Chapter 134

Chapter 134

The sanctum of the Judar Church wasn’t far from the Dominion Church. If a shortcut was used, they could arrive within three days. But few people used the shortcut. Almost everyone used the main road, even if it took double the amount of time.

The reason was simple. The habitat of the griffons existed on the shortest route. A moment of distraction meant a person could be surrounded by dozens of griffons. Nearby lords adopted the punishment of leaving convicted criminals in the griffon habitat, and those who visited such a dangerous place were extremely rare.

But right now. 

A young Asian man and a black person were walking into the griffon habitat, like moths flying into a fire. They were Grid and Toban.

“Toban, what are you doing? I’m bored.”


Toban, who was tensely spying on the griffon’s habitat, blocked the mouth of the yawning Grid. He started sweating as he said, “How many times do I have to tell you? Do you want to die after being discovered by the griffons because of your loud noises?”

The griffons were level 260. With strong wings and high stamina, they were able to strike from the sky and capture their prey. Due to this, they were one of the top predators amongst the field monsters. Even high level rankers wouldn’t be able to fight back when ambushed by a group.

That’s why Toban was cautious.

"Please be quiet and follow me. I've used this path dozens of times. If you act as I say, we can safely pass through this canyon without seeing any griffons.”


“Minimize the sound of your breathing as much as possible and move in a crawl. Okay?”

Toban confidently lay on the ground and took a crawling position.

Grid watched him silently before frowning, “Isn’t your tone too annoying? Are you trying to teach me? Huh? A slave doesn’t fear his master?”

Toban realized his mistake and clarified. “A-Ah, Grid. Don’t be angry. I just wanted to advise you...”

“How annoying. I’m not listening to you. Crawling? Are you crazy? Didn’t I do it enough as a soldier?”

South Korea had yet to unify with North Korea. It was well over 100 years of truce, but North Korea’s provocations still continued. In order to defend the country from North Korea, the strong young males of South Korea had compulsory military service, and it was the same for Grid as well.

“Have you been to the military? Do you know crawling?”

"The military...?”

Toban was born in the United States. He had no interest in military service, so he didn’t have many experiences meeting a soldier.

Grid clicked his tongue. “A guy who never entered the military is talking about crawling... Hey, you civilian. I was part of the South Korean army and I’m still a reservist. Do you know how much I suffered while crawling during training? I still tremble when thinking of that time. But now I have to crawl in a game? Furthermore, it is with someone who doesn’t even know how to crawl?”


Toban was overwhelmed by Grid’s words and couldn’t refute them. How could he know that the act of crawling would upset a soldier? He stood there blankly after realizing it.

“A person with no concept of crawling...” Grid grumbled before pulling something out of his inventory. It was a scruffy looking cloak. Malacus’ Cloak.

Toban panicked, “H-Hey, Grid! Are you crazy? Why are you bringing that out? I told you a few times to keep it in your inventory!”

Toban was one of the members who participated in the Malacus raid. He was well aware of the option that Malacus’ Cloak had. The bloody smell from the cloak was enough to stimulate the hundreds of griffons inhabiting the high cliffs!

“You’re committing suicide!” Toban imagined the scene of griffons flocking after smelling the blood and paled. “What? Quickly put the cloak back in your inventory!”

Grid looked at the panicked Toban and ridiculed, “Why do you think I selected the shortcut? Was it just to shorten the time? No, that wasn’t it. In the first place, my purpose is to hunt griffons. I can’t overlook the griffon habitat here.”

Griffon bones, leather and tendons were used extensively in item production. Weren’t griffon tendons one of the main ingredients in the Gale Spear? Grid had decided to hunt griffons, since Pon said that he paid a large amount of money to purchase the griffon tendons.

Now it was the right opportunity. There were no areas with griffons in the vicinity of Winston. He couldn’t let go of the griffon habitat that was here.

“I will get everything from the griffons today!”

"Crazy bastard!”

“What? What did you just say?"

Grid glared at Toban angrily. But Toban didn’t shrink back. The griffons were scarier than Grid.

“I now know that Grid is incredibly strong! Your abilities can be compared with the top 10 users!” 

“Hehe, is it that much?” Grid was happy about the praise, but he also scratched his nose from embarrassment.

The agitated Toban made closer to Grid and spat in his face as he shouted, “But that isn’t enough! The number of griffons here are immeasurable! Making a disturbance will make us be surrounded by hundreds of griffons. Even the 1st ranked Kraugel wouldn’t be able to kill all the griffons by himself! But you want to hunt the griffons while wearing Malacus’ Cloak? Put it away now!”


Certainly, the griffons were hard monsters to hunt. Weren’t they level 260? Grid used the benefit of hindsight and placed Malacus’ Cloak in the inventory. Then he said to Toban. "Okay, I understand. I’ll give up on group hunting. Instead, let’s defeat as many as possible. We will go and hunt the griffons one by one. Understood?

