Chapter 984

Murray, Ultina, Violet, Ark, Haken, Rotemon, and Glaucian—this was a list of seven kingdoms that had lost an accessory maker craftsman to the mad killer. Since a production class craftsman was very precious, the loss to the seven kingdoms was very large.

The seven kingdoms had to punish the killer, and the people hoped for it too. Respected craftsmen had been killed. If the royal family didn’t take responsibility for it, the trust of the people would be lost and prestige would fall. 

“I finally caught you. Dirty and disgusting bastard.”

The hunters from the seven kingdoms flocked into the room. Some were members of the royal knights, some were reputable mercenaries, and some were unknown names. The 15 positions and personalities were all different, but they had one thing in common. They all had outstanding talents. In particular, the skills of the mercenaries Phildea and Johneman were amazing. They were named NPCs whose names shone brilliantly. It was difficult for Agnus to deal with both of them at the same time under normal circumstances, much less now that he was cursed and weakened.

“Look, Agnus. Stop the unnecessary resistance and come with me.”

Naturally, there were players among the hunters. One of them was Bubat. The role of the initiator was optimized, and he had given great pressure to Agnus during the chase throughout the past few months. If he hadn’t left for a while due to the National Competition, Agnus would’ve already been caught and taken to the guillotine. 

“There is a net of thousands of people around the inn. Even if you escape this place by luck, you will be caught soon. Don’t make a fuss and go easily.”

The hunters received great support from the seven kingdoms. There were hundreds of troops operating secretly, and it wasn’t a bluff to say there were 1,000 people around the inn. However, Agnus wasn’t the least bit frightened. “Why do you talk nonsense every day?”

An awful madness seeped into him. Agnus looked at the enemies surrounding him and recalled his helpless past. It was a time when he had suffered one-sidedly and experienced all types of pain just because he had no power... At the time, he had succumbed to violence but not now. No matter how many times he was frustrated or how much he lost, he couldn’t give in. He would rather fall behind. This was Agnus’ conviction.

“Wait.” Bubat hurried to Agnus who was pulling out his sword without hesitation. “How many times have you been through this already? If you die here after fighting, you won’t get your name off the wanted list. We will continue to track you until we place you in the guillotine. You will die every time and suffer damages.”

Agnus had to be punished by law in order to escape being a criminal. Before he was sentenced to death by the guillotine, the curses on him wouldn’t be resolved no matter how many times he died. It was better to go to the guillotine than to live as a wanted criminal until he was forced to quit the game. Of course, the penalty for being killed by the guillotine was greater than that of a normal death... It was neater to be punished by law rather than to be constantly chased and killed.

“This is the heart of the Overgeared Kingdom. We will be caught by Grid if we make a fuss here. Won’t you be tired as well?”

“I don’t really care. Kikik, do you think I’m afraid of Grid?”


Bubat didn’t answer. Agnus stopped for a moment. Grid—a person who had a similar past to Agnus—was a pushover who fought for others despite suffering in a world filled with only perpetrators and bystanders. Had he forgotten his misfortunes and suffering?

Agnus hated Grid. He felt disgusted with Grid’s actions and thoughts. Thus, he naturally hated those who mentioned his name. It was enough to kill this person!


The demon popped out at Agnus’ insane cry. It was a demon with a lizard head on a human body. The demon’s grotesque appearance stimulated primordial terror. Bubat was well aware of how powerful this ray of light was and cursed, “Dammit!”

A ray of light that dealt 20,000 fixed damage was fired from Dyulebul’s mouth. The problem was that an additional 8,000 explosive damage occurred at the point where the rays hit. The small building couldn’t handle the explosion. The wall of the inn was blown away from the explosion. The roof was torn down, and the sky was revealed. There were screams from people who were shocked by the sudden commotion.

