Chapter 561

[Item Transformation]

A skill that can be triggered if the legendary mineral ‘pavranium’ is possessed.

It transforms the pavranium into the shape and performance of a specific item.

* It can only transform into items you have learned how to make.

* The duration of the transformation is 3 minutes. After the transformation is released, the pavranium will return to its original form.

Skill Mana Cost: None.

Skill Cooldown Time: 6 hours.

It was the power that Grid obtained in return for making the 15th legendary item. It was a skill that maximized the value of pavranium. So far, the skill had been used to reproduce the myth rated Lifael’s Spear. Now he used it to reproduce the Red Phoenix Bow.

Pagma’s Descendant lacked wide area skills compared to other combat classes. The Red Phoenix Bow was a good item to overcome this shortcoming. Of course, it was impossible to completely reproduce the myth rated Red Phoenix Bow. The prerequisite for the myth rated Red Phoenix Bow was the Red Phoenix’s Breath. As the essence of a god, it couldn’t be reproduced by pavranium.

The Red Phoenix Bow that Grid reproduced was the legendary rated one that he gave to Han Seokbong.

“Fly Up!”

[Fly Up!]

Summons a copy of the Red Phoenix.

The Red Phoenix’s clone will deal fire attribute damage to all targets within 300 meters of the summoned spot. The damage is 600% of the summoner’s total attack power.

Mana Consumption: 3,000

Cooldown Time: 24 hours.

It was a terribly weak effect compared to the Fly Up! attached to the myth rated Red Phoenix Bow. The attack range was too bad. The myth rated Red Phoenix Bow attacked all enemies within the player’s field of view, while the legendary rated bow had an attack range of 300 meters.

But 300 meters wasn’t a small range. Wide area skills with such a large range were actually very rare.  It didn’t matter if this wasn’t the Fly Up! of the myth rated Red Phoenix Bow. The legendary rated Fly Up! would be used! It was a superb wide area skill.

In addition, the myth rated Fly Up! also had limitations. It was difficult to exert the full effect when the user’s view was restricted. In terms of stability, the legendary rated Fly Up! was better. It was more efficient. However, the disadvantage was that it attacked all targets within range. In other words, it didn’t differentiate between friends of foe. But right now, there was only enemies here. All of them were enemies except for the inhabitants of Bairan.

“Fly Up!”


The white phosphorus arrow was fired at the same time by Grid and the God Hands, leaving the Red Phoenix Bow and soaring into the sky. At the same time, the cries of birds rang throughout Bairan and two red phoenixes appeared. Birds surrounded by flames. The size was as big as a house. The Eternal soldiers fell into a panic as they saw the giant birds blocking the sun.


“Grid summoned them!”

There was no limit to Grid’s power!


The birds in the sky flapped their wings and flames fell to the ground. Duke Lucilliv sensed the danger and screamed at the soldiers.

"Spread out!"

It was in order to minimize the loss of troops. But the large number of troops was a disadvantage. Bairan was full of Eternal soldiers. The place was too narrow to allow escape. Before they could move a few steps, their bodies collided, their feet became tangled up and they collapsed. The fireballs bombardment commenced above their heads while they were trapped in the streets and defenseless.



These were the screams of the survivors. The soldiers burnt by the flames couldn’t even scream as they turned to ash. A scene where thousands of soldiers were targets of the falling fireballs... People started sweating at the overwhelming sight.

"The magicians as well...!”

Duke Lucilliv felt anxious from his position on the walls. In front of Grid, the number of troops was meaningless. The battlefield was devastated. The bulk of the soldiers were lost. In particular, the loss of the magicians forced him to make a decision.

"Send out the knights! We’ll only receive more losses if this continues!”


Finally, the real battle started. Around 5,000 knights in the mid-200s assaulted Grid.

Duke Lucilliv laughed. "They’re different from the soldiers!”

It was painful to lose knights. However, the ultimate goal of this war was Grid’s death. They needed to devote resources to take care of Grid.

‘The curse doesn’t care if he is a creature of the gods.’

He had prepared a curse. A curse that only worked on immortal beings. It was an atrocious curse that increased the player’s death penalty by up to three times. It could cause fatal damage!

Grid looked at the confidence Duke Lucilliv and released the transformation of the Red Phoenix Bow. Then he transformed the other two God Hands into Red Phoenix Bows.

“Don’t you know I have two more left? Fly Up!”


Grid fired the bow and two more firebirds appeared in the sky.


“This doesn’t make sense!”

The 5,000 knights approaching Grid hastily stopped in place. It felt like a dream that such a powerful skill was used twice in a row.

“A-Avoid it!”

The knights started to flee between the soldiers. They used the soldiers as shields to protect their lives. But Fly Up! It attacked all targets within a certain range. Using people as shields were meaningless.


Fireballs that poured like rain!


The knights were struck by burning fireballs and screamed in horror. But knights were knights for a reason. Most of them didn’t die from the blow. The vast majority of them barely lived. But.

[The hidden passive ‘God's Command’ has reset the cooldown of Fly Up! If reused within three seconds, no resources will be consumed.]

