Chapter 164

Chapter 164

‘Hell Gao, who didn’t move when the top three damage dealers of the guild attacked simultaneously...’

‘Pushing him back with one shot?’

‘What is that attack power?’

‘What is that tail that defended against Hell Gao’s attack?’

‘Why is he still holding the pickaxe...?’

It was an unbelievable and monstrous sight. The Silver Knights Guild, included Peak Sword, were confused at the sight of Grid.

‘I thought he was a tanker because of his high defense, but his attack power is actually higher?’

There were several classes with excellent balance. But balance-type classes had a chronic problem. It was that they didn’t excel in anything. However, both Grid’s attack power and defense were unreasonable.

‘He must have a hidden class. In addition...’

Grid’s words revolved around Peak Sword’s head. Item effect. Item effect. Item effect... Item...

‘...It really is the power of his items.’

In Satisfy, items could be enhanced up to +10. 

However, the price of the enhancement stones was expensive, and the higher the enhancement value, the lower the probability of the enhancement succeeding.

In addition, if the enhancement was successful, the enhancement value would be +1. But if it failed, it would be -3, so the chances of ordinary users owning high enhanced equipment was like picking stars from the sky. Most rankers were using +7 items, while the +8 or higher items were for the rich or fortunate.

However, Peak Sword belatedly realized that Grid’s sword was surrounded by a deep orange light that was like the sunset. It was a +8 enhanced item.

‘So he is a high level hidden class, rich, and lucky?’

Grid frowned at Peak Sword’s expression.

"...What is your expression?”

It wasn’t a coincidence that a big shot came here. Peak Sword was alarmed and started to feel doubts.

“You look like a Chinese or Japanese person. Did the Sakura Guild send you?”

Grid had the typical appearance of a Northeast Asian. Korea and Mongolia were countries weak in Satisfy, he judged that a bigshot couldn’t be hiding among the Koreans or Mongols. Therefore, this person must be Chinese or Japanese. But the answer that came back was amazing.

"Sakura Guild? I didn’t even know there was such a guild. Above all, I am South Korean.”

"South Korean?”

The guild members started murmuring.

"There is such an amazing person among the Koreans...”

“Apart from Yura and Peak Sword hyung-nim... South Korea has another prominent figure."

"Kya~~! As expected from South Korea!”

Most of the members of the Silver Knights Guild were patriotic. They were the type of people who always asked ‘Do you know Kimchi?’ when they met foreigners. So they were glad to hear that Grid was Korean.

“We are Koreans like you!”

“I realized it while watching you! The Korean’s game DNA is still great!”

“I am proud that a great person like you is a Korean citizen like us!”

"Quiet!” Peak Sword calmed down his excited guild members and glared at Grid. "If you aren’t commissioned by the Sakura Guild, why did you come to disturb us?”


Chaaeng! Chaeng!

Grid was shaken as he drew Hell Gao’s aggro.

“Disturb? Is what I did a disturbance? Rather, I helped you.”

“What help? You barged in on another person’s raid!”


Grid felt angry at Peak Sword’s words. Then he threw down his pickaxe and grabbed Dainsleif with both hands.

“Ridiculous humans! I will burn you to the soul!”

Hell Gao waved his staff while shouting and a heat storm struck. Grid started dancing.

‘Pagma’s Swordsmanship...’

“Become ashes!”


The materials in the area were melted and a hot wind blew over Grid. Then Grid’s dance finished.


Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

It was truly an overwhelming sight. The big sword was surrounded by red and black and pierced Hell Gao’s heart with a huge momentum.


There wasn’t one person who failed to notice that Hell Gao’s face shrouded in flames was disturbed for a moment.

Hell Gao fell down and scattered blood like lava, while Grid spoke to the astonished Peak Sword. "I’m sorry that I barged in on your raid but honestly, if it wasn’t for me, wouldn’t you guys be dead to that monster by now? The only reason I got involved was because that annoying bastard attacked me first. I didn’t actually do anything?”

His words weren’t wrong. But that didn’t mean Grid’s behavior could be rationalized.

"I acknowledge that part. But the fact that you intruded doesn’t change. How can we proceed with the raid while you are watching? Would you be able to if you were us? What if you hit our backs while we are in the middle of the fight?”

Grid snorted. "If I wanted to hit your backs, I would’ve done it earlier. Isn't that right?"

That’s right. The guild was in trouble when Hell Gao appeared. But Grid was fine. At that time, the guild would’ve met a disaster if Grid had attacked.


