Chapter 563

The silver thread unfolded like a spider web and refracted beautifully in the moonlight. The flashing silver was reminiscent of a chandelier and Grid in the center was like an arrogant king. He looked around with cold eyes. He was so tranquil that it was hard to believe he was isolated among tens of thousands of enemy soldiers. He caused the audience and give high rankers captured by him to feel thrilled.

“ it possible to join Overgeared?” 

It wasn’t because their life was at risk. The high rankers felt a real dignity from Grid. They had a desire to follow him from the bottom of their hearts. They couldn’t help falling for Grid’s absolute power and dignity.  However, Grid misunderstood. They had just tried to kill him before asking to join the guild, so how could they be sincere?

'These guys are speaking lame things because they don’t want to die.’

Even stupid people wouldn’t fall for it!

'I am different. Hut!’

Grid gained a lot of insight from his accumulated experience. Setting aside his insight stat, Grid’s mind managed to puzzle out the intentions of the five high rankers.

“No. I won’t accept you.”


The rankers were very embarrassed. Who were they? Rankers who achieved their third advancement. They were in the top 10 of the rankings for their class. The Seven Guilds also wanted to recruit them. Yet Grid refused to let them join the guild after they applied for membership? They could only think of one reason.

‘Is it because we tried to kill him?’

They could understand Grid’s feelings. How could Grid trust those who tried to kill him and the guild members? The high rankers wouldn’t accept it, let alone Grid.

‘Then it can’t be helped.’

‘I will humbly accept my death today and pledge to him next time.’

The high rankers hanging from the silver thread closed their eyes. They expected Grid to kill them. However, it wasn’t Grid who attacked them. It was Duke Lucilliv’s golden soldiers.



The blades that aimed for Grid ended up hitting the high rankers that were used as shields.


The golden soldiers were second advancement soldiers. The soldiers of Duke Lucilliv exerted strength different to the Eternal soldiers.


Grid hesitated as he was about to deal the final blow to the high rankers who groaned with pain. Far away, in the central square of the city. It was because he saw soldiers of Eternal aiming their bows at the people of Bairan.

‘Those bastards!’

They couldn’t overpower him, so they wanted to use hostages!


Why was it always the weak who needed to make one-sided sacrifices? The unhappy memories of his school days made him feel more unpleasant. Grid grimaced and his face distorted like a demon. He was above to move there when he stopped.

‘Stay calm.’

The old Grid would’ve run over right away to rescue the hostages. But in the process of making the Red Phoenix Bow, he realized how important it was to be calm. He tried to remain calm as he thought about what his best choice would be. First, he killed the enemies attacking the high rankers before bringing the rankers in front of him.


The high rankers were confused when they were freed from the silver thread. They expected to die. It was five seconds of captivity. It was possible to shorten the time depending on the individual’s ability. However, it would still allow Grid to strike them once.

Being hit by Grid made it highly likely they would die instantly. In other words, Grid could kill them at any time. Yet he was sparing them?

The rankers were puzzled as Grid continued to beat the enemies.

"As I said earlier, I have no intention of accepting your application to join the guild. I can’t trust people who tried to kill me just a moment ago. Isn't that right? But I will give you a chance.”


"From now on, you will fight for me. Cut down any enemies blocking my way.”


It was a test to see if they deserved to be members of Overgeared. It was good that Grid was testing them. It was a golden opportunity and an inspiring event for the high rankers.

‘Giving us a chance before punishing us for trying to kill him? Grid has great personal skills!’

‘I now understand why other bigwigs are following him.’

Grid had excellent insight that could look into a person’s heart. The high rankers replied to Grid at once.

“We’re going!”


The high rankers shouted and surrounded Grid at once. They started to slaughter the golden soldiers targeting Grid. They were indeed high rankers in each class. Duke Lucilliv’s soldiers couldn’t interrupt them. Grid felt relief when he saw it.

'I thought they were going to hit me in the back of the head. Fortunately, they didn’t.’

Indeed, it was important to maintain his composure. It was possible for the high rankers to deal with a large number of soldiers while he rescued the hostages. Grid equipped the Ideal Dagger and used Quick Movements to run towards Bairan’s residents.


'The golden soldiers are just bait!’

Duke Lucilliv knew how endless human greed was. Despite being second in the kingdom and having tremendous wealth, he still wanted more wealth. He was confident that Grid was the same as him. Grid would briefly lose his mind when the golden soldiers dropped gold lumps every time they died. In this gap, Duke Lucilliv would act.

The central square. After making it seem like the residents of Bairan were going to be killed, he placed magic traps, guards and elite knights in the streets that Grid would have to go through.

‘He will definitely want to protect the people.’

Grid was bound to fall into this perfect trap!


Duke Lucilliv smiled wickedly. The Bairan residents under the silence magic inwardly screamed.

'Duke Grid, you absolutely can’t come here.’

‘Don’t fall into the trap of that evil person because of us!’

