Chapter 385

Chapter 385

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Linked Kill Wave.”


The disadvantage of Pagma’s Swordsmanship was its high mana consumption and long cooldowns. But he overcame those shortcomings with the powerful combination of skills. That’s right. Grid knew that it was possible to combine the skills of Pagma’s Swordsmanship. But according to the experiments conducted by Grid, it was limited to combining two skills. However, Grid’s clone had combined three skills. 

‘I never managed to do it.’

The impact on Grid was great. It showed a skill combination that he didn’t even know about? His pride was hurt and he was confused. Now he couldn’t afford to be worried.

‘It’s urgent to determine what skills it has.’

The time that passed was less than a second. Grid’s brain started turning quickly.

‘In the case of the level 2 Linked Kill, the power of Kill is weakened, but it can shoot anywhere from 3~8 attacks.’

Then what if Wave was added to it?

‘It can’t be!’

A terrible thought passed through Grid’s head.

‘Will Kill be continuously unfolded in a wave?'

No, that was too much of a scam. There was no way. He tried to shake his head, but couldn’t help but have a bad feeling.


Grid’s clone moved its sword in the air and quickly connected Kill.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The red afterglow of Kill was overlaid with the blue of Wave, spreading out in all directions. It was truly overwhelming. The power of each one was lethal, and also had the slowing function of Wave.  Grid used Fly to escape, but it chased after him like a hungry beast.


Grid felt like when he was confronting Piaro’s skill. The fusion of three of Pagma’s Swordsmanship skills was powerful and perfect. Yes, this was a true legendary skill.

‘I must learn it.’

Grid felt admiration, astonishment, and desperation. He needed to cope with the eight Kills.  His past self would’ve likely been hit before he could escape. But.

‘I have Revolve.’

Revolve had a cooldown time of 2 minutes. But using it first would be disadvantageous. What if he used Revolve? The other side would also use Revolve to send it back to him.

‘Not yet.’

Grid summoned four God Hands to block four of the Kill attacks. However, the clone also used his God Hands to keep Grid’s God Hands in check.


Grid saw that the God Hands were blocked and summoned Randy.

‘Change locations with me!’


He felt sorry and ashamed that he had to sacrifice Randy. But what could he do? A user would lose experience and items when dying, but a pet only received the penalty of not being summoned for 24 hours. Objectively, it was right to sacrifice Randy instead of Grid.


Randy copied Grid’s appearance as soon as he appeared and changed positions with Grid.


Afterwards, Randy was hit by the eight Kill attacks.


Randy cried out with pain as he turned to grey. Grid felt a stinging pain in his chest.

[Doppelganger Randy's health has fallen to 0.] 

[Randy is forced to return to the pet inventory. You can’t summon it for the next 24 hours.]


Grid’s eyes were grim as he saw the rising notification windows. Randy and Kill collided, causing an explosion. Then Grid moved through it and used Kill on the clone. Grid wanted his clone to respond with Revolve. Grid would then respond with the Lv.3 Revolve, which returned 160% of the damage. He could neutralize the counterattack and cause more damage at the same time.

However, the clone didn’t do as Grid wanted. Unlike the stupid BOT (artificial intelligence players) that could be seen in normal games, Grid’s clone was equipped with the artificial intelligence of a named NPC. The clone recognized the fact that using Revolve first was a disadvantage.


It was perfectly calculated. The clone judged that he wouldn’t die even if he was stabbed in the heart with Kill. A chill went down Grid’s spine. The clone started moving his feet the moment he was hit by Kill.

'This is the footwork of Link...!’

Kill had straight footwork, while Link was curved. Of course, Grid judged that it was possible to avoid Kill using the movements of Link. In fact, Grid’s clone knew it as well.


The clone used the footwork of Kill to move backwards, then moved to the left and right. At this point, Grid cut at his clone with Link.



Blood splattered. However, the momentum of Grid’s clone didn’t die. Grid received solid evidence. Grid’s clone succeeded in using a skill while hit by Link.

