Chapter 351

Chapter 351

"You’re the cause of this?”

Grid received an explanation from Piaro and observed the pit in the ground. The traces left behind of the battle were impressive. He was able to get an indirect glimpse of the 1st ranked Kraugel.

‘He competed against Piaro, who was reborn was a legend.’

In the previous confrontation, Grid was able to consume only half of Piaro’s life. Then what about now?

‘I can only decrease it by 1/4th.’

Piaro had grown.

During the spar with Grid, he had woken up to the true use of farming techniques. Then after the spar, he gained the bonus of increasing his stats and greatly increasing his skills. There was also the bonus of raising his level.

Then a person who managed to compete against Piaro?

‘Even a normal class...’


Grid clenched his fists with all his strength. Strange emotions sprang up, making his chest burn hot. Kraugel noticed his silence and apologized.

“My first impression is bad. I apologize that Reidan suffered damage because of my personal greed. I will pay you back as much as possible.”

The person who actually caused the damage was Piaro. However, Kraugel felt a strong sense of responsibility.  He applied for a spar with Piaro and this incident happened, so he thought it was primarily his fault.

Grid made a snide remark at his sincere apology.

"Yes, a good answer deserving of the number one rank. Do you have a lot of money?”

An earthquake had occurred in the aftermath of the battle, causing all of Reidan to shake. Just looking at Reidan’s smithy alone, the overall loss of wealth was quite big.

“Can it be reimbursed by an individual alone? As a close brother to Piaro, shouldn’t you take responsibility?”

“M-My Lord.”

Piaro stuttered. He felt like his lord was more upset than usual.


Piaro couldn’t figure out Grid’s heart. Asmophel was different. He could read the emotions in Grid’s eyes.

'Envy and jealousy...’

Asmophel was born as the second son, so he always felt these emotions. Now Grid was displaying it towards Kraugel. They were emotions that couldn’t be understood by Piaro and Kraugel, who were always the best.

“Don’t worry about reimbursement. Instead.”


A clear blue transparent sword appeared in Grid’s left hand and a black-blue greatsword in his right hand. It was Failure and Grid’s Greatsword.

“Fight me.”


Wanting to randomly fight? Kraugel was baffled. He couldn’t understand why things were happening like this. In addition, this was Grid’s city. Everything here belonged to Grid. Piaro wasn’t an exception.

'Does he mean to isolate me?’

A death penalty was huge. Should Kraugel interpret it as never stepping foot in this city again? Kraugel looked grim while Grid pointed Failure at him.

“Don’t think too deeply about it. I am applying for a fair one-on-one fight.”

A one-on-one match? If so, Kraugel welcomed it. Grid was also a legend.  It was a golden opportunity to win against a legend and complete the ‘Sword Saint’ quest. But Kraugel couldn’t justify accepting the fight. Using a complete strange to clear his quest, his ego couldn’t tolerate it.

"Why do you want to fight me?”

Kraugel’s sentences became shorter. It was natural. Grid didn’t show any courtesies to him, so there was no need to be polite.

“You are called the top, or the sky above the sky? I want to see if you’re really such a great person.”

"Do you have the qualifications to get a glimpse of my skills?”

"You'll find out soon."

Grid sent a sparring application to Kraugel. This was Reidan, Grid’s domain. Despite Kraugel receiving a big penalty if he died, Grid applied for a duel, demonstrating that he took this fight seriously.

“Sehee... No, Ruby. Use healing on him.”

“Are you going to fight?”

Ruby asked in a testy manner. She was worried about her brother because she had seen Kraugel’s skills. However, she was embarrassed to show her worry, so she looked testy instead. Grid prompted her.


“...Be careful.”

Ruby read her brother’s sincerity towards Kraugel and ended up using ‘Hope.’ Hope was the ultimate heal that randomly recovers 10~30% of the target’s maximum health. Kraugel confirmed his rising health and admired it.


