Chapter 127

Chapter 127


He was more naughty and wicked than anyone else, but also more noble and divine than anyone else. The reign of Pope Drevigo ended after a long struggle. Then he turned into light. The light that symbolized levelling up flashed around Grid’s body dozens of times.


Damian was amazed as he confirmed it in the party information window. Grid had been level 150 and he jumped to level 170 instantly.

‘Gaining 20 levels at once...!’

That’s right. Grid overcame the pope who ruled over 70 million people and gained an unimaginable amount of experience. 

On the other hand, Damian was in a party with Grid, but he only gained a small amount of experience. It was because the system judged that he barely contributed to the battle against the pope. In addition, there were two people in the party but all items dropped were one-sidedly gained by Grid.

Despite the pope being defeated, Damian wasn’t able to take advantage of the experience and items in any way. But Damian wasn’t disappointed.

‘I just used buff skills on him and tied up the feet of the paladins for a while. He took on the pope alone, and I can’t even envy him, because I didn’t give him much help.’

The bizarre skull helmet had been shattered by the pope. Damian looked at the exposed Grid with pleasant emotions.

‘Thanks to him, I was able to clear my hidden class change quest...’

Notification windows were being renewed in front of him.

[The quest ‘Goddess’ Divine Punishment’ has succeed.]

[You have changed to the unique hidden class ‘Goddess' Agent.’]

[You are qualified to become the pope.]

[There is a possibility that you will be elected as a pope candidate.]

[If you are crowned as the pope, you can run the Rebecca Church. Please be patient until the day when tens of millions of people worship you.]

[The skill Goddess’ Breath has been created.]

[The skill Goddess’ Breath has been mastered.]

[The skill Goddess’ Protection has been created.]

[The skill Goddess’ Protection has been mastered.]

[The skill Divine Message has been created.]

[The Dignity stat has been opened.]

[The growth rate of divine power will become three times higher.]

[Goddess’ Breath]

Recovers 100% of your health and 70% of your party members’ health.

Skill Mana consumption: 30% of the maximum mana.

Skill Cooldown Time: 10 minutes.

[Goddess’ Protection]

Creates a shield of absolute defense that will invalidate an enemy’s attack once.

Skill Mana Cost: 2,000

Skill Cooldown Time: 1 hour.

[Divine Message]

You can hear the voice of Goddess Rebecca. The goddess will give you a lot of advice. You can earn big profits if you act on that advice.

Skill Activation Condition: Random

‘Goddess’ breath and protection... Pope Drevigo used it every few minutes, but that was an NPC correction effect. For a user, it was magic with a very long cooldown time.’

Was he disappointed? No, that wasn’t it. Damian was thrilled.

'I didn’t realize it until now. I have a unique hidden class...’

These were the ratings of the hidden classes: Rare, epic, unique and legendary! Most of the existing hidden classes had a rare rating.  There were only three epic hidden classes revealed and no unique hidden classes. Most users and experts speculated that unique and higher hidden classes hadn’t appeared yet.

But at this moment! Damian was able to obtain a unique hidden class thanks to Grid. It was a unique hidden class, far beyond a rare class! Damian was thrilled and felt infinite gratitude towards Grid.

'In my 32 years of life, I have lived a normal life without being able to feel this sense of accomplishment once...! Grid, you are my lifelong benefactor! I don’t care if you are a psychopath. To me, you are an angel! Someday... I will repay you someday!’

Grid didn’t know about it. The reason he defeated the pope was to clear his own quest, not to help Damian, who he didn’t even know. He was unaware that Damian had just obtained a hidden class.

However, it was undeniable that Grid was Damian’s benefactor. In the future, Damian would be sure to repay the favor to Grid, and Grid would gain a solid support without even knowing it.

“It was hard.”

After knocking down the pope. Grid’s stamina was depleted and he lay on the ground without any hesitation.

"I can’t move a finger.”

Due to the battle with the pope, the Vatican was completely devastated. Only a few pillars were barely standing, but the ceiling had completely collapsed, so it could no longer be called a building. There was a satisfied smile on Grid’s face as he looked up at the blue sky through the collapsed ceiling.


[Holy Light Armor]

Rating: Legendary (Set)

Durability: 924/924    Defense: 872

* There is a high chance of completely resisting dark spells.

* 300% increased in magic recovery effects.

* 40% reduction in damage from physical attacks.

* 50% reduction in damage from magic attacks.

-When 3 set items are equipped: Defense +500, health +6,000.

