Chapter 118

Chapter 118

Like any game, the role of a healer was very important in Satisfy. They were indispensable for stable party hunting and the success of a raid. In Satisfy, the healers were priests who served Rebecca, the goddess of light. Only those who served Rebecca could become acquainted with Heal.

"Looking for a priest to finish the Dunpapa raid in two minutes!”

"Looking for a priest for a party that has an average level of 150~”

“Priests! Please join the party! You will have priority on items!”

The popularity of priests was unimaginable. Unfortunately, the number of priests was very limited. It was very hard to become a priest of the Rebecca Church. Dating was forbidden and there was a series of hardships such as praying for days, intermittent silence, and fasting.

There were jokes that the priest of the Rebecca Church were monks in reality. Therefore, most users were reluctant to become priests of the Rebecca Church and most Rebecca priests were NPCs.

“Sigh... There are no priests today.”

"We have to go to the temple again to hire a priest.”

Parties looking for priests had to visit the Rebecca Church. Then they had to pay a large sum in donations to hire NPC priests. These actions repeated, so the Rebecca Church gained tremendous wealth. The high priests of the Rebecca Church, known for their integrity, were overwhelming without knowing.

It was the current pope who led to all of this. Drevigo, the 13th pope of the Rebecca Church, was a far cry from the first clergymen. He was eager to meet his individual needs.

After he became the pope. He understood the market and built up wealth by turning the priests into a commodity. He provided incense to the high priests and corrupted them, committing all types of wrongdoings with them.

As a result, the Rebecca Church fell over time and became a symbol of decadence.

“There is no answer.”

In this place, there was a beautiful girl who had a habit of sighing. Her name was Isabel. She was one of Rebecca’s Daughters, the ultimate paladins of the Rebecca Church, and the master of the Lifael Spear.

She shuddered as she listened to the noises coming from the pope from her room.

"The supposedly divine presence is shaking his waist like a dog every night.”

The priest Cassus paid attention to her. “Shh. Your words aren't appropriate for a virgin of sacred light.”

Isabel frowned. "Then what should I say? Our pope is engaging in sexual intercourse every night... Oof! Oof!”

In the end, Cassus blocked Isabel’s mouth with his hand. He nervously looked at the hot-tempered Isabel.

“I can’t speak in front of His Holiness, and now I can’t even complain behind his back?”

"...His Holiness has eyes and ears everywhere. Please be careful.”


The two people were talking when the pope came to visit.

“It’s noisy. Were you cursing at me?”

The pope opened the door and appeared naked. His sweaty skin shone in the moonlight. Despite turning 60 the day after tomorrow, he had elastic skin and a healthy body.

Isabel and Cassus bowed.

"It is great to see Your Holiness.”

"Isabel, you look as beautiful as ever.”

Pope Drevigo smiled and touched Isabel’s hair like she was precious.  Isabel felt ashamed and bit her lip. She wanted to shake off the pope’s hand. But she didn’t dare, so she swallowed down her rage. She carefully pleaded.

"Your Holiness, surely you are busy with those prostitutes in your bed? Is it okay to leave them to come to talk to me?”

"Huhu, no matter your position, isn’t it too much to insult me?”

The smiling pope pulled his hand away from Isabel’s hair. The other person was the pope, so Isabel didn’t dare show her distaste.

"I have figured out why the Yatan Church wants the Divine Shield. There is a phenomenon where the Divine Shield can be imbued with dark magic power. Then the enormous divine power of the Divine Shield will be converted to dark magic. The Yatan Church are thinking of turning the Divine Church into their weapon.”

The pope showed interest. "Darkness dwells where there is light... In fact, doesn’t divine power and dark power have a good compatibility?” 

“We must take steps to prevent them from ever getting their hands on the Divine Shield.”

"We’ll have to recall all of them back.”

The method of making the Divine Shield had been spread to some countries and families close to the Rebecca Church. In the first place, a Rebecca priest was needed to help make the Divine Shield. It was impossible for a blacksmith to make it alone, so the church grasped why, when, who and which priest was used to help build the Divine Shield. It wouldn’t be difficult to reclaim the Divine Shields.

