Chapter 951

The National Competition’s server was handled separately from the game server. The items and character information that were changed in the National Competition server didn’t affect the main server. This was one of the newly applied rules for the 4th National Competition.

Most players welcomed this rule with open arms. They witnessed the pain and anger of players who lost their items in the last National Competition and were severely hurt. It was natural to welcome the new rule since it was a safeguard to prevent more victims.

Then the Demon King’s subjugation started. The players realized why the new rule was applied.

[The Durnehild Shield has lost all durability and has been destroyed!]

[Destroyed items will automatically be restored once the gate is breached.]


20 minutes after the start of the Demon King subjugation event, this sound resonated from the north, south, east. and west gates. The rankers. who were armed with unique or legendary items just 20 minutes ago, now looked like they were wearing rags.

That’s right. This was why the S.A Group separated the National Competition server from the game server. It was purely to protect the rights of the players. This was to show consideration for the players who would lose everything to the mighty four heavenly kings. It was an internal arrangement after deciding that Grid would play the Demon King.

Cough, cough! No way...!”

At the west gate, the German representative—Weldon—was pale as he coughed up blood. He was a veteran who participated in numerous raids, but he hardly ever experienced his shield being destroyed. The only occasions where his shield had been destroyed was when the raid had lasted for more than eight hours. Yet the knight called Benz broke Weldon’s shield in just 20 minutes. Additionally, Weldon wasn’t the only tanker present. Weldon was one of 20 tankers, and Benz’ attacks had only hit him 15 times. This meant the Lv. 8 High-grade Shield skill and his unique shield had lost all their durability in only 15 hits.

Weldon chose to be a defensive player instead of an evasive player. This fact meant that Benz’ attack power was reminiscent of Overgeared King Grid of last year. No, it was obviously above Grid’s.

“There are the four heavenly kings and then the Demon King... How do we clear this?” Weldon lost his fighting spirit and expressed his despair. They were words that could reduce the entire team’s morale, but no one blamed Weldon. It was because most of Group B understood Weldon’s feelings or felt the same way.

However, the other half was still calm. They weren’t weak-minded enough to be swayed by Weldon’s hasty remark or stupid enough to make this 20-minute battle meaningless. After analyzing Benz throughout the battle, they had a good understanding of her attack patterns and characteristics.

‘It isn’t a style that spams many skills. First, she only uses a skill after creating a gap with a basic attack.’

‘The wide-area attacks aren’t a big threat. It can unleash enough firepower to kill people, but it is strictly limited to a single group.’

‘Her defense is high, but she has no healing ability. The biggest problem...’

‘...The lower her health, the higher the attack power.’

‘She is a berserker.’

The west gate’s guardian Benz…

Her real name was Mercedes. As Grid’s knight and a legendary knight, she was armed with the Hero King’s Armor—a myth-rated armor made by Grid. The greatest strength of the Hero King’s Armor was the option of increasing attack power every time she was hit.

However, the players didn’t know Benz’ identity or her armor’s options. The players analyzed that Benz got stronger as her health declined due to her berserker class.

“Berserkers have a fatal weakness. In exchange for increasing attack power, their defense is lowered. If we aim for the right timing, it can be a fatal wound.”

“Everyone, save your ultimate skills. Once the target’s health falls below a certain level, we will unleash a full offensive.”

Group B had 59 survivors. 41 players had died in just 20 minutes. They were the strongest people representing their countries, and they didn’t die easily. Every time they hit Benz, the damage accumulated, and her health was now far below 70%.

‘Just a little bit more.’

‘Once her health is at 30%... No, it will be decided the moment it reaches 40%.’

Group B blocked Benz while gathering near Eat Spicy Jokbal. It was because Eat Spicy Jokbal could make an instant dungeon and change the structure to be advantageous to his allies. As they got closer to Eat Spicy Jokbal, the terrain became more favorable and they would receive a small number of buffs.

Coke stood between the towering barriers and pulled out a shield and chains. He discarded attack power and focused on defense and CC. “I will play the role of the tanker until the dungeon is completed.”

“Can you handle it?”

“Everyone here is excellent... There is also Teacher Peak Sword. I can hold on.”

“Okay, I will focus on completing the dungeon.”

Eat Spicy Jokbal trusted Coke. Who could he trust if he didn’t trust the talented person recognized by Grid and the 10 meritorious retainers? Eat Spicy Jokbal believed that Coke would endure well. It was as he expected. Coke used the chains and shield to neutralize Benz’ attacks. He blocked Benz’ sword and gave his teammates a chance to hit her.

Five minutes passed by. For a whole five minutes, Coke endured Benz’ aggro alone. Of course, it was due to the help of his teammates. The heals of the priests and the buffs of the paladins were concentrated on Coke, while the magicians bombarded Benz with spells. It seemed like two people fighting one-on-one in a narrow passage, but this was definitely a 59-against-1 fight.

However, Coke quickly became nervous. Engaging with a higher level opponent brought about a sudden drop in stamina. It would be dangerous if he didn’t manage it properly. Additionally, the shock that was transmitted every time Benz hit his shield was too great. As Benz’ health decreased and attack power increased, the priests healing Coke couldn’t keep up.


