Chapter 652

"Four red phoenixes... The God's Command ability again?”

The information network of the Ares Army was excellent. Unlike Grid, who lacked information gathering capacity, Ares’ information gathering power was at the level of the highest players and the Ares Army knew about the ‘7 malignant episodes.’ 

Three top-rated passive attack skills, three passive defense skills, and the corrupt passive could be acquired from the 7 malignant episodes. The Ares Army didn’t know exactly how to acquire the seven skills, but they could infer how the skills worked. Due to this, they discovered that Grid had God's Command. It was because he used his ultimate skill two consecutive times during the Belial raid and summoned four red phoenixes during the war against Eternal.

‘But isn’t God's Command activated on a probability?’

Grid seemed to trigger God's Command too often. It was almost at the level of activating to his will.

‘Is he wearing an item that increases his good luck stat?’

‘Or his natural luck is too good.’

Scott and Luck were questioning this when new reports came from the guild members monitoring Grid’s battle.

@ Grid summoned another two red phoenixes...! It’s a total of six red phoenixes!


"Didn’t he already use God's Command when he summoned four?”

Scott and Luck replayed the video of the Eternal battle. It was in order to determine Grid’s combat capabilities.

‘Two of the four golden hands turned into two bows.’

‘One of them was used by Grid and the other was used by the remaining two golden hands.’


'...Is it possible to turn all four hands into bows?’

They thought about it.


Scott and Luck got goosebumps. In particular, Luck received a huge impact. Why? Luck had been evaluating Grid at a level similar to himself.

‘But I was wrong.’

Grid was above him. Luck realized this and could only laugh.

'Kraugel, is this your rival?’


Bultail Plains. It was a meadow with small rocks as obstacles. It was a space that could maximize the strength of the armored elite troops, who had the options of ‘increase speed and agility on flat ground’ and ‘additional attack power when charging 100 meters.’ The armored elite troops were overflowing with confidence. They were confident that they could even win against the empire if it was on this vast plains.

"During the march, no rebel will be able to block our way.”

The leader of the armored elite troops 3rd Battalion, Pastano. Confidence filled the dark blue eyes that could be seen through matted hair. He believed that his 3rd Battalion would be the first to arrive at the castle of the rebel Duke Ares and that he would be awarded with the greatest achievement.

“Duke Ares... I once thought of him as a mentor, but not anymore.”

He was certain that he had transcended Ares. But Ares was an object of admiration and Pastano never had a chance to challenge Ares, making him feel regret.

'That changed a few days ago.’

Pastano was extremely delighted when he heard that Duke Ares was looking to overthrow the royal family. Pastano wanted to demonstrate his capabilities to the kingdom.

“Ares...! Become the cornerstone of my reputation!” 

Pastano shouted as loudly as possible as he charged towards where Ares was hiding. The speed of his horse was much faster than usual. He inserted a ghost into the horse, insuring it was never tired and was fearless.

"Kuahahaha! Forward! Shoot!”

Pastano led 2,500 armored elite troops across the plains. He imagined himself burning the capital of the Ares Duchy that he would arrive at in two days, only to frown.


One person stood in the path of the advancing armored elite troops. No, it was unclear if it was a person. Pastano couldn’t identify the target since he was too far away.


No human would willingly stand in the path of an army consisting of thousands. Pastano decided that the being in the distance was a monster and cried out.

"Step on it!”


Pastano commanded and the armoured elite troops replied. Their voices filled the sky as the strong legs of their horses stirred the earth.

“Fly Up!”


The presence, who they thought was a monster, shouted and pulled a gleaming golden bow. 


Why was he shouting alone? The armored elite troops flinched but didn’t stop moving. However, they were forced to stop. It was because they witnessed a bird flying in the blue sky. A fiery bird. The legendary sacred creature, a red phoenix. The size was so big that it covered a portion of the sky.


“W-What is this?”

The surprised Pastano and the armored elite troops reflexively slowed their pace, and this was a huge mistake.

“Fly Up!”

The person shouted once again and pulled the bow.



Another phoenix showed up in the sky.

“What is this?”

"S-Summoning a red phoenix!”

“This is ridiculous...!”

The armored elite troops were still human. They had to lose their cool when something didn’t make sense. Pastano tried to calm the confused troops.

“Keep your minds steady! We are the great armored elite troops! We won’t be fooled by this trick!”

The person who summoned the phoenixes were likely to be subordinates of Ares. But when he thought calmly, there was no reason to be afraid. It didn’t make sense that a human could summon the legendary red phoenix. That’s right. Pastano judged that the two phoenixes in the sky were a trick. It was a last hurrah from Ares to tie up their feet.

"Rush in at full force! Trample on the fool who dares try to deceive us and burn all of Ares’ lands!”


