Chapter 668

Over four hours. It was the time Grid spent by the roadside creating a new item. He was only focused on one thing.


A confident look! Grid completed the process of creating an item and asserted.

“It’s the best!”

[Pulling Tool]

* Secondary tool.

A small box with a diameter of five centimeters, created by the blacksmith Grid who is eager to learn the divine techniques.

When the button on top of the box is clicked, the internal fan will rotate counterclockwise and release the silver thread. When the button on the button is clocked, the internal fan rotates clockwise and pulls the silver thread. It takes 0.3 seconds every time.

The end of the silver thread can be attached to a ‘blade’ item.

Conditions of Use: Depends on where the box is installed.

* The box can be installed anywhere.

Fan Operation (Button Click) Resource Consumption: 630 mana.


0.3 seconds!

The time it took to detach and attach a blade was dramatically reduced!

"I will experiment right now!”

The giddy Grid headed towards the smithy.


Ttang! Ttang!

"Stupid bastard! There’s no rhythm in your hammering! How many times do I need to tell you to listen to the melody of the metal!?”

"The fire isn’t good at all. You can smelt more metal by properly controlling the intensity of the flames, just like a woman’s body.”

The large smithy located in the center of Reinhardt. Advanced blacksmiths from all over the kingdom and the blacksmiths of Pangea were training thousands of blacksmiths.  The effect of the teaching was unrivalled as the techniques of the East Continent and West Continent combined in a positive direction.

[Baron’s Beginner Blacksmith’s skill has risen!]

[Spinner’s Intermediate Blacksmith skill has matured!]

[Medon’s Intermediate Blacksmith skill has achieved dramatic maturity!]

"Well well. Okay, very good!”

The only craftsman blacksmith in the Overgeared Kingdom, Khan. He was in charge of the blacksmiths management and education and smiled warmly. He was very happy to see the blacksmiths teaching, learning, competing, and growing every day. He hoped they could develop and contribute to King Grid.

"His Majesty would’ve accomplished a great feat somewhere...”

Grid had left Reinhardt immediately after kidnapping tens of thousands of residents of Pangea. What was he doing now? It was obvious. He would be sure to impress people with good deeds or would’ve made a great piece of equipment with the best techniques on the continent. This was what Khan believed.


The front door of the smith, which a able-bodied man had to push with all his strength, opened lightly like a reed swaying in the wind. It was followed by the appearance of a person.

"Out of the way!

It was Grid. Something was so urgent that Grid forgot he was a king and stood before the nearest furnace. He immediately pulled out a hammer.

“The Overgeared King...!” 

The attention of the blacksmiths focused on Grid. The legendary blacksmith, Pagma's Descendant. It was a great learning opportunity for the blacksmiths to observe him making an item. The blacksmiths couldn’t hide their excitement as they gathered by Grid’s side. Of course, Khan was the same.

‘These resolute eyes...!’

Khan gulped. He was already excited to see what type of item Grid would make. Grid pulled out the drake fangs and silver thread.


The materials that were as rare as pulling a star from the sky were brought out at the same time! The expectations of the blacksmiths soared into the sky.

‘Is he trying to make a legendary sword?’

‘It’s likely to be an armor if he took out the silver thread. The silver thread will increase the aesthetic beauty of the armor and will also increase its defense.’

What would the only legendary blacksmith in the world make with such unusual items? Everyone forgot what they were doing as they focused only on Grid. Grid started making the item without realizing the eyes of those around him.

Ttang! Ttang!


Hwaruk! Hwaruruk!


Ttang! Ttang!


Doubt appeared on the blacksmiths’ faces as Grid’s work progressed. Grid used the precious drake fangs to create an empty box and an unidentified round disc. Unlike everyone’s expectations, it was neither a weapon nor armor. The purpose was unknown.


The box and disc produced by Grid were very small. The box was only five centimeters in diameter and the disc was less than three centimeters.  It was the size of a kid’s toy. The blacksmiths couldn’t believe it.

'The precious drake fang was turned into this...’

Maybe the Overgeared King didn’t know about the importance of resources! Some people started asking questions like this while Grid continued working. He took a strange of silver thread, wound it on the small disc and mounted it in the box. The advanced blacksmiths all felt admiration. Grid’s dexterity was so delicate that they could never reach it in their lives.

On the other hand, the intermediate and below blacksmiths didn’t feel any inspiration. Grid finished it so quickly that they mistook it as an easy task.

"Okay, it’s finished.”

Grid smiled with satisfaction, took out the +7 Sword Ghost and separated it into two. Then the Pulling Device box was attached to the handle. It was welded together using the blast furnace.

“Kukuk... Kukukuk!”

What was so good? Grid was laughing alone with a very pleased expression. The blacksmiths cocked their heads to one side.


Grid pressed a button on the attached box. Then.


The silver thread stretched out from the box.


Grid pressed a button again. Then this time.


