Chapter 124

Chapter 124

A transparent arrow, visible to only Grid’s eyes, was pointed at Isabel’s spear. It was the helper system that guided the user. Like every other user, Grid received a lot of help from this system in the early days. It helped him even after he became Pagma's Descendant, like with the bellows.

Anyway, this meant the system was telling him that the spear was a clue to this quest.

“I see,” Grid reminded himself. In the case of quests with an extremely high failure penalty, the system was set up to help the user succeed.

"Hey, Isabel.”


Isabel, who had been feeling despair over Luna, frowned at the call.

Grid told her, "I will kill the pope and then rescue Rin. In return, give me my shield. Understood?"


Why? Isabel felt an unknown sense of trust from Grid’s absurd words.

‘Believe in him.’

Somehow, she seemed to hear the voice of Goddess Rebecca.

“...Really? Will you really save Rin? Has Goddess Rebecca condemned His Holiness?”

Grid nodded at her question and replied, "Yes, that’s what the sky said.”

He approached Isabel and grabbed her spear that the arrow was pointing towards.


Isabel panicked because Grid once again touched the sacred spear. Grid ignored her and used a skill,

“Legendary Blacksmith’s Appraisal.”

[The blacksmith who becomes a legend can appraise items with an excellent discerning eye. If a hidden feature exists in the target item, it will be found.]

[Sealed Lifael’s Spear]

Rating: Legendary

Durability: 1,000/1,000    Attack Power: 730~1,270

* Divine Power +1,500

* All stats +60.

* 100% increase in health recovery.

* Fixed damage of +2,000 on each attack.

* There is a high probability of activating the ‘Light Wheel’ skill.

* There is a high probability of activating the ‘Shield of Light’ skill.

* There is a high probability of activating the ‘Light of Guidance’ skill.

* The skill ‘White Transformation’ will be generated.

* Attack power +20% against those with dark magic power.

It is one of the three divine artifacts of the Rebecca Church.

The 5th Pope Franz asked the legendary blacksmith Pagma to seal its power.

Conditions of Use: Rebecca's Daughter.

Weight: 400

In the case of ‘Failure’ which Grid created without considering the balance, the conditions of use were ridiculously high but the performance was superior to common sense. And Lifael’s Spear was a weapon that was almost like Failure. However, the surprising thing was that it was sealed.

‘Pagma sealed it? Why?’

The moment that Grid was feeling admiration. A white flash emerged from the spear! Then a golden glow appeared and a notification window popped up.

[You have discovered a hidden feature in the item!]

[Lifael’s Spear]

Rating: Myth

Durability: 1,500/1,500    Attack Power: 2,330~2,890

* Divine Power +3,000

* All stats +200

* 300% increase in health recovery.

* Fixed damage of +5,000 on each attack.

* There is a high probability of activating the ‘Light Wheel’ skill.

* There is a high probability of activating the ‘Shield of Light’ skill.

* There is a high probability of activating the ‘Light of Guidance’ skill.

* The skill ‘White Transformation’ will always be invoked.

* Attack power +50% against those with dark magic power.

It is one of the three divine artifacts of the Rebecca Church.

It contains a tremendous divine power that human beings can’t afford to handle, placing a heavy burden on the user’s mind and body.

Since Rebecca’s Daughters became short-lived after being unable to cope with the power of this weapon, 5th Pope Franz asked Pagma to seal its power.

However, Pagma's Descendant emerged during the 13th Pope’s reign and was able to discover the true power of the weapon, unsealing it.

Conditions of Use: Rebecca's Daughter.

Weight: 400

[You have witnessed a god-made weapon!]

[Insight has increased by 200.]

[Your insight stat has exceeded 500. You will see the world differently from before.]

[All blacksmith related skill levels have increased by +1.]

[You can now produce myth rated items.]


It transcended even ‘Failure.’ No, this was a weapon strong enough to disrupt the balance of the world itself.

‘Myth rated items...’ He never imagined that items higher than a legendary rating existed. ‘Myth rated items, does that mean I am able to make items like Dainsleif? Rather...’

It was a new experience for Grid.

‘This is a jackpot.’

There were numbers listed above Isabel, Luna and Cassus’ head. Isabel had 55,000 above her head. Luna had 26,300. Cassus had 4,000. Through Grid’s increased insight, he was aware of what these numbers meant.

‘Their combat power.’


An enormous golden energy started to explode from Isabel. Due to the awakened Lifael’s Spear, the skill ‘White Transformation’ was automatically activated. Then Isabel’s combat power started to climb until it reached 120,000.

Grid laughed. “It is convenient but... What is this? I’m not the protagonist of a manhwa.”

100 years ago, there was a manhwa that was regarded as one of the best masterpieces and created a craze all over the world. The manhwa characters could measure the target’s combat power with a machine or ability.

“Why did an ability from a manhwa 100 years ago appear?”

He was only complaining with his mouth. Grid was well aware of how useful the newly acquired ability could be. On the other hand, Luna was looking at Isabel.


She had admired Isabel’s beautiful hair for a long time. Luna’s hair was colorful and curly, while Isabel’s hair was platinum and long, like beautiful silk. Luna coveted it more than jewellery. Now Isabel’s beautiful hair was influenced by the explosion of divine power.

"I have to fight.” Luna also liked Rin. She followed Rin like they were actual sisters. It was the same with Isabel. Isabel was as good as Rin. But Luna had to fight. She was taught to obey commands.

In the end, Luna also used White Transformation. Her combat strength only reached 50,000. The difference in combat power was obvious.

