Chapter 143

Chapter 143


The combat power displayed above the Awakened Guardian of the Forest’s head was made of only question marks. If this were Grid from a few months back, he wouldn’t have been able to guess why and probably would’ve thought it as a bug and grumbled about it.

However, now he was different. After many incidents, Grid had calmed and matured almost to the point of unfamiliarity. His thinking power finally belonged to the category of normal people.

‘Is this implying that its combat power is too high for my insight?’


"Ah, is my scouting broken?  What’s with your immeasurable combat strength?”

Grid was reminded of a scene from an old manhwa. His insight had worked on the pope, so this meant that the guardian in front of him was stronger than the pope.

“How rotten... I came here to play but I met a strong enemy.”

Grid had defeated the pope and obtained the legendary battle gear set, so he was much stronger than before. He had planned to easily defeat the Guardian of the Forest. Then what was this awakening mode?

Grid wasn’t aware of why the Guardian of the Forest awakened and why it was at this time. But he didn’t panic. He thought about it calmly and positively.

‘It will be a tough fight, but I think that it will work out well. Doesn’t it seem like the guardian will give a lot of blue orichalcum?’

The ash grey forest couldn’t dim the light of the blue orichalcum on the awakened guardian’s body. If he could obtain all those blue orichalcum, wouldn’t he be able to make two Failures?

‘I will collect it!’ Grid wanted to take out a pickaxe. However, he needed to first neutralize the guardian. ‘I can’t be too excited or I might miss the jackpot. Let’s not attack carelessly and wait for a chance.’

Grid was a greatsword lover. Except for the Ideal Dagger that he made for a quest, he had always used a greatsword since starting Satisfy until now. He was confident that he had a higher understanding of a greatsword than most users did.

All out power! Deadly blows!


Grid grasped Dainsleif tightly and took deep breaths. He waited for a moment.  The awakened guardian stared at Grid, then a red light flashed in its eyes. It made a posture like a sprinter, then quickly narrowed the distance towards Grid.

Grid timed it.

‘One. Two. Now!’

It was perfect timing. As soon as the awakened guardian ran into Dainsleif’s attack range, Grid released all his tensed muscles.


An explosive sword strike! Dainsleif caused a dark red afterglow as it accurately struck the guardian’s chest.


[You have dealt 5,700 damage to the target.]

The awakened guardian’s health gauge was reduced around 1/100. Grid was convinced.

‘Just like the size is several times smaller than the original, its defense and health are reduced as well.’ 

Monster types could be divided into the main categories of:  attack, defense, support, and balance. While it was possible to classify them in more detail depending on species, attributes, skill, etc, these were just the basics. 

The Guardian of the Forest was a typical defensive monster. As a peak golem, it possessed both abnormally high defense and health. On the other hand, the Awakened Guardian of the Forest was undoubtedly an offensive monster. It was obvious that it was an aggressive monster when its health was reduced by 1/100 by a single blow, as well as the fact that it killed a knight instantly.

‘The advantages are its fast speed and high attack power.’

This was a good thing. Grid could exert overwhelming attack power, so he found it more comfortable to deal with offensive types compared to defense types. It was possible to take care of the opponent quickly.

"I will kill you in an instant.”

The awakened guardian was stronger than the pope? He was also stronger than the pope. Grid’s eyes were filled with confidence. But he still remained calm. His head was cold while his chest was hot.


Grid didn’t move first. He waited for another chance, just like before.


Indeed. As an offensive type monster, the awakened guardian was aggressive. It didn’t learn and aimed for a frontal attack again.


Grid calculated the perfect timing for a counter. He swung Dainsleif the moment the awakened guardian entered his range of attack.


This time, it was a vertical slash. The heavier blow fell upon the guardian’s shoulders.


[You have dealt 6,380 damage to the target.]

Kik. Kkikikik.

The awakened guardian was hit and let out a strange noise. It paused for a moment before heading directly to him again.

‘Hehe, you idiot. Is your IQ in the single digit~?’

On the other hand, Grid believed that his IQ was in the double digits! He prepared for the third counter. He once again swung Dainsleif with proper timing. But this time, there was a completely different result.

The same move no longer worked. The awakened guard avoided the attack by moving its upper body the moment Grid struck. Then it moved around Dainsleif towards Grid’s side.

‘The same stupid lunge was a fake?’

A chill went down Grid’s spine. A monster using a trick! Then the guardian rotated, gathering the centrifugal force before kicked Grid’s face.

[You have been hit by a lethal blow!]

[You have suffered 13,090 damage.]


This wasn’t a skill. It was just a kick. In other words, a simple blow. Except, that “simple blow” made him instantly lose a third of his health. This was twice the damage that Grid could deal with his critical attacks. Considering Grid was also equipped with legendary equipment, it was a stunning sight to behold.

[The effect of Doran’s Ring has been activated.]

[The option of the Holy Light Armor has been activated.]

[19,635 health has been restored.]

“Damn bastard!”

The broken nose bone was restored and the nosebleed disappeared without a trace. However, Grid’s anger didn’t fade. Falling for a monster’s tricks? Grid didn’t expect to be so stupid! Then Grid fired Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Link.

Pipit! Pipipipipi-!

17 swords of light covered the awakened guardian’s body. But it didn’t do much damage. The awakened guardian surprised him by avoiding nine of the strikes.


