Chapter 122

Chapter 122

"Rin, shouldn’t you be faithful to me and Goddess Rebecca, as well as serve as a role model to the believers?”

The Vatican. Dozens of senior paladins and priests watched as one of Rebecca’s Daughters, Rin was questioned.

She declared, “This is a misunderstanding. My loyalty to Goddess Rebecca and Your Holiness is eternal. I will never betray Your Holiness.”

"If you are loyal, why haven’t you responded to my calls? Shouldn’t you obey my commands in any circumstances?”

Last January.

Drevigo rose to the seat of 13th pope after defeating the other candidates, and revealed himself as soon as he seized power. Almost two years after he became a pope, he broke the laws to fill his own self-interests and defiled the honor of Goddess Rebecca.

The high priests were remorseful and tried to correct their mistake, but they weren’t successful. Those who made any comments were demoted to temples in remote areas. Only those who didn’t care and became corrupt with the pope remained at the Vatican.

Reform was needed.

Finally, September of this year. The high-ranking clergymen rebelled in order to remove Drevigo from the pope’s seat. But Drevigo had Rebecca’s Daughters. They were absolutely loyal to the pope and the rebellion failed before their strength. After that, Drevigo was able to consolidate his position even more.

The priests lamented. Three of the strongest paladins fostered to guard the church were now protecting the worst pope. As long as Rebecca’s Daughters existed, the pope would remain alive until the end and the Rebecca Church would rot.

But now. Due to Drevigo’s endless desires, even Rebecca’s Daughters could feel the change. Those who had been taught to be absolutely loyal to the pope from a young age were trying to escape their brainwashing.

“I... I felt confused because Your Holiness didn’t fulfill your duties as a pope. I prayed to Goddess Rebecca to see if I should submit to your commands and to ask for answers.”

Rin was strong but she was pure, like a little girl. The pope ridiculed her for answering so honestly.

“You wondered if you should submit to my commands?”


“Why are you so simple?” The pope’s eyes widened as he shouted. "I am the agent of Goddess Rebecca! It is your duty to believe and follow me. Are you trying to use prayer as an excuse? Rin! You are a dangerous child! You are no longer my daughter! I will reclaim Ikael’s Sword!”

At that moment, a quest notification window appeared in front of Damian, who was standing next to the high-ranking paladin and priest NPCs.

[Pope’s Decision]

Difficulty Level: SS

Rebecca's Daughters are the absolute weapons of the Rebecca Church. Their armed strength is reliable, but they can be dangerous if they aren’t under perfect control. The pope is worried about the worst and eventually gave a command.

Kill Rebecca’s Daughter, Rin. Killing her won’t deal a direct hit to the church. As long as Ikael’s Sword exists, an endless number of substitutes can replace her.

Quest Clear Conditions: Rin’s death.

Clear Reward: Abilities awakening.

* You can exert the true abilities of a paladin of the Rebecca Church.

Quest Failure: Level -4. Divine Power will decrease by 10,000.

[Would you like to accept the quest?]

There were three types of paladins in Satisfy.

The most popular type of paladins were those belonging to the Judar Church.

They specialized in a wide range of buff skills and had excellent defense. They were in charge of the party buffs, and were active in party hunting and raised because they were able to serve as the main tanker. They were considered as the most popular class after the Rebecca priests.

Then there were the paladins of the Dominion Church.

They specialized in personal buff skills and had high attack power. They weren’t popular with large scale parties and raids, but they were popular in small party hunting. In addition, their single combat ability was the best among the paladins.

The last were paladins of the Rebecca Church.

They were the only paladins who could use Heal. But they didn’t have buff skills. However, their amount of healing wasn’t high, so they weren’t popular in party hunting or raids. It was a class that was only grudgingly accepted when a priest couldn’t be found. They had no buff skills and their combat ability was the weakest among the paladins.

They were much harder to find than paladins of other churches, and weren’t popular. It was rare to find a user who was a paladin of the Rebecca Church. 

But wasn’t it strange? Rebecca’s Daughters were paladins, and not only that, they were the strongest among all NPC paladins. Thanks to their presence, Damian speculated that a Rebecca paladin would become stronger if they broke through a certain point.

If he reached his second advancement, wouldn’t he become stronger than paladins of other churches? He thought for a bit before choosing to become a paladin of the Rebecca Church. However, he reached level 200 after much difficulty and didn’t find anything special. The paladins of the other churches were still better than paladins of the Rebecca Church.

Damian felt extreme disappointment and skepticism. But right now.

‘Abilities awakening...!’

It was the reward of his first SS-grade quest after playing Satisfy for over a year. If this quest was cleared and his abilities awakened, Damian was obviously going to become stronger as he originally anticipated. Damian had been waiting for this moment since he became a paladin of the Rebecca Church.

