Chapter 565

King Aslan’s monologue and Benoit’s appearance! This secret episode was watched in real time by the black magician player Rose. She had the authority of a quest performer.

[Prince Benoit has succeeded in delivering the summoning tool!]

[Your have gained one level from the quest reward.]

[You have acquired 10 stat points from the quest clear reward.]

[Gulbas’ Staff has been acquired from the quest clear reward.]

[The ‘Summoning of a Great Demon (4) quest has linked to the Summoning of a Great Demon (Final Part) quest.]

[Summoning of a Great Demon (Final Part)]

Difficulty Level: SS

Faithful servant of Yatan, thanks to your hard work, a great demon will soon descend to this earth.

The only thing left is to wait...

Quest Clear Condition: King Aslan summoning a great demon.

Quest Reward: Varies depending on the great demon summoned.

Rose’s face brightened as she saw that the quest was renewed.

‘The story ended up this way. It became faster due to the war caused by Overgeared. Thank you, Overgeared Guild.’

Rose rose to 1st in the black magician rankings after Yura changed to a hidden class. Following Yura, Rose became Yatan’s Servant and engaged in all types of activities. She spread fear and confusion throughout the world and in the process, she obtained a SS difficulty linked quest.  It had been three months since she met Prince Benoit, whose interests matched hers.

“Are the offerings good enough?”

Prince Benoit asked her.

Rose nodded. "Yes, Reinhard is a rich and peaceful city. There are many good quality virgins.”

"That's good.”

Prince Benoit made a happy expression while Rose expressed concern.

"What if King Aslan doesn’t summon a great demon?”

In order to summon a great demon, sacrificing a large number of virgins was needed. Would the king of a nation hostile to the Yatan Church actually sacrifice his people to summon a great demon?

Prince Benoit replied in a certain manner.

“King Aslan is brimming with ambition. He wants to avoid a deadly end and won’t be able to escape from the temptations of the great demon.”

"Then I'm glad.”

Now they just had to wait. Rose asked a question that she had been wondering since she met Prince Benoit.

“I always wondered. What’s your reason for summoning a great demon?”

Prince Benoit wasn’t a believer of Yatan. Rose observed him and knew that he wasn’t a evil human who wanted to destroy the world. She had no idea why he was obsessed with summoning a great demon. Benoit stared at her curious eyes before looking out the window. His eyes were lonely as he gazed at the sky.

“There’s someone I want to meet.”

"Who is it? What type of person are they that you need a great demon to meet them?”

Rose clearly differentiated between NPCs and humans. NPCs were simple superior artificial intelligences. She didn’t look at the circumstances of feelings of NPCs. She was like ordinary players. This was a mistake. She was unable to grasp the mood and missed the opportunity to raise her affinity with Prince Benoit. She didn’t realize this herself.

“Don’t rush just because you are curious. I might have to summon a few more great demons, making you my greatest helper. I don’t want to kill you.”

[Prince Benoit is emitting a killing intent.]

[The bloodline of the Saharan Empire that has ruled the West Continent for many years is beyond superior. You are feeling an ‘irresistible’ fear. Your actions will be restricted for five seconds. Defense and magic resistance has decreased by 23%. Some skills and spells can’t be used.]

"I-I'm sorry.”

The 1st ranked black magician within the top 50 of the unified rankings was neutralized so easily?

‘What is this power? This is the royal family of the Saharan Empire?’

Rose got goosebumps. Her ambition to make the Yatan Church the most dominant power on the West Continent blurred in front of the empire. 


The result of the two consecutive Linked Kill Waves fired with the influence of Blackening. It could only be expressed in one way.


It was insane firepower! The knights protecting Duke Lucilliv who were targeted by Grid? Their expensive heavy armor and large shields were useless as they turned to grey. The defense magic from senior magicians? It couldn’t even be used.


Duke Lucilliv let out a terrible scream as he allowed some of the bombardment from Linked Kill Wave. Grid approached as he was struggling with pain. It was at a speed that the cameras found difficult to capture.

-Wow... Isn’t Grid faster than before?

-It seems like the agility of a third advancement assassin.

-What is that agility? I wonder if he’s wearing items that increase his speed.

Blackening’s strength had been increased after his demonic power exceeded 10,000 and now it increased attack power, magic power, and agility by 30%. This 10% increase played a large role for Grid who had high stats. His movement speed was significantly different from before.


Duke Lucilliv was furious. His anger wasn’t solely focused on Grid. His anger headed towards the helpless knights, magicians, and soldiers who couldn’t stop Grid. He only had incompetent subordinates! Duke Lucilliv lamented and eventually pulled out his sword directly.

It was his final means of protecting himself after the formation failed to stop Grid. But he was just a high ranking noble. Did pulling out his sword have any meaning? The viewers thought that Duke Lucilliv would die from Grid’s sword. However, Grid was alert.

