Chapter 590

[For Isabel’s Sake]

★ Hidden Quest ★

Isabel’s mission to defend the Rebecca Church at the expense of her own life is harsh.

It is a fate that can’t be denied by the will and power of a human. Even Pope Damian can’t save her.

But you are different.

Perfectly reconstruct Lifael’s Spear and prove it.

Your blacksmithing ability is a mighty force that can destroy fate.

Reveal the absolute techniques that can’t be tolerated and become qualified to become a myth beyond a legend.

Quest Clear Conditions: Weaken the divine power of Lifael’s Spear and ensure Isabel’s safety. However, Lifael’s Spear must be stronger than the existing spear.

Quest Clear Rewards: Deity stat +1.

‘I need to build up my deity stat in the long run.’

Hidden quests were absolutely correct. They gave rewards that weren’t possible with normal quests. The reward of the hidden quest was a point in the deity stat. This meant that the deity stat couldn’t be raised in an ordinary manner. It was like the good luck stat. The titles Kingdom's Hero and Savior of the World gave points to all stats, but they didn’t have an effect on deity.

‘It’s natural.’

He wasn’t expecting much in the first place. It was rather strange if it was easy to raise a stat that can obtain a special power every 10 points.

‘Well, whatever.’

There was another headache. He needed to suppress the divine power of Lifael’s Spear, but make the performance more powerful than before? It was a shameless quest. Think about it. The main reason for the power of Lifael’s Spear was its mighty divine power. It was logically impossible to increase the spear’s power while weakening the divine power.


‘I have to do it.’

Grid grumbled as always, but he didn’t think about giving up. There wasn’t any limit on the quest duration and he wanted to acquire a point in the new stat. Above all, Grid wanted to give happiness to Isabel.

‘This is for the future of both Damian and Isabel. Don’t be in a rush. Do it slowly and carefully.’


Grid stood in front of the furnace and thought intently. It seemed like a deeply sorrowful look. An artist who wasn’t satisfied, the stubborn craftsman. The so-called years of experience.

‘It’s nice to just stand here.’

‘The atmosphere isn’t a joke.’

‘I want to be like him someday.’

The blacksmiths of Reinhardt envied Grid. It was natural for blacksmiths to respect legendary blacksmiths.


Grid kept thinking.

‘It’s tough to raise the performance of the spear itself. What if I change the structure of the spear to a shape that fits Isabel?’ 

It was likely that Lifael’s Spear would be more powerful than before, as the options were dedicated to Isabel.

'...No, this is one of the three major artifacts of a religion. I don’t think it can be dedicated to just one person. Think about it.’ 

Grid first took a normal approach. After considering the basic methods of raising the spear’s power, he planned to reconstruct the spear. But it wasn’t easy. After restraining the power of the goddess, it was virtually impossible to make Lifael’s Spear stronger with ordinary methods.


The sun had gone down and the moon rose. Grid’s eyes sharpened as he stared at the furnace.

‘What about a change in the materials?’

Adamantium was one of the best minerals. This was why Grid perceived the materials of Lifael’s Spear to be perfect. He wasn’t willing to add another material to Lifael’s Spear, which consisted only of adamantium. But looking back, didn’t he had materials equal to adamantium?

'Belial’s bones and horns!’

Adamantium was a ‘mineral’ that naturally grew in the god realm. But it was like a lower-grade material when compared to the body of a great demon. A dark smile appeared on Grid’s face.

‘If I make the spear with Belial’s bones, the power will be maximized.’

Why didn’t he think of such a simple idea? Braham poured cold water on the cheering Grid.

‘Will you mix the bones of a filthy demon with Goddess Rebecca? Kuk kuk, it’s fun, but won’t it hurt the Rebecca Church?’


It was unacceptable to use the body parts of a depraved being for a divine weapon. Grid belatedly realized and got a headache.

‘It isn’t a simple matter.’

Braham gave advice to the disappointed Grid.

'Why don’t you try magic?’


‘Attach magic to Lifael’s Spear. If your goal is to increase the power of the spear, wouldn’t it be simple and effective to use magic?’

Indeed, it was a simple answer. But it wasn’t feasible.

“How can I do that?”

Three steps were required to create a magic item. First, it was to imprint the magic power recovery formula so that the item could produce magic power on its own. Second, mark the item with a magic spell. Thirdly, insert the magic spell on the engraved mark.

It seemed simple, but was a very difficult task. Even the so-called great magicians couldn’t easy create magic items. It wasn’t an area for Grid, who was a blacksmith. Braham spoke proudly to Grid.

'I will teach you how to make magic items.’