“...Using any means!” Bubat gritted his teeth. The Overgeared soldiers would soon come to inquire about what happened, then Grid would find out. Bubat was terribly afraid of him. What happened to the Immortal group that caused a turmoil by invading the smithies of the Overgeared Kingdom? They were ruined. The Immortal group had once been considered as one of the strongest guilds, only to be shattered and scattered like ashes.

‘My personal quest can’t damage the Yak Guild!’ Bubat’s judgment was quick. He took advantage of the turmoil and withdrew. It was the same for the other hunters who were players. For them, Grid was a target to be challenged, not an opponent to be hostile to. 

On the other hand, the NPC hunters were different. They were fully aware of Grid’s power but didn’t fear or admire him. It was natural. They were NPCs, not players. Thus, they couldn’t feel Grid’s great existence. The current position of the Overgeared Kingdom was also risky.


Dyulebul attacked in five second intervals. The fire of his spinning tail was maintained at all times, but the damage was so small that it didn’t threaten the hunters. The hunters pulled out their weapons in unison and rushed at Agnus while ignoring Dyulebul. Agnus responded by summoning his death knights and liches.

The hunters’ pincer attacks subdued the death knight. Meanwhile, Lich Mumud failed to shoot his powerful spells. It was due to the location. This inn was in the middle of the marketplace. He hesitated because the civilians could be swept away by the spells. This was obviously an act of rebellion against Agnus’ orders. Still, it couldn’t be helped. Agnus was weakened from all types of curses and couldn’t exercise perfect control over Mumud. It was impossible for him to control the strong will of Mumud, a super named existence who he had only obtained because he was Baal’s Contractor.

After a few strikes, Agnus was driven to be on the defensive and quickly suppressed. The hunters restrained their limbs and pointed their swords against his neck while clicking their tongues. “The filthy murderer is going to suffer.”

After a few months, the chase was finally over. The hunters stared at Agnus with hate-filled eyes and tied him up with rope.

“What’s the fuss about in our kingdom?” A blonde girl asked as she burst into the scene. She saw the hunters’ bewildered expressions and introduced herself, “I am Earl Euphemina of the Overgeared Kingdom. I have to ask you to take responsibility for using force freely in a kingdom that’s not your own, placing the people at risk.”

The hunters immediately introduced themselves and bowed. Then they explained, “This is a heinous criminal who escaped after murdering people in our seven kingdoms. The situation was urgent because we were trying not to avoid missing him, so we weren’t able to obtain your consent in advance. We sincerely apologize and will repay any damage your land has suffered today.”

A heinous criminal who committed murder in seven kingdoms... 

Usually, the disturbance that occurred in the process of arresting him should be taken into account by the kingdom. However, Euphemina didn’t want to do this.

“Are you certain he is the murderer?”

“That’s right.”

“What is the evidence?”

“He was seen at every murder scene.”

“Is that sufficient? What if he was framed?”

“...Are you trying to defend this guy? I doubt the intentions of the Overgeared Kingdom. It has been rumored recently that the Overgeared Kingdom has accepted another species and the empire’s anger is great. Do you intend to become hostile to our seven kingdoms as well because of a murderer?”

“That is a big leap. I just want to confirm the reason why you caused a commotion in the middle of the Overgeared Kingdom. I am just asking a few questions in the process. It is suspicious that you are reacting so sensitively.”

“No, why are you being so strict about catching a criminal? Is there something between the two of you?”

Only Johneman crossed his arms silently. He was a mercenary who didn’t belong to a particular country and didn’t care about international affairs. Then it happened when the atmosphere was becoming bloody.

“Don’t speak nonsense,” the captured Agnus scoffed. He treated Euphemina like she was a stranger. “Is that kid so great? Just take me away. How long do you think I’ll be tied up? Eh? You stupid assholes, kukuk!

“Shut up!”

“If you want me to shut up, gag me and drag me away. Don’t waste my time unnecessarily.”

