Chapter 105

Chapter 105

Not long ago, I was a poor person with a debt. Then in the past week, I became rich. The profit earned from the Malacus raid was over 40 million won in cash. Then I received 960 million won from Pon for the Gale Spear.

In addition, the money earned from appraising and repairing the items of the guild members was around 10 million won. In this way, I earned over one billion won, and there was another unexpected income.

[300,000 gold has been acquired.]


It was a pouch of money I received from Jishuka the other day. I opened the pouch in a corner of the inventory without thinking, and when I converted it to cash, a huge 360 million won came out.

“Wow... What is this for?”

When I received the pouch from Jishuka, I had been shocked by the incident with Ahyoung. I didn’t have the will to check the amount of money in the pouch and just put it in my inventory. At that time, I never imagined that this little pouch would contain such a huge amount of money.

“The orb was worth 600,000 gold?”

The orb that Malacus dropped was only unique, and the performance wasn’t very good compared to the unique items I made.

It was strange since I sold the legendary Sword of Self-transcendence for 220,000 gold, while the unique rated Gale Spear was 800,000 gold and Malacus’ orb was 600,000 gold. It seemed that Satisfy users really had a lot of money.

“This is it! Pon isn’t a pushover! The world is a pushover! I happily sold a legendary sword for 220,000 gold, but there are pushovers who will buy unique items for 600,000 gold and 800,000 gold. Hahahahat... yes! Sob!”

It was big. I lost strength in my legs and fell down. My heart seemed to stop at the sight. My spirit couldn’t endure it. Tears started to pour out and I got a runny nose.


Even if I was afraid, I couldn’t turn away from the truth. Now was the time to admit it. I was a stupid jerk for selling the Sword of Self-transcendence to Valdi for only 220,000 gold!

"The pushover was me...! I sold a legendary item to an NPC for a shit price! Damn! Damn! How rotten! Uwaaaack!”

Considering the price of unique items, the legendary sword was estimated to be at least 1.5 million gold. No, there was no need to guess just 1.5 million gold. Just putting it on the auction site would allow it to be sold at an expensive price. It wouldn’t be strange if it sold for two or three million gold. But I didn’t know anything about it, and was the pushover who sold it to an NPC for the low price of 220,000 gold.

I was indeed a pushover. The king of pushovers.

"... I want to die.”

In any case, the 1.4 billion won earned this time was significant. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that a former debtor like me earning 1.4 billion won and clearing my debts was huge, but I couldn’t help feeling that I had lost.


I took deep breaths and cleared my mind. Then I tried to think as positively as possible.

In exchange for selling the Sword of Self-transcendence to the administrator, I became Winston’s Person of Distinction and was exempted from taxes. In addition, I gained the production method to make the Divine Shield. Then it was robbed and I defeated Malacus and rescued Irene, increasing her affinity to the maximum. The connections meant I joined the Tzedakah Guild, so the result of selling the Sword of Self-transcendence was good.

“Yes! Until now, it isn’t bad! Rather, it’s good! It is good! Let’s not dwell on the past. I would never have these opportunities if it wasn’t for the administrator. Okay! Everything is going well!”

I hypnotized myself and my devastated mind gradually regained stability.

‘In the first place, I can’t afford to dwell on the past.’

I was busy because I had to complete Ibellin’s item.

Two days ago.

Ibellin only saved enough materials to make a single Thorn. Nab’s Diaphragm, one of the items needed to make Thorn, was so rare that only one of them could be obtained with Ibellin’s ability.

The difficulty of making Thorn was the highest among all the items I made so far. I was nervous about having only one chance to make it, so I focused more carefully than usual. Then I was disturbed by the Giant Guild.

A bloody lump of iron suddenly came flying while I was forging and tempering Nab’s Diaphragm. The timing was also unbearable as it was right when my hammer descended. The moment I hit it! The bloody lump of iron was mixed in with the metal.

I lost my temper and hunted the Giant Guild, so the material left could no longer be used. I threw it in a corner of the smithy.

'I don’t have to waste time finishing an item with a mixed substance, since only a garbage rating will come out from it.’

Then the promised time came as Ibellin arrived at the smithy.

"I finally obtained it!”

Ibellin handed me the new materials for Thorn with a bright expression on his face. Of course, Nab’s Diaphragm was included among them. Ibellin had been trying to obtain this diaphragm for the past two days.

“Good... I’ll make it higher than an epic rating. I will finish it by tomorrow morning and contact you straight away.”


Ibellin had been looking at me with admiration since two days ago. I looked too cool when destroying the Giant Guild.

'This child has good eyes. I thought that young men aren’t good-hearted, but he is the exception.’

But unfortunately, the reactions of people other than Ibellin were different.

I also watched the videos of my battle against the Giant Guild on TV and the Internet. It was nice to see how cool I looked slicing the enemies with Pagma’s Swordsmanship. My heart pounded from the exciting and brilliant battle. However, strangely, the reactions of other people were cold.

I was so cruel that I seemed like a villain from a horror movie. On TV, there were discussion programs that denounced me as a psychopath. It might be because battles between guilds were common or maybe they weren’t interested in the first place.

They weren’t interested in the cause of the fight, only the provocative materials. In other words, they only focused on me. In the end, I got the nicknames of ‘Slaughterer,’ ‘Masked Murderer’ or ‘Brutal Psychopath.’