An armor that the legendary blacksmith Pagma made for 5th Pope Franz.

Thanks to this armor made by the god mineral adamantium, Franz was able to survive many times in the war against the Yatan Church.

Since it was an armor customized for Franz, the other popes have stored this armor away.

Conditions of Use: Franz. 

Weight: 1,517 

[Holy Light Gloves]

Rating: Legendary (Set)

Durability: 300/3000   Defense: 130 Attack Speed: +20%   Accuracy +40%

* There is a normal chance of activating ‘5 Joint Attacks.’

* There is a high chance of activating ‘Counterattack.’

-When 3 set items are equipped: Defense +500, health +6,000.

An armor that the legendary blacksmith Pagma made for 5th Pope Franz.

There is a legend that Franz, who has a weak sword technique, became a master of the sword when wearing these gloves.

Since the gloves were personally customized for Franz, the other popes have stored these gloves away.

Conditions of Use: Franz.

Weight: 10

[Holy Light Crown]

Rating: Legendary (Set)

Durability: 180/180    Defense: 20

* Intelligence +300

* Dignity +200

-When 3 set items are equipped: Defense +500, health +6,000.

A crown that the legendary blacksmith Pagma made for 5th Pope Franz.

There is a legend that Franz became more intelligent and dignified after wearing this crown.

Since the crown was personally customized for Franz, the other popes have stored this crown away.

Conditions of Use: Franz.

Weight: 25

Unlike the helmet, the crown’s defense wasn’t very good. However, the effect of the set items seemed enough to cover the lack of defense.

‘The performance of the armor and gloves is the best.’

Grid equipped the items that he obtained.

[A penalty is applied because the item conditions aren’t met.]

[Defense of Holy Light Armor will decrease by 55%.]

[As your understanding of the Holy Light Armor increases, the penalty will decrease.]

[Defense of Holy Light Gloves will decrease by 55%.]

[As your understanding of the Holy Light Gloves increases, the penalty will decrease.]

[Defense of Holy Light Crown will decrease by 55%.]

[As your understanding of the Holy Light Crown increases, the penalty will decrease.]


In the case of legendary items, the penalty for not meeting the conditions of use was 55%. Therefore, only 393 defense would be applied if Grid equipped the Holy Light Armor. The defense of the Holy Light Gloves would be 59 and the Holy Light Crown would be 9 defense.

But there was the effect of wearing the three set items, so the defense wasn’t low. Furthermore, the option effects were applied too. Grid thought about it positively.

'This performance... The understanding of an item will naturally rise if I use it, so I don’t need to be disappointed.’

In fact, his understanding of Dainsleif had increased, so now the penalty was only around 20%.

‘The bad thing is that they are items that can’t be widely used. No one will buy it if I put it on the auction site... How rotten.’

Legendary items dropped for the first time, but why were they so special? Then a notification window flashed in front of Grid.

[The quest ‘Help the Rebecca Church!’ has succeeded.]

[Affinity with the Rebecca Church has risen to the maximum. Members of the Rebecca Church will have unlimited affection and trust in you. You will be able to receive aid from them.]

[Talk to Rebecca’s Daughter, Isabel. She will give the goddess’ blessing to the pavranium.]

He had some rest so he managed to move his limbs. He unequipped the items and rose from his spot with a groan. Isabel, Rin, Damian and dozens of Rebecca members were watching him.

“Grid...” Isabel approached Grid. Tears were seen in her eyes. “Thank you. Thanks to you, the honor of the goddess... I could keep Rin and everyone else.”

Isabel bowed deeply after her words. Then the other paladins and priest also bowed in unison.


It was a solemn atmosphere. Grid had gotten rid of the pope who corrupted the church over the last two years, so they truly regarded him as a saviour.


Wasn’t this completely a scene from a manhwa? Damian looked at Grid with envy.  He viewed Grid as a hero from a manhwa.  He was like a great being who defended everyone against evil and was honoured by all after defeating the evil. It was the typical look of a main character that Damian had been dreaming about. Damian truly yearned to be Grid. 

But it was only for a while.

“For free? If you really appreciate it, shouldn’t you show me some courtesy? Isn’t the Rebecca Church rich?”

Grid made the shape of a coin with his fingers and demanded with greedy eyes.

"Give me a tip. As you can see, my helmet and armor broke due to suffering a lot of damage against the pope. I also have to claim compensation for being mentally injured after Isabel refused to return the Divine Shield.”


Grid was greedy. As everyone was speechless, Damian muttered with disappointment, "A person like this...”

