Chapter 699

[You have left the event map! The war is considered to be lost!]

[The Undefeated King’s class change quest has failed!]

[All stats are restored to their normal values. The stamina maintenance passive is destroyed.]

[The appreciation of the Undefeated King’s old sheath has greatly reduced.] 

-A loser. You only maintained your life. You didn’t exceed my expectations. How disappointing.


Destroy the Red Knights within 22 days before the First Knight arrives on the battlefield. This was the content of the Undefeated King’s class change quest that Oasis received. But he failed. The battlefield was set to ‘no players except the quest host can enter’ until First Knight Mercedes appeared. Oasis alone experienced despair and frustration.

‘I can’t do it.’

Oasis was a balance type warrior who invested equally in stamina, strength, and agility. Due to the quest benefits, his stats increased by 10 times. Oasis thought there was a chance when his strength, stamina, and agility all exceeded 1,000. As he looked at the enemy forces turned grey under his sword, he finally believed he had become the protagonist of the world.

However, he was mistaken. It wasn’t a solo number knight, but from the 15th knight, Oasis’ soldiers were tied up by the Red Knights and collapsed. From this time on, Oasis was completely neutralized by the enemy offensive pouring in. Every time he stretched out his sword, he received dozens of counterattacks, lost his balance, and failed to attack. Now he was in a state where he couldn’t move his hands.

‘If only I had my third advancement class.’

The stats awakening from his third advancement would’ve maximized the 10 times stats increase. In addition, his resistance would increase greatly and the probability of resisting status conditions would rise. This would allow him to use a wider variety of skills in active fighting.

‘All the Red Knights have their third advancement and the solo number knights have their fourth advancement. This fight is too disadvantageous to me. I only have my second advancement class. No... These are all excuses!’

He hadn’t been able to finish his third advancement because he lacked ability. Even if he did have it, he would’ve been overwhelmed by the solo knights. In particular, the Fifth Knight was a different dimension. He still got goosebumps when he thought about the talents of the solo number knights.

“Hey! Cheer up!”


Oasis was busy thinking on Ares’ horse. All of a sudden, his back was hit, almost making him fall. Ares cast a deep shadow on his face as he gave Oasis a big smile.

"I have already investigated you. Aren’t you only at your second advancement? It’s great that you gained the power of a legend and dealt with the monstrous empire alone. It’s really amazing. You did what none of us could. Isn’t this a talented person?”

"...The reason I was able to survive without dying was thanks to the quest benefits. In the end, I failed the quest and am far from becoming a legend. How am I talented? It’s ridiculous. I’m just an ordinary person.”

Oasis’ voice was weak as he spoke. He gave a sad smile like he was despising himself.

"Failure is natural. How can I inherit a legendary power that I’m not qualified for in the first place? Unless I’m a genius like you... I’m glad to meet you on this quest. No, it’s an honor. I no longer have any wishes.”

"You punk!”



Oasis shrieked as Ares once again hit him on the back. Ares’ back hit contained enough power to threaten the life of Oasis, whose level was in the mid-200s. Considering that Ares was currently leading 50,000 troops, he was much greater than someone in the top 10 million rankings. It was possible for Ares to beat and kill Oasis with bare hands.

But Ares didn’t think of Oasis as trivial. He felt pure respect.

“Can a person with no qualifications really have a chance to become a legend? You, aren’t you unnecessarily modest? Haha!”

“...I was just lucky.”

“What? Luck? Puhahat! Look back. If you were just eating and playing around, how could you get in touch with the Undefeated King?”


"It isn’t luck, but skill. If you were napping, then you wouldn’t have formed a connection with the Undefeated King.”

“...Why are you doing this to me? Isn’t it enough for someone like you to help me personally? Now you’re comforting me. What do you want? There’s nothing I can do for you.” 

"Eh? Are you really asking that question? Of course it’s because I like you. I came running here in order to scout you.”

"Scout...? You have made a big mistake. I’m not the descendant of the Undefeated King. I was just a candidate. Now I’ve failed the class change quest. Your expectations have been disappointed...” 

"You really are speaking a lot. Let’s go to Valhalla first. I’ve created a specialty Coke. Valhalla is the only area where you can drink Coke in Satisfy. Haha! Let’s discuss our relationship while enjoying the delicious carbonated drink! Hiyah!"


Oasis was very embarrassed. No, to be exact, he was afraid. Ares clearly understood that he misinterpreted Oasis as the Undefeated King’s descendant. He would feel disgusted and furious once he knew the truth and send Oasis away. As they rode on the wild horse, Ares whispered to him.