The armored elite troops regained their composure at Pastano’s command and their horses started running again. However, it was already too late. The man in the distance pulled out two more golden bows and fired them.

“Fly Up!”




Even the sun was swallowed. Four red phoenixes appeared in the sky, their blazing bodies covering the whole sky. Now it wasn’t sunshine but flames that lit up the grasslands.

“Four red...


Pastano and the armored elite troops were shocked. To be honest, they were were completely scared. It might be a trick, but the heat of the flames could be felt on their skin. The soldiers were confused, but narrowed the distance without stopping. Then the man below the four phoenixes gave them even greater despair.

"Two more! Fly Up!”

God's Command. In the process of transforming the four God Hands into the Red Phoenix Bows and using it four times, Grid’s God's Command skill was activated twice. It was only a half chance. Thanks to this, six red phoenixes filled the sky and the sum of their power overtook the Fly Up! of the myth rated Red Phoenix Bow.


Fire fell indefinitely. The green plains burned instantly.


“H-Help me...! Hiiik!”

The flames that wouldn’t go out. The world had nothing to fear as the armored elite troops burned.

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]


Grid gained five levels from wiping out less than 3,000 troops? It was unforgettable experience. The bewildered Grid finally noticed.

"Are they actually high level soldiers?”


The members of the Ares Army were silent as they watched Grid. Their lives seemed to be in vain after seeing Grid kill the armored elite troops so easily. 

‘An ignorant and uncouth human...’

‘He seems to be as strong as Ares?’

How frightening would he be when he became their enemy later?!


The shocked Ares members regained their senses. It was because a survivor appeared in the 3rd Battalion, who they thought had been wiped out. It was the 3rd Battalion’s leader, Pastano. He survived the constant rain of fire, showing that the battalion leaders were on a different dimension.

“You! Who are you?”

A leader who lost his troops would be condemned. Yes, Pastano had lost everything. His honor, power, and status. He was forced to give up his ambitions and only had rage left.

“I will kill you! I will kill you!”


Pastano roared and shot towards Grid. He was able to reach 100 meters in an instant and got additional charging power, showing a fearsome sight. A cavalry’s dash was said to be more powerful than anything else and Pastano’s force was terrifying. But distinct strengths always had a weakness.  The cavalry’s dash attack was in a straight line, which meant it was vulnerable to a counterattack.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Revolve.”



Pastano’s chest armor was breached. The +7 Sword Ghost moved in a circle and turned Pastano’s attack back on him.


Pastano felt great confusion as he was injured.

‘He wasn’t a summoner?’

The black-haired man in front of him had summoned six legendary red phoenixes. Pastano didn’t know how he summoned sacred creatures, but he was sure that this man was a summoner. If Pastano could narrow the distance, the man would be easily suppressed. But what was this?

“Swordsmanship... How can a summoner use a sword? Cough, cough!”

A fatal blow had been dealt to Pastano. Grid tried to show mercy to him who was bleeding. It was the mercy of death, which would free Pastano from suffering.

“Now I will be killed by a summoner? How can I lose my manliness?”



Grid was surprised while aiming for Pastano’s neck. It was because Pastano blocked his attack with a spear.

‘His reactions aren’t dull?’

Pastano had been hit by the six phoenixes. His health gauge was extremely low and his whole body was injured. A normal humanoid NPC wouldn’t be able to stand up in this state. Yet Pastano moved quickly and precisely defended against Grid’s attack.

‘This is enough!’

He had gained five levels from the armoured elite troops. The level of their leader shouldn’t be low. In addition, the reason they could be so strong was purely because of Ares. Grid once again felt afraid of Ares. The power of Ares as an individual hadn’t yet been grasped, but the strength of the army he created was amazing. He wanted to avoid a war with the Ares Army.


Chaaeng! Chaaeng!

Pastano roared and attacked Grid. But his remaining health was too low. He died the moment Grid struck him twice. Grid was once again shocked.

[The leader of the armored elite troops 3rd Battalion, Pastano, has been defeated!]

[The armored elite troops are burning with desire for revenge against you! The armored elite troops will exert more power when facing you in the future!]


He got a penalty instead of a reward? The Ares troops came over to the baffled Grid and explained. 

"This is the characteristic of those who have been given leadership by Ares.”

“Those who are strong enough to kill Ares’ commanders...”

"The Ares Army’s potential will explode against them.”

"Kraugel was a victim of this.”

The intentions of the Ares members’ explanation to Grid was simple. They wanted him to feel fear. Grid’s response was beyond the expectations of the Ares troops.,

“The penalty obtained from killing the battalion leader has no meaning to me. I don’t intend to meet the armored elite troops again in the future.”


"My colleagues will kill the remaining armored elite troops.”

Grid’s meaning was also very simple. The penalty incurred by killing Ares’ commanders? He wasn’t afraid because of his strong colleagues.

The two forces had already started their war of nerves.