Chapter 174

Chapter 174

“Bad person.” Jishuka muttered.

Deep in the forest. She had struggled with Samuel, the weakest of the participants in the target processing match, and her anger finally exploded.

“He ignored my whisper, only to come for another girl?”

The day of the opening ceremony. Jishuka had logged onto Satisfy in South Korea and whispered to Grid to find out his location. But Grid continued to ignore her whispers. At the time, Jishuka had tried to understand. He must be busy.

But what was this? He didn’t seem too busy to rescue another woman.

‘Did he ignore my whispers because he wasn’t interested in me? He didn’t want to meet up with me, so he ignored it?’

She had thousands of fan clubs all over the world. Hundreds of millions of men wanted her. She had been courted by the best men, such as handsome actors, oil tycoons, and successful intellectuals. But now she was being ignored.

Jishuaka’s pride was crushed as she was holding a Special Jaffa Arrow! It was broken in half. She ignored it and asked Samuel, “Who is prettier between me and Yura?”

The people of the world enjoyed comparing Jishuka and Yura. It was their hobby to evaluate who was more beautiful. It wasn’t just their appearance. They were often compared in all respects because they were international stars and top rankers of Satisfy. Even the payment they received for their TV appearances or photo shoots was the same.

Jishuka recognized Yura as her rival. However, she was confident that she was superior to Yura. But she seemed to be defeated when it came to the man she was interested in. She never knew that Grid and Yura were so close.

‘A person who would rather make items rushed to participate in the National Competition... Is Yura a special presence to him?’

Samuel looked at her and responded honestly.

"Jishuka, you are much sexier. Your qualities are definitely better. Objectively, I think that you are more beautiful? But I personally prefer elegant women, so Yura seems more beautiful to me. In addition, Yura is Asian, right? She has calm eyes, no freckles, and a mysterious charm in many ways. Hehe, she is a goddess.”

"Shut up.”


[The effect of the Special Jaffa arrow is activated, meaning the enemy’s defense is completely ignored.]

[The Special Jaffa Arrow has poisoned the enemy.]


Samuel shuddered in pain as the arrow stabbed his thigh. Then Jishuka pulled back her bowstring.

“I am angry.”


Her quick fire was unfolded. The targets flying between the trees and bushes exploded without being able to escape Jishuka’s arrows.

“I am becoming heated up!”


The Brazilian team’s score keep increasing thanks to her furious firing. The commentator shouted.

『 Brazil 72... 73 points! Truly an expert archer! The Brazilian representative, Jishuka’s arrows ignore all obstacles and are wiping out the targets in a flash! Ah! As soon as I spoke, the Chinese team and Japanese team have started attacking Jishuka! 』


The audience’s attention that was focused on Pagma’s Descendant finally returned to the battlefield. They once again began to cheer for the players of their country. On the other hand, the United States representative, Hurent, was looking at the scoreboard with a perplexed expression.

"Um~ what is this?”

South Korea - 113 points.

United States- 77 points.

Brazil - 73 points.

Canada - 71 points.

France - 69 points.

China  - 62 points.

Japan - 61 points.

United Kingdom - 49 points.

Spain - 0 points.

It was the Korean team’s solo play.

He had almost caught up with the Korean team’s score when Yura was attacked by the representatives of eight countries, but the sudden appearance of Pagma’s Descendant made his efforts useless.

‘Destroying 11 top rankers alone and controlling the blades to handle the targets...’

During the Bairan battle, he had been ‘passable.’

“Really, isn’t it a foul to introduce a legendary class at this time?”

Hurent made a frightened expression on the outside, but his eyes were calm. He scratched his grey hair and his middle-aged brain started to spin quickly. The situation had changed due to a single influence. How should he deal with it?

He worried about it before calling out his partner’s name.



The young silver-haired man, who was watching Grid, replied with an expressionless face.

Hurent asked him, “Those golden blades, can you handle them?”


Lauel’s gaze headed back towards the sky where Grid was. He briefly observed the seven blades that were moving around 1.5 times faster than the target and explained.

“Sniping is possible if I can get within 30m of them. However, if those blades are made of the same material as the golden discs that appeared during the Bairan battle, they won’t be destroyed.”

Hurent nodded.

“Okay. Then we will give up on the gold medal.”

