Chapter 666


Born in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, he was constantly harassed by his classmates during his school years. The intensity of the harassment was so high that there were countless horrible stories. Surprisingly, this intense bullying continued even into adulthood.

“Why was he the subject of harassment?”

Lauel asked after reading the papers and the detective lit up a cigarette and replied.

“It was due to his tone of speech.”

“Huh? That was the reason?”

Lauel responded like it was absurd. The smoking detective shrugged with a bitter expression.

"It originally doesn’t take a lot to annoy people. It’s fun to see a soft target be in pain, and then it will become a normal part of life... Well, there’s no need to lengthen this story. The thing that should be noted is that Agnus’ lover, who was his sole resting place, met a terrible end.”


The contents were terribly cruel. The people who harassed Agnus for many years. No, the trash raped Agnus’ lover as a group. It was also in front of Agnus.

"The big shock caused her to eventually commit suicide. From that time on, Agnus changed. He enacted a terrible revenge and was sentenced to 28 years in prison by the court. But thanks to a human rights organization, he only served three years before being released from prison.”

"Satisfy was just released when he got out...”

“Agnus’ psychiatrist highly recommended Satisfy as part of his social readjustment program. Since then, Agnus became a so-called gaming addict and the people around him were relieved. They liked the fact that a ticking time bomb was locked into the game.”


Indeed, there was no better method to ignore reality than a game. Unlike reality, the game world was filled with fun and interesting stories and a fair system that allowed a person to get rewards.

Dok dok.

Lauel knocked on the table before grabbing the papers and getting up.

"Thank you."

“I’m getting paid, so I should thank you instead. Call me again the next time you need something. You can come to Seattle at any time.”


He left the detective and returned to his mansion. Lauel was in deep thought.


“Noe, why aren’t you eating?”

“I don’t want to eat, nyang.”


"Why do you care if I don’t eat, nyong?”


Pets were creatures. Even if they stayed in the pet inventory without doing anything, they needed to eat to survive. In addition, Noe was a pig who was always waiting for meals. Yet he was refusing a meal! Grid felt worried after seeing Noe’s thin belly and asked carefully.

“Is it because I didn’t summon you when I fought Agnus?”


Noe’s triangle-shaped eyes twitched. His tail stood upright as he cried out.

“That’s right, nyang! Why, nyang? Why didn’t you call me when you were fighting?”

Noe had long since recognized Grid as a parent. It was natural since Grid was the first person Noe saw when he hatched from the egg and Grid raised him. Noe always wanted to help Grid. He was worried when Grid was fighting against a mighty enemy.

"This body is the best demonic beast of hell! I am the noblest being in this world and you should depend on me! Nyang!”

Noe opened his eyes as big as possible. Grid smiled as he saw Noe’s heart.

“I’m sorry. I won’t forget you in the future. But you should eat.”

Did Grid really forget about Noe? That wasn’t the case. He couldn’t forget about Noe, the strongest pet, while dealing with Agnus. In fact, Grid wanted to summon Noe several times during the battle with Agnus. But Agnus had contracted with Baal, the 1st great demon, and the memphis was a great demon’s pet.

That’s right. Grid was just scared. He was afraid that Noe would be affected by Agnus’ aura and betray him.

‘Betrayal might be too much. However, I can’t rule out the possibility that Noe might be influenced by Agnus.’

There were still too many things Grid didn’t know about Baal’s Contractor.

‘I don’t know much about necromancers, let alone Baal’s Contractor...’

There were no necromancers in Overgeared. In the first place, necromancer was a class that specialized in solo play and few of them joined guilds.

‘I have to understand necromancers better.’

In particular, he wondered about the structure of a death knight. Grid hunted monsters and gave their souls to Noe before logging out.


Necromancer. They were magicians who could summon the undead such as skeletons, zombies, ghouls, skeleton warriors, skeleton archers, skeleton magicians, etc. The higher the domination stat, the more undead that could be summoned. In addition, the level of the undead was affected by the summoner’s level. An average level 300 necromancer had an estimated 1,500 domination stat. This meant they could summon 150 skeletons or 15 skeleton magicians at the same time.

