Chapter 664

Satisfy boasted graphics more colorful than any game or movie. The effects that occurred every time skills or magic was used were beautiful and glamorous. The players who used brilliant skills and magic became the objects of envy.


The left side was blazing red flames and the right side was dark wings. The viewers and everyone on the battlefield looked at the white-haired Grid with wings  The sight of a player with opposing wings captured everyone’s admiration.


Agnus still maintained his concentration during a time when everyone else were fascinated. He quickly grasped the situation and took measures to cope with it.

"Flying magic that contains a bombardment it?”

Agnus though that Grid would fly.  It wasn’t a hasty conclusion. It was a rational conclusion since wings were a tool for flying in the sky.



Agnus used a skill attached to the Rune of Death and dozens of magic shields were created above him. It was the strongest anti-air defense magic. Agnus was prepared for Grid to attack from the sky. This was a mistake.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!


Grid didn’t fly.

He waved his wings firmly while standing on the ground. At the same time, he released a line of fire magic and dark magic at Lich Mumud.

‘Fireball and Dark Cutter?’

He never imagined that the magic that looked like wings was actually a multi-deployment Fireball and Dark Cutter. Agnus belatedly realized his misjudgment, hurried to turn off the anti-air defense and raised bodies around him. It was an attempt to use a body shield.




It was too late. Due to the time gap between the release of the anti-air defense magic, the deployment of the body shield was delayed!


Agnus cursed as 10 pairs of Fireball and Dark Cutter narrowly made it past the bodies. He lost his composure for a moment as there was a strong explosion.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

[Lich Mumud has suffered 38,100 damage!]

[Lich Mumud has suffered 36,860 damage!]

[Lich Mumud has suffered 37,500 damage!]

[Lich Mumud...]




The lich was the culmination of the undead. But this was a story for when it existed as an independent object. The moment it belonged to a player, the power of a lich became extremely limited. The problem wasn’t the weakening of stats, but the limits of the command system. During real-time combat, it was very difficult for a player to instruct the worker in detail about certain actions, resulting in extremely low potential for the worker.

Of course, players with outstanding concentration and wits were able to deliver high quality commands to the worker, but this was in a situation where they were able to do that. It was virtually impossible to deliver high-quality commands during combat with an unpredictable opponent. It was difficult to respond to constantly changing variables and a gap was eventually revealed.

Just like Agnus right now.

‘I was too impatient. I should’ve instructed Mumud to defend.’

It was too early to judge that Grid’s attack would come from the sky. No, it was a mistake to be overconfident that he could protect Mumud from Grid’s attacks. Agnus commanded Mumud to cast attack magic and as a result, Mumud was exposed to Grid’s magic and suffered a serious injury. 

The 10 pairs of Fireball and Dark Cutter caused Mumud to lost 30,000 mana and 70,000 health with every hit. Now Mumud had 50,000 health remaining and 170,000 mana.

‘The lowest level magic could exert such power...’

It wasn’t just high attack power. It required an incredible computing ability to use 20 magic spells simultaneously, even if they were the lowest rated magic.

‘Is this Braham’s unique characteristic?’

Like Mumud, Braham had his own unique magic style. It wasn’t strange if he had increased speed in magic casting and mana recovery. Agnus reached a conclusion.

‘This situation is bad for me.’

Mumud’s magic was classified as ‘high level’ magic. Mumud was a magician of mass destruction. On the other hand, Braham was well-rounded. It was possible for him to use low level magic with unbelievable power and there was no delay between spells. It meant he was specialized. In one on one matches, Braham was ahead of Mumud.

‘My role is important.’

Now Agnus was only focused on the battle in front of him. He had succeeded in completely forgetting the memory of reality that afflicted his mind and soul.


The moment that Agnus calmed down. 

“You should stay focused.”

A handsome man with black hair was watching the TV and cheering for Grid. It was Kraugel.



Agnus commanded Mumud to cancel the casting of the attack magic and to enter the ‘defense’ and ‘evade’ mode. He avoided the Fireballs and Dark Cutters that Grid was launching while continuing to look elsewhere. It was in the direction of the battle between White and Regas and Euphemina. At that moment.


Agnus shook as he was hit in the arm by a fireball.

‘...It’s tricky.’

Fireball and Dark Cutter had simple paths as the lowest grade magic. It was relatively easy to avoid the attacks if he didn’t think about counterattacking. However, Grid suddenly used 10 pairs of Fireball and Dark Cutter at the same time. This meant that Agnus was occasionally hit.