'He survived a hit from Linked Kill Wave.’

The duke of a kingdom. He was a named NPC. He had high defense and stamina as the default and could have unexpected combat abilities.

‘I will test him.’

Grid judged that if he used a big technique, the duke would become angry. He broke through the soldiers’ defenses and finally approached Duke Lucilliv.


The Sword Ghost that had a much faster attack speed than Failure! It moved in a straight line towards Duke Lucilliv.

"A lowly person like you won’t be able to kill me!”

Duke Lucilliv shouted and blocked Sword Ghost with his sword.


At the same time, there was a heavy air flow.


Duke Lucilliv rotated his sword and made Sword Ghost point towards the ground. His sword then aimed at Grid’s exposed chest.

"Preach the greatness of Eternal’s royalty in hell!”

At this moment. Duke Lucilliv was delighted. He believed that he could take Grid’s life with his own hands. But it was impossible. It was true that Duke Lucilliv’s swordsmanship was excellent.


[You have suffered 2,500 damage.]

Duke Lucilliv’s stats were relatively normal. The damage failed to penetrate Grid’s Triple Layers.

"If I was going to be beaten by you, then I wouldn’t have come here in the first place.”

Grid whispered in Duke Lucilliv’s ears and wielded Sword Ghost.


Duke Lucilliv paled and stepped backwards.

"We will protect the duke!”

A group of 10 senior magicians acted simultaneously to protect Duke Lucilliv.


The magic shields overlapped. Their defense transcended common sense and Sword Ghost couldn’t pierce through.

“Now! Hit him!”

The knight and soldiers rushed towards Grid who was blocked.

-It looks like this is the end.

-Grid fought well.

-It’s amazing that he managed to kill so many of the 100,000 troops in the first place.

There was no more hope. The viewers predicted Grid’s defeat. But the result was the exact opposite.

“Pinnacle Kill.”

It was the strongest single attack skill that ignored 100% of the target’s defense. It got through the defense of the shield and struck Duke Lucilliv.

“Ku... Kuaaaaaaaack!”


This couldn’t be. The senior magicians were at a loss for words as Duke Lucilliv started turning grey. But the knights and soldiers already reached Grid. Swords, arrows, and spears all aimed for Grid.




Grid allowed a large number of attacks and started coughing up blood. The dying Duke Lucilliv smiled as he was covered with Grid’s red blood.

“Kukukuk! The perfect companion to hell...!”

Of course, he was aware of the fact that Grid could resurrect. However, there was a curse that would affect the resurrection. Grid’s death penalty would be huge. Duke Lucilliv wanted Grid to feel despair. But the result?

“I...I’m fine.” 

Grid didn’t die. He smiled wickedly and cut off Duke Lucilliv’s head. Then he used Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Wave, on the knights and soldiers around him and shouted.

"The duke, I have killed him!”

[The enemies have confirmed the death of Duke Lucilliv!]

[You have succeeded in reclaiming Bairan!]

[The title skill ‘Confront 100,000 Enemies’ has been acquired!]

Confront 100,000 Enemies

Type: Passive

The more enemies you have around you, the higher your defense.

There is a limit to the increase.

“T-This is impossible...”

Grid swept through the enemies by himself and eventually cut off Duke Lucilliv’s head. He stood in a devastated area and the 60,000 non-regular soldiers looked up at him. An absolute monarch who had the power to defend the people and would sacrifice his lives to protect the people. The cries of the Bairan residents entered the ears of the non-regular soldiers who wanted to serve him.

“I’m alive thanks to Grid!”

"Thank you. I love and respect you!”

“Grid is our everlasting idol forever!”

"My grandchildren will praise you!”

"Waaaaahhhhh! Hooray Grid!”

“Hooray Reidan’s sun!”

The shouts praised Grid. This was the spark. The fascinated soldiers saw the happy and ecstatic residents and revealed their intentions to Grid.

“W-We would like to be your people.”

"Please accept us!”

They didn’t want to live in a kingdom that treated people as livestock. The non-regular soldiers eagerly begged him. In fact, they doubted if Grid would accept them. From Grid’s perspective, they were enemies. They didn’t want to die so they asked humbly.

But Grid’s choice was different. Asmophel whispered the story to him and Grid turned off Blackening and straightened the Holy Light Crown. Then he reached out to the soldiers.

“I won’t disappoint you.”  


Grid’s smile was bright and warm like the sun. A noble was smiling kindly towards the common people? The non-regular soldiers vowed to follow Grid for life.

[You have obtained 63,387 people.]

[Congratulations! The number of people serving you as exceeded 100,000!]

[You have achieved the minimum qualifications to establish a kingdom!]