Tremble tremble.

Despite death being around the corner, they were worried about Grid. It was natural. Grid confronted the 100,000 troops to save them. The people had no choice but to care about Grid who tried to save them. Duke Lucilliv felt excited while the villagers’ fear created a heavy atmosphere. On the other hand, the soldiers felt strong doubts.

'Why are we serving the Eternal Kingdom?’

‘It’s true that we were born and raised in the Eternal Kingdom. Therefore, we love the kingdom and paid the taxes. But the kingdom treats us like cattle.’

‘Being forced to sacrifice ourselves because of a war...’

‘Taking the lives of innocent people...’

The behavior shown by the kingdom they served wasn’t good. The 60,000 non-regular soldiers were disappointed in the kingdom. They started to doubt the reasons for their loyalty. This was the result of Duke Lucilliv’s behavior.

Duke Lucilliv had royal blood flowing in him. As a great noble of the Eternal Kingdom, his duty should be to save the people. Yet he didn’t act like this at all and it made the non-regular soldiers think that all nobles were like Duke Lucilliv. Most of the non-regular soldiers conscripted from their respective territories saw the actions of Duke Lucilliv.

Then what about Grid? He was different.

In the distance.


Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Grid ran through the enemy in order to save his people. Despite his body becoming bloody, he only looked at the people and not himself. The non-regular soldiers started thinking. This was a person they wanted to serve.

On the other hand, Duke Lucilliv thought that Grid looked stupid.

"Putting yourself in danger to save these people, I can’t understand it at all. Well, I’m able to gain larger achievements thanks to you.”

Duke Lucilliv didn’t read that the atmosphere of the soldiers was changing. For him, the common people were just pigs without any brains. He couldn’t even think that they would dare to oppose him. As Grid’s momentum rose, the duke proudly grasped his bow. Then he aimed it at one of the beautiful residents of Bairan.

"If you can’t protect what you want to protect... Will your heart hurt?”


He wanted to see Grid scream. The moment that Duke Lucilliv smiled wickedly and was about to pull back the bowstring.


There was a loud sound in Duke Lucilliv’s ears.


Duke Lucilliv perceived danger and instinctively paled.



One of the senior magicians guarding Duke Lucilliv was stabbed by a spear that pierced through the shield magic. The magician’s eyes widened.

‘Breaking the shield with an ordinary spear?’

How great was the person who threw this spear?

The other magicians and Duke Lucilliv all turned their eyes in the direction the spear came from. A soldier stood there. He was wearing leather armor that was covered with dirt and blood. He was a very handsome man with noble blond hair that didn’t match the rest of him.

Private Ars. His face was delighted as he gazed at Duke Lucilliv.

‘I finally reached here.’

It was a really long time. Ars had been sleep deprived for several days as he kept staring at Duke Lucilliv in order to find a gap. It wasn’t easy when Duke Lucilliv always had guards by his side. Now it happened thanks to Grid.

“I’ll finish it quickly for My Lord.”

Now that the loyalty of the non-regular soldiers was collapsing, the effect would be magnified if he defeated Duke Lucilliv, the one oppressing them. Most non-regular soldiers would put down their weapons and this war would end. Ars rushed towards Duke Lucilliv.

“Stop him!"

The magicians beside Duke Lucilliv tried to cast spells but it was too late. Ars narrowed the distance to Duke Lucilliv in an instant.


The moment Duke Lucilliv felt his life being threatened!


The spear about to pierce Duke Lucilliv’s body disappeared in a flash of light, along with Ars.


Duke Lucilliv and the senior magicians were stunned.

At the same time.

"M-My Lord?” 

Bairan City.

Asmophel looked at Grid with a very perplexed expression after Knights Summoning was used. Grid killed two of Duke Lucilliv’s guards and shouted.

“Asmophel! Stop looking blank and do your job! The kids told me that they didn’t know where you were!” 


Do his job? Asmophel felt wronged. But now there was no time to explain. Asmophel nodded and blocked Duke Lucilliv’s guards.

Grid summoned Noe, Randy, and Iyarugt.


More! More! More! The group of high rankers, Asmophel and the pets quickly broke through the enemies. The distance with the central square narrowed to a certain number. Grid didn’t miss this opportunity and immediately used Blackening. Demonic power had reached 10,000 points and Blackening was further strengthened.

“Freely Move!”

Grid avoided all the guards, knights, and magical traps at once. This was the strength of the Secret Hero title.


Duke Lucilliv and the Eternal troops stared like they had seen a ghost. There was an awkward silence before Grid came face to face with Duke Lucilliv.

“Hah, that’s right. A trash that makes me tired.”

The sun rose behind Grid’s back, shining on his black hair. After a terrible and fearful night for the Bairan people, a brilliant morning arrived.

"The position of the weak who can’t resist, I will let you experience it for the first time today.”

The sun of Reidan illuminated all of Eternal.