On the other hand, Mumud was completely protecting himself with defensive spells. Agnus was relieved by the sight and looked at White again. She was overwhelming Regas, but couldn’t deal the finishing blow. It was because the female magician called Euphemina interfered with White during important moments. It seemed impossible for White to suppress them alone during a short time.

‘It isn’t useless.’

Agnus pulled out his sword and licked it. Then something amazing happened.


Agnus’ tongue started corroding the sword.


Grid’s eyes shook as he kept using Fireball and Dark Cutter to attack Mumud. He was astonishing by the toxicity contained in Agnus, as the blade was corroded with a lick of the tongue.

At that moment.


Agnus escaped to the rear. He left Mumud to deal with Grid alone and moved to the place where White was.

“It’s dangerous!”

Grid hurriedly shouted. He thought Agnus was trying to attack Regas and Euphemina. But Agnus wasn’t aiming at them.



Agnus’ sword pierced the abdomen of a woman. It was White.


Attacking the same side? Everyone was shocked while White’s face distorted. She was the most confused. 

"What are you doing?"

Agnus whispered to White.

“Accept your fate.”


Purple demonic energy emanated from the corroded sword and started to flow through White’s veins and muscles. It was the precursor of Death Knight Transformation.

[You have temporarily made the target a death knight.]

[If the target accepts the magic, they will become a death knight and their species will change to the undead. At this point, all stats will increase by 23% and they will have the ‘Death Aura’ skill. However, they will be extremely vulnerable to divine magic and won’t benefit from healing effects.]

Death Knight Transformation. It made a living person into a death knight, giving them the deadly abilities of a death knight. It was a strength that Agnus obtained from clearing a hidden quest. It was a fraudulent power, but it was also risky. The downside of this skill was that...

[’Agnus’ wants to make you a death knight! Once the duration of Death Knight Transformation is over, you will die and lose experience!]


The person who became a death knight would receive a huge penalty. No one would accept Death Knight Transformation unless they had a great deal of loyalty towards Agnus. Agnus whispered to the hesitating White.

“If you refuse, I will kill you. Accept it with ease. Yes? Kukuk!”

Death Knight Transformation could also be used on a corpse. However, if a corpse was made into a death knight, the abilities weren’t fully applied and Agnus would have to control it directly. It was the next best thing.

"Son of a bitch... Reward me properly later!”

White was caught and couldn’t refuse Agnus. She grudgingly accepted the Death Knight Transformation. Then...



White’s fist emitted a purple aura and she aimed it at Regas and Euphemina.

“Regas! Euphemina!”

Jishuka and Pon were surprised while facing Black. The power of White was overwhelming after she transformed into a death knight. Grid also seemed to be in danger. Agnus smiled with satisfaction.

"Kikik, this is the power of a necromancer. Isn't that right?"

Death Knight Transformation was a one-time skill with a time limit, but it didn’t consume the dominance stat. It was the only way to have a death knight and Mumud, since Mumud consumed a lot of dominance. Agnus was confident. He would tie up Grid’s feet with White and then Mumud would cast the ultimate spell, destroying Grid in an instant.

It wasn’t just Agnus. All the viewers thought this was Grid’s defeat. 

"It will soon be over.”

Veradin sighed while facing Scott. All the necromancers, including himself, had exerted an excessive amount of power to block the Ares Army. The Ares Army was strong and was likely to counterattack if more time kept passing.  Veradin wanted Agnus to end the fight as soon as possible.

‘I didn’t expect Agnus to waste such a long time on Grid... What?’

The battlefield, which had been balanced for minutes, would now be overturned. Veradin’s eyes widened. A shadow was cast on the battlefield where tens of thousands of troops were fighting.


Veradin and the others in Immortal. In addition, all of the Ares members doubted their eyes. They couldn’t understand the sight of the massive pillar falling from the sky.

“Free Farming Peak Style, Pounding Mortar.”


A strange voice entered the ears of all the confused people.


A pillar fell from the sky.  It was a massive force that crushed White who was rushing towards Grid.


A pillar suddenly falling from the sky? Death Knight White was killed in one blow? Agnus couldn’t close his mouth. His head was blank from the situation he couldn’t understand.

"You were the one who called a friend first. Yes?”


Grid had unleashed hundreds of magic at once and lost a lot of mana. A middle-aged man with a hand plow and sickle stood beside the tired Grid. His name was Piaro. He was now a famous legendary farmer.

“You dare...! Who would dare go against the Overgeared King!?”


The fierce Piaro! The grains of the world responded to his anger. Piaro triggered Natural State and narrowed the distance to Agnus in an instant.

“Fated to Perish.”



A voice filled the silent battlefield.



Grid and Euphemina were frustrated.