Chapter 953

Time was given to the participants of the Demon King subjugation event to have a meeting. 

They were given 20 minutes. This period of time was not allowed for the four heavenly kings. The cooldown time of the four heavenly kings was frozen in place for 20 minutes. Of course, this time didn’t apply to Grid either. Grid’s accumulated health buff and blacksmithing work also stopped.

“We should have players from the top 20 countries like China, the United States, and Canada all in one team.” This was the opinion of China’s Zhang Jian. “We wanted to secure a few more medals, so the strong people of each country were divided between different teams. It is right to concentrate strength in one team instead of dispersing it.”

“You want to discard the other three teams?”

“Yes, one team can break through the four heavenly kings. Isn’t that the surest way? The players of the other three teams... They will have a chance to win a medal when meeting the Demon King.”

This meeting scene was being broadcasted around the world in real time. The attention and focus of the world were still on the Demon King subjugation event, and many broadcasters were updating their ratings.

Zhang Jian didn’t seem to care. He expressed his cold opinion like he didn’t care about people from other countries swearing at him. However, his opinion had a deadly blind spot.

“If we proceed using this plan, shouldn’t we exclude China from the top team? Aren’t you guys really weak? The cute guys who dropped out first actually want a free bus ride?” That’s right. In the words of Argentina’s representative Seuron, China wasn’t ‘qualified.’ 

After all, two of the three Chinese representatives had been killed the moment the battle began.

“It’s because of you...!” Zhang Jian’s face was red hot, and he tried to refute it.

However, Peak Sword interrupted, “The bad Chinese person should stay quiet. I want to keep the existing teams.”

“What? Bad Chinese? What does that mean?” Zhang Jian was dimly aware of how foreigners divided between good and bad Chinese people.

Zhang Jian trembled from the racial insult, but Peak Sword was a professional. The president of the Patriotic Association was familiar with how to deal with arrogant Chinese and Japanese people. Zhang Jian already lost public sentiment, so Peak Sword openly ignored him and asked for the opinions of the other rankers, “What is your opinion?”

People who liked intimidating the weak would just become cowards in front of a person better than himself. It was as expected. 

“...” Zhang Jian shut his mouth the moment he gave the right to speak to strong people like Kraugel, Chris, and Zibal. He stepped back without further argument. Chris and Zibal agreed with Peak Sword’s opinion.

“It should naturally be like this. We have already fought the opponent once, so next time will be easier.”

All 400 players gathered here had the stats and talent of a ranker. They would be able to double their combat ability when fighting against an opponent they already collected data on. Kraugel was thinking the same thing. “Go with your plan.”


Grid wasn’t present, so Kraugel was the standard that everyone acknowledged. Once he agreed to the plan, no one opposed him. The 400 members joined their original groups and gathered in front of the gates they already failed to capture once.

“Everybody should already know...? The opponent is weaker. Her stats have dropped by 30%, but it doesn’t change the fact that if certain skills are allowed, we will die in one blow.” At the west gate, Peak Sword led Group B and cautioned his team members. “Think of the opponent as God Grid. Don’t be hit by strong skills.”


“We fought her for 30 minutes. Don’t you know most of the attack patterns? Everybody can do it. Use defense piercing skills once the opponent uses a skill... Ah, Magician Goshar.”


“Don’t think about your form when fighting.”

The Overgeared Guild had two top magicians. They were the wind magician Zednos and fire magician Laella. They always said to the magicians of the Overgeared Guild that ‘magicians must fight ugly.’ This meant they had to chant magic spells quickly. Believing in continuous spells like a shield and standing in place to cast spells faster was tantamount to suicide.

As a magician, Goshar naturally knew this. “You are asking me to run around and sweat? Oh, that doesn’t make me feel good.”

The biggest advantage of a magician was ‘coolness.’ Unlike normal combat classes, magicians were the flower of the battlefield who stood in one place and massacred the enemies with their spells. People who selected the magician class in Satisfy were those who lived and died for their form. They were reluctant to show their sweating and ugly appearance when people all over the world were watching. Still, what could they do?

“Well, it can’t be helped if we want to win.”

“I have to win a medal.”

The magicians muttered.

Goshar had pride as a magician. It was foolish to hold onto his pride when the opponent was the strongest boss he encountered so far. At first, his judgment was blurred because he hadn’t expected the opponent to be so strong, but not anymore.

“I will do it properly.” Goshar made up his mind.

Then he reached out a hand to Peak Sword, who shook it. “Yes, let’s win.”

They had to succeed in the second challenge. Since the third challenge would remove the bronze medal compensation, the players’ motivation would drop, leading to a decrease in attack power. The determined players rushed toward the four heavenly kings.



Over at Group D, Jishuka burned with fighting spirit once she discovered the guardian of the north gate.