"I will direct the paladins to collect the Divine Shield from each country and family.” Isabel said.

“Let other people do the menial work. I have something else for you to do.”


The pope made a meaningful expression. "I received a divine message last night. Goddess Rebecca said that one of her daughters will betray me sooner or later.”

"What does that mean?”

What did he mean by that? Isabel had an ominous feeling and stiffened, while the pope ordered with a cool smile.

"Get Rin. She is surely the traitor that the goddess spoke of. I intend to punish her.”

Isabel didn’t agree. “Rebecca’s Daughters are only loyal to Goddess Rebecca and Your Holiness! There are no traitors among us.”

"Rin is at a temple in a small village and hasn’t responded to my call three times. How can she do that unless she is thinking about betraying me?”

In the end, Isabel couldn’t hide her anger.

“Surely she has a reason for not responding to your call! Your Holiness! Are you sure the divine message given to you is correct? Your Holiness, I didn’t know you could hear divine messages!”

"How presumptuous!" 

The pope grabbed Isabelle’s throat with one hand. Then he spoke in a menacing manner.

“My will is the will of Goddess Rebecca. Do you distrust me?”

Isabel had been raised in the church. Like any other priest or paladin, she had been trained to have absolute loyalty to Goddess Rebecca and the pope. It was a type of brainwashing, so she couldn’t defy the pope, even if she was inherently free-spirited.

“...I believe you.” Isabel barely managed to say. Then the pope released the hand that was choking her. He gave her a friendly smile that seemed creepy.

“I will give you two days. Bring Rin back here.”


The pope ordered her and left the room. Cassus, who had been bowing the whole time, hurried got up. He carefully reached out to Isabel and said.

“...What will you do?”

Isabel was silent for a while after the pope’s visit. Then she dropped her head and said in a weak voice.

“What can I do? I have to do as he says.”

Rin also a Rebecca's Daughter. The pope might be garbage and the church fallen, but there was no way Rin would betray them. Rin probably couldn’t endure the rotten church and was wandering for a while.

Isabel knew better than anyone. But she was forced to follow the command.


Cassus was sympathetic to the suffering Isabel and quickly moved his gaze towards the window. He prayed towards the moon.

‘Goddess Rebecca... Please send a divine punishment towards the corrupt pope...’


It had been four days since Grid left Winston. In those four days, Grid reached level 130. It was all due to Malacus’ Cloak. Grid had been wearing Malacus’ Cloak since leaving Winston.

"This is great."


The border of the Eternal Kingdom and the Saharan Empire. Dozens of monsters gathered as Grid crossed the Suaz Mountains. They were drawn to the bloody smell coming from Malacus’ Cloak.

For the past four days, Grid had repeated hunting in this way.


The mobs in the Suaz Mountains had an average level of 160. Right now, Grid was strong enough that he didn’t have to use skills against the level 160 monsters. As part of his training, he used pure swordsmanship to cut the monsters one by one.


Yip! Yelp!

Grid’s body was phenomenal and surpassed human limits based on his overwhelming stats. Grid’s body moved according to his will, allowing him to display swordsmanship that wasn’t possible even when he was a warrior.


Grid jumped up while holding Dainsleif with both hands, turning around three times to use the centrifugal force to destroy the body of an eti. Then he immediately responded to the axe swung by a troll beyond the eti’s destroyed body.

At the same time, an ogre’s axe swung through the air and three rocks were thrown by the etis. His right side was obstructed by huge trees. He cut the troll’s neck but it didn’t die as it swung its axe again.


Grid avoided the troll’s axe and jumped to the right. After avoiding the ogre’s axe, he used it as a footstool and broke all three rocks with Dainsleif. Then he entered the center of the dismayed etis.

Papat! Pa pa pa pa!