‘Did I look cruel just because I use a greatsword as a weapon and crushed the enemies? No, rather than my weapon, the problem seems to be the Frostlight Orc Chief’s Helmet. The helmet is too ugly...'

I finally became famous, except with a negative image. I had to become famous with a positive image if I wanted to appear on TV and get the performance fees. 

‘When I have time, I need to make a helmet that can replace the Frostlight Orc Chief’s Helmet. Yes, if I make a splendid helmet suitable for a hero, then people will praise me instead of being afraid of me. Huhut... I might not be handsome, but I can be a top star if I appear like a macho man, like the protagonist of an action movie. Huhuhut!’

"That... Grid? Are you hurt anywhere?”

Someday, I would become famous and appear on TV. Like other rankers, I would be more famous than any entertainer, would earn a lot of money and become very popular among women. However, Ibellin was looking at me with anxious eyes.

‘This reaction again.’

Why did people react unpleasantly every time I smiled? I took this chance to ask seriously.

"Ibellin, you admire me, right? Then be honest. Does my smile look like the smile of someone in pain? Don’t I look cool?”

Ibellin’s face paled. “Yes...? Were you smiling just now? I thought you were suffering from a stomachache...”

"Shut up! Get out now!”


“Get lost!”


I didn’t like Ibellin’s answer and chased him away. I let go of any selfishness and had to concentrate on the production.

“Hing... Work hard...”

I confirmed that Ibellin left the smithy. I finally picked up the production hammer.

“I only have one chance...”

The hopeless Ibellin had only acquired enough materials to produce one Thorn.  I had to complete at least an epic rated Thorn and receive more than 100,000 gold for it. Then I could use 700 million won to pay my father’s debt and use 800 million won to buy a car.

The newly released 13 series mid-size sedan from Company B! It was a visual sedan that was popular among the young and wealthy. Since childhood, I had dreamt of driving a Company B car if I succeeded, and now I was on the verge of achieving it.

‘If I buy the car and drive it to the reunion, everyone will be turned upside down...’

Those who disregarded me could no longer make fun of me. Instead, they would be jealous. Then I would make Ahyoung regret not grabbing onto me. Life was no different from Satisfy: the power of items held the most importance. I was determined to demonstrate the power of items with my car.


Ttang! Ttang~!

I worked really hard. My concentration was at the peak, and I was one with my hammer. The result of working through the night!


Rating: Rare

Durability: 151/151   Attack Power: 231

Armor Penetrating Power: +30%

* Unconditional bleeding will occur when an attack is successful.

* There is a 30% reduction in the healing ability of the attacked target.

A flamberge with small thorns on the blade like a black rose. It is reminiscent of the stem of a rose.

The target will suffer a painful wound when touched by this weapon.

User Restriction: Level 210 or higher. More than 700 strength. More than 300 agility. Advanced Sword Mastery level 2 or higher.

Weight: 300 

[A rare rated item was produced, so all stats have permanently risen by +2 and reputation throughout the continent has risen by +30.]

“... Ah, damn. This rotten... It’s starting again.”

Recently, only high rated items had been made. Despite being a legendary blacksmith, if I made 100 items, most of them would have a normal or rare rating. But at this important timing, only a rare item was completed. It was seriously the worst.


I had 100,000 gold. I needed at least 80,000 gold. More would be better, but 80,000 gold was sufficient to buy my desired car. However, it was impossible to sell rare rated items for 80,000 gold.

‘The car is 800 million, but if there is a discount promotion... Should I pay in installments? No. I don’t want to experience that again.’ 

I became heated up.

“Ah, really! Why is it a rare rating at this time? Ahh! If only I wasn’t deceived by the administrator! Really rotten!”

How could I get 80,000 gold? Should I ask the guild to lend it? No. If I ask them for money now, I might lose profit on the items made later.

‘Should I ask Regas? No... He is busy trying to find my shield these days... I will be burdened asking Regas for money until he finds it.’

Yes, I had one last hope.

-Hey, Ibellin. I think I will be a little late. Come find me in 20 hours, not now.

After sending the one-sided whisper to Ibellin, I picked up a piece of metal rolling around in a corner of the smithy. It was the unfinished Thorn mixed with a foreign material.

“If I smelt it again from the beginning, there might only be a little bit of blood mixed in. Okay, I will try it again.”

Ttang! Ttang! Ttang!

I excitedly hoped that the new item would be at least epic rated, and the result was amazing.

[Thorn of Deep Grievance]

Rating: Legendary

Durability: 269/269    Attack Power: 409

Armor penetrating power: +60%

* Unconditional bleeding will occur when an attack is successful.

* There is a 50% reduction in the healing ability of the attacked target.

* The skill ‘Laceration’ will be generated.

* The skill ‘Cursed Bloodline’ will be generated.

An item made by a craftsman with great skills and potential, but his experience and reputation is somewhat lacking.

During the production, this flamberge was left abandoned by the creator when blood was mixed in and left as an unfinished product, so it is filled with an indescribable anger and grudge. It is especially hostile to its creator and has good chemistry with the owner of the blood.

User Restriction: Level 210 or higher. More than 700 strength. More than 300 agility. Owner of the blood. Advanced Sword Mastery level 2 or higher.

* If someone other than the owner of the blood equips this item, there is a 100% probability of being cursed.

Weight: 300 

[A legendary rated item was produced, so all stats have permanently risen by +25 and reputation throughout the continent has risen by +1,000.]

"... This is amazing.”

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