Chapter 353

Chapter 353

[You have been hit by a lethal blow!]

[The durability of the White Clouds Clothing (Unique) has decreased by 15.]

[The durability of the White Clouds Footwear (Unique) has decreased by 21. There is a risk of damage.]

[The durability of the White Fang (Legendary) has decreased by 9.]

[You won’t die in sparring mode. Your health has fallen to the minimum, so sparring mode is finished!]

Kraugel had been reigning at the top since Satisfy opened. He was praised for being the sky above the sky.

‘I lost.’

It was just after he fought Piaro and he had many disadvantages, so was this the cause of his defeat? It was flimsy.

‘I lost to his efforts.’

There were no excuses. If he made excuses every time he tasted frustration, the present Kraugel wouldn’t have existed.


Was it mourning for the broken sky? Dark clouds formed in the blue sky and rain poured down.


Kraugel exchanged looks with Grid as blood flowed from his body. He was about to fall when Grid caught up.

“Be careful.”


“You’ll die if you fall from this height.”

Grid used more strength while bluntly speaking. He was tired, so it was difficult to control his body. Kraugel laughed as his head rested on Grid’s neck.

"I’m thankful that you saved my life.”

"Of course. You would’ve lost your experience if it wasn’t for me.”

"...Yes, thanks to you, I’m able to keep my number one ranking.”

"Protect that position until I take it from you.”

"It means I will have to play the game for 100 years.”

"...It won’t take that long.”

After decreasing his body fat through constant exercise, Grid showed off his good frame, as well as his thick eyebrows and high nose. Once he entered his late 20’s, he was able to look more mature and gave off a manly charm.

On the other hand, Kraugel was a man with a neutral type of charm. He was beautiful with stubborn eyes, fine skin, red legs, and well styled black hair. The two men leaning against each other while landing on the ground gave women a strange stimulus.

‘It’s to the extent that I feel jealous.’

Jishuka couldn’t help laughing.

‘Now I am being pushed by a man.’

Yura was frustrated.

‘I would rather see Oppa with a man rather than a woman...’

Ruby had dangerous thoughts.

The two men, Grid and Kraugel, descended safely and stared at each other for a moment, while they were watched by the Overgeared members.

‘Can I win if we fight again?’

‘I don’t want to turn him into an enemy.’

Grid felt awe towards Kraugel. The jealousy caused by an inferiority complex was completely erased. Was it the leisure of a winner? It wasn’t such a simple concept. This was pure respect. He was driven to the defensive by Kraugel, who had a normal class. Grid was glad to meet him.

Kraugel also had similar feelings to Grid. Grid had the best talent, despite not inheriting talent from the heavens. Kraugel felt respect for Grid, who put in effort to overcome everything he had endured over the years.

Kraugel asked, "How do you have time to grow despite your status, family, and colleagues?”

Grid asked in return. “Is it possible for a person to grow alone? I can’t do that.”

"...I think the concept of growth that I am talking about is different from your concept of growth. But, well, I understand.”

Kraugel accepted it and stood up. The rain stopped and the sun appeared again. A smile appeared on Kraugel’s face.

“It looks good.”

People crowded around the wounded Grid. They were the famous rankers belonging to Overgeared, baby Lord, Ruby, and Piaro. Dozens of people were only looking at Grid. Looking at their worried and proud eyes, Kraugel was able to see how much they cared about Grid.

He wanted to be the best. So he had to get ahead of anyone.  Alone, quickly.

Grid became a new inspiration to Kraugel, who always isolated himself.

"I will see you again one day.”

Then Grid caught up to Kraugel, who was trying to leave alone. 

"Stop by the smithy. I will repair your items.”

"I don’t want to owe more than this.”

"Aren’t you going to pay for the cost of the repairs? So it isn’t a debt. Come on, let's go.”



“What happened?” Jishuka asked.

How did the 1st ranked Kraugel come to Reidan and how did he face Grid? Jishuka and the Overgeared members wondered about the situation.


Piaro explained honestly. The Overgeared members were filled with anticipation after finding out the whole story.

‘Kraugel is a close brother to Piaro?’

'Hopefully this...’

'Is it possible for Kraugel to join Overgeared?’

If so, it was a jackpot. The power of Overgeared would jump by leaps and bounds.


[+8 White Clouds Clothing]

Rating: Unique (Set)

Durability: 150/389     Defense: 317+168

* Overall speed will increase by 5 + 1.5%.

* Evasion rate will increase by 10 + 3%.

-When 3 set items are equipped: Defense +300, evasion +5%.

-When 5 set items are equipped: Defense +600, evasion +12%.

Clothing that the people of the East Continent enjoy.

The appearance is plain, but its functionality isn’t.

The blue leopard’s fur woven into the silk material gives it excellent defense and durability.

Weight: 411

User Restriction: Level 300 or higher. White Swordsman, saurabi, spiritualist, daoist, etc. 