It was a breathtaking moment. Coke heard his name being called from behind and reflexively bent over. A red line was drawn above him. It was Iyarugt, which had been charged to 70% magic power in Iyarugt’s Sheath and entered the Excited State. Benz’ chest was stabbed, and she collapsed for the first time since the battle began. Her health gauge fell to 40% as she staggered. At this moment...


Due to his excited state, Iyarugt appeared in reality. The elderly horned demonkin enjoyed the air in his lungs as he looked at Mercedes. He was the strongest swordsman of hell who fought with great demons. Despite his weakened state, his senses were still sharp and he judged that Benz was strong. Thus, he didn’t have time to savor the sweet air and swung his sword.

“Great Mountain Lineage.” Mercedes used White Tiger’s Attitude under a different name. This was a skill attached to the World Crushing Sword of the Noble White Tiger. Benz unleashed all types of attacks. 

Coke swapped to his sword instead of the chains, and he used his ultimate skill along with the rest of Group B. They were aiming for the fact that a berserker’s defense was reduced every time their health fell. This decision was a mistake. After all, Benz wasn’t a berserker. It was due to an item that increased her attack power every time she lost health, and she didn’t receive the penalty of lower defense because she wasn’t a berserker. No, she was now in a state with higher defense. White Tiger’s Attitude was a skill that increased defense by 198% in exchange for an 80% drop in attack power.


“T-This is ridiculous!”

The result was far below Group B’s expectations. Benz used Noble Valor and Knight’s Resolution to raise her defense to the extreme and still had 20% health left, despite being hit by the ranker’s ultimate skills. Benz’ armor was surrounded by a purple and red aura. Everyone was overwhelmed by the energy that reminded them of Grid’s fighting energy.

The bandage covering Benz’ eyes crumbled and was completely peeled off. The deep eyes that seemed to contain the universe looked at the source of Group B’s power, including Iyarugt.

[The West Gate Guardian Benz’ deep eyes are looking at you.]

[Some of your stats and skills are forcibly revealed to the West Gate Guardian Benz.]

[You can’t resist.]

[The West Gate Guardian Benz’ sharp sword energy threatens you. The strong pressure is causing your body and mind to shrink back. All speeds are reduced by 30%, and skill casting speed is reduced by 20%.]

[You can’t resist.]

The restriction that fell on them was too powerful. The players were unable to lift the restrictions that appeared at the critical moment. Then a pair of wings emerged from Mercedes’ back. The incomplete fighting energy accumulated in Benz’ armor, and she was able to demonstrate an ultimate attack power as she cut down Iyarugt first.



Only two people... The Overgeared members—Coke and Peak Sword—were familiar with Grid, and they realized Benz’ identity. She was the legendary knight, Mercedes. Peak Sword and Coke realized the weight of this name and sensed something. It would be impossible to get through the four heavenly kings and the Demon King.

Everyone started to turn to gray before Benz’ bombardment as she emitted a black (the original was silver) magic power. Two kills with one blow. 10 kills per second...

This was a state when all the players’ ultimate techniques were on cooldown. They had just exhausted their strength and couldn’t handle this. Even the dungeon that Eat Spicy Jokbal took time in creating couldn’t survive for long and collapsed.


[Group B, that was in charge of attacking the west gate, has been wiped out.]

[The West Gate Guardian has received a great deal of damage. It is recommended to attack her before she completely recovers.]

The same notification windows appeared in front of the players of Group A, C, and D.

“...” Everyone’s expressions distorted. Those players of Group B... They were wiped out after 30 minutes of fighting? There was no one who criticized or blamed them. The still surviving members of Groups A, C, and D were all shocked by the strength of the four heavenly kings. They were forced to think that Group B was wiped out because the opponent was too strong, not because the players were weak or made a mistake at a critical moment.

However, the spectators and viewers saw it differently.

“Group B is too weak.”

“It is the only group without an American ranker. There aren’t many Overgeared members or Damian present.”

“I feel sorry for the Koreans. This was a good chance to take away medals from other countries.”

“You feel sorry for them? How many more articles should there be about a small country?” 

“Mei Xiao, have strength! If you win a gold medal, you will become a hero of the people... Huh?

The Chinese spectators who were shouting excitedly all fell silent. Mei Xiao belonged to Group C. Group C was believed to have incomparable firepower because it contained Zibal who won PvP and Soul Predator Seuron.

[Group C, that was in charge of attacking the south gate, has been wiped out.]

[The South Gate Guardian has received a great deal of damage. It is recommended to attack him before he completely recovers.]

They were wiped out like Group B. It was the same for Damian, Katz, and Jishuka in Group D.

[Group D, that was in charge of attacking the north gate, has been wiped out.]

[The North Gate Guardian has received a great deal of damage. It is recommended to attack him before he completely recovers.]

“No, what is this...!”

The shocked spectators and viewers turned their attention to the last remaining group. Kraugel was being beaten by a rain of seafood. Small shells exploded simultaneously and fired sharp shell pieces, sealing Kraugel’s movements. Then crab claws pinched Kraugel’s Achilles’ heels. The 1st ranked Chris was struggling while trapped in fishnets, and Regas and Pon were rolling around on the mudflat like it was a Mud Festival.


Would they not be able to even see the Demon King? Everyone in the world was overwhelmed with anxiety. The only exception was Grid. He was merely hammering silently.