Chapter 150

Chapter 150

There were various hunting grounds for level 100~200 users in the vicinity of Bairan Village. Thanks to that, there was a steady floating population of users. However, the population was small, so the development speed was slow and there was the big city Winston in the area, so users were reluctant to live in Bairan Village. 

The number of residents, including NPCs and users, was only around 500 people.


The event effect of Grid and Lady Irene’s marriage meant that Bairan Village was enjoying a boom. Over the past week, a large number of people moved in and there were now around 5,000 people in Bairan Village. The Tzedakah Guild used their funds to hire technicians in the north to quickly build homes and facilities, as well as experts in various fields. Thus, the village was rapidly developing.

“It’s a completely different scale from when I came last month.”

“Yes. There were only a few small houses and stores, and now there are big buildings?”

The users who visited Bairan after a long time were impressed. Hundreds of workmen were setting up buildings, making it a spectacular sight. Once all the buildings were completed, it seemed like Bairan could be called a city.

“Despite the rapid development, the security is excellent.”

"This is managed by the Tzedakah Guild. What crazy person would mess around with the Tzedakah Guild?” 

“I’m envious of the Tzedakah Guild... Don’t they have the best estate among all the guilds? They will be sitting on a cushion of money very quickly.”

"This is all thanks to Lady Irene’s marriage. The marriage happened with exquisite timing for the Tzedakah Guild.” 

“Who’s her husband?”

"How should I know? Probably some noble.”

The streets were flooded with people, despite the fact that most users were at the hunting grounds. If NPCs were included, there were approximately 2,000 people always in residence.

“Eh? What’s that?"

“I’s terrific magic power.”

Among the users doing their business, the high level magicians turned their attention to the sky. The Tzedakah Guild had built high buildings in Bairan. Magic power was being generated at the tallest spire of the castle that stood in the middle of the village.

At first, the scale seemed small, but rapidly expanded. Then the identity of the magic was determined. It was the precursor to a mass teleport.

“Wow... Isn’t that only available for third advancement magicians?”

“What is this? An event?”

"Oh, right! It’s an event!”

“Kyah! what is this?”

It was amazing. Hundreds of rays of light were fired from the movement gate and fell like a meteor towards different part of the village. The users were excited because they thought it was a special event in connection with the national competition. But their cheers turned to screams in seconds. 

"The infidels, punish them in the name of God!”

"Show the fools the greatness of God Yatan!”

Kwaang! Kukwakwang!

The identity of the people who fell from the rays of light were the Yatan believers. There were more than 1,000 of them. Black magic was used everywhere, instantly filling Bairan Village with poison fog.


“Aaaaack! H-Help me!”

The buildings that the Tzedakah Guild invested time and money in were eroded in an instant. The pretty flowers and green trees blooming on the streets became black and corrupted.  There were fires everywhere and blood flowed like a river, making it like hell itself.  

“What the hell is going on?”

The average level of  the users in Bairan Village was 140. As of February 20XX, Satisfy’s users had an average level of 93, which meant that users in Bairan were fairly high levelled.  However, the Yatan followers had a minimum level of 160. Around 1,000 such people appeared simultaneously, as well as 200 high ranking elders that were at least level 200.

"Don't fight! You will just die if you fight!”

"Damn! What is this?”

Of the 2,000 people residing in Bairan Village, only half of them were users. The other half were NPCs that lacked combat capabilities.

“This is divine punishment!”


"Die! Infidels!”


It was a sudden raid. The Yatan Church’ followers were overwhelming. The NPCs died in an instant while the users went on the defensive.

“Shit! Logout!”

“I will leave as well!”

The users who were already attacked by the followers weren’t allowed to log out, because they were judged to be in combat, but the other users logged out quickly. Thus, the number of users fighting against the Yatan followers was less than 300.


“How rotten! We are outnumbered! Outnumbered!”

The 1,000 Yatan followers fought. They attacked everyone they saw, regardless if they were NPCs or users.

“Save the people!”

Helplessness! A force that swept everything away! The victims grew as the Yatan believers were like surging waves. But the one-sided damage didn’t last long. It was thank to the Tzedakah Guild’s excellent response.

"What? Someone dares attack in my area? Kyaaack~ spit!”

Toon was easily controlled by Jishuka due to his simple nature. He was head of security in Bairan Village and led the knights and soldiers.

"All of you protect the people. Kyaaack~ spit!”

He ordered the knights and soldiers, before spitting out of habit and jumping into the enemies alone. The Yatan followers? They were just a joke in front of a rare class who was 35th on the unified rankings, ‘Beasts of Prey’ Toon.

"King of the Beasts!”

Toon crossed his long arms equipped with wristblades and used a skill. Then his body changed into a lion. He was almost twice as large as an ordinary male lion.