Grid was reminded of something. Who were the ones who created the strongest mineral pavranium? They were Braham and Pagma. The legendary great magician Braham was likely to know how to create magic battle gear. Grid’s eyes lit up.

“You will really teach me? I can create magic battle gear?”

As long as Grid had the ability to make magic battle gear, the type of items he could make in the future would increase significantly. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the value was astronomical. Braham replied positively to Grid who had high expectations.

‘The making of magic battle gear was something that Pagma could do. You can do it with your skills.’

“R-Really? Then why didn’t you tell me about it sooner?”

‘You have the potential to produce magic weapons because you destroyed Great Demon Belial and your intelligence increased from the reward. Until then, you were so ignorant that there was no hope.’


He praised the Savior of the World title. At that moment, a notification window appeared in front of Grid.

[One of Pagma’s Descendant’s hidden pieces ‘Sealed Ability’ has been acquired.]

[You can acquire ‘Magic Battle Gear Production Method’ by clearing the quest.]

[A new quest has been created.]

[Production Training]

Difficulty: SSS

The making of magic battle gear was originally just for magicians.

But in the past, the legendary blacksmith Pagma created his own unique method of making magic battle gear thanks to Braham’s help.

You can also learn from Braham how to make magic battle gear.

Quest Clear Conditions: Achieve what Braham demands.

Quest Clear Reward: Magic Battle Gear Production Method Lv. 1.

“Braham, you...”

He did so much, only to be abandoned by Pagma later on. Grid felt compassion and then Braham spoke.

'Don’t betray me.’


The impact of being betrayed by a friend was very huge on Braham. If Grid was in Braham’s position, he wouldn’t trust a human again. Nevertheless, Braham showed a steady trust in Grid. What was the reason? Grid couldn’t help asking.

"Braham, why do you like me?”

Braham shouted angrily. ‘W-What!? W-Who likes you?’

Braham denied it, but he felt favorable towards Grid and was a lot of help. Why? It was because Grid’s nature was different from Pagma. Unlike Pagma, who betrayed his friends for his cause, Grid was a person who cherished every friend. Braham had been expelled from the world of vampires and his personality gradually changed over hundreds of years. He also wanted to be important to someone.


Why was his heart weakening? It was from the time when Mumud was his disciple. Braham was jealous of Mumud’s talents, intercepted his achievements, and made up his mind to erase Mumud from the world. However, Braham couldn’t kill Mumud. Later, Mumud was busy trying to cure his illness.


Mumud. The innocent smile of a man who was more lovable and naive than anyone else.

Grid prompted Braham. "What are you doing? Quickly teach me the Magic Battle Gear Production Method."

‘Right. Start with learning how to forge metal with Magic Missile.’


‘Do it 10,000 times. You need to hit the metal with Magic Missile that number of times.’


Couldn’t it be a bit easier? Grid didn’t understand why he had to suffer every time.


Lauel faced himself in front of a full-length mirror.

"Lauel, you know that you are perfect in every way.” 

His talent had already transcended the human realm and was enough to earn the jealousy of the gods. Ah, perhaps that was why?

"...I’m under a terrible curse.”

It was a curse that his military talent was merely at this level.

"Lauel, you are not qualified to lead the army.”

Lauel had a strategy to quickly end the war by targeting Reinhardt’s weakness. It was a great strategy to make sure all the members of his team did their best, but Lauel felt that he was lacking.

‘I can’t cope with variables flexibly and can’t handle a war that changes in real time. Someday, I will make a big mistake and cause the army to fall into a crisis.’

His role was the chief of staff, not a general. He needed a talented person who was cool and charismatic, while having excellent skills. Piaro and Asmophel? They were lacking. They were able to win battles, but weren’t wise enough to win a war.

'Of course, it might be different if Asmophel grows further.’

Was there someone who could take over Asmophel’s role until Asmophel’s talent fully blossomed? Lauel’s face was ugly as he thought for a long time.

“...N-No one?”

Overgeared Guild. He couldn’t deny that they had the best talents, but most of these talents were biased towards individual force. Lauel felt desperate.

“Kukuk... It can't be helped. I need to secure new talent from outside.”

How? The method was obvious. Recently, the honor and authority of Overgeared was tremendous. At this moment, many people were working hard out of a desire to join Overgeared. Lauel planned to use this.

"Toban, hold a large-scale tryout for Overgeared. Preach my will to the world right now. I will wait for those who will gain the honor of sharing my destiny.”

“Ah... In other words, advertise a job availability around the world?”


There were no romantics in Overgeared. Lauel was depressed.