In other words, the number of the domination stat required for every undead was different. In order to summon a death knight, available for third advancement necromancers, at least 1,000 domination points were required.

Death knights. A death knight was made using the body of a warrior who built up a high reputation during their lifetime. Since the level and skills varied depending on the body used as a material, it was important to secure a body that was strong in life. Once created, the death knight could be used permanently. Like a pet, it could raise its level through hunting. The death knight’s tendencies depended on where the stat points were invested after levelling up.

A third advancement necromancer could use the ‘Death Knight Production’ skill only one time. But people guessed that this would increase with the fourth advancement.

“Agnus, how much of a scam is he?”

Shin Youngwoo clicked his tongue after collecting information about necromancers from various communities. The more he knew about necromancers, the more fraudulent he realized Agnus was.

“There’s a reason why people are talking about Agnus these days...”

It was two days after the battle. The people of the world were in a heated debate about Agnus. People were excited and speculated that he would be the owner of the next legendary class after Pagma's Descendant and Sword Saint.

"Not many people know about the hidden growth classes. Hrmm...”

After gathering information about the necromancers and replaying Agnus’ combat abilities, Youngwoo turned off the computer. He had a meal and got back into the capsule.

“The Behen Archipelago.”

The death knight Lantier guarded the 61st island. He would create items for the undead inspired by his battle with Agnus. Then he would finally conquer the Behen Archipelago and grab Pagma’s heritage. Shin Youngwoo had this as his immediate goal. He was convinced that it was a shortcut to a fast increase in strength.



Grid didn’t waste a single second after connecting to Satisfy. As soon as he connected, he moved to a field outside Reinhardt and summoned the four God Hands, Noe, Randy, and the two Overgeared Skeletons. He had them hunt to gain experience, while he sat down and worked on increasing his tailoring experience. It was almost macro-level... No, it was the level of a necromancer’s automatic hunting.

“Item Information.”

While stitching, Grid brought up the information about Tiramet's Belt.

[Tiramet's Belt]

Rating: Unique (Growth)

Experience: 58.9%.

* Reduce damage received by 10%.

* Stamina +250.

A belt that contains the unique magic power of Vampire Viscount Tiramet. If this belt grows to a legendary rating, the wearer can summon Vampire Viscount Tiramet.

Weight: 13


It had been several years in game time since he acquired Tiramet's Belt. But Tiramet's Belt was still stuck at the unique rating. It was really hard to raise it to the legendary level.

“Once I can summon Tirament, it’s likely that my attack power will sharply rise.”

Tiramet’s tanking ability was one of the highest among the vampires. Grid would be much more stable in battle if he could summon Tiramet.

‘I don’t have to give the God Hands an order to defend. Tiramet’s bite means I can maximize stability and attack power at the same time.’

Grid started to burn with motivation. Considering the strength of Lantier on the 61st island, the experience of Tiramet’s Belt would increase exponentially every time he was hit.

“I need to strike the iron while it is hot.”

Grid started moving without stopping his sewing. He planned to visit Sticks to move to the Behen Archipelago.


Grid stopped in place.

He was much stronger than before. But it was still hard to assure victory against Lantier.

‘I have already finished making armor for Lantier... It would be nice to make a new weapon.’

He didn’t know how many years he had been using Failure. Grid hadn’t been able to produce a famous sword since Failure, to the extent that he was still using Failure after making the most recent Sword Ghost.


Grid had the materials that he secured from Belial’s raid. In addition, he learned how to use Belial’s accessories properly in the process of creating items for the meritorious retainers. Grid decided to make a sword he had dreamt about. But there was one thing.

‘Belial’s accessories contain too much demonic power to be made into the weapon I need...’

It was unfortunate that using the material of a great demon to make a weapon meant the weapon was specialized for only one characteristic.

‘What if there was a true master weapon that was strong against normal monsters, strong against people, strong against big monsters, and strong against the undead?’

But was such a weapon possible? Right now, the myth rated Red Phoenix Bow and Lifael’s Spear were each specialized in fire and divine power. It was impossible for a perfect all-rounder weapon to exist.

“...No, wait.”

Lightning struck Grid’s mind. An idea surfaced. The hidden skill Item Combination gave him inspiration!