Chapter 176

Chapter 176

"Is there a reason you didn’t use your ranged skill called Transcended Link? Isn’t it a skill optimized to catch Hurent when he’s running away?”

It was Yura’s question.

They were heading back to the waiting room after the awards ceremony. Youngwoo was humming happily. No one would’ve believed that he had been angry during the awards ceremony.

[The target processing match, South Korean’s unexpected win! The whole nation is enthusiastic! Praise Pagma’s Descendant!]

[The owner of the first legendary class is Korean? Shin Youngwoo, who is he?]

[The brilliant appearance of the man called Grid! A strong impact! Women’s hearts are thumping!]

[<Column> Will Grid be able to regain South Korea’s reputation as a gaming powerhouse?]

[The whole world is watching Korea and Pagma’s Descendant! Entering the National Competition, it isn’t a dream!]

[Grid helped Jishuka, the Brazilian representative. What is the meaning of this action? Are the two people lovers?]

Indeed, Satisfy’s influence was amazing. He became a global star in a manner of minutes. Shin Youngwoo read the Internet articles on his phone. He was completely excited, so he answered honestly.

“Transcended Link? I wanted to use it. But the cooldown time wasn’t over, so I didn’t.”

“I thought so.”

It took exactly 14 minutes and 47 seconds for the Korean team to score 150 points after Youngwoo entered the competition and used Transcended Link. Based on that, Yura could figure out that the cooldown time of Transcended Link was at least 15 minutes.

‘Youngwoo-ssi didn’t use several of the skills he showed in the Bairan battle. Pagma’s Swordsmanship is strong, but its weakness is that it needs a sword dance to be invoked and has a long cooldown time.’

Yura had analyzed Pagma’s Descendant dozens of times since the Bairan battle.

Pagma's Descendant. In other words, she was able to grasp the functions and power of the four skills that Youngwoo used during the Bairan battle, which were Transcended Link, Link, Kill and Wave.

And the conclusion she came to was that it was ‘insufficient.’ It wasn’t a matter of talent, such as good or bad control. Pagma's Descendant was a class that was basically a blacksmith, so the combat skills were poor. The weaknesses were also clear. Despite being a legendary class, the fighting power seemed to be less than the epic classes.

‘He has the strongest passive skill of ‘Status Immune’ and has the advantage of making legendary items.’

However, he couldn’t stand up to the best players. It was the limit of a production class. Pagma's Descendant might be able to generate tremendous economic value, but it was relatively unimpressive in combat.

This was the analysis of Yura and other experts. However, they were mistaken. Pagma was the best blacksmith and swordsman.

In fact, Youngwoo had several skills that hadn’t been shown to the public. They were Restraint, Transcend and Linked Kill. If Youngwoo used either Restraint or Transcend, he would’ve been able to easily overpower Hurent.

Restraint limited movements for three seconds, and it was possible to deal a fatal wound during that time. Or he could destroy Hurent with the overwhelming firepower of Transcend.

That wasn’t all. In the past, Youngwoo acquired the title of Apostle of Justice and learned the Unbreakable Justice skill. The mana consumption was burdensome and it was more efficient to use Pagma’s Swordsmanship, so he had sealed it for a long time.

Youngwoo’s intelligence stat had steadily grown to 643 after four months of producing hundreds of items, including Failure. He would gain 200 more intelligence if he wore Malacus’ Cloak. A level 200 user would gain 6 mana per one point in intelligence. 

Now Youngwoo was in a position to be able to use Unbreakable Justice easily with Pagma’s Swordsmanship. Unbreakable Justice was an immediate use skill, unlike Pagma’s Swordsmanship. Youngwoo could’ve used Unbreakable Justice against Hurent.

That wasn’t the end. There was the Wind Blast and Wind of Justice attached to the Ideal Dagger, and Golden Flash attached to Dainsleif. Among them, Golden Flash was the only skill that dealt damage proportional to his magic power, so it was good at penetrating the enemy.

In other words, Youngwoo’s power was much more than what people grasped. Then why hadn’t Youngwoo used them? He saved his skills despite being humiliated by Hurent? The reason was simple. He didn’t want to expose his power.

‘If it wasn’t for the pavranium, I would’ve eventually forced Hurent to logout. It was a disappointing result, because I stupidly overlooked the pavranium.’

The National Competition wasn’t over yet. Today was only the second day. The Korean team was lacking and very reliant on Youngwoo. But Youngwoo was going to participate in the PvP event. 

That’s right. He was prepared to unveil his real skills in the PvP event. Every time he met a new enemy, he would be able to demonstrate a more powerful appearance by introducing a new skill. He would be able to become a star by being a hot topic.

'I’ll get you back sooner or later ,Hurent. I will make you suffer the embarrassment I felt.’

Control? It was nothing in front of the trinity of skills, stats and items. Aura Master? A hidden growth type class? 

‘I am a legendary class from the beginning.’

He was participating in the National Competition now. He would win a gold medal in his three events! Youngwoo thought like that.


“Pagma's Descendant has come!”