He made a decision.

“...I reject.”

[If you refuse the quest, the pope will view you as a traitor. Do you still want to reject?]


He was a paladin of the Rebecca Church. Damian had struggled to raise his level and divine power. Everyone laughed and called Rebecca’s paladins garbage, but Damian didn’t stop dreaming of the day his abilities would awaken.

Then a month ago, he became 2nd on the paladin rankings. As a result of the effort that other people couldn’t imagine, he was finally faced with the moment his abilities would awaken. So why was he refusing the quest?

"How can I aim a sword at Rin-chan?”

It was due to his virtuous heart. Damian had been watching Rebecca’s Daughters for a long time, and was attracted by their beauty and charm. He ran a blog on the Internet praising Rebecca’s Daughters.

"Don’t underestimate my virtue...! I refuse the quest!”

[The quest was refused.]

[An angry Pope Drevigo has pointed you out as a traitor.]

“Disgraceful person! What are you doing? Get rid of him and Rin!”


Dozens of senior paladins simultaneously armed themselves. They rushed towards Rin and Damian after receiving the pope’s command.


Rin was confused. She had been branded as a traitor after a lifetime of loyalty, so she had no idea what to do. Damian ran to her side and reassured her, "Rin-chan, it will be okay. I will protect you.”

Excluding the time he spent playing Satisfy, Damian spent all his time managing his blog and watching Japanese anime. Now he had an opportunity to defend the heroine, just like the protagonists of the animes he watched.

Rin was tearful as she looked at his back.

“Damian... I’m not alone?”

Damian glanced at her and replied. “Yes. I am beside Rin-chan. And Goddess Rebecca will surely protect us.”

At that moment, a new quest window emerged in front of Damian.

[Goddess’ Divine Punishment]

Difficulty: Class change quest.

Your choice to reject the corrupt pope’s command wasn’t wrong. Goddess Rebecca has blessed you.

As an agent of Goddess Rebecca, punish the corrupt pope!

Quest Progress Reward: Abilities awakening.

Quest Clear Conditions: Pope Drevigo’s death.

Quest Clear Reward: The hidden class ‘Goddess’ Agent.’

Quest Failure: Level -20. You will lose your current class. The complete corruption of the Rebecca Church.

* The hidden class change quest has the power to transform Satisfy’s world, according to the result. Please be careful.

[Goddess Rebecca has blessed you for following her teachings faithfully.]

[Due to this, your suppressed powers have been awakened.]

[All stats have increased by 100.]

[The skill ‘Light’s Blessing’ has been generated.]

[The skill ‘Heart’s Desire’ has been generated.]


Damian gripped his sword tightly.


His heart was thudding. His blood was boiling. It was the first time in 32 years that his adrenaline rose like this.

‘I chose this.’

Reality was different from manhwa. The main characters in manhwa were rewarded for their effort, but reality was grim. It was a world that was only beneficial to those who studied or had money.

In reality, Damian couldn’t be a protagonist. But Satisfy was another reality, and his efforts and choices were repaid, giving him a chance to become a hero.

“Drevigo! As an agent of Goddess Rebecca, I will deal out divine punishment! Light's Blessing!”

[You and your party’s defense, attack power and accuracy will increase by 80% for 3 minutes.]


Damian was surrounded by a golden light as he broke through the paladins and reached Drevigo. Drevigo reached out. "You dare to act as an agent of the goddess in front of me. Do you believe that you can receive a divine message?”


Drevigo’s belief in Goddess Rebecca was real. His overwhelming divine power was comparable to Rebecca’s Daughters. The power of light fired from his fingertip easily penetrated Damian’s chest.


[You have lost 41% of your health from a single blow.]

[You can’t regain your mental state.]

What was this result? His vision was going crazy. His body couldn’t move the way he wanted.

‘Indeed, I... I’m not a protagonist.’

Damian fell into a stunned state and was unprotected. The moment the pope was about to launch another attack at him and all his efforts were in vain...

“How funny... I came here to meet the pope, so why is there a quest to destroy the pope?”

The doors of the huge room opened without permission and an outsider entered. It was a man wearing a scruffy cloak and a bizarre skull helmet.

“Who is it now?”

“A protagonist? I see.”


After examining the situation, Grid threw three darts at the pope standing at the end of a long red carpet.

"Block it!”

The paladins used their shields to block the darts. But the moment the darts hit the shields, an explosion occurred and smoke emerged. Grid used that gap to rescue Damian and Rin from the enemy.

Then he suggested to Damian, whose eyes were wide at the suddenly revealed savior, “Invite me into the party. Instead, can I have all the items that the pope drops? I think that is sufficient for saving your life.”


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