Chapter 980

[The Overgeared Kingdom has completely absorbed the evil eyes species.]

[The Overgeared Kingdom is the first one to achieve harmony with a demonkin species.]

[The Overgeared Kingdom’s national inclination has been changed from ‘ordinary’ to ‘no discrimination and prejudice’.]

[The name of the Overgeared Kingdom has started to be mentioned among the different species hiding all over the continent.]

[Maxong, the king of the water clan, is spreading the great accomplishments of the Overgeared Kingdom.]

[Some species are showing great interest in the Overgeared Kingdom.]

[King Grid of the Overgeared Kingdom has earned 100,000 reputation and title of ‘Different Species’ King’.]

[Special quests have been generated for players belonging to the Overgeared Kingdom!]

[Process of Understanding Each Other]

[Difficulty: E

Peaceful relations between the people will help maintain security and develop national power. Share your greetings with the evil eyes species, who have become new residents of the Overgeared Kingdom, and raise your affinity.

Quest Clear Conditions: Exchange more than 10 words with the evil eyes species. There are no level requirements.

Quest Failure Conditions: If you make a question mark appear over the head of the evil eyes people during a conversation, the quest will start again from the beginning.

Quest Clear Reward: Affinity with the evil eyes will rise marginally. Acquisition of Gauss Kingdom area information (adaption to terrain will rise when active in the Gauss Kingdom). The national contribution will rise.]


The rewards were quite good. National contributions were needed to gain benefits such as the mass-produced Grid set. Meanwhile, terrain adaptation was an additional factor that greatly contributed to combat and movement. Moreover, according to various media reports, the evil eyes were a species classified as advanced among the demonkin. If they could get along with the evil eyes, it would be a great help to understand ‘hell’, a place that was likely to become a stage for future activities. They might be able to obtain related quests luckily.

“Hello? Welcome to the Overgeared Kingdom.”

Players flocked to the place where the evil eyes were located. The Overgeared Kingdom was planning to use the evil eyes as a valuable power, so the evil eyes were staying in territories all over the Overgeared Kingdom.

“Welcome...? Kukukuk, interesting. Reaching out to us who have struggled with solitude in order to curb the beasts in our hearts... Ahh, are you the ‘same kind.’ Is there a monster sleeping in your heart?”


Unlike what the players had expected, the quest difficulty was very high. Most players who walked with the evil eyes had their conversation blocked and question marks flooded over the evil eyes’ head. The quest was failed repeatedly.


[Insane Dragon Egg]

[★ Hidden Quest ★

Like the vampires, the evil eyes were driven out of hell.

The evil eyes are dreaming of working with the child of Nevartan to get revenge on the great demons.

Secure the insane dragon egg guarded by the master of the dungeon and hand it over to the evil eyes.

Quest Clear Conditions: Defeat the master of the dungeon and secure the insane dragon egg.

Quest Clear Reward: Secure 17 evil eyes as subordinates, increase affinity with the evil eyes and start an exchange with the evil eyes.

Quest Failure: Level -3.]

Grid had secured such a quest when he visited the Beware Dogs dungeon created by Eat Spicy Jokbal. It was an unforgettable quest. Along with the visit to the evil eyes village, it was a memorable experience. Yes, that’s about it. Grid was very interested in the insane dragon’s egg itself.

“What are you going to do with the insane dragon egg?”

“We’ll keep it until it hatches.”

“The dragon will grasp the truth of the world the moment it hatches. It will repay its father’s enemies by working with the evil eyes.”

“In a thousand years, the child of a dragon will become an adult and hell will be chaotic. Huhuhut...!

...This was a conversation Grid had with the evil eyes. According to Satisfy’s story, there was no plan for the insane dragon child to be active for at least 1,000 years. An adult dragon was more powerful than a great demon. The bond between a dragon and player would break down the balance, and Grid thought there wouldn’t be a chance to get involved with the young insane dragon. By the way...

“My king. The precious destroyer of the future said it would meet you.”

“Destroyer of the future? Who?”

“The only flesh of Nevartan, the insane dragon who fell into darkness due to the evil dragon Bunhelier and the 1st Great Demon Baal. Their name is Nefelina, who will late destroy hell and Bunhelier for honor.”

“...The hatchling?”

“That’s right.”