The extended silver thread returned to the box. 


A spectacular sight!

The blacksmiths started to show greater interest in the tool that Grid produced. But the precise use of it hadn’t yet been determined.

'It’s amazing, but what’s the significance of shooting out a strand of silver thread...?’

‘The silver thread can be shot out, but it’s too weak to be used as a weapon...’

‘It isn’t a weapon, but an assisting tool. Does he intend to launch the silver thread at trees and pillars, or to bind the enemy’s body?’

‘The length of the silver thread is too short for that. It is less than one meter.’


Most production class players chose the Saharan Empire as their home country. It was because the empire’s rich economy benefited the production classes. Due to that, the Overgeared Kingdom’s blacksmiths were 100% NPCs. The NPCs who only knew the world of Satisfy couldn’t grasp the intentions of the modern day Grid. Grid pulled out Belial’s Horn.

[Belial’s Horn]

A weapon material that contains Belial’s magic power.

Various options are added when making weapons. 

However, finding a blacksmith who can handle this horn is as difficult as picking a star from the sky.

It was a weapon production material that a great demon dropped. It could be considered a production material with more value than adamantium. Grid had already dealt with Belial’s Horn in the process of making items for his kingdom’s meritorious retainers. It was also several times!

‘There will be at least eight options if I make a weapon with Belial’s Horn.’

Additional physical damage, additional magic damage, additional fire damage, additional dark damage, there was a certain probability of releasing fire when attacking, additional damage to divine existences and the ability to cause hallucinations. 

Grid had learned this while making weapons for his retainers. When making a weapon with Belial’s Horn, at least two to four of the eight options were assigned to the weapon.

‘I want to add physical damage, fire damage, and damage to divine existences.’

These were the options that belonged to Piaro’s hand plow. The power was overwhelming. The weapon that Grid would make with Belial’s Horn was a ‘blade.’

Grid hoped that there wouldn’t be the additional magic damage option as he threw Belial’s Horn into the furnace.



The blacksmiths held their breaths. There was turbulence as soon as Belial’s Horn entered the fire.

“T-The curse of a great demon?”

Khan reassured the anxious blacksmiths.

"Don’t make a big fuss. It isn’t a curse. This is a shock caused by the special magic power contained in the demon’s horn.”

This was the reason why blacksmiths found it hard to handle Belial’s Horn. Belial’s Horn had a very violent temper. In particular, the process of resistance was extremely severe.




Kwa kwa kwang!

The red Belial’s Horn was placed on the anvil. An explosion of flames and darkness swallowed Grid every time he hammered it. Grid kept suffering damage.

[You have suffered 4,400 damage.]

[You have suffered 4,530 damage.]

[The effect of Doran’s Ring has been activated.]

[2,265 health has been restored.]

[You have suffered 4,370 damage.]

[The experience of Tiramet's Belt has increased by 0.01%!]

‘It would’ve been unfair if the item experience didn’t rise.’

If Grid’s stats and items weren’t as high, he might’ve lost his life in the process of refining Belial’s Horn.

Ttang! Ttang!


He hammered it hundreds of times! Grid was swallowed up by flames and darkness every time he hammered it, but he didn’t die. He was able to cope with the anticipated damage using potions, the healing effect of Tiramet's Belt, and the defensive effect of the First King title.


Risking their lives with blacksmith work? The blacksmiths watched Grid work with fear and horror. Everyone shut their mouths and focused on Grid’s work.

[Your potion cooldown time hasn’t returned.]


The resistance of Belial’s Horn was terrible. Grid was injured and had to rest a few times along the way. It wasn’t something that could be done with ordinary persistence.

"G... Ghoul...”


Night was over and the bright morning arrived. The blacksmiths had forgotten about eating while watching Grid work and unknowingly fell asleep.

Ttang! Ttang!


Belial’s Horn was still resisting. But its momentum had waned. Grid felt that the end was coming. Once the sun was high in the sky.

[You are extremely concentrated and the Legendary Blacksmith’s Patience skill has been activated.]

[Vitality, defense, and dexterity will rise by 200% for one hour.]

The patience effect, which had a much lower rate of activating than the Legendary Blacksmith’s Breath, was triggered and made Grid’s work easier.

Ttang! Ttang!

Grid kept up the hammering and Belial’s Horn started to gradually change shape. It was forming the shape of a blade as Grid intended. Then something amazing happened.

[After the last tempering, Belial’s Horn is strengthened.]

[Enhanced Belial’s Horn]

Belial’s Horn enhanced by the legendary blacksmith Grid.

The Enhanced Belial’s Horn is a better weapons building material than the existing Belial’s Horn.

However, the degree of difficulty in handling it has also increased. A lot of time and effort must be spend to forge it into the form that you want. 


A similar phenomenon to when the Red Phoenix’s Breath became the Enhanced Phoenix Breath occurred!