Chapter 366

Chapter 366

Grid was well aware of the importance of drills as a former member of the South Korean army.

It was to quickly and easily control the army, for order and unity, to reduce the number of incidents, and to instill a sense of purpose. Drills were the most basic and crucial virtue of the army.

“The biggest reason why an army operates effectively is due to the formations. Imagine a large group of people. What if the shield troops were in the rear and the archers were in the vanguard? Isn’t that just rubbish?”

The higher the level of training, the faster the speed of the formation. The faster the speed that a formation was formed, the higher the probability was of winning the war. Grid smiled as he watched the instructor explain why drills were so important.

‘In the past, I wasn’t able to concentrate.’

The reserves were brought to the training ground and given theoretical education. What type of game was this? In the past, Grid had grumbled and couldn’t concentrate on learning.

"Hey, Blue Falcon."

Instructor Kaesul  glared at Grid.

"Why is it that you doze off every time I an educating you?”

Patrian was a fortified city, so the military training was very strict. Of course, this also applied to players.

"Is my education useless? Have you already mastered this?”

The instructor shouted angrily.

“Stand up!”

Grid stood up. He knew it was wrong to laugh at the instructor, and absolute obedience was necessary to receive a passing score.

"Attention! Parade rest! Align right!”

Grid followed the simple command while the instructor smiled.

"I will teach you to smile while I’m talking.”

After that, the instructor forced Grid to follow all types of actions. He tried to make it confusing and complex by making Grid move to the front, back, and right side, then he would punish Grid when he got it wrong. However...


Cheok cheok cheok cheok!


Instructor Kaesul was puzzled when Grid didn’t hesitate when following the orders.

Blue Falcon, Grid. He never received a passing grade in any training and was inferior to the other troops, so how could he follow this? Despite his weak stamina, he performed the commands perfectly without losing concentration.

There was something even more surprising.

‘Did his eyes always look like this?’

Grid was famous with Instructor Kaeul and the assistants. He was dumb, not motivated, weak, and had eyes like rotten fish. Now Grid wasn’t stupid, was full of desire, and concentrated enough to overcome his weak stamina.

The rotten fish eyes? They were sharp and keen, like there was a reversal. Some people would shrink back when facing it.

“...Hum hum.”

When would this inferior soldier collapse? Instructor Kaesul kept giving commands and eventually gave up. He cleared his throat and spoke while avoiding Grid’s gaze.

“You have mastered these drills. How hard did you practice? Go back to your spot.”


Grid responded vigorously and rejoined the ranks. Honestly, he didn’t feel good. As the duke of a kingdom, he was being insulted by a trainer and tested on an extreme level? It was shameful. But this wasn’t a situation to hold onto his pride.

‘Right now, I’m only a level 23 warrior.’

Yes, this was currently the past. He had to conform to this situation in order to pass the 31st island.

“I will conduct the test from now on!”

After around three hours of training, the test was started. The result was amazing. Blue Falcon Grid was ranked number one in the test. Compared to the other reservists, he maintained his concentration and performed the drills of the instructor completely and thoroughly.

‘Did he eat something wrong?’

The instructor and assistants were bewildered.


Camp building exercises. It was about climbing up a mountain behind the training ground and making a shelter.

"It’s just shovelling.”

“How hard is it to dig a pit?”

The reservists holding one shovel thought it was easy. However, Grid knew the significance of building a camp. It was to provide cover from enemy attacks and to protect their teammates.

‘It isn’t just digging a pit. It needs to have defensive power.’

Grid judged and looked carefully at the mountain. Then he found a place where there were vines and bushes between two trees. He approached it and started digging. The other reservists laughed at him.

‘The trees and bushes will interfere with the digging action.’

‘It will take a while to dig a pit.’

‘Noob, no wonder why he’s being ignored by the instructor.’

He would receive the lowest points. The reservists made fun of Grid and started digging at the ground. Their digging pace was incredible. It was obvious that they wanted to finish this tiresome training.

On the other hand, Grid’s digging speed was slow.

