Chapter 355

Chapter 355

After a few minutes of silence.

Vantner stared at the spot where Kraugel logged out.

“We should stay here until Kraugel logs in again.”

“Is that a good idea? Once he logs in, we will immediately kidnap him.”

“Okay! We’ll make him a slave of Overgeared!”

“Ohh! The 1st ranked user will join Overgeared!”

The members of Overgeared made a plan. Grid frowned at them and said, “Cut it out. Don’t force it.”

Jishuka was surprised.

"You want to miss out on the chance to get the best power?”

Grid was the embodiment of greed. Considering Grid’s usual tendencies, he should be obsessed with obtaining Kraugel. She couldn’t help feeling curious.

‘Does he personally not like Kraugel?’

Grid spoke to the questioning Overgeared members.

"We can’t get colleagues by force, right?”

Of course, there were those who were baited by Overgeared. For example, Lauel. But Lauel and Kraugel were different. Lauel was a person who became fascinated with the power of items when he was looking for power, while Kraugel was a person who disliked belonging to a group.

If they forced him to join, would he really be born again as a true companion?

“And I already have the best colleagues. All of you. So don’t cling to Kraugel.”

It wasn’t a pretense at all. Grid believed that he could accomplish any goal with his current colleagues. He didn’t feel great regret towards Kraugel. Grid had a separate role that he wanted for Kraugel.


Go your own way. Be sure to become a sword saint. Then on the day they met again. 

‘Make me grow stronger.’

Grid had learned a lot in the spar with Kraugel. How to avoid non-targeted skills, how to deal with targeted skills, how to use mana and physical strength, how to use items and skills, how to use the terrain and so on. Every one of Kraugel’s judgments and movements were deeply engraved in his heart.

'Of course, I can’t be like Kraugel right away.’

Grid believed it. If he keep trying and trying, one day he would be able to fight a better match against Kraugel.

That’s right. Grid was conscious of Kraugel as his rival. A stupid person having a rivalry with the best genius? Some people might laugh. But Grid didn’t doubt his eligibility. It was because he had a high pride as the unique being who broke the sky above the sky. It was a pride unmatched by the arrogance that had been used to cover up his deficiency.


Jishuka returned to the castle with Grid and asked.

“Why didn’t you call us when Prince Ren’s army tried to invade Reidan? Do you know how absurd it was when I had to hear from the news that our territory was invaded by the enemy?”

"You were working hard hunting the vampires, so I didn’t want to disturb you. In the first place, it was possible to resolve it with Lauel alone.”

"You should call us if there is an incident! What if you were in danger?”


In the past, Grid would’ve responded casually, saying ‘If I was, I would summon a knight.’ But now Grid was different. He realized why Jishuka was angry and apologized.

“I’m sorry the actions that I chose made you dissatisfied."

It wasn’t because he thought they were useless, or because he didn’t think of them as colleagues. It was pure goodwill. Grid apologized with gentle eyes and Jishuka couldn’t say anything more.

‘It is becoming harder to deal with him.’

Jishuka couldn’t help being conscious of Grid. Grid had a weak and stupid side, so sometimes he felt young. That wasn’t the case anymore. Since becoming a father, Grid had been changing rapidly. He felt a strong sense of responsibility and his deficiencies were being erased one by one.

Jishuka liked this appearance even more.

‘He will be great by the time he reaches 30 years old.’

She wanted to see the mature Grid. As Jishuka felt mesmerized, Lauel approached Grid. Then he randomly apologized.

“I’m sorry.”

“What is it all of a sudden?”


Lauel honestly confessed.

“When I saw you on the battlefield a while ago, I thought you were still lacking. But this time, I realized that my eyes were wrong. You won against Kraugel, the sky above the sky. In the future, I won’t doubt your skills again.”

After the 1st National Competition, Lauel had been with Grid for more than 10 months in real time. So far, Lauel had never looked at Grid with ‘envy’ or ‘respect.’ But now it was different. The emotions in Lauel’s eyes deepened.

"I, Lauel, will stop following you just for your items. In the future, I will serve you will an honest and pure mind. This is the true oath of my soul that will penetrate the past and present.”

Grid and the Overgeared members got goosebumps at Lauel’s words. Their hands and feet shrunk and they couldn’t think of anything else. Huroi was the only one thrilled by Lauel’s oath.


Going back in time, to when Grid had just completed the Elfin Stone raid.

『 A non-NPC player was elected as the pope! In addition! A Japanese person! 』

Japan was overturned.

