel... Do you know where Agnus was taken?”


Eh? J-Just...”

“You should give up if you plan to rescue him. He will be guarded by the armies of the seven kingdoms, including some of the best talents.”

As a necromancer and jiangshi maker, Bullet could exert great power in large-scale combat. However, the opponent was the seven kingdoms. It was no different from an ant facing an elephant. Bullet also knew this fact. He never dreamed that he could rescue Agnus. However—

“...I want to help Agnus.”

Bullet wanted to show Agnus that there were people fighting for him. He might’ve suffered and been betrayed in the past, but it would be different in the future.

“To him... I want to let him know that he isn’t alone.”

Agnus’ lonely appearance caused great pain to others who were just watching him. Bullet couldn’t imagine how much pain Agnus must be suffering. Bullet wanted to heal Agnus, even if it meant sacrificing himself. However, Lauel’s reaction was cold. “It isn’t possible. Did you forget that you belong to the Overgeared Kingdom? If you step forward, the relationship between the seven kingdoms and the Overgeared Kingdom will become irreparable.”

“I’ll leave the guild for a while. I won’t use the jiangshi. I will never expose a connection between myself and the Overgeared Kingdom, and I won’t harm Grid.”

Bullet liked both the Overgeared Guild and Agnus. He was sincerely grateful toward those who were willing to be his colleagues and friends. It meant there were no pretenses in his words. Bullet really intended to fight alone and risk everything by himself. Even so, Lauel’s reaction was cold to the end. “Do you think of the Overgeared Guild as a joke? Do you think you can leave and rejoin as you like?”


Lauel persuaded Bullet, “I fully understand your feelings. Nevertheless, you have to realize that you are now a member of Overgeared. Do you know why Grid gave you the strong Jiangshi Production recipe? He wants you to grow quickly and become a boon to the Overgeared Guild. Yet you are going to die on your own now? Isn’t that ignoring Grid’s favor?”


“From the moment you joined the Overgeared Guild and received the Jiangshi Production recipe, you gained the responsibility of being an Overgeared member. Don’t neglect your responsibilities for your personal feelings.”

Lauel also felt regretful. He pitied Agnus and thought it was a waste of Agnus’ power. This didn’t mean he was in a position to go forth for Agnus’ sake. It was impossible, so it was better to throw away these lingering feelings.

Bullet lamented, “It could be resolved if we can clear up Agnus’ false accusations...”

“Are you sure he is being framed? How can you be sure Agnus didn’t kill those people?”

“I’m certain. Agnus might kill strong people, but I’ve never seen him abuse the weak. Look back at the incident with Elizabeth. Agnus needs an accessory maker. Would he make himself the public enemy of accessory makers by killing them?”

Lauel had also thought about this part, but he was missing something important. “Do you know who the real culprit is? At the very least, there should be a suspect you can point at.”

“Maybe it is the Yatan Church.”

“The Yatan Church?” Something flashed in Lauel’s head. It was because he saw a new possibility. 

“Didn’t he help Queen Irene and Prince Lord in attacking the Vatican? Agnus had a symbiotic relationship with the Yatan Church yet he helped these two people. It is no different from an act of betrayal.”


“I don’t know if you have any idea about this, but the Yatan Church has been struggling for the past 10 years because of a certain enigmatic figure and they are sensitive due to Yura’s betrayal from a few years ago. I think they made a plan to punish the new traitor, Agnus, and set an example.”

Hrmm...” A hopeful scheme came to Lauel’s mind.

It would make Agnus indebted to them while getting rid of a problem he had been concerned about. Lauel asked Faker, “Do you know the whereabouts of Rose?”

“We are gradually approaching her. We’ve found a few traces and will be able to locate her soon.”

Rose was the number one black magician after Yura, and she had become one of Yatan’s Servants. She was one of the villains who summoned the 32nd Great Demon Belial. Additionally, she was one of the leaders of the raid on the Vatican last year. From the position of the Overgeared Kingdom, Rose was someone who had to be punished. Grid and the Overgeared Kingdom had no intention of forgiving her for trying to harm Irene and Lord. They pursued her steadily.

“Wait a moment...”


Lauel had Bullet and Faker wait beside him while he focused on whispering to someone. How much time passed by...?

Lauel swept back his silver hair and laughed. “Bullet, I’ll give you a smarter way.”

“What is it?” Bullet had been waiting for a while. He couldn’t help feeling nervous when Lauel didn’t answer him. Finally, a guild message popped up.

[The guild master ‘Grid’ has attached a kill order on the player ‘Rose.’]


What was this all of a sudden? Lauel finally explained to the embarrassed Bullet, “Threaten to trample on her.”

What would happen if one of Yatan’s Servants revealed that the true culprit was the Yatan Church? Agnus would be able to get rid of his false accusations.


‘I have to pay him back for helping Lord and Irene.’

On the first underground floor of the Galgunos Temple, Grid set the kill order on Rose and felt a blockage in his body become unblocked. He had felt disgusted at owing the bastard Agnus. Now he felt good at the chance of paying off his debt. It was a good situation because he wanted to punish Rose anyway.

‘By the way, this isn’t an easy decision.’

It was obvious, but in the future, the Overgeared Skeletons One and Two would use their own weapons and helmet. This would optimize their attributes and allow them to demonstrate their stats more efficiently.

‘They naturally need the best production methods...’

There was one big problem. The Overgeared Skeletons could only learn one production method. Teaching the Overgeared Skeletons the best production method was difficult due to all the materials necessary for the item production. 

‘This means the Overgeared Skeletons won’t be able to use blacksmithing that often, and they can’t fully utilize their skills.’

However, if he taught them a production method with materials that could be obtained easily, the performance of the weapon and helmet would be insignificant.

‘I have to coordinate it well.’

He needed a production method with materials that were relatively easy to obtain, but the performance of the items produced also needed to be excellent. 

...Hmm?” Grid stared at the hard bones of the Overgeared Skeletons. His gaze was so strange that the dancing Overgeared Skeletons were startled.