The Yatan followers started to scream. Every time the enormous lion’s paws were swung, bones would break. In addition, the fangs chewed on skulls, killing the believers.

"Shackles of darkness will press on your body!”

While their peers were being attacked, the elders used black magic to summon magic shackles. Then they tied up the body of the great lion.

"Lord of Heaven!”

Toon was unable to endure the dozens of shackles and used another skill. Then his body became smaller and turned into an eagle. The shackles became too loose and Toon escaped through the gap. Then he descended from the sky and his beak pierced the head of a follower. At the same time, he changed into a lion and roared.



Dozens of believers had blood pouring from their ears as they sat down. Toon attacked the necks of the people in pain and they turned into light.

"Kuhahahaha! Rejoice! Fighting is fun!”

"Mister Toon... His personality is strange, but his skills are great.”

On the walls. Laella, the 2nd ranked mixed magician, stared blankly at Toon who was facing the enemies alone before grasping her orb. It was the Dark Magic Orb that was acquired after the Malacus raid. Laella amplified her magic by borrowing its power and fired magic towards the Yatan followers surrounding the soldiers.

"Wrath of the Red Witch.”


A powerful pillar was fired in a straight line. The bodies of the believers were instantly burned. The soldiers were saved and thanked Laella. Then they moved and started to save the people.

The east gate.

"Hrmm, are you the cream of the crop?”

Vantner, who had been hunting with a grudge against Grid, ran over after receiving the command. He saw three users dying in front of him.

"Go to hell and become God Yatan’s eternal servant!”

The elders of the Yatan Church wore black robes and were shouting at the users. Vantner rushed forward and wielded his twin axes.


The bodies of the believers were cut in half and they turned into grey light. The saved users were thrilled.

“Thank you!”

"The number one guardian knight, you protected us! I will boast about it on the Internet!”

"You’re as strong as rumored, Vantner!”

"Hehe, it isn’t such a big deal... Huh?”

Vantner had suffered for a while due to Grid treating him as an insignificant person, so he was pleased about being praised by the users. He was scratching his bald head and laughing when he found Jishuka on the roof of a three-storey building.

Three Yatan elders were approaching behind her while she was busy shooting at the believers. Unlike the ordinary believers, they were wearing robes of different colors.

‘High ranking believers!’

Vantner moved quickly. Then he successfully saved Jishuka, who expressed her disapproval.

"Aren’t you late?”

Jishuka’s white teeth contrasted with her tanned skin. Vantner gave her a thumbs up and shouted, "Leave it to me and just kill all of them!”



Truly an expert archer. He couldn’t help admiring her marksmanship every time he saw it. The arrow flew 100m and pierced a follower who was about to murder some residents. Then she fired towards the roof of another building and turned five people chanting a spell into a skewer with only one arrow.

“This is the basics.”

Jishuka was satisfied with her abilities.

“Magicians! Kill the magicians!”

Five high ranking believers moved at once. Their targets were Laella and Zednos, who continued to cast magic from the walls. Then a cold voice was heard in their ears.

"You should always watch your back."


The believers screamed. Someone was behind them?

“Suddenly...? Keok...!”


Faker. He slit the throats of the five high ranking followers. Blood poured from their throats and the believers collapsed.



Faker turned his gaze to one side and disappeared using his Stealth skill.

‘I don’t need to worry about the others.’

The north gate.

A boy with a pretty appearance like a girl stood there. He listened to the screams coming from all directions and moved to one side.

Inside a burning mansion. There were people present.

“S-Shit...! What is this? Does it make sense to come to this village, only to die? This is truly unfair!”

"All my hard earned experience will drop...”

"Why do I have to die in this village? Please help...”

Four high ranking elders were driving six users into a corner. The users were seriously injured and about to die, so they were crying or begging for their lives.


Ibellin’s running speed increased. He moved through the open door and jumped on a chair on one side. He fell between the users and believers. Then he pulled out a flamberge that was like the thorny stem of a rose.

“You alone?”

“Who are you?”

Ibellin replied to the believers, “Overgeared No.2.”

It was the name that Vantner gave him. Recently, Vantner had been sarcastically calling Pon Overgeared No.1 and Ibellin Overgeared No.2. Ibellin loved this name.


The strongest flamberge, the Thorn of Deep Grievance was wielded. The followers reacted quickly and avoided a deep injury.

"This wound... Heok?”

A follower’s face turned blue.  It was became the small cut was bleeding in an unbelievable manner.

“A magic sword!”

The followers retreated, on guard against the Thorn of Deep Grievance. Ibellin didn’t let them go. He chased after them persistently.

"It isn’t a magic sword. It’s just cursed.”

Puk! Seokeok!

Due to its distinctive shape, the sword move bizarrely, making it difficult to gauge the scope of the attack. Blood rose like a fountain as screams echoed in the house.

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