A transcendent species that even a god couldn’t treat lightly—they were the strongest presences in the world even when the world was destroyed periodically. Grid remembered this. Then now that the evil eyes king mentioned the word ‘dragon’, Grid was very confused by the unexpected situation.

Suddenly, Sticks dropped a book on the floor from where he was organizing the collections from the evil eyes’ library. He was shaking fiercely. A dragon was a frightening existence for the person who had been cursed by the gourmet dragon Reiders and suffered from an incurable disease.

Grid didn’t welcome this situation. He predicted that the meeting with the hatchling would harm him. The reason for that was simple. It was because the dragon was too strong.

‘I am likely to become a pushover.’

There was no framework where a player could borrow a dragon’s power. The balance was likely to collapse if a dragon lent power to an individual player. There couldn’t be a good relationship between a dragon and a player unless the S.A Group were fools.

‘I am likely to become a victim like Sticks.’

The evil eyes king urged Grid, “The destroyer of the future has no time. I recommend you come and see them.”

“There’s no time? What are they busy doing?”

“They have to sleep. They sleep 23 hours a day.”


It meant the hatchling was only awake for one hour a day! My god, it was Grid’s first time seeing a creature who slept more than Noe. The evil eyes king looked at the amazed Grid and added an explanation, “The dragon will grasp the truth of the world the moment it hatches. In order to digest that enormous amount of information, the physical and mental expenditure is so huge that rest is essential.”

He seemed worried that Grid would look down on the hatchling. Grid thought for a moment before nodding. “Yes, let’s meet. Instead, give me a minute.”

He didn’t want to meet the hatchling, but it couldn’t be helped. Grid was curious about the existence of a dragon.

‘Let’s talk with Lauel before meeting the dragon.’


“Is the hatchling really here?”

Surprisingly, the place where Grid went to with the evil eyes king was Reinhardt Castle. It was the castle where Grid normally lived. The dragon was living in his home? Yet the owner of the castle didn’t even know about it? The evil eyes king spoke to the bewildered Grid, “This is a great being. It is natural to make their will a reality...”

“It is great that they can live in someone else’s house without permission...”

No rent was being paid. Grid grumbled about it while moving to the top floor of the castle. It was a space containing the bedrooms of Grid, his family, and Mercedes. The evil eyes king opened the biggest door. It was Grid’s bedroom.

“...?” Grid’s confusion grew. He entered the bedroom with a bewildered expression and became astonished. The scenery in the bedroom was completely different from normal. It was decorated with gold treasures and the size was 10 times larger.

“What is this?”

Was it possible to do internal construction without him knowing? No, it was impossible. He had woken up here this morning. This space didn’t look like this in the morning. This was the power of magic. Grid belatedly noticed and turned to one side. There was a huge bed that was big enough for 20 adult men to lie on. A black shadow was wriggling between the lace being blown by the soft wind.

‘Using my bed...’

Grid gained some knowledge that he wasn’t curious about. While imagining a lizard several times bigger than a human crouching on the bed, Grid quietly approached it. Then the lace was lifted.

“You came.” A girl with blue hair was lying on the bed, and she welcomed Grid.

...Ah!” Grid couldn’t help exclaiming. The girl was so beautiful that Grid was forced to lose his soul despite seeing beautiful people like Irene, Mercedes, Yura, Jishuka, and Sehee every day. Her facial features were as beautiful as a jewel, and the harmony between them was perfect. No, it was more than perfection. It was a transcendent beauty that humans couldn’t even imagine. The girl’s languid eyes made him lose his soul while he found her mouth cute. Simultaneously, valor could be felt from his thick eyebrows.

Grid was suddenly reminded of a woman. ‘...Marie Rose.’

She was a vampire duke with all types of charms. Yes, the girl in front of him was like a teenage version of Marie Rose.

“You are staring too obviously.”

How bewitched was he? Grid stared at the girl’s face for a long time before belatedly coming to his senses. She was a beautiful girl, but she wasn’t a human and the name Nefelina above her head was blue. This girl was a hatchling who was less than two years old. A young insane dragon...

[You have met the destroyer of the future—Nefelina.]

[The magic power that is the root of the world turns your presence into dust. All types of actions are sealed due to the overwhelming inability to cope.]

[You have resisted.]

[Nefelina is not yet an adult, but she is the only one with an intact spirit among the existing dragons.]

[This encounter is very special!]