It was evidence that Grid wasn’t an enemy. However, he was still disturbing. Grid had completely stabbed a wedge of doubt in Peak Sword.

"In the first place, I didn’t come here for that monster. Fire stones.” Then Grid placed Dainsleif back in his inventory. Then he picked up the pickaxe and headed towards a firestone again. “I have no intention of interfering, so please ignore me and go on with the raid.”


Kaaang! Kaaang!

Peak Sword no longer felt motivation as he looked at Grid.

'...He isn’t an opponent that can be overpowered, so let’s ignore him.’

They could deal with this when it was over. Peak Sword ignored Grid and started concentrating on the raid. Then the guild members quickly surrounded Hell Gao, who was on the ground. Grid glanced at them and clicked his tongue.

‘Do you really think you can raid that monster? It’s useless.’

The current Grid couldn’t measure Hell Gao’s combat strength.

'That monstrous bastard, he was hit by Kill and didn’t even lose one-tenth of his life.’

Hell Gao was a monster that Muller couldn’t seal perfectly, and he was very strong. Grid speculated that he was a boss monster several degrees stronger than the Awakened Guardian of the Forest.

‘He is a monster that I can’t win against, even if I take advantage of my invincible passive. It’s better to avoid him.’

Grid’s judgment was correct.

Most users didn’t know the details of the demon-related episodes yet, but Hellfire’s Master Hell Gao was the 9th strongest among the 33 great demons of Hell and had members of the demonkin like Balak as subordinates. It wasn’t good to associate with him.


Kaaang! Kaaang!

Grid’s pickaxe speed accelerated. He planned to use the time while the Silver Knights Guild was striking Hell Gao to mine the fire stones. That behavior was the problem. What was the reason why the fire stones always appeared with Hell Gao?

It wasn’t a coincidence. The fire stones were the source of Hell Gao’s power. Hell Gao needed the help of the fire stones to appear in the human world. A human kept trying to mine it, so Hell Gao couldn’t leave it alone.

“This damn human!”


Hell Gao released a black fire that burned the Silver Knights Guild and headed towards Grid.

Chaaeng! Chaeng!

The pavranium moved to protect Grid. However, it was impossible to completely block Hell Gao’s attack with the present pavranium, which was attached to the armor and restricted in action.

Grid experienced a flash of heat every time the staff was wielded.

[You have suffered 2,930 damage.]

[You have suffered 3,190 damage.]

‘How rotten... I’ve raised my fire resistance, but I’ve still received this much damage.’

Kaaang! Kaaang!

Grid took a potion to restore his health and quickened the pace of his pickaxe. He tried to ignore the attacking Hell Gao behind him.

‘Just a bit more...!’

Five more swings would be enough to obtain one fire stone. Grid patiently relied on only pavranium to defend and Hell Gao’s anger reached the peak.

"Stop right now!”


Hell Gao’s body was covered with blame flames, increasing the heat.


Hell Gao’s attack power became stronger. The pavranium was hit by it and temporarily stiffened.

‘This is bad...!’

Hell Gao’s staff aimed at Grid’s side just as there were three swings left to obtain the fire stone. Grid tried to defend with a shield but it was already too late. At that moment, Peak Sword came forward.

"Draw Sword, string.”

Peak Sword stood 2m behind Hell Gao. He pulled out the sword at his waist so quickly that it was difficult to follow with the eyes. Then there was a sharp flash and blood spurted from Hell Gao’s neck.


Hell Gao’s gaze angrily returned to Peak Sword.


Hell Gao approached Peak Sword and waved his staff. Then Peak Sword placed his sword back in its sheath.

“Sheath Sword, breadth.”


Just before Hell Gao’s staff fell towards Peak Sword. A powerful wave of sword energy exploded around Peak Sword, causing Hell Gao to retreat. Peak Sword spoke to Grid with a grim expression.

“You are Korean and helped us once. With this, the debt is paid.”

Subsequently, the Silver Knights Guild started their onslaught.

"Die, you monster!”

"This time we’ll kill you!”

The Silver Knights were a highly trained guild. The qigong masters suppressed Hell Gao’s heat, while the damage dealers attacked Hell Gao without getting injured. It was a pincer attack they could unfold due to the experience challenging Hell Gao, but the problem was that Hell Gao was too strong.

“This doesn’t even itch!”

Hell Gao ridiculed before launching flames in every direction. It was the inevitable fire AOE magic. In order to suppress the force of this, the qigong masters controlled the mana in the air while the magicians built water barriers. The momentum of the flames wasn’t suppressed at all and directly evaporated all the water at the water barriers.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

This caused hot steam