In front of the Korean team’s waiting room. Hundreds of reporters were gathered. The domestic and foreign reporters were all only paying attention to Youngwoo.

“Oh my.”

She was being ignored. Yura was always treated the best wherever she went, so this was a strange experience for her. Was her pride hurt? Not at all. Yura was excited too.

‘Be calm.’

There was a lot of people. In particular, dealing with the press was very tiring. Thanks to Youngwoo, she was able to be freed from them, so she should stick to him in the future. On the other hand, Youngwoo was surrounded by reporters.

"When did you become Pagma's Descendant?”

"Please tell us the process of becoming Pagma's Descendant.”

"What was your reason for hiding your identity in the meantime?”

“You aren’t registered in the rankings, so what level are you?” 

“The current 1st ranked Kraugel is level 297. Have you already achieved level 300?”

“Can you disclose the information of your items? In particular, many people are wondering about the blue greatsword.”

"What are those golden blades?”

"Why weren’t you seen when you first entered the National Competition? Was it a skill? Or did you create an invisibility cloak, like many experts speculated?”

"What exactly is your relationship with Jishuka?”

"What school did you go to? Your age? Where do you live? Your family?”

"Are you married?”

"What type of animal do you like?"

"What is your favorite food?”

It started from questions that pierced to the core to absurd questions. The languages of different countries surrounded him.

‘This is crazy.’

Youngwoo was confused because this was the first time he was experiencing it. In the end, Yura interfered. She said in English.

“First of all, give Youngwoo-ssi time to wear an interpreter.”


The reporters briefly fell silent. Yura belatedly received an interpreting device from a staff member and persuaded Youngwoo.

“You’ve revealed yourself, so it’s good to be interviewed. Answer as much as you want, but don’t be stupid. Keep as much privacy as possible while satisfying the reporters. If the reporters aren’t satisfied, you will be stuck with their persistent stalking.”


Youngwoo had vowed to become a star from the moment he decided to participate in the National Competition. Youngwoo took a deep breath and agreed.

“Sigh... I understand. I’m nervous because I’m unfamiliar with interviews, but I will do it because it’s a gateway I must go through.”


This man, sometimes he made nice expressions. Yura smiled and handed the interpreter to Youngwoo. Then finally, Youngwoo met the reporters.


But he was surprised from the first question.

"It looks like you have a special relationship with Yura. Are you perhaps lovers?”

"Then what about Jishuka?”


Weren’t these questions supposed to be from third-rate magazines that dealt with celebrity scandals? Youngwoo thought the question was ridiculous and fell silent.

Yura skillfully answered on his behalf. "We are close, but we aren’t lovers. It is a relationship where we share the purpose of gaining good achievements for South Korea in the National Competition. His relationship with Jishuka is similar. Youngwoo-ssi is part of the Tzedakah Guild.”

“I see.”

Yura’s words didn’t show any interest in Youngwoo. The reporters no longer doubted the relationship between the three people. Then they started asking other questions.

“40 days ago in real time, there was a phrase that suggested the first legendary class emerged in Satisfy. Was that the moment you became Pagma's Descendant?”

No. Youngwoo became Pagma's Descendant eight months ago. 40 days ago was when he produced his fifth legendary item and was truly recognized as Pagma’s Descendant. But Youngwoo didn’t tell the truth. There was no need to.

“That’s correct.”

“What’s your current level?”

“I don’t want to reveal it.”

"What are those golden discs and blades that move by themselves? Don’t they boast tremendous durability and mobility?"


He also didn’t want to reveal this. But the reporters would become more persistent if he was too uncooperative. Yura’s advice about moderately satisfying the reporters went around in Youngwoo’s head.

“You can think of it as a private item for Pagma's Descendant.”

“Private item?”

"Is it an item that exists to supplement the somewhat lacking combat power of Pagma's Descendant?”

Youngwoo glared at the reporter who said ‘lacking combat power.’ An American reporter didn’t miss this look and threw a provocative question.

"You were one-sidedly hit by the US representative, Hurent. Experts from all over the world have doubts about the combat capabilities of Pagma's Descendant. Pagma’s Descendant is the greatest blacksmith and swordsman, but did you inherit all his skills as a descendant?"

“I was one-sidedly hit?” Youngwoo scoffed and stared straight at the American reporter who asked the question. Then he said something shocking. “That’s correct. I have yet to fully inherit Pagma’s power. My class change quest still isn’t finished yet.”


Yura standing beside Youngwoo and the reporters all looked amazed.

“You haven’t finished the class quest yet?”

"This is the incomplete state...!”

Yet he still won against many rankers and obtained the gold medal in the target processing event?

"I’m only a child compared to the legendary Pagma, but that is only when compared to Pagma.” Youngwoo made a prideful expression and declared in front of the reporters. “Hurent? If he participates in PvP, I will log him out in 30 seconds.”


He was going to log out Hurent in 30 seconds, one of the best rankers, and 8th on the unified rankings! It was a huge scoop.

"...Write it down.”

Shin Youngwoo made a ridiculous declaration without a single tense look. Yura’s heart jumped from beside him.

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