Chapter 115

Chapter 115

A hunting ground near Winston that was a favourite for level 100 users.

“Eh? What’s that?"

The users struggling with monsters noticed a black dot approaching in the sky. Then they started murmuring.

“It’s too big to be a bird. Is it perhaps a griffon?”

“There are no griffon habitats in the area. But I don’t think there is anything else besides a griffon... It’s serious if it is a griffon. Will we die?”

"U-Uh? A person?”

The dot soon got closer. Surprisingly, the identity was revealed to be a user.

“Wow... A second advancement magician.”

“It’s my first time seeing a ranker up close. So cool!”

“What is that thing shining next to him? A pet?”


A man in a red cloak was flying through the sky! The object following him flashed in the blazing sun. The identity of the person was Grid. He flew through the sky without stopping and soon disappeared from the sight of the users.

Then he reached a wide forest and stopped.

‘I’m out of mana.’

He had already taken one mana potion. Then his mana became depleted again before the potion cooldown was over. Grid was forced to land on the ground.

“Winston is beyond this forest. I can recover some mana while walking.”

It was a deep forest.

Grid measured the distance to Winston and looked at the frostlight orc chief’s helmet. After this forest, he would encounter a lot of people. The helmet was the sign of the Human Slaughterer so there would be a fuss.

“I have to quickly replace this helmet.”

Grid once again vowed to wear an awesome helmet that was suitable for a mythical hero, while the pavranium circled his head. It seemed to be in a good mood.

“Are you excited to get fresh air after being trapped in a box for 300 years?”

Grid asked while walking. But the pavranium didn’t answer. It was natural. It had a will, but it was just a mineral. It couldn’t carry out a conversation. But Grid continued to talk to it.

“But aren’t you unbelievably fast? My flight speed was 100 meters in 7 seconds, yet you managed to keep up? Do you have tireless stamina as well?”

Grid looked at the pavranium with affection. It was natural for a blacksmith to feel favorable towards the best minerals.


“Give it to me! Human! Your life! Flesh and bone! Separate!”

Grid was carrying out a pleasant conversation (?) with pavranium when he was interrupted by sturdy orcs. They were armed with crude red leather and had a large wolf with them. Considering that they spoke the human language fairly well, they were obviously the wolf fang orcs known for being powerful among the various orcs.


The wolf shook its nose. It was clearly reacting to the bloody smell coming from Malacus’ Cloak. It smelled the blood and led the orcs here. In addition...

Kuuong! Kung!


Various monsters such as ogres, goblins and snakes moved through the forest. In an instant, Grid was surrounded by 100 enemies.

“Wow... What is this?"

The users hunting nearby were surprised by the turmoil and came running. It was the first time they saw all types of monsters focusing on just one person.

“That person is screwed.”

“What did he do wrong that angered so many mobs?” 

"Tsk tsk~ purposely angering mobs like this~ he should hunt in moderation~”

The people weren’t aware of the situation and talked among themselves.

Syuok! Syuok!

The goblin archers in the rear shot at Grid. The users saw the dark rain of arrows covering the sky and knew that Grid would die. But Grid’s high stats made him similar to a level 200 combat class. In addition, he’d observed Jishuka’s expert archery, so the goblin’s clumsy firing seemed like a kid’s prank to him.

“Are there any idiots who would be killed by these arrows?”

Grid laughed while holding the Ideal Dagger and aimed Wind Blast at the arrows.


Grid invested all the points he gained reaching level 114 into strength. The damage of Wind Blast was proportional to his attack power. Now that the power of Grid’s Wind Blast was upgraded, the level 100 goblins couldn’t endure it.



The rain of arrows was neutralized and the goblin archers who had their arms or legs cut off collapsed with a scream. This was the signal for all monsters to simultaneously attack Grid.

"Wearing the cloak was worthwhile!"

Hunting had a direct correlation to levels!

Grid swapped to Dainsleif and drank a mana potion.  Then he used Wave and fired it all over the place. The monsters approaching him simultaneously collapsed. The ogres were durable enough to survive, but they were hit by Wave and slowed down by the debuff. They couldn’t threaten Grid with their slow movements and struggled in vain.

Peeok! Pajik!




Wave killed most of the monsters in one blow, while Grid subdued the rest by killing them one by one. Meanwhile, the few remaining goblins fired arrows with all their might. A few arrows actually flew directly at Grid.


Grid was too caught up in killing and belatedly noticed the arrows. He braced himself for the pain. But the arrows didn’t reach Grid’s body.

Kwajak! Kwajajajak!

Pavranium rotated around Grid’s body and destroyed all the arrows.


Was it normal for a class to have a strong offense and defense? The swordsman with the black greatsword killed the monsters with overwhelming attack power, while the metal pet protected the body. This balance seemed perfect.

“That’s amazing... Excuse me, but what is your class?”

Grid swept away the rest of the monsters with pavranium’s help and started picking up items. This gave the users a chance to barrage him with questions.

“What is that gold object floating next to you? Is that a pet? Or maybe a new style of armor?”

“Mister, how about you? Aren’t you actually a high level user? Why is a high level user hunting in a place like this? Is there anything good here?”


“Mister, are you deaf? Answer us.”