Agnus was refusing Euphemina’s help. He expressed it so clearly that Euphemina couldn’t go further. As he was dragged away like a dog, Agnus sent a whisper to her, -Don’t come out in the future. It’s annoying.

-But you...

-Shut up. This is none of your business. Don’t worry, I’ll keep my promise.

Agnus was unfamiliar with goodwill. So, he felt uncomfortable and displeased because it was unfamiliar. Euphemina caught the loneliness in Agnus’ eyes and scolded the hunters who dragged him away, “...The Overgeared Kingdom must be thoroughly compensated for the act of daring to use force here.”

That was all she could do.


[Your level has risen.]

He gained five levels. Grid had achieved this feat in just one month. The achievement was made possible due to the National Competition’s reward buff. However, it was still an unusually fast leveling speed considering the 1st ranked Chris took more than three months to gain one level. 

The outside world was heating up due to Grid’s level-up speed. Players from all over the world paid attention as Grid caused an upheaval in the rankings. There was a lot of speculation that it was the effect of the Different Species’ King which Grid had newly acquired.

Even so, the interest of the person involved was focused on something aside from his level. It was on the Overgeared Skeletons.

“It isn’t right?”

Clack! Clack clack!

The bone fragments had been dropped by Galgunos’ skeleton soldiers after they died. The name of the item was ‘Bone Fragment of a Skeleton Soldier’, but unfortunately, every piece was different. Some were rib bones, some were clavicle pieces, and some were the left arm bones. Of course, the bone fragments looked the same to Grid, but it was a problem because the bone fragments were different from each other.

The issue was that the Overgeared Skeletons needed bone fragments from the ‘same area’ to attach to their body. For example, if they wanted to strengthen their right arm, they needed a right arm bone fragment.

‘This damn thing... The drop rate for it is too low.’

Why did it need to be the same area? He wondered how many skeleton soldiers he would have to kill in the future to strengthen all the bones of the Overgeared Skeletons. Since there was a chance that the same parts could drop, he might not be able to get all bone fragment parts after killing tens of thousands of them.

‘The number of times that each area can be strengthened is only once. Thus, a duplicate bone is useless... Huh?

Grid quickly realized that his worries were useless.

[The Skeleton Soldier’s Bone Fragment has been acquired.]

Clack! Clack clack!

Most of the bone fragments that Galgunos’ skeleton soldiers dropped were needed immediately. That’s right. Unlike his worries, duplicate areas rarely appeared.

‘It is crazy...’

Grid glanced at the Overgeared Skeletons rejoicing at receiving a new bone fragment and once again realized how fraudulent the good luck stat was. His unlucky life from before he came across Satisfy had been unfair and meaningless. The Overgeared Skeletons were changing.

[The Overgeared Skeletons One and Two have succeeded in strengthening their bones in all areas!]

[The primary awakening has been completed.]

[The stats of the Overgeared Skeletons One and Two have increased significantly!]

The Overgeared Skeletons were now 1.2 times taller than before. With the exception of their skull, all their dried up bones had become fatter. Their physiques were much larger than before.

...Their skulls also grew, but the growth was smaller in proportion to the rest of their bones.

‘I have a good feeling!’

Grid stepped up the hunting. The Overgeared Skeletons were level 198, and he planned to raise them to level 200 to get the second advancement class. Of course, it wasn’t easy. The Overgeared Skeletons were too weak in comparison to Galgunos’ skeleton soldiers. Tiramet was summoned, but he only lasted a short time before dying. In the end, Grid hunted the enemies while protecting the Overgeared Skeletons.

Then a few days passed.

[Overgeared Skeleton One and Overgeared Skeleton Two’s levels have increased.]

[Overgeared Skeleton One and Overgeared Skeleton Two can change to their second advancement class.]

Grid achieved his goal, and the Overgeared Skeletons danced with joy. With his eyes fixed to one spot, Grid stood still unsteadily. He gulped and was filled with anticipation as he pulled up the list of potential classes for the Overgeared Skeletons.