‘Digging too quickly is exhausting.'

Grid had served in the Korean army for more than a year, so he was used to labor. For Grid, digging was one of his few specialties.

‘Digging works the heart and muscles because it leans on the upper body.’

If he didn’t want to collapse from tiredness, it was more effective to do it slowly and steadily.


His right hand grasped the handle while his left hand grasped the bottom portion of the shovel. His speed was very slow compared to others, but that only lasted for a short period of time. The speed at which Grid dug the ground was three times faster than the others. The others became exhausted while Grid maintained his pace. 

“Hah... Overcoming low stamina with know-how.”

The instructor and assistants observing the reservists couldn’t keep their eyes off Grid. Grid’s digging skill was the best. It was enough to remind them of a professional digger. It was natural that Grid would take the first place in the camp building test.


Grid’s face brightened as he erased a few pathetic memories from the past. His high pride after fighting with Kraugel became more robust.


Weapons testing.

The reservists, who learned the basic skills of handling spears, swords, and bows, stood in front of a scarecrow.

Instructor Kaesul shouted, "First is the spear!”

At the same time.

Blue, red, and green dots covered the bodies of the scarecrows in front of the reservists. The blue dots were the size of a 500 yen coin, while the red and green dots were like billiard balls.

“Over the next three minutes, the three types of dots will emerge alternately. You will get one point when striking the blue dot, 5 points for the red dot, and 10 points for the green dot. You will pass if you get at least 50 points in three minutes."

In the past, this was a test that Grid had never succeeded in.

The dots with the three colors flashed too quickly before disappearing, and there was no regularity. In the past, Grid couldn’t exert much control over the spear and wasn’t able to gain 50 points in three minutes.

Now it was different.


Grid moved his right foot back and wielded the spear. He’d hunted with the strongest spearman Pon, and got a look at the spear techniques and movements.

More than anything, the current Grid...

‘I am a person who understands the divine spear.’

Once he understood the structure of a weapon, he naturally realized how to use it.


Grid’s eyes saw the signal in front of him.



The instructors, assistants and even reservists were surprised by the sound and turned their attention to Grid. Grid had stabbed precisely at the blue dot on the scarecrow. Everyone who saw it were shocked beyond admiration, but Grid wasn’t satisfied.

‘Indeed, my agility is too low.’

The speed of the spear was slow and it wasn’t very precise. He tried to aim at the center of the blue dot, but it deviated to the left. Grid was complaining when he suddenly realized.

‘Kraugel wouldn’t complain like me.’

He would overcome the ordeal, no matter how bad his condition.

‘Yes, I don’t have the time for regrets.’

He concentrated harder and tried to use the spear to the best of his ability.


The spear let out a sound again as it struck. The instructor couldn’t close his mouth when he saw that Grid once again hit the blue spot.

‘No, what’s up with him today?’

He knew the Blue Falcon. He seemed like a completely different person.


After a while, Grid’s scarecrow scoreboard achieved 100 points.


The instructor turned pale. 100 points in 1 minute and 23 seconds. Grid set a record that even the most experienced knight apprentices couldn’t beat. The instructor couldn’t tell if this was a dream or reality.

A notification window appeared in front of Grid.

[You have set a new record in Patrian’s reserve forces training Spear Test!]

[The rare skill ‘Spear Shot’ has been acquired as a hidden reward.]

[Spear Shot Lv.1]

Throws a spear that deals 600% physical damage to the target. The enemy will fall down. 

* You must reclaim the spear in the thrown window. If you fail to retrieve it within 30 seconds, you will lose ownership of the spear.

Mana Consumption: 150

Skill Cooldown Time: 1 minute


Grid was astonished by the completely unexpected benefit.

It was a hassle to recover the thrown spear, but compared to Pagma’s Swordsmanship, the skill cooldown time was very short and the damage was also good. In addition, it was a medium range skill that would be useful in many ways.

‘This... Will I be able to get rare skills in the sword test and archery test?’

Grid’s motivation grew even more.

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