Chapter 383

Chapter 383

The key to firing quickly was the resilience of the bow. It was the reason why a drake’s tendon was one of the materials necessary to produce the Quick Fire Bow. 

Drake. The strongest pet that a player could tame. It had excellent combat power and was difficult to hunt due to its high intelligence.  In the first place, they were hard to find because the population was low. Even if they found a drake, players were more inclined to tame them than hunt them.

For these reasons, it was difficult to obtain a drake’s tendons, and the price was very expensive. Despite only having a small number of users, the minimum price was 10,000 gold each. Grid might be wealthy, but it was a huge burden to invest a lot of it into expensive materials.

‘I have to be satisfied with this one.’

[Spiral Quick Fire Bow]

Rating: Epic

Attack Power: 215~249   Firing Speed: +17%

Accuracy: -30%

* Every time you shoot an arrow, the firing speed will increase by 1%. This effect will only be applied up to 50%.

* It is difficult to control the trajectory of the arrow.

* If you hit the ‘desired target’, you will gain additional Bow Mastery experience.



Honestly, Grid wasn’t satisfied. However, this was the best of the five bows that Grid made.

‘It is enough if it increases the experience rate of the mastery skill.’

Anyway, his intentions were achieved. Grid would raise the level of Bow Mastery by controlling the trajectory of the arrow.

‘There is a lot of work to do before the National Competition.’

He needed to raise the level of his newly learned skills while attacking the Behen Archipelago. he also needed to figure out his deficiencies while doing it and create new items. There were 40 days left in real time until the National Competition started, and Grid planned to increase his gameplay time even further.

The only space where he could prove his worth was in Satisfy, which he devoted his life to. 


『 Which country do you think will win the 2nd National Competition? 』

It was the latest international news.

Once the anchor asked a question, the experts in each field came up with enthusiastic answers.

『 The United States will be first. The average level of the US team participants is the highest of all the participating countries. 』

『 The United States has many top rankers such as Zibal, Asuka, Lauel, Box, and Black Teddy. Unlike last year, I don’t think Hurent is participating, but the power balance is much better than other countries. 』

『 But won’t Lauel act as a variable? Isn’t Lauel one of the closest people to Grid in Overgeared? During the competition, it’s possible that he will help South Korea, not the United States... 』

『 The Overgeared members aren’t young three year olds who can’t distinguish between different matters. They know that the National Competition is classified as a different area. 』 

『 In the first place, there’s no need to be concerned. Helping other nations is a violation of the rules and they won’t be able to escape severe punishment. Not just Lauel, but all the other Overgeared members will keep this in mind. 』

It was logical. In fact, the Overgeared members were going to fight for the honor of their country in the National Competition. Grid was destined to face Lauel’s smarts, as well as competing against the members such as Pon, Regas, and Faker.

『 Who are other contenders apart from the United States? 』

『 Canada and France have the most top rankers next to the United States. 』

『 What about South Korea, who have Grid and Yura, or Russia, who has Kraugel? 』

『 The 2nd National Competition is very different from the 1st National Competition. There are more events and some rules have changed, so it’s impossible for a few players to raise a country. South Korea will be in the top 15, while Russia will be in the top 18. 』

『 Isn’t South Korea still too high? Isn’t it a country without any rankers except for Grid, Yura, and Peak Sword? 』

『 Of course, on the surface, South Korea is classified as a weak team. But Yura is a variable. If she obtained a unique hidden class as rumored... 』

In the 1st National Competition, South Korea was classified as the weakest. Most of the participating countries looked down on South Korea. Compared to that time, the evaluation of South Korea in the 2nd National Competition was very good.

The reactions of the Korean people varied.

-Why are they ignoring South Korea? Did they forget Korea’s third place last year?

-I agree. Even last year, Peak Sword didn’t participate.

-Yura was just a normal class.

-But this year, we will get a better ranking because we have Peak Sword and Yura, who has a hidden class.

South Korea can be one of the contenders for victory.

-Are the people from the Patriotic Association bombarding the message boards?

-What was the reason why Korea could get the 3rd ranking last year? Grid was too good.

-Correct. South Korea is still a country weak in Satisfy. Last year, Grid won all three gold medals for South Korea. This year and last year, the overall power of South Korea is too weak.