“Pinnacle Kill.”


Combining a skill without using Link as the medium? Grid’s eyes widened. At this moment, Grid’s confusion was reaching the extreme. But the countless battle experience he’d built up so far wasn’t in vain.

Grid acted instinctively. He responded by twisting the trajectory of Link to cut the Pinnacle Kill. But Link was a technique that focused on speed rather than power. The power wasn’t comparable to Pinnacle Kill or Kill. It was a bad idea to defend against the combined Pinnacle Kill with Link.


Pinnacle Kill crushed the power of Link.


[You have suffered 59,300 damage.]


Grid let out a large scream and felt stunned. A targeted skill that combined the power of Kill and Pinnacle. It was an outrageous power that made Grid’s defense obsolete.

[You have lost more than half of your health in one blow! You will be stunned for three seconds!]

[Resisted with the passive effect of One who Became a Legend.]


Grid hurriedly moved. He wanted to use Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Wave, to open up the distance and escape. However, there was a clear difference between Grid and Grid’s clone. The moment that Grid’s clone used Linked Kill Wave, Grid had tried to find a way to avoid it. But the clone’s main focus was on blocking Grid’s skills. This meant that the clone was a cut above Grid.



Grid shook tremendously as he used Wave. It was because the clone precisely broke his ankle, causing his posture to collapse. Due to that, the skill casting was cancelled.

‘This rotten person knows my weaknesses better than me.’

He couldn’t help cursing. Grid was still lacking. He hated his own ignorance that allowed the clone to stop his casting.


Iyarugt was swung towards Grid. After using the skill with Grid’s Greatsword, it had swapped to Iyarugt. It was proof that the clone had high comprehension of items.



Black magic exploded with Grid in the center. Grid avoided the enemy’s attacks while confirming his rising stats. He linked Blacksmith’s Rage and Quick Movements, before using Linked Kill. It was so fast that Grid’s clone couldn’t prevent it.


Puk puk!

[You have dealt 35,300 damage to the target.]

[You have dealt 36,106 damage to the target.]

‘I did it properly!’

He stabbed the greatsword forward and bet on his victory. Grid believed he would clear the 40th island the moment that the next Linked Kill strike was about to strike flesh But what was the truth? It was the wrong judgment.

[The target has recovered 54,159 health.]

Doran’s Ring instantly restored 50% of the damage as health, while the Holy Light Armor raised health regeneration by 300%.

Grid’s clone quickly restored his health by taking advantage of these two items. He followed up with Blacksmith’s Rage and Quick Movements, succeeding in avoiding Grid’s third Linked Kill.

‘It’s a scam.’

The effect of Doran’s Ring and the Holy Light Armor was ridiculously excellent. Had he been using such fraudulent items all this time? He felt sorry for all the enemies he’d faced in the meantime.

‘Well, whatever.’

Doran’s Ring had a cooldown time of 10 minutes. Grid hadn’t used Doran’s Ring yet. He had one more card than the clone.

'...It’s still absurd.’

The clone might show new fusion skills in the future. Grid clicked his tongue and fired the remaining Linked Kill. But the clone responded in an unexpected manner. He didn’t avoid and responded with Revolve?



Grid smiled with satisfaction and counterattacked.



Revolve was countered with Revolve. This was the ideal result! Grid cheered as the energy of Linked Kill became incomparable to before. It was immensely powerful. Grid was confident this would defeat the clone in one shot.

At that moment.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Revolve.”

A new Grid appeared behind the clone and used Revolve? It was Doppelganger Randy. 

‘It also cloned the pet!’

A notification window popped up in front of Grid.

[You have suffered fatal damage!]

[A legend doesn’t die easily. You can resist all attacks for 5 seconds with a minimum of health.]

Grid realized.

‘I lost.’

He couldn’t win like this. A dark smile appeared on Grid’s face. Was it an insane smile? No, he was smiling with joy.

‘I have to do it again.’

Until the advent of the National Competition, he would absorb everything and grow.

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