Chapter 964

The waiting room was crowded with players who had been eliminated from the Demon King Subjugation event.


Why was Grid the Demon King, and what did he gain in exchange for that? Perhaps he was monopolizing a lot of rewards? If it turned out to be preferential treatment, they would have a chance to raise some issues. The players’ minds were in a very complicated state. There weren’t only one or two problems to worry about.

Despite this, they were silent for a few minutes without discussing anything with each other. All the players were concentrating on Grid and Kraugel on the screen. They didn’t want to miss the opportunity to see the power of the two people.


A few minutes passed by. After a fierce battle, Grid seemed to be in a somewhat unfavorable position, and he pulled out a sword breaker. He cried out absurd words about producing an item, but it was just a trick to shake Kraugel as he seemed to take it out of his inventory.

A sword to break a sword...

It was obviously an item to counter Sword Saint Kraugel. Still, it was doubtful if it would work.

“No one is currently using that.”

“Unless a person has the relevant passive skill, it has limitations and is difficult to control.” 

“Grid used it for only a moment a few years ago, so I don’t think he will handle it properly.” 

Among the players, Jishuka asked Chris, “Isn’t this a dangerous decision?” 

Jishuka was an archer, but she was well versed in swordsmanship. It was because she was a woman who dreamed of becoming a supreme player. In order to apply different concepts to archery and to supplement the weaknesses of archery, she studied all possible fields. 

“I think there will be a mishap.” Jishuka was anxious. Based on her insight, Grid fought in a way that faithfully practiced what he experienced and learned. The total amount of experience he accumulated was so high that he could cope with many situations, but his creativity was insufficient.

On the other hand, Kraugel’s movements were creative from beginning to end. It was no less than the experience that Grid had accumulated. Additionally, Grid’s stats and items had fallen a bit lower. This was already the fourth fight with Kraugel. 

...Grid was likely to be on the defensive one-sidedly.

Talent—Grid needed to work hard to make up for his terrible talent. Grid’s control might be better than that of other players here, but it was definitely below the level of the genius Kraugel. Although Grid brought out the threatening weapon that was a sword breaker, it was unknown if he would be able to properly take advantage of it. Kraugel could deflect the sword breaker, and Grid might have to pay a hefty price for using an unfamiliar weapon.

Jishuka bit her red nails. It was hard for her to shake off her anxiety because she didn’t understand Grid’s decision. Chris nodded and opened his mouth, Hrmm, well... It is risky. If Kraugel is a professional racer, the difference in the skills is enough to call Grid a normal person with two years of driving experience.”

“Isn’t that too harsh? What do you think about our Grid?”

“No, I have no intention of putting down Grid. It is just a proper analogy...”

“Three years. Let’s go with three years of experience.”


What was the difference between two or three years of driving experience? Chris frowned, but he knew Jishuka’s heart and that she wanted Grid to be treated even a bit better. Jishuka was a violent and scary woman, but she was clearly good bride material for ‘Grid alone.’ She would make an excellent wife. He shook his head.

Jishuka urged him, “Keep talking. If Kraugel is a professional driver while Grid is a driver with four years of experience...?”

“Three years... Yes, a driver with four years of experience and a professional driver—the difference between the two of them is obvious. But that’s it.” A smile spread across Chris’ face. “Kraugel’s car is a Chinese car while Grid’s car is a Ferrari.”

They were people who were the most familiar with Grid. Between having talent and being overgeared, which was the higher-level concept? It was being overgeared. Ultimately, it was a fact that being overgeared was the best. 

Grid proved this fact personally. Could he really take out an ordinary sword breaker after directly feeling that his skills were less than Kraugel’s? It was certainly a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, and it would complement Grid’s relatively poor technique. Chris was convinced of this.

On the screen, Grid’s sword breaker clashed with Kraugel’s sword. Then something magical happened. The sword breaker pulled at Kraugel’s sword, and it slipped between the grooves in the blade.

“What is that?”

Hah... What is that effect?”

“What the hell is that principle?”

The players trembled as they made a fuss. The scene was shocking. Jishuka clasped her hands together and shouted. Meanwhile, Chris’ eyes widened, and he clicked his tongue. ‘Is it a Bugatti?’


[Blue Dragon Sword Breaker]

[Rating: Legendary

Durability: 350/350 Attack Power: 695

* Attack speed increased by 40%.

* Additional 50% lightning damage. 

* Additional 30% shadow damage.

* Emits a magnetic field that has a high probability of attracting sword type weapons.

* If a sword type weapon is pulled, there will be a decrease in the durability of the target weapon. If the target weapon is below the epic rating, there is a normal chance of the ‘Weapon Destruction’ skill activating. Weapon Destruction completely destroys the target weapon regardless of the current durability.

- A sword produced by the legendary blacksmith Grid.

There are several deep grooves on one side to form a saw blade. The purpose is to block and destroy swords. All swordsmen in the world should be afraid.

The ‘Strengthened Blue Dragon’s Breath’ and ‘Astaroth’s Horn’ has increased the lightning energy to the peak.