The dark sword moved in a unpredictable orbit through the etis’ bodies. The etis briefly lost their field of view due to the flapping cloak and quickly found themselves wiped out. Grid ran and caught up with the monsters escaping. After penetrating the eti’s heart, he threw the dying eti towards a gargoyle descending from the sky. 


The gargoyle kicked the eti nervously. Grid laughed after already using Fly to move above the gargoyle’s head.



The gargoyle was startled and hurriedly shot off a beam. They were so close that Grid couldn’t avoid the beam, but he was kept flying directly at it. The gargoyle thought that Grid would be turned to stone and cried out excitedly. 

But Grid was fine. The confused gargoyle received Dainsleif to the neck.


Grid was still laughing. The more he fought, the more experience and levels he gained, allowing him to feel like he was getting stronger.

"Let's go!"

There were still a large number of monsters on the ground. Grid pulled out pavranium from his inventory. For the past four days, he had been trying to improve his communication with pavranium, and it increased by leaps and bounds.

Right now, pavranium didn’t just rotate and protect Grid. Instead, it attacked the enemy first in response to Grid’s will.


The golden discs moved like boomerangs and swept the Achilles tendons of the ogre. Grid pounced on the fallen ogre and a one-sided slaughter began. More monsters flocked due to Malacus’ Cloak as he was fighting, and night came quickly.

“Heok... Heok...”

Grid’s stamina and strength stats were so high that it was unreasonable. But even Grid would become exhausted if he fought all day. After hunting hundreds of monsters...

Grid raised his level to a satisfactory level, took off the cloak and rested. If he reached out, it seemed like he would be able to catch the stars in the night sky.

'It would be nice to be able to level up while wearing Malacus’ Cloak and move... But there are creatures everywhere, so the movement speed is too slow.’

In order to carry out the class quest, he had to go to the Judar, Dominion and Yatan churches as well as the Rebecca Church. It seemed like it would take a long time to clear the quest, so he couldn’t delay too long.

Should he take off his cloak starting from tomorrow? Grid was troubled before making a decision.

‘I can’t wander around often... After this quest, I have to get married and work at the smithy... Yes, let’s take advantage of it now.

The next day. The day was bright and his stamina recharged, so Grid put on Malacus’ Cloak again. Then he kept hunting while crossing the mountains. As a result, Grid spent a week crossing the Suaz Mountains that ordinary people could cross in three days.

Thanks to that, Grid was enjoying himself.

But at this point. 

The person suffering because of Grid...

“Grid... When are you going to come back...?”

Grid disappeared from Khan’s smithy. There was a bald man squatting in a corner of the smithy. He was Vantner. He was muttering while watching the entrance of the smithy.

“Grid... Come now... Hurry... Come back...”

It was finally the end of his wait! It was his turn to receive Grid’s item. Yet the bastard didn’t make an item and disappeared on a quest, and now it had been 10 days. When the hell was he going to come back?

“Why...? Why on my turn...?”

In the midst of this, Pon and Ibellin were raising their levels thanks to Grid. Pon’s level was far ahead of Vantner, and now Ibellin was catching up to Vantner.

"Please come back soon~~~!!"

The other guild members brought their items to Khan to be repaired, and found Vantner.

"Why is he acting like that?”

“Perhaps he saw Pon and Ibellin sweeping up the monsters with their weapons. After that, he couldn’t go hunting.”

"No, isn’t he in a better situation than us? Didn’t Grid strengthen his axes through appraisal?”

“Still... He can’t hunt in a hunting ground suitable for his level because his defense is too weak.”

"True, if he paid a little more attention to his defense... Despite being a guardian knight, he placed all his points in strength and only cared about weapons. This eventually screwed him up.”

Then one day, Vantner made a suggestion to Jishuka. "Next time Grid goes on a quest, all guild members should accompany him. We will cooperate to complete his quest. Then Grid won’t waste time on quests and can devote himself to making our items.”

"...Grid should also enjoy playing the game.”

“He is a blacksmith! He should do his duties!”


Vantner’s heart was locked on the smithy where he wanted Grid to make an item for him.

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