Damian. An exceptional person who rose to the 2nd ranked paladin, despite being a paladin of the Rebecca Church. One day, he suddenly disappeared from the rankings list, so there was a rumor that he’d obtained a hidden class. And he was an otaku.

One of Japan’s best Satisfy players was elected as pope of the Rebecca Church. The Japanese were filled with joy. They weren’t able to win a medal at the 1st Satisfy National Competition, but Japan cheered at the birth of a savior.

『 Damian! Congratulations on being elected pope! The Japanese people are very proud! 』 

『 Thank you. 』

『 How hard was it for you to become a pope? The whole nation wants to know. What how did you overcome the trials and adversities to achieve something so great? 』

The power of the pope of the Rebecca Church was absolute. Even the kings of a few kingdoms had to bow to the pope. This was why the Japanese had high hopes. Damian would develop a lot of policies favouring the Japanese users, making a great contribution to Satisfy’s development in Japan.

This changed once Damian started the interviews with various media outlets.

『 I only became the pope thanks to Grid. 』

『 The legendary blacksmith Grid? There was a big battle with Grid and the Red Knight on the day of the pope candidate speeches. Was this how he helped Damian? 』

『 It isn’t just that. From beginning to end, I could only become pope thanks to Grid’s help. 』

Grid’s popularity was steadily rising.

In particular, since the release of the white-haired version of Grid, a large fandom had formed in Japan. It was enough to make him the protagonist of the 5th Korean wave. But as always, the Korean wave was a story that applied only to a small number of people.

Most of the Japanese people didn’t care about the Korean wave. In such a situation, the Japanese hero Damian praised Grid exclusively, causing resentment. Grid was one of the main people who frustrated Japan in the National Competition, causing a backlash among the extreme right-wing people.

“Why is Damian attributing all his achievements towards Grid?”

"Doesn’t he know how much Japan suffered because of Grid?”

"Grid is our nemesis! Not only did he destroy the Japanese rankers in the National Competition, he was also involved when the Sakura Guild attacked the Silver Knights Guild in the past!”

“What? Grid is completely the worst! Damian, why is he praising that bastard? Is he a Zainichi (A Japanese word referring to Koreans who live in Japan)?”

“It’s possible! It makes no sense that a pure blood Japanese would be a traitor!”

The Japanese felt public outrage.

‘Damian is a Zainichi’ appeared on various SNS. A rumor that he ‘wanted to improve the image of Korea in Japan’ started to spread. It was the dirty masterpiece of the Japanese extreme right-wing forces.

But Damian didn’t care. He had always been mocked for being an otaku, so such accusations were familiar to him.

『 Rumors are raging about whether Damian is Korean or not. What do you think about this? 』

『 I am a pure blood Japanese. 』

『 However, Damian tends to portray Korea in a good manner by mentioning Grid in all interviews. There are many people who are questioning your intentions. 』

『 I have never portrayed Korea in a good manner. I just thanked Grid, and it was misinterpreted by some people. 』

『 In any case, it’s true that Damian’s image isn’t good for our country. In order to change your image and remove suspicions, why don’t you build a Rebecca Temple in the territories ruled by the Japanese? 』

『 Strict conditions must be met in order to build a Rebecca Temple in certain areas. A temple can’t be built just because we belong to the same country. 』

『 Then... Damian, do you have no intention of helping Japan after becoming pope? 』

『 Of course. What does being pope have to do with Japan? As a pope, I must always be neutral. 』

『 ...I see. Then can I ask about your first official plan of action as pope? 』

『 It is to build a temple of Goddess Rebecca in Reidan. 』

『 No, didn’t you say that strict conditions had to be met to build a temple? Reidan’s current population is only 20,000, so doesn’t it fail to meet the conditions? You said you are neutral, but aren’t you blatantly favoring Grid? 』

Fuji TV. It was one of Japanese’s leading right-wing media outlet, with the announcer representing the extreme right-wing people. He conducted an interview with a very negative view on Damian’s behavior.

If Damian was a common person, he would’ve been afraid of the influence and retaliation of the extreme right wing forces. But Damian was an otaku. An otaku’s firm belief wasn’t easy to bend.

『 I’m not showing favoritism to Grid, but repaying his grace. Grid is the person who saved me and the Rebecca Church! Goddess Rebecca has given me a divine message to repay his grace! Praise God Grid!! 』

『 ... 』

“Crazy bastard!”

The Japanese extreme right wing forces were furious. The Japanese had gained great power, but that person wouldn’t help his own people, or convince the Koreans to help him. They started thinking up a terrible plan.

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