-Don’t you think that Grid can win three gold medals this year? Of course. He is God Grid. But the problem is that the value of the gold medals this year is very different from last year. In last year’s National Competition, there were nine events. But now there are 21 events.

-Peak Sword? In other countries, Peak Sword is just an average player.

There were also skeptics. As it happened, most Koreans shared negative opinions like this. Peak Sword was irritated.

“It’s so funny that I have to sit down.”

The Patriotic Association’s headquarters in Seoul. Peak Sword accessed the Internet as soon as he logged out, and now his expression distorted.

"They are underestimating God Grid and South Korea. And what? I only have average skills in other countries? These guys, do you know Peak Sword?"

Peak Sword’s enthusiasm grew. He had to make South Korea the winner of the 2nd National Competition...

“...It seems too fanciful.”

Peak Sword thought realistically. He would make South Korea enter the top 10 rankings of the 2nd National Competition. Step by step, he was hopeful that one day, South Korea would raise its status in Satisfy.

Up until this point, people around the world, including Peak Sword, were unaware of something. This was just the opening of the legend of Grid and the Overgeared Guild.


Grid, Grid, Grid, Grid, Grid, Grid, Grid!

This name was heard if the TV or radio was turned out, from phones, in the newspapers, on the Internet and even when neighborhood aunties gathered together. There was only talk about the National Competition and Grid everywhere in South Korea.

It was enough to drive Go Jimyung crazy.

“Damn Grid!”

Go Jimyung.

A player of the KBO League.

He once had the reputation of the best hitter in South Korea. However, since last year, he entered a relationship with the leader of the girl group Farina and his performance fell, as well as being caught up in a series of accidents.

It wasn’t just a level to be dropped from the team, but an exit from the league itself.


In the Young Ladies High School’s Satisfy tournament, Go Jimyung was asked by his girlfriend to defeat Ruby. He risked breaking the rules to kill Ruby, but failed due to Grid getting in his way. In the aftermath of that, he was pushed to his current crisis. He had been branded as garbage by the public and his girlfriend broke up with him.

Go Jimyung considered the cause of this to be Grid. It was the typical blaming everything on others.

“I won’t forgive you.”


Go Jimyung went somewhere. It was to call the chief of the big gang ‘Poisonous Wave,’ who lived in the back world of Seoul.


"We’ll check on the building and sleep at Grandpa’s house.”

Youngwoo’s parents and sister went on a family outing after a long time. Of course, Youngwoo didn’t go with them. It was because he was busy preparing for the National Competition.

"Please stay healthy.”

As soon as his family members left, Youngwoo logged straight back into Satisfy. There was someone waiting for him.


000-0 Street, XX Neighborhood, Geumcheon-gu.

Grid was a famous resident of the area. It was also a place where people constantly went in order to meet Grid. But due to the opposition of the residents, the district council designated it as a out-of-bounds area and the defense was tight.

As a result, Grid’s neighborhood changed into one that was good to live in. Grid’s popularity in the area skyrocketed.

“Why does a poor area like this have the same defense as the palace?”

The person in charge of distributing drugs for the Poisonous Wave gang, Kang Cheolgyu. He was known as one of the Five Fingers in Seoul due to his excellent punching skills. Go Jimyung was a senior from his hometown, so it was easy for Kang Cheolgyu to accept the request to cripple someone.

The problem was reaching the target’s house. It unexpectedly took him two hours.

"I will charge another 500 million won.”

Kang Cheolgyu had a sly smile on his face. His eyes were looking at the 800 million won car in front of the target’s home.

‘Grid. Grid...’

More Koreans set up Grid as a hero, but Kang Cheolgyu thought it was ridiculous. The hero of their country was a gamer? Kang Cheolgyu wasn’t able to understand the psychology of people who were so enthusiastic about a gaming contest.

"Drink alcohol over playing games, stupid people.”

Kang Cheolgyu waited for Grid’s door to open. He planned to aim for the moment when Grid left the house. For 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours, 5 hours... 10 hours passed, but Grid’s door never opened.


Grid wasn’t coming out? It was a cold autumn night. Kang Cheolgyu was weak to the cold, so his complexion gradually became worn down.

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