Grid was determined to hunt griffons. Thus, Toban was forced to give in.

“Yes, if it’s one at a time... It will take some time, but it’s good enough.”

To be honest, Toban also wanted the experience and loot that came from hunting griffons. The moment that Toban decided to hunt griffons with Grid...


A little while ago.

The problem was Toban’s agitated shouting. Dozens of griffons were gathering after hearing his voice.

“Keok...” Toban found the crowd of griffons in the sky and flopped down. “Damn...! It is over! We will die!”

Grid snorted, “Stop talking nonsense. How can I die in a place like this?”


In no time, Grid was equipped with shining white armor, gloves and a silver crown. There was also a black greatsword in his right hand. The spectacular and dignified figure gave hope to Toban.

‘That's right... Grid is strong!’

He had singlehandedly defeated Asuka, Black Teddy, Box and Toban in a fight. His level might be low but he was one of the strongest users due to his legendary class. Toban believed that it might be possible to win against the griffons with Grid.

“Grid! Give me a command!”

He had already agreed to be a slave and he would do his duty as a slave! Toban was fully prepared to take Grid’s directions. Grid threw Malacus’ Cloak at him.

“First of all, put that on. Then run away.”


Toban couldn’t figure out Grid’s intentions. Run away with Malacus’ Cloak? If he put on Malacus’ Cloak, wouldn’t he become the target of the griffons? Why would he wear Malacus’ Cloak when he was trying to run away?

Grid cried out with frustration, “You still don’t understand? You are bait!”


Toban doubted his ears. A human, a species that had the best intellect on the planet, was being used as bait for a monster?

“Are you serious?”

Grid replied impatiently to Toban, “Do I sound like I’m joking? This is a command.”

"No way! Acting as a bait for monsters, it is against human rights! It is not ethical!”

“What does ethics have to do with this? What right does a slave have to talk about civil rights? We can get rid of this crisis if you act as bait, while I handle them one by one from the rear!”

It was true. Fighting with dozens of griffons meant it was likely both of them would die. Toban felt like crying. A few days ago, he had been glad about receiving a SS-grade quest for the first time, but it was different now. This wasn’t a quest from a god, it was a curse.



Recently, the number of times Toban wanted to cry had increased significantly. He eventually equipped Malacus’ Cloak. The bloody smell spread in every direction and the griffons’ attention concentrated on Toban.


The griffons who were just as violent as orcs. They were excited by this delicious smell. The sharp beaks aimed exactly at Toban’s head.


Toban defended with his shield.


There was a big impact and Toban’s body was pushed back a few steps. In this gap, a griffon flapped its huge wings, creating wind pressure, and wielded heavy paws.

“Eh? Ehhhh?”

Toban stumbled from the wind pressure. The griffon’s paw aimed for his chest. 


Due to the wind pressure, Toban couldn’t even adjust his shield. It meant he was hit by the griffon’s paw and couldn’t avoid a serious injury. No, why was this griffon so strong? Toban felt some doubts and checked the griffon’s name. Then he cursed.

“Dammit! This bastard is a field boss?”

That’s right. The griffon leading 22 griffons was a level 290 field boss name ‘Griffon Captain.’

“Why has God forsaken me?”

Toban screamed. But after the unavoidable blow, he immediately drank a  health potion and used buff magic that concentrated on defense. Then he closed his eyes and prepared for the pain. At that moment, Grid appeared behind the Griffon Captain and aimed Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Kill at the perfect gap.


[The Holy Light Gloves option effect is activated, causing you to attack the target five times.]

The damage of level 1 kill was 1500% of his attack power, while the level 2 damage was 1800%. Grid also invested the 200 points earned from the pope into strength as always. In addition, the pavranium was blessed by God Dominion and had a damage enhancement effect. 

That wasn’t all.

Currently, 23 griffons were recognized by Dainsleif as enemies. The additional 345 attack power from this, as well as the effect of Blacksmith’s Rage and the 1800% damage was sufficient to threaten the boss monster.

Then there was a critical and the option from the Holy Light Gloves. The amount of damage applied transcended common sense.

[You have dealt 284,000 damage.]

‘Didn’t the pope only have around 300,000 health?’

Grid was surprised to see the notification window.


A single blow. The Griffon Captain suffered tremendous damage from one blow and dropped heavily. It collapsed. It fell into a critical condition. Toban’s mouth gaped open as he asked Grid, “Grid... What is this tremendous attack power? Don’t tell me you didn’t exert all your skills in the fight against Box’s group?”

Maybe a legendary class was greater than he expected.

Grid calmly replied to Toban. "It's not like that. This is pure luck.”

Grid was even more surprised than Toban.

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