The United States was the world’s strongest power.

As representatives of the United States, Hurent and Lauel were great. As the number two person on the US team, Hurent was 8th on the unified rankings and had a hidden class. Meanwhile, Lauel was one of the Ten Rookies. They originally aimed to win, but they changed their target without faltering.

“Pagma's Descendant and Yura. It might be possible with just one of them, but it is folly to become enemies with both of them at the same time. Let’s leave both of them alone and focus on our own fight.”

They would aim for the silver medal. Hurent made the decision and decided to defeat his rivals.

"First of all, our first target should be the Canadian team.”

The United States, France, Brazil, China and Japan were the five teams in the forest. They were busy keeping each other in check. The British team were near the Korean team, but their score was slowly rising because Natasha was handling the targets alone. The Spanish team? Med was the only survivor and he was confronting Regas. His score was also zero, so there was no need to worry about him.

On the other hand, the Canadian team was an eyesore.

They were hidden halfway up a mountain and were persistently handling the targets. Thanks to their exquisite position, their speed of points acquisition was fast and no one was disturbing them. They were the obvious choice.


The French representatives and Chinese representatives on the right and left looked over here with frightened eyes. Hurent laughed at them and spoke, “Three minutes. Just hold on for three minutes without me."

Lauel’s face distorted. "Hold on alone for three minutes? Won’t the other teams focus their attacks on me the moment you leave my side? I won’t even be able to last two minutes.”

“No, you can hold on. If not, just endure for 2 minutes and 50 seconds. I will come back in that time.”

“Shouldn’t we go together?”

"No. Then the Canadian team can cooperate with other teams to isolate us. Then I am going~”

Hurent spoke one-sidedly before jumping high in a manner that didn’t fit his large size. Like a martial artist, he ran along the trees and reached the mountain in a minute.

“Have you come to be killed?”

The Canadian representative ridiculed Hurent. There were two of them, while Hurent was alone. Lauel was left alone and was being attacked by the representatives of other countries. This was the end for the US.

“You’re foolish, Hurent.”

After the Korean team that had Pagma’s Descendant and Yura, the United States had the next best power. Now the Canadian team had an opportunity to defeat the United States. Hurent might be ranked 8th, but they were also in the top 30 rankings. The two of them believed they could defeat Hurent if they worked together.

'Hurent isn’t a monster like Yura and Pagma’s Descendant. If he was a monster like them, he would’ve already smashed the other teams alone.’

The Canadian representatives thought so. But in fact, Hurent was a monster. He was one of the seven rankers that Yura analyzed to be stronger than her.

"I have to hurry.”


A red aura like fire blazed on both of Hurent’s hands.


It was different from their information? Hurent had a rare hidden class called ‘Aura Master,’ and didn’t he originally deal with blue aura? As they felt confused and wary, Hurent gave them new information.

“Among the hidden classes, ‘growth’ types exist. My Aura Master was a rare class when I first acquired it, but now it’s been promoted to an epic class. My aura has become stronger.”


This was the first time they heard of growth type classes. The Canadian team thought it was a bluff and attacked. The aura around both of Hurent’s hands formed swords.

“I will let you learn the glory of a future legendary class.”

Hurent spoke sincerely and swung his two aura blades.

Chaaeng! Chaaeng!

The Canadian representatives struggled. They exchanged a few blows with Hurent. But Hurent’s swordsmanship was much better.  The Canadian representatives started to be injured. Hurent’s aura blades completely ignored their defenses, so they suffered a 100% fixed damage.

The Canadian representatives were shocked by their injuries, while Hurent’s aura blades moved like a whip.


“Kuk... Kuak!"

“From this angle, how...?”

A Canadian representative was pierced in the heart and was stunned after suffering massive damage. Their survival was already in Hurent’s hands.

“Your abilities are good, but... Somehow, the recent rankers are too weak in PvP. Is is because they are only focused on levelling up? You don’t know how to fight~”

Hurent was unable to conceal his relaxed expression as he logged out the Canadian rankers. He checked the time while taking a potion and hit his forehead.

“Damn, it has already been over three minutes.”

Hurent operated aura around his lower half, allowing him to move at a tremendous speed and to quickly reach Lauel. Then he laughed. Lauel, who he thought would already be dead, was relatively fine?