[+8 White Clouds Gloves]

Rating: Unique (Set)

Durability: 11/190     Defense: 53+36

* There is a low chance of activating 3 Joint Attacks.

* Attack speed will increase by 4 + 1%

-When 3 set items are equipped: Defense +100, evasion +5%.

-When 5 set items are equipped: Defense +250, evasion +12%.



[+9 White Clouds Footwear]

Durability: 25/210     Defense: 120+62

* There is a 5~15% reduction in skill cooldown time.

* The effect of movement skills will increase by 10 + 4%.



The smithy. Grid was convinced when looking at Kraugel’s equipment.

'Saurabi, spiritualist, daoist... Just like this continent mimics the culture of the west, the East Continent must be based on oriental culture.'

The appearance of the clothing was very similar to those worn in the Joseon Dynasty.


‘It’s like Pagma’s attire.’

It might be the case. No, there was a high probability that he needed to visit the East Continent. But how? As Grid played Satisfy, he constantly heard talk about the East Continent. Even the explanation of Piaro’s Supreme Swordsmanship mentioned the East Continent.

Grid learned something in the process. In order to reach the East Continent, he had to cross the Dead Sea. Beyond the Dead Sea? It was impossible to enter the East Continent.

‘How was Kraugel able to enter the East Continent?’

Grid was curious. He wanted to ask Kraugel about this. But he didn’t open his mouth. What did Kraugel have to do to reach the East Continent? Grid didn’t want to be the impertinent person who asked for such high value information. This was also his pride.

Grid repressed his curiosity and asked, “The set item effect? Take out the other two. I will repair the whole set.”

“This is all.”

"...Do you mean you were only wearing three pieces of armor when fighting me?”

In fact, it was two pieces. He didn’t wear the gloves. However, Kraugel didn’t give a lengthy explanation. It was just the excuses of a loser.

"It was the same when fighting Brother Piaro.”

“...You are great.”

Grid started to repair the White Clouds clothing, shoes and gloves. As a legendary blacksmith, Grid could produce cloth-type armor with good quality, so repairing them wasn’t difficult. Kraugel watched Grid and admired his dexterity, then he handed over White Fang.

“Can you repair this as well?”


Grid repaired the armor and grabbed White Fang. Then he became thrilled.

‘Truly great.’

[+9 White Fang]

Rating: Legendary

Durability: 170/409  Attack Power: 915+486

* Attack speed will increase by 7 + 2%.

* Skill damage will increase by 10 + 5%.

* Ignores 20 + 10% of the target’s defense.

* After succeeding in three combos, further damage will be dealt in the form of cutting damage.

The favorite weapon of one of the 33 great demons, Drasion.

Weight: 887

User Restriction: Level 310 or higher. Advanced Sword Mastery level 5 or higher.

‘There was a reason to be scared. How did he get this to +9...? He must’ve spent a lot of money.’

The probability of enhancing legendary equipment was the worst. Grid had a passive skill that increased enhancement rate, but even he had to pour a huge amount of money into enhancing Failure to +9.

It was impossible to gauge how much money Kraugel would’ve spent in enhancing White Fang.

‘Anyway, its performance is great.’

White Fang. As a great demon’s weapon, it was a very excellent weapon.

The options were somewhat lacking, but that wasn’t a disadvantage. The few options meant that the basic attack power was unique. It was comparable to Failure, despite being a one-handed sword.

Grid was admiring it when he felt doubts.

‘Isn’t this too weak for a weapon used by a great demon? The level limit is too low.’

The material was strange. The color was reminiscent of mithril at first glance, but its hardiness was several times better than mithril.

‘A metal that even a legendary blacksmith can’t recognize...’ 

It was likely to be a mineral that could only be collected from hell, like the blood stones.

‘If I know the exact material, my proficiency in the blacksmithing skills will greatly increase...’

Grid thought for a moment and opened his mouth.

"Maybe. It’s possible that I can draw out the true power of this sword.”


Draw out the true power of the sword? Kraugel didn’t know about the Legendary Blacksmith’s Appraisal skill, so he couldn’t understand the concept. Grid made a suggestion to the puzzled Kraugel.

"If I was to upgrade the performance of this sword, could you help me with one thing in return?”

Games. In particular, items were especially important in MMORPGs. It was an unchanging truth that the 1st ranked Kraugel was well aware of. Therefore, he spent a lot of money on enhancing his equipment.

That’s right. The reason that Kraugel didn’t have the full armor set was the limitation of the the white swordsman class. In this situation a legendary blacksmith was offering an item upgrade. It was an irresistible temptation.

"I am willing to accept the deal. However, I will pay the value of the upgrade if you make a ridiculous demand.”


Grid used a skill with a happy face.

[The Legendary Blacksmith’s Appraisal skill has been used.]

[The blacksmith who became a legend can appraise items with an excellent discerning eye. If a hidden feature exists in the target item, it will be found.]

[You have discovered a hidden feature in White Fang!]

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