Hmm, I’m sorry. My magic power is uncomfortable for you.”

“N-No, I’m”

To think there would be a day when he would have to talk with honorifics to someone younger than Lord...? Grid was surprised, but it was something he had to do. On the one hand, he was very relieved. It was because a transcendent being who saw humans as ants had apologized to him. She illegally resided in a person’s house, but this was from the viewpoint of a person. Yes, it was clear that Nefelina was showing him the utmost courtesy. In the first place, the system confirmed that she was sane.

‘No, this... Does this mean the other dragons aren’t sane?’

A chill went down Grid’s spine.

“Human. Grid,” Nefelina called out Grid’s name in a gentle voice. She was laughing with her eyes curved in the shape of a half moon. The difference between her and Marie Rose was clearly shown at this moment. Marie Rose’s smile stimulated primal lust while Nefelina’s smile had a refreshing feeling that washed away those instincts.

“Yes, please say it,” Grid responded politely. He already forgot this opponent was an illegal resident and that she was a child who was just one year old. Nefelina spoke to him while smiling, “I have to grow up strong and well. This requires many nutrients. You shall give me 100 cows and pigs every day from now on.”


[A new quest has been created.]

[Hatchling’s Livestock]

[Difficulty: SSS

Nefelina is trying to make you her supplier. She hopes that as the king of a country, you will feed her and keep her warm.

Quest Clear Conditions: Feed Nefelina 100 cows and pigs every day.

Quest Clear Rewards: A very slight rise in affinity with Nefelina every 100 days.

Quest Failure: A significant drop in affinity with Nefelina.]

[Would you like to accept the quest?]

Grid stared at the quest window for a while before coming to his senses and gritting his teeth. “...Do you see me as a pushover?” 

The evil eyes king paled at Grid’s unexpected reaction. “K-King! The destroyer of the future is someone we don’t dare meet... Don't go against her will!”

“Be quiet, you pushover.”


“It is ‘destroyer of the future’, not ‘destroyer of the present’. Isn’t that right?” Grid glared at Nefelina lying on the bed.

He woke up after having Nefelina see him as a pushover, and now he realistically analyzed the situation. Then he concluded that he didn’t have to fear Nefelina. It was due to two reasons. First, she lacked the presence of Vampire Duke Marie Rose. Marie Rose was so bewitching that she froze all actions of the target. This meant that the current Nefelina was below the ‘sealed state’ of Marie Rose.

Second, he noticed it late because it was covered by the blanket, but Nefelina’s human transformation magic was unraveling. Her body on the bed was two times fatter then it was originally, and a tail had emerged from below the blanket. The ability to maintain this polymorph for only a short amount of time showed her magic power was weak. Well, humans couldn’t even use polymorph in the first place.

‘She might be a dragon, but she is a hatchling that’s less than two years old. She isn’t as absolute as I thought.’

As the evil eyes had said in the past, Nefelina couldn’t exert the full power of the dragon until 1,000 years had passed. In 1,000 years, Grid would’ve already died of old age. Thus, Grid might respect Nefelina, but there was no reason to be afraid of her. With Grid glaring at her, Nefelina was so startled that she hiccuped. “...Hiccup! 

Then she spoke in a hesitant voice, “...Only 10. Then I will give you the dragon’s blessing...”

[The quest ‘Hatchling’s Livestock’ has been changed to ‘Hatchling’s Request’.]

[Hatchling’s Request.]

[Difficulty: S

Nefelina is a bit greedy. She hopes that you will feed her in moderation and keep her warm.

Quest Clear Conditions: Feed Nefelina 10 cows and pigs every day.

Quest Acceptance Reward: The dragon’s blessing.

Giving up the Quest: A significant drop in affinity with Nefelina. The dragon’s blessing will be taken back. The dragon’s curse will occur.]


10 cows and pigs were 20 animals a day. This was a burden. It couldn’t be resolved with an ordinary player’s power, and it was a considerable waste for Grid.

‘However, if I refuse... Nefelina will command the evil eyes to give her food.’

He might not be able to get the dragon’s blessing, but he had to make a suitable compromise. After a moment of distress, Grid nodded. “Let’s go with three.”

“...T-Then my stomach will growl!”

“In exchange for three every day, I won’t ask for a monthly rent.”

“...” Nefelina’s eyes shook. She was seriously distressed.