"There is still one remaining.”


The red phoenix appeared once again. The knights couldn’t understand and shouted.

“This is impossible!”

It was a cry that was full of misery and wishful thinking. They turned to ashes from the fireballs. It was the moment when the proud knights of the Eternal Kingdom were destroyed. Duke Lucilliv was stunned as he lost his main forces in vain.

“T-This doesn’t make sense...!”

There was no way for even a great magician to use large magic spells consecutively. Grid’s power was infinite. Duke Lucilliv was filled with doubt and fear. He was afraid that he really might lose 100,000 troops to Grid.

'No! Absolutely not!’

Duke Lucilliv and his 100,000 troops couldn’t be destroyed by only one enemy. He would be labelled as the most incompetent person in the history of the West Continent. Duke Lucilliv needed to avoid this situation and decided to convene the elite group.

“Baron Duka! Earl Carrion! Earl Red! Marquis Bera? It’s your turn!”

They were the great swordsman and magicians who boasted the strongest power. The knights and soldiers they fostered were excellent compared to the Eternal Kingdom. Duke Lucilliv believed they would be able to kill Grid, even if they received damage.


"Where is everybody?”

They couldn’t be seen at all? Confusion filled Duke Lucilliv’s eyes. It was enough to drive him crazy.


『 What are we seeing right now? 』

Jishuka summoned a red phoenix above Patrian. Experts from all the the world evaluated as a quest item. The power from a player was so strong that it must be a force that could only be used during the Eternal Kingdom’s war quests. But now they realized that might not be the case.

The bow that summoned a red phoenix. Grid had several of them.

-Grid can summon the red phoenix five times in a row, although it’s weaker than the phoenix summoned by Jishuka. No matter how weak the red phoenixes summoned, doesn’t Grid’s summoning ability seem much stronger than Jishuka?

-I agree. It seems comparable to Meteor, which is a rumored high grade spell.

-What was Grid doing after the National Competition? How did he become so strong in such a short period of time?

-Don’t try to understand him. Did you see how easily he beat the vampires? He is a king/god gamer.

-Right now, I think that the candidates to win the 3rd National Competition are South Korea and Brazil. Summoning a phoenix alone would end the war.

-Now people are shutting up. Those cursing Grid are silent.

The viewers around the world admired the sight. Grid summoned five red phoenixes in a row and destroyed more than 10,000 troops. Was there a player capable of destroying 10,000 troops in the blink of an eye? People started speculating. It was only Grid capable of doing this, not Kraugel.

The basis for it was as followed:

『 We shouldn’t overlook one thing. Grid hasn’t shown most of the skills he used during the National Competition. 』

『 Grid still hasn’t fully revealed his abilities. 』


Akaru Fortress.

It was located on the edge of the Saharan Empire. Geographically, it was facing Reidan’s direction and the reason for the fortress’ presence was to watch and keep in check the Saharan Empire. It was a neutral state but it wasn’t necessary to keep it in check. Like other kingdoms, the Eternal Kingdom also offered a tribute to the empire. As a result, there were few troops deployed to Akaru Fortress.

But the atmosphere had changed in recent years. The noble called Grid revolted in the Eternal Kingdom, causing the Eternal Kingdom to be in turmoil. The Saharan Empire didn’t intend to miss this gap. In particular, the Saharan Empire had long since coveted Reidan. Now that the Eternal Kingdom was in turmoil, they planned to invade Reidan and take control.

Now 20,000 elite troops were deployed to Akaru Fortress and this was a golden opportunity.

"The Eternal Kingdom has moved 100,000 troops.”

“There’s a group deployed from Reidan in response.”

“Now Reidan is empty.”

This was the time. The time had come to enter Reidan with no bloodshed and plant the flag of the empire. What about the Eternal Kingdom? The empire was just giving strength to the kingdom suffering due to the rebels. They were just protecting Reidan while the kingdom was recovering. After this, they could casually occupy it. 

The takeover of a territory by a powerful nation! Earl Turich, commander of Akaru Fortress, didn’t even think about it.  He moved without any hesitation towards the empty Reidan. But he was forced to stop the march of the army.

‘This is impossible!’

The mountain range that was between Reidan and Akaru Fortress. As they crossed the mountain range, they saw tens of thousands of Reidan soldiers in the vast desert. The large army was united and training in the same movements. The imperial soldiers got goosebumps.

“How can tens of thousands of soldiers move the same?”

There wasn’t a hair out of place. The tens of thousands of troops were doing the exact same movement with the spear. It was obvious with a glance that they were the elites.

"...We have to step back.”

Earl Turich judged and gave an order to his army. He never imagined it. There were actually only 1,000 soldiers training in the desert heat. The reason there seemed to be tens of thousands? It was due to the shadows that the 1,000 soldiers made under the sun.

“Using my shadow soldiers strategically... Earl Lauel is really a great person.”

Kasim’s heart thumped as he saw the imperial army retreat beyond the mountains. He become even more convinced that Grid, accompanied by powerful forces and talent, would surely destroy the empire.