‘Isabel will win this fight.’

Grid was confident, while Isabel was feeling confused.

“H-How did this happen?”

Lifael’s Spear became much more powerful than before. It was a power that couldn’t be controlled. It seemed like she could beat any opponent. She was confident that she could penetrate Everiel’s Shield, which boasted a high defense.


She was panicking as she felt her divine power rising indefinitely when Grid reached out to her. He spoke as if he was blessing her, “Have strength. I will go rescue Rin first.”


As soon as she heard Rin’s name, Isabel recovered his spirit and grasped the spear tightly. She felt a desire to fight Luna.


Isabel was motivated by the mention of Rin. Now Isabel would fight to save Rin. She would defeat Luna and kill the pope. It was perfect insurance. This would allow him to clear the quest.

"Let’s go!"

Grid entered the Vatican after passing through Luna, who was blocked by Isabel. He ran down a long hallway while pulling out Dainsleif and the Frostlight Orc Chief’s Helmet. Then he felt something from the innermost giant doors that were closed.



Grid kicked the doors with his feet. He witnessed the pope standing on the other end of the red carpet like a villain.

“That guy?”

The bewildered pope asked. Grid examined the situation before replying. A man and woman were surrounded by dozens of paladins and priests. It seemed like he appeared at an exquisite moment. Yes, just like a character from a movie.

Grid laughed at the atmosphere.

“A protagonist? I see.”

He answered and put a hand on his belt.

[Kenen’s Dart Belt]

Rating: Unique

The favorite belt of Kenen, a master of assassination who made many people panic.

One dart will be charged every 20 seconds and up to three darts can be charged.

The type of dart generated is random, and it will have different effects depending on the type.

Conditions of Use: Assassin Throwing Technique Level 7 or above.

Weight: 140

It was an item dropped by Sniffer when he died. It was similar to an infinite quiver, but the infinite quiver commonly had fixed types of arrows. But this belt produced random darts. This was a disadvantage, but Grid tried using it on the way here and the performance was very interesting.

'That bastard, he must be crying tears of blood after dropping this item.’

Really stupid. A PK user had a very high probability of dropping items upon death. They dared to attack even knowing the risk, how stupid.


Grid laughed and threw darts towards the pope.

"Block it!”

The paladins used their shields to protect the pope.


The darts hit the shields and caused a smoke screen. Grid clicked his tongue. "There is the poison fog function, so why is this just plain smoke?”

As expected, he had no luck. He scowled as he moved quickly and rescued Rin and Damian. Then he checked their combat power.

‘Oh, isn’t this great?’

Damian’s combat power was 12,500. It was very powerful for a user, considering that Rin had 27,000. He must be a top ranker. He seemed to be a paladin, so he should be useful as a tanker.

Grid told him, “Invite me into the party. Also, can I have all the items that the pope drops? I think that is sufficient for saving your life.”


The silence was a positive agreement! In the first place, Damian must be completing a similar type of quest. Grid was convinced that Damian couldn’t refuse, so he set the party leader to acquire the items and sent a party invitation. Then the desperate Damian was forced to accept the party.

Grid was happy as he confirmed the party information.

'As expected, he is a top ranker.’

Damian was a huge level 227. It was similar to the average level of the Tzedakah Guild. It meant he was within the top 200 of users. Damian was also stunned.


The main character who emerged in an urgent situation and saved the heroine! The person had such a strong ambiance, yet he was only level 150? He thought Goddess Rebecca had given him a lifeline, but it was just a rotten lifeline. The moment that Damian was feeling regret.


A red lightning bolt pierced the roof of the Vatican and nestled in a black greatsword.


The appearance of a greatsword with red currents around it was very powerful. It was certainly a unique rated item.

'That weapon is amazing.’

Damian was feeling admiration when Grid asked him.

“As a paladin, can’t you use buff skills? Please use buffs on me.”

Originally, Rebecca paladins couldn’t use buff skills. It was common sense that everyone should know. However, Damian awakened his abilities and received a buff skill. He checked the information on his newly acquired skills.

[Light's Blessing]

You and your party’s defense, attack power and accuracy will increase by 80% for 3 minutes.

Skill Mana Cost: 900

Skill Cooldown Time: 300 seconds

[Heart's Desire]

The dead will be immediately resurrected on the spot.

* This doesn’t apply to NPCs.

Skill Mana consumption: 80% of the maximum mana.

Skill Cooldown Time: 24 hours.

Amazing skills. A buff skill more powerful than Light's Blessing didn’t exist yet. In addition, the resurrection skill was a top-tier skill that even second advancement Rebecca priests hadn’t acquired. Perhaps he was currently the only one with a resurrection skill in Satisfy.

'Yes, this user might be weak but if I use these skills well...’

Maybe it was worth fighting. Damian used Light's Blessing.


Grid sincerely admired the buff effect. Then he started to show his transcendent sword dance.

“What is this?’

Damian was confused as he watched the man dance instead of attacking. Then Grid stopped dancing and discharged a red and black sword aura.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!


Damian was so amazed that he hiccuped.

Every time this man swung his sword, the 23 high ranking paladins that the church was so proud of would become injured. The priests struggled to save the paladins from the ruthless bombardment, but the speed at which the sword auras were flying was much faster than the heals. Three or four swords flew while the priests could only use Heal once.

The heals could no longer keep up and the paladins had to retreat, meaning there were no longer any people protecting the pope.


Grid spoke to the indignant pope, "Were you relying on them to protect you? How tragic.”

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