After that.

Grid followed along after Isabel and Rin. They arrived in the centre of the collapsed Vatican. Despite the Vatican being swept away in the aftermath of the destruction, there were almost no scratches on the Rebecca Statue.

Grid handed Isabel the two discs.

“Please use the goddess’ blessing on them.”

Isabel received the golden discs. She fell to her knees in front of the goddess’ statue and started praying. Then after a few moments, a warm light came down from the sky and wrapped around the golden discs.


[Goddess Rebecca’s blessing has fallen on the pavranium.]

[The pavranium will be able to demonstrate recovery abilities.]

"Recovery ability?"

Grid appraised the golden discs.

[Golden Discs Made of Pavranium]

Durability: Infinite

Golden discs made of pavranium, the strongest mineral produced by the collaboration between the legendary blacksmith Pagma and the legendary great magician Braham.

By default, they revolve around and protects their owner. They will also take other actions when given commands from their owner.

* They have obtained healing skills due to Goddess Rebecca’s blessing. They will increase their owner’s health recovery speed by 300%. 

Weight: 5


This mineral could also acquire skills? He never even imagined it. The future was bright. In the future, he had to receive the blessings from God Dominion, God Judar and God Yatan. The pavranium would acquire new skills every time, so Grid had great expectations. 

But there was still the matter of God Yatan. He was an enemy of the Yatan Church! How could he get the blessing of God Yatan?

Grid was sighing when Damian approached him.

“Mr. Grid!”

"What is it?"

Grid frowned at Damian’s sudden shout. Damian asked him desperately, “Can I rub my cheek against those golden discs? It is my wish of a lifetime. "

Grid was bewildered. “Why?”

Damian snorted like a horny bull and explained. “Didn’t it just touch Isabel-chan’s chest? I want to feel the warmth of Isabel-chan’s chest!”


An ordinary looking person was talking like this, so Grid doubted his ears.  Isabel hit Damian’s side with her elbow.

“Keo... Keook!” Isabel-chan’s elbow... Haack...”

Damian collapsed with a pained but happy expression.  Isabel was so embarrassed that she blew him away with the kick. Then she passed the Divine Shield to the stunned Grid. 

“We need a lot of money to rebuild the Vatican. We can’t afford to pay you a tip but... I will give you this as promised.”

It was the moment he recovered the legendary Divine Shield that was stolen a few months ago.

[Perfect Divine Shield]

Rating: Legendary

Durability: 680/680  Defense: 370  Magic Resistance: 280

* There is a high chance of completely resisting dark spells.

* The skill ‘Divine Light’ will be generated.

* The skill ‘Divine Favor’ will be generated.

An item made by a craftsman with great skills and potential, but his experience and reputation is somewhat lacking.

Thanks to the power of Cassus, a priest of the Rebecca Church, it shines with the divine power of the goddess of light. Due to its strength against dark magic, all followers of demons and the Yatan Church will suffer when facing this shield.

User Restriction: Level 190 or higher. More than 500 strength. More than 1,000 divine power. A member of the Rebecca Church.

Weight: 800

"...Well, this is it.”

Grid was satisfied. With this Divine Shield, he was confident that he could fight the servants of the Yatan Church.

'Yes, if I can’t willingly obtain God Yatan’s blessing, I will force them to give me the blessing.'

Isabel carefully asked him, “Are you leaving now?”

She felt regret. But Grid was a busy person. He wanted to clear the quest as quickly as possible and return to Winston. Then he could spend a hot night with his beautiful bride!

“I have to leave. Oh, do you have any influence with the Dominion and Judar churches? I need to obtain God Dominion and God Judar’s blessings.”

Isabel smiled widely, "The Dominion Church and Judar Church are like our brothers. The Dominion Church and Judar Church have pledged allegiance to our pope... I can provide you some strength.”

She felt sorry because she didn’t have anything special to give Grid for his great help. She was glad to have a chance to repay Grid.

“I’ll write an introduction. They will willingly give their blessings with my introduction. I want to accompany you but... Sorry. There is a lot of work to do, such as electing a new pope and rebuilding the Vatican.”


Grid looked at Damian who had been kicked by Isabel, and confirmed that he wouldn’t be able to get up for a while. Then Grid replied, "There’s no need to be sorry. I don’t want to be accompanied by a crazy girl like you. This is enough.”


Isabel became gloomy at the end of his words. Rin looked at him reproachfully, but Grid didn’t notice.

After receiving the letter of introduction. Grid headed towards the nearest Dominion Church.

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