“This time, I won’t be deceived by your appearance,” Jishuka growled with wild eyes, looking beautiful. The ferocious expression combined with her intense impression exuded a fatal charm. She was like a poisonous apple. However, only one man could poison himself.

“Hey, Damian. Give a blessing to my arrows.”

Kobold—the vampire earl Noll—had something in common with Euphemina. He was a conditional powerhouse. If certain conditions like his satiety and number of allies were met, Noll would be much stronger than Piaro or Mercedes. However, Noll was currently alone. His survival ability was still the best, but in terms of firepower, he was weaker than the other heavenly kings.

In other words, Group D had a chance to win even in the first challenge. They would’ve won if Jishuka hadn’t acted as a supporter and stayed faithful to the role of damage dealer. If only Damian hadn’t focused on wide-area healing and buffed the attack power of Jishuka, Katz, and Haster, Noll’s strength would’ve collapsed faster than expected and Group D alone would’ve broken through the gate in the first challenge.

In the first place, Group D contained the most raid-focused people, so it was normal. However, Group D became passive against Noll’s wide-area magic, and that was the result. Well, it was a normal thing. It was a rule that the original challenge was always the hardest part of a raid. The probability that a raid would be successful when they didn’t know the characteristics and patterns of the boss was very low.

Groups A, B, and C also narrowly missed the boss raid. Group A discovered the method to neutralize the mudflat that enhanced Piaro’s power too late, Group B mistook Mercedes as a berserker, and Group C suffered too much from Asmophel’s sword in the early stages.  

“I understand. I will give you a buff every time you pull out an arrow.” Instead of the middle row where he was responsible for wide-area buffs and healing, Damian took a rear position this time. 

His buffs were concentrated on some of the high rankers like Jishuka, Katz, and Haster. In particular, Jishuka gained an attack buff on her arrows, which were classified as an auxiliary weapon, and her bow. Jishuka aimed precisely at Noll, who was wearing the kobold mask, and fired five arrows. The arrows disappeared into the darkness of the night.

“I’m sorry, Noll. I don’t think I can send you off comfortably because you are too strong.”


Five arrows were fired silently. A person with the ability to read the trajectory didn’t exist among the players. Even Kraugel’s Super Sensitivity relied on things such as ‘sight’ and ‘sound.’ However, Jishuka’s arrows didn’t contain these things.

One arrow hit Noll in the forehead, one in the foot, another in the other foot...

A total of five arrows struck Noll with almost no time difference. Noll’s head shot back, and blood sprinkled down like rain.

“The battle has commenced.” Jishuka’s alluring voice boosted Group D’s morale.


The second clash between the 400 players and the four heavenly kings was greatly different from the first challenge. The attacks of the players threatened the four heavenly kings while the hit rate of the four heavenly kings fell greatly. In particular, each group could immediately detect the signs of the wide-area skills.

“They really are rankers.”

“Yes. I didn’t know it could be like this.”

The spectators and viewers were stunned. They had to admire the rankers’ analytical skills and co-operation several times. The four heavenly kings weren’t losing just because their stats had fallen by 30%. In the second challenge, their skills and characteristics were being targeted.

Vin’s quick sword, which seemed like a video playing at double speed, stopped due to the interference of Group C’s cooperation.

Kobold, who kept recovering his health like an endless spring, became tired from the bombardment of Jishuka’s arrows.

Benz’ stamina was worn down by the magicians who ran around and cast spells at her.

The four heavenly kings tried to use their secret techniques, but the players could now read the timing. They used skills that ignored defense to quickly exhaust the health gauges of the four heavenly kings. In the first place, it was a 100 against 1 fight. With 100 people aiming at one person, at least one in ten would hit even if most of them missed. The four heavenly kings had limited health and couldn’t cope with the damage forever.

In particular, the attack power of the representatives of each group like Kraugel, Chris, Zibal, Peak Sword, Jishuka, and Haster was a threat to the four heavenly kings. In the end...

[Kobold of the North Gate has fallen.]

[Group D has succeeded in attacking the North Gate.]

[The top contributor to the attack on the North Gate is Brazil’s representative, Jishuka!]

[The second place contributor to the attack on the North Gate is Japan’s representative, Damian!]

[The third place contributor to the attack on the North Gate is Japan’s representative, Katz!] 

The first victory occurred 37 minutes after the battle commenced.

Waaaaahhhhh!” The excited spectators and viewers cheered enthusiastically at the performance. They witnessed the skills of the rankers in real time and naturally expected the end of the Demon King. It was hard to imagine that he could deal with 400 rankers alone, no matter how majestic he was in his two appearances.

“Go! Jishuka!”

“Kraugel! Kraugel! Kraugel!”

“Peak Sword is so cool!”

“I want a magic machine!”

Forgetting about race and nationality, all the spectators and viewers united as one. It was the first time this occurred in the National Competition. The Demon King had become the enemy of all humanity.