The users here saw that Grid was in a crisis and no one tried to help. In addition, Grid was inherently unfriendly towards people. He had no obligation to answer the users’ questions.

"This is too annoying. Fly.”

Grid cried out to the annoying users and used Fly. Then he literally flew away in the sky.


The users left behind were stunned and could only blink. After a few minutes, people in various communities around the world became interested in something.

<I saw a swordsman flying.>

It was a place called Popo Forest near Winston. I hunted with my friend there and saw a high level user slaughtering mobs. Then after wiping out all the mobs, he flew away. A swordsman was flying?

RnfkRk's comment:  ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ A swordsman can’t fly ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Durururubam’s reply: A swordsman was flying? I’m a priest but I can’t use Heal. ㅂㅅ

Black Dragon’s Right Arm’s comment: Kukuk... That swordsman was me... Kukukuk... I was careful but I never thought someone would witness it... Yare yare...

Zkxhfm's comment: Liar’s disease.

Admiral's comment: Did you mother eat seaweed soup on the day you were born?

30,000 won Salary’s comment: Don’t write shit just to gain traffic.

It was a terrible method. The users abused the poster who wrote about the flying swordsman, so the other witnesses no longer bragged about it. Thus, it was a temporary problem and the topic wasn’t mentioned any longer.

In the meantime, Grid arrived at Khan’s smithy and ran straight to the furnace. He placed the pavranium in the furnace and controlled the temperature in order to determine the melting point.

“It is 1,900 degrees.”

The pavranium was so small that it was instantly smelted.

“I don’t want to carry it around in an egg shape until I make the Vessel of the Soul, so I should transform it into something else...”

But the volume was too small to produce a lot of items. The pavranium wasn’t enough to even make a dagger. In order to make an item, Grid would have to mix in other materials. However, he didn’t want to contaminate the pure pavranium.

“Let’s be satisfied with changing the shape.”

After being with the pavranium for a while, he noticed that it had a propensity to stay by the owner’s side for protection. He needed to take advantage of this feature.

“A shape more suitable for defense than an egg... Ah!’

Grid recalled Malacus’ shield.

“He formed a disc-shaped shield with magic power at each attacked point, effectively blocking the attack...” 

Ttang! Ttang!

Grid started carefully hammering. Then after a while, the pavranium became two disks. Each disc was slightly smaller than the palms of an adult.


Grid finished the discs. The discs floated in the air before starting to revolve around Grid again. Grid felt reassured. It seemed like he could be protected from most attacks. Then Jishuka arrived at the smithy. Grid told her.

“Shoot an arrow at me.”



"Hrmm, okay.”

Jishuka saw the golden discs circling around Grid and noticed his intentions. Then she fired an arrow without hesitation.



It was a beautiful sight. The two discs around Grid’s body flew in the direction of the arrow and fully stopped it.

“That is great...”

Jishuka’s expression wasn’t good, compared to her admiring words. Her ego was bruised.

“It’s that simple to block? Did I shoot it too weakly?”

“Hey, wait a minute...!”

Grid was scared. Jishuka fired again, but this time she pulled the bowstring back to the maximum.



The arrow that contained all her power flew towards Grid’s death.




Grid and Jishuka let out a sound at the same time. Jishuka’s was a displeased sneer, while Grid was filled with delight.

“This arrow can even pierce through steel... Isn’t this extremely durable? Like Braham said, it’s the peak of all minerals.”

That’s right. The golden discs had perfectly blocked the arrow fired by Jishuka. But the impact was quite strong, so it couldn’t move for a little while after the point of collision. Then it started moving again after two seconds.

‘If it receives excessive shock, it is immobilized for two seconds...’

If Jishuka continuously fired her strength arrows, the two discs wouldn’t be able to completely protect his body. Grid felt the need to complete this quest and obtain the rest of the pavranium.

‘But... If there are 27 more pavranium of this size, it won’t be enough to make armor... Well, it isn’t a problem. I can still use it.’ 

Grid was flexible. Rather than striving to make a complete item with a limited volume of pavranium, it was best to maximize its efficiency by making several small items.

'For example, attaching a blade made of pavranium to armor. The blade would move on its own to protect me from attacks I can’t react to, or if the enemy attacks me from an unexpected angle.’

An item that could move on its own! If he cleared this quest and gained the remaining pavranium, he would be able to write the true history of the power of items. As Grid was overwhelmed with pleasure, someone knocked on the door of the smithy. Jishuka asked him.

“These discs, they don’t need to be exposed to other people right?”

"Of course. Isn’t it common sense to hide it?”


Grid placed the discs in his inventory. Then the doors of the smithy opened. One knight and dozens of soldiers entered. They politely saluted to Grid and said.

“Earl Steim is looking for you.”

“Earl Steim? Lady Irene’s father?”


“Oh? Okay! Let’s go!”

Why was the master of the north, one of the big powers in the Eternal Kingdom, looking for Grid? In the first place, it was strange that the high level NPC knight, famous for their arrogance, would act so respectfully towards a user.

Jishuka watched the knight and soldiers escort Grid from the smithy and asked.

“What is this?”

Vantner’s armor production request needed to be delayed for a while.

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