User Restrictions: Level 300 or higher. Advanced Sword Mastery Level 1.

Weight: 280]

A sword breaker that flashed with blue lightning—its form was far from rigid or sharp. Its blade was short and didn’t seem suitable for attack purposes. Due to the fine grooves, the content of iron itself was lowered and the blade’s durability seemed poor.

However, it was enough to be threatening. There was no swordsman who didn’t fear a sword which was born to break swords. Kraugel would’ve felt a great deal of pressure if he were an ordinary swordsman, but he was a Sword Saint. He was the master of swords and could handle them completely.

So, he wasn’t shaken. Kraugel unleashed a torrent of swings and pressed Grid back. There was an explosion, and the White Tiger Sword headed toward the right side at the same time. Grid blocked with the Enlightenment Sword and attempted to grab the White Tiger Sword with the sword breaker. It was a quick and ruthless movement. Even so, there was a limit to how fast it could be.

Kraugel slid down the White Tiger Sword and moved his body close to Grid, striking Grid’s left wrist with his elbow. The sword breaker, which was aiming for the White Tiger Sword, headed toward the ground while Kraugel pushed Grid’s chest with a hard shoulder. Then he raised the White Tiger Sword up again.

Like a snake, the White Tiger Sword headed toward the Enlightenment Sword. He disturbed Grid’s mental state and slashed. Grid backed away. A close-range battle was considered disadvantageous due to the difference in technique. Nevertheless, Kraugel didn’t miss. He clung to Grid fiercely and didn’t give him a chance to wield the swords in both his hands. Kraugel even wielded his fists, and his storm-like swordsmanship at close range caused the commentators to fall silent.

Despite this, Grid wasn’t shaken. He became calmer as Kraugel’s offensive grew fiercer. Most of the experience Grid accumulated had been from difficult combat. Grid fought better as the situation worsened.

‘Divinity. Item Combination.’ Grid gritted his teeth and triggered a skill. He combined Valhalla of Infinite Affection that he was wearing with Triple Layers. That’s right. This was the combination of armor and armor. It reduced the physical damage he received by 30%, and any damage from cuts or stabs were reduced by 50%. The passive skill Sword Breaker was also created. The critical features of Triple Layers were added to Valhalla.

All of a sudden, Grid’s expression changed.

“...?!” Kraugel’s eyes shook the moment he stabbed Grid with the sword.

[The target has received 3,880 damage.]

It wasn’t just because the damage was greatly reduced. 

[The durability of the Domineering White Tiger Sword has decreased by 25!]

The sword which Grid had made and given to Kraugel cried out painfully.

‘The sword breaker option has been added to armor?’

This was a bit dirty... The momentarily strained Kraugel stepped back. The Blue Dragon Sword Breaker, which had a very short length compared to the Enlightenment Sword, struck him. Of course, Kraugel wasn’t beaten easily. He tried to twist the sword breaker’s trajectory by sliding the White Tiger Sword along the edge of the blade to avoid the grooves.

However, it didn’t work the way he wanted. The sword that should be one with him didn’t listen. The White Tiger Sword was pulled by an invisible force and stopped in place. It engaged with the saw blade part, seemingly attracted by a magnetic force.

‘What?’ Kraugel shivered. The sword breaker made swordsmanship unimportant. It was an absurdity that was even more deadly against those who were at the peak of swordsmanship. This was a predator that could destroy the concept of providence.

“Pinnacle Kill.”

The skill that contained a stifling killing intent fell toward Kraugel’s chest. Kraugel was in a hurry and forcibly pulled the White Tiger Sword away from the sword breaker. However, the price of doing so was great.

[The durability of the Domineering White Tiger Sword has decreased by 153!]


How did he lose more than one-tenth durability at once? Kraugel’s expression twisted, and he used Quick Command. The illusion of wings expanded, and he left the position intact. It was the development that Grid had been hoping for.


Grid recovered Pinnacle Kill and rose into the air. It wasn’t to keep track of Kraugel. He was targeting the four swords that were fighting the God Hands.

‘Don’t tell me?’ Kraugel paled as he read Grid’s intentions. Quick Command finished, and he returned to his original spot. Meanwhile, Grid destroyed all four swords facing the God Hands. The newly liberated God Hands fired Magic Missiles at Kraugel. Kraugel triggered Sword Curtain and blocked it.

Then Grid’s voice rang out, “Do you have 30 swords? Take all of them out.”

Grid floated in the sky. His arms were folded as the four golden hands protected him. It was a very familiar look to the public. They felt he had become even more overbearing and arrogant than when he was the Demon King.

“Transcended Link.”

The storm of energy blades swept the ground, and the God Hands holding Mjolnir flew toward Kraugel. Kraugel used True Clouds and Control Sword in an attempt to stop the God Hands, but Grid appeared like a ghost and destroyed all the swords. The fragments of the swords scattered about, reflecting Kraugel’s face like it had been split into hundreds of fragments.

Kraugel was making an expression he had never shown before. It was a confused expression.

“...It will soon end.”

The players sensed it. Their voices were clearly raised. They had seen the ideals they should pursue.