Grid’s sister.

Kraugel wondered.

‘Territory, family, subordinates, colleagues, and friends.’ 

Was it fun to be in such a limited space with the same group of people? Did they need to repeat what they always did in reality in the game? The world of Satisfy. It was so wide that it would take the rest of his life to explore it. As a user of the game, wasn’t it right to travel around alone, not bound by anything, in order to experience new things faster than anyone else?

Sehee used Hope in succession and Kraugel’s health reached the maximum. Kraugel made a decision and shared his quest information with Grid.

[Sword Saint]

Difficulty: SSS

Win against a legend.

“This confrontation with you might be a help to me. Is it still okay?”

Grid stopped.

Sword saint. Could he give the strongest legendary class to other users? The past Grid would’ve cancelled the fight immediately. But now he was different. He was the leader of Overgeared, a lord, and the father of a child. Eyes were watching him. In particular, he couldn’t take it back with Lord watching.

‘What would Lauel do?’

Grid worried about it for a moment.

"It’s also a good thing if you turn into a sword saint because of me. The 1st ranked user owing me a favor, won’t you pay it back one day?”

He phrased it in such a way that Kraugel owed him a favor, despite Grid being the one to propose the fight in the first place.

"And I don’t think I will lose.”

He expressed his dignity with an expression of unwavering confidence.

Kraugel replied honestly, "Grid, I have seen your capabilities many times on broadcast. That's why I know it well. You can never beat me.”

"Stop speaking so long.”

At the time of the Elfin Stone raid. After sacrificing Huroi due to his powerlessness, Grid pledged never to feel so helpless again.

‘I will be the best. I will be the best and not sacrifice my colleagues again.’

It was his dream, whether it was fanciful or not.

‘I will check it through you.'

Step, step.

Grid walked out without hesitation. At first glance, it was an ordinary gait, but he was actually using the footwork of Pagma’s Swordsmanship. He was hiding the use of his skill. Two years in real time after Satisfy opened, he was finally using the basics of the game. But Kraugel saw it instantly.

It was easy because he had keen eyes and good insight.


Kraugel sidestepped the legendary skill and counterattacked.

"Mole Ascension.”


Pagma’s Swordsmanship. It was a relatively demanding skill that required taking an average of five steps. Grid had used it for hours over the years and gradually adapted. The skill was used at an incomparable speed to before, resulting in damage to the unique presence called the sky above the sky, Kraugel.

[You have suffered 17,500 damage.]

The white swordsman’s defense was lower than other third advancement normal classes. Moreover, he didn’t wear his gloves because he was afraid they would break if they received further damage.

On the other hand, Pagma's Descendant was a legendary class that could exert the ultimate attack power. Grid was equipped with the best items. Kraugel’s health was cut by a quarter in a single blow.

This was also due to the title effects and defense, otherwise it would’ve been a fatal blow. However, Kraugel wasn’t shocked by Grid’s attack power. 

'I was wounded by a user?’

There were no users who had touched his body except for Agnus, king of the dead, and the ‘duo’ from Blood Carnival. Kraugel’s eyes sunk. It was the moment he recognized Grid as a strong person.

“White Light Steps.”


Under the sun, Kraugel disappeared from Grid’s field of view.


Grid watched carefully. He thought about what to do and pulled out Kenen’s Belt.


Grid’s appearance was obscured by the smoke that emerged. But Kraugel still remained calm. He quickly saw Grid’s shape being covered by the smoke screen and stopped his attack.


The puzzled Kraugel stopped as ‘Keen Senses’ sent him a sharp warning. The danger came from behind him.

"If you use stealth, I will become invisible.”

Grid revealed his appearance in a white hooded zipper and swung his greatsword. Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Pinnacle, fell vertically towards Kraugel.

‘An invisibility cloak, it’s amazing.’

Kraugel laughed to see Grid using such great items so casually. He rotated his body and swung White Fang. It was the appearance of his counterattack, Tearing the Sky, whose orbit was limited to going up.