"I don’t intend to put a burden on you just because I have expectations. I don’t want to ask anything from you. I’m just curious.”

There was a big smile on Ares’ mouth. 

“I just want to make contact with you, one of the few great people in the world who met a legend.”


One of the few great people in the world. This filled Oasis’ heart. He realized something. He was someone who had already become special.

‘Everybody is strong...’

As you live a hard and repetitive life everyday, don’t give up hope. Don’t forget that you are the hero of your own life.

Thanks to Ares, Oasis was filled with courage.


"Ares has taken in the Undefeated King’s descendant.”

The killing god Faker. Despite having a normal class, he won against the sun-grade Black in a one on one match with his talent and efforts. He reported to Lauel, master of the Overgeared Shadows.

"The Ares Army helped the Undefeated King’s descendant, who failed in his rebellion.”

The timing of Ares’ appearance in Lubana was terrible. Lauel nodded at the report.

"The Undefeated King’s descendant asked for help from Valhalla as well as the Overgeared Kingdom. Ares accepted it.”

It wasn’t a good situation. If the two people established a trusting relationship, then the power of Valhalla could grow rapidly.

‘If the descendant of the Undefeated King joins Ares’ army...’

It caused goosebumps just imagining it. But Lauel laughed.

“Well, I don’t think it will happen.”

At this moment, Lauel was sure of it.

"The descendant of the Undefeated King is a fake.”

Madra got the title of Undefeated King because he had never been defeated. It didn’t make sense that his descendant would be defeated during his debut. It was likely that he lost the qualification to be the Undefeated King’s descendant when he lost the war. No, he might not have been qualified in the first place.

‘Not just anyone can inherit the power of a legend. Ares, you’ve made a mistake. You’re wasting your time. Kukuk.’

Lauel was filled with joy the moment he discovered that the descendant of the Undefeated King was a fake. It was because he thought there was a possibility that Grid would be reborn as the Undefeated King. That’s right. Lauel had heard from Sticks. In the Behen Archipelago, Grid had obtained the hidden item called the Undefeated King’s Diary.

'After Pagma and Braham, it’s now the power of the Undefeated King.’

Maybe Grid would become a mythical entity beyond a legend. Lauel was full of expectations. But was it that easy?


"If Grid completely reads the diary, will he become the Undefeated King’s descendant?”

The S.A. Group headquarters was busy with preparations for the 3rd National Competition. However, Yoon Nahee’s work was nothing new. As Satisfy’s operations manager, her duty was to observe the users. Chairman Lim Cheolho shook his head at Yoon Nahee’s question.

"It’s impossible for Grid to become the descendant of the Undefeated King. The Undefeated King’s descendant can only be someone who has never been defeated.”


Not being defeated even once? It was impossible for a player. It was a class change that had unrealistic difficulty. Yoon Nahee was relieved, since she had worried that Grid would monopolize the legendary classes.


Lim Cheolho smiled in a meaningful manner.

"It doesn’t stop him from inheriting some of the power. He’s qualified. It is just like how Agnus recently received a technique from one of the five pillars of the empire.”

“Agnus... It’s more like a scam than a technique.”

“Is that so? Hahaha!”


The five miracle players who messes up the predictions of the supercomputer Morpheus. Three of them were Kraugel, Grid, and Agnus, and Chairman Lim Cheolho had a great affection for them. He was always happy when talking about them. Yoon Nahee understood his mind to some extent.

The actions of the five miracle players were always unexpected and observing it from the perspective of a third party was fun.



After the Behen Archipelago was cleansed, Sticks immediately returned to the Overgeared Academy as the principal. He gave the students effective instructions and enabled them to grow into talented individuals who would be a help to the kingdom.

Now Grid came to visit the busy Sticks. He unabashedly demanded. “Tell me how to replace sword energy with fighting energy!”

Sticks asked with confusion.

"I can tell you, but don’t you already know?”


What was this reaction? Sticks stared at the flustered Grid.

"Did you never try to use fighting energy after you obtained it?”

“Eh? Y-Yes... Then?”

He hunted the vampires while talking to Chris. However, he hadn’t used fighting energy. In the first place, he didn’t have the concept of ‘using’ fighting energy. Fighting energy was a resource that strengthened his stats as the number increased. Therefore, he thought that he would just experience a rise in attack power in combat.

"...Go to the hunting ground. After building up fighting energy, try using swordsmanship.”


Judging by Sticks’ reaction, Grid must’ve done something stupid. He started sweating.

"Surely fighting energy isn’t a resource that can be used naturally after it reaches a certain level?” 

No way, it was impossible. Grid shook his head and ran to the hunting ground.