Grid panicked as the guardian leapt into the air like a martial artist and evaded. Then it flew above Grid’s head and its heel descended. Grid hurriedly defended.


[The durability of +5 Dainsleif (Reproduction) has been reduced by 37.]

‘As expected from the blue orichalcum!’

Dainsleif was made of black iron, one of the finest minerals, and the durability hadn’t been damaged until now! Except for adamantium, its body was composed of blue orichalcum, which was known as one of the best minerals.

“I’ll kill you! I will tear your body to shreds! Blacksmith's Rage!”

Grid didn’t shrink back. Rather, the momentum around him became stronger.

[Blacksmith’s Rage has been activated. Your attack power and attack speed will increase significantly for 20 seconds.]

Chaaeng! Chaeeeeeng!

The onslaught of the excited Grid began. The awakened guardian defended by crossing its arms. Grid’s attack speed after Blacksmith’s Rage was used was so fast that the guardian couldn’t counterattack.

Grid kept up this momentum.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Wave!”

It was impossible for the awakened guardian to defeat against the waves being emitted in every direction.

[You have dealt 10,300 damage to the target.]

[The target’s attack speed has reduced.]

The awakened guardian stumbled like its body suddenly became heavier. It quickly corrected its posture but it was already too late. Grid accumulated a lot of combat experience and he wasn’t going to miss this moment.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Kill!”


A powerful killing intent filled and suppressed the air. Romeo and the soldiers watching the battle from the bushes were scared, urinated or fainted. The awakened guardian also flinched in response. It perceived great danger from the black energy around Grid’s greatsword.


The awakened guardian struck the ground with its feet. Then the earth suddenly started to vibrate. One of the AOE skills possessed by the Guardian of the Forest could also be used in its awakened form.


Grid was immune to status conditions, but what about when the entire earth was shaking? He lost his balance. The subtle collapse of his posture dropped the accuracy of Kill significantly.

[Your attack has missed.]


His strongest move had missed? Grid was shaken. Then the guardian, who avoided Kill, started to fight back as it struck Grid’s body with both fists.


The number of blows was higher than Link. The fists that could even crush steel slammed into Grid. It was the sight of a full-scale beating.

“V-Viscount Grid!”

The soldiers screamed. The volcanic ash blown by the wind pressure interfered with their sight, but they thought that Grid was being turned into a rag.

"We have to help. Our savior... He will die.”

Jude jumped to his feet. Romeo stopped him before he could go forward.

"Viscount Grid is safe! We will just interfere!”

Romeo’s words were true. At first glance, Grid seemed to be standing firmly on the ground. He never collapsed, despite being hit by the awakened guardian’s strike dozens of times. Meanwhile, the awakened guardian stopped punching. It seemed to think Grid was dead. 

However, reality was different. Golden discs were flashing from within the ashes? The golden discs appeared in front of the guardian.

Kikik! Kik.

The awakened guardian belatedly noticed that it had been the golden discs that it had been hitting so far.


It nervously kicked out at the discs. Then it flinched again. It kicked with all its power, but the golden discs floating in the air didn’t even move.


The two golden discs swirled and moved in different directions. Then it was revealed that Grid didn’t receive even one wound.

Grid frowned. "Did you avoid my attack using such a shallow method? Are you pretending to be a smart golem? Huh? Damn bastard.”


Grid’s body rose in the air. This wasn’t a temporary rise. It was the ‘Fly’ magic attached to Braham’s Boots. Romeo and the soldiers were in a daze.

"Heok! The viscount can use magic?”

"I don't know!"

Romeo was confused. He heard from Earl Steim that Grid was Pagma’s Descendant, so how could he use magic? It was also senior magic!

‘Does that mean Pagma could use magic? Or is Pagma’s Descendant an existence that transcends Pagma...!’


There was a disturbance from the side and the awakened guard jumped as high as possible. It had planned to grab a hold of Grid before he escaped. But the attempt failed. The height that the guardian could jump was 4m. Grid had already flown above 5m.

Grid scoffed, "Try to trigger another earthquake, you stupid bastard. It is useless to trigger an earthquake when I’m in the sky."

A person in the sky had an advantage over those on the ground! In the grey sky, Grid started dancing among the volcanic ash that was like snow.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship.”

Grid’s sword dance usually lasted from 1.5 to 3 seconds. But this sword dance lasted two times longer than that. It was natural. This was because he was using two sword dances in succession.

“Transcend, Link.”

[The new skill fusion has succeeded.]

[Fusion skill ‘Transcended Link’ has been created.]

[Your intelligence has increased by 10 due to the successful fusion of a new skill.]

[Transcended Link]

A sword dance that transcends imagination and is more dazzling than a butterfly’s wings.

You will temporarily be in a transcended linked state.

A total of 20 strikes will be launched, dealing 150% attack power with each hit.

Every time a target is hit, they will be stiff for 0.1 seconds.

* This skill doesn’t share a cooldown with Transcend and Link.

Skill Mana Cost: 1,600

Skill Cooldown Time: 15 minutes.


Grid was simple. 

If he switched to a ranged mode with Transcend to double his attack power, then used Link, the original 800% attack power of Link would be doubled by the ranged attack. He thought it would be effective, so he connected the two skills.

However, the actual result was a skill fusion and its power was beyond imagination.


The deepest part of the Grey Forest. There was an outpouring of black energy swords in the sky of forest where the Guardian of the Forest had lived for hundreds of years.

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