[You have suffered 21,050 damage.]


Grid was hit by the powerful skill and his health gauge sharply declined. Kraugel didn’t give him a break. He continuously swung White Fang and seized the momentum.

Chaaeng! Chaeng!

‘This orbit...!’

Grid was currently armed with the Slaughterer’s Eye Patch. His high insight and synergy with the item meant he could reach most of the enemy’s attack orbit. However, Kraugel’s swordsmanship contained a much deeper orbit than that of Piaro.

[You have suffered 3,500 damage.]

[You have suffered 3,610 damage.]

[You have suffered 3,485 damage.]

The wounds on Grid continued to increase. He tried to counterattack with Link, but Kraugel didn’t allow it. He avoided or blocked everything. In the first place, it was almost impossible to hit Kraugel with a non-targeted skill. Kraugel’s control skills were that excellent. In the end, Grid summoned the God Hands.

“Magic Missile!”


Light flashed from four direction and threatened Kraugel. Grid gave Grid’s Greatsword, Failure, and the Doppelganger’s Greatsword to the God Hands, then used Quick Movements. He summoned Iyarugt while rushing forward.

[Over here!]

Iyarugt gave him the best sword path. The red light shot forward towards Kraugel. But Kraugel barely managed to respond. He avoided it using the least amount of movements, and counterattacked, stabbing White Fang into Grid’s chest.


[You have dealt 8,300 damage to the target.]

Kraugel thought it was absurd.

‘His defense is ridiculously high.’

It was hard to imagine what type of armor Grid was wearing. However, Grid thought it was more absurd.

‘The defense isn’t applied properly because he is only hitting my vital spots.’

Hitting his vital spots every time? He was like a supercomputer, not a person.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship...!”

Energy gathered around Grid and surged violently like a wave.

It was the precursor of Wave.

But it wasn’t manifested.

Kraugel hit Grid’s legs, causing the sword dance to be cancelled.

“Storm Sword.”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

As Grid stumbled, Storm Sword emerged from White Fang and hit Grid’s chest. Blood spurted from Grid’s chest, while Kraugel leapt forward and attempted to link ‘Meteor Sword.’ The God Hands tried to keep him in check but it was wishful thinking. The God Hands’ Sword Mastery skill was still at the beginner level, meaning it was impossible to threaten Kraugel.

“Meteor Sword.”

The moment that Kraugel had shaken off all the God Hands and succeeded in using Meteor Sword. Blood Cry.



Kraugel’s body shook as a strong wave was emitted. A strong tempest hit him and he lost his balance. As he started to fall helplessly, a flash came from Grid. His skin whitened and a black haze of demonic energy appeared around him. 

The speed of his demonic sword was incomparable to before. It was the linkage of Blacksmith's Rage and Blackening. It was Grid’s power.


The clouds that were already torn due to Pounding Mortar scattered even more. In the center of it, Grid had stabbed Kraugel’s heart with Iyarugt. Blood spurted up like rain.

“My Lord!”

Piaro groaned.

Kraugel. As someone who was always looking for the best opportunity in a crisis, he managed to counterattack.


White Fang flew and penetrated Grid’s neck. Even Iyarugt couldn’t see the sword orbit, so Grid couldn’t take advantage of Doran’s Ring.

[How did he...?]

“Ugh...! Pagma’s Swordsmanship...!”

Grid’s current health, which decreased due to Blackening consuming maximum health in exchange for attack power, rapidly headed towards the bottom. But he didn’t shrink back. It was because he believed in his immortality passive.

Kraugel’s attacks? He could still allow attacks for five seconds. Grid judged calmly and used Restraint, planning to connect it with Link to end Kraugel. However, Kraugel used his skill faster than he could use Restraint.


The powerful kicking effect of ‘Charging’ slammed Grid’s body to the ground.

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