"No wonder he’s called the strongest rookie.”

Lauel glared sharply while Hurent was admiring him. 

“It took you 4 minutes and 9 seconds.”

"Sorry, sorry~ The enemies were further than I thought.”

The apologetic Hurent attacked the French and Chinese representatives who had attacked Lauel. At that moment, an arrow flew towards his heart.


Hurent avoided it hitting his heart with breathtaking reflexes and expressed his disapproval. He pulled out the arrow and said, "I wanted to avoid a melee because of that woman.”

An archer was vulnerable in a one-on-one match. But it was a scary class when hidden behind allies. In the first place, Jishuka was an outstanding talent.

"Well, she was my second goal. Cover me Lauel.”

Hurent leapt in the direction of the Brazilian team.

‘We can’t beat the US team if Jishuka is killed.’

The other teams judged simultaneously and blocked him. But there was one problem.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Hurent dispersed aura around him. Then they transformed into aura spears and pierced the bodies of the enemies.

“Kuk...! ‘Aura, is this its true power?’

‘This is the strength of a top 10 ranker...!’

Surprises kept appearing.

Zibal, Chris, Bondre and Yura. Then there was Pagma's Descendant and Hurent.

They showed strength that transcended common sense in this National Competition. Even if all participants were rankers, the level was different. It was to a point where they felt insignificant.

Hurent pierced through the disgruntled representatives and reached the Brazilian team. Samuel blocked his way, but Samuel was the weakest one here. He couldn’t beat Hurent.


Samuel was struck and fell down. Hurent had been hit with arrows several times, but he ignored them and narrowed the distance to Jishuka instantly.

“Isn’t this quite hard?” Hurent explained to the sweaty Jishuka. “It’s possible to operate my aura defensively. Anyway, it’s great. This is the first time I’ve become a hedgehog.”

“Why don’t you experience your body being cut in half?”


An unexpected voice was heard above his head? Hurent freaked out and moved.


The greatsword hit the place where he had been standing.

Jjejeok! Jjejejeok!

The ground shook like an earthquake had occurred. Grid descended.

Hurent noticed his mistake. 

"That's right. Didn’t Pagma's Descendant belong to the Tzedakah Guild? Ah, I tried to touch someone I should’nt have.”

"You saw it right away.”

He might’ve never expressed it, but the Tzedakah Guild was very precious to Grid. They noticed his value more quickly than anyone else, and they were people who respected and cared about him.

He originally built a relationship with them because of money, but not anymore. This was a relationship built up over half a year. They helped him in many ways. Grid might laugh at some of them, but to him, they were his only friends.

How could he not protect his friends when he had enough strength? It was no different from his past friends who ignored him when he was in pain.

'Yes, I will never do so.’

At this moment, he realized why he wanted to enter the competition despite having to reveal his identity.


Grid’s eyes changed.

The arrogance cleared from his eyes. The reasons he used to convince himself about why he participated in this competition was just a means to conceal his confusion, because he couldn’t understand his own psychology. At this moment, his eyes were shining deeply and gently.

Hurent witnessed the change in real time and was amazed.

‘It feels like he has become another person.’

On the other hand, Jishuka’s eyes were shining from next to Grid.

‘W-What? Why is he so good looking today?’

Jishuka was always confident and didn’t pay attention to men. Her eyes couldn’t leave Grid.

Grid moved her behind him and declared, “Watch me.”

“Ye... Huh?”


Jishuka looked at Grid’s wide back and turned red. And right now, this situation was being broadcasted around the world.

“Damn! This isn’t a drama!”

“Boo! Boo-!”

The men around the world started to boo together. Pagma’s Descendant, Yura, wasn’t enough for him? He was aiming for Jishuka as well? Wasn’t he a very bad person?

“Damn bastard!”

"Rotten guy!"

One man was gobbling up the hearts of two of the world’s most beautiful women. There was a lot of swearing around the world.

At the same time. 

A young man in his 30’s was watching the competition on TV and stood up. Then towards the Grid on TV... Clap. Clap. A standing ovation.

"Plant flags all around you. Bravo...!”

This man had posters of Rebecca’s Daughters all over his house. Thanks to Grid, the pope was killed and he became the first to receive a unique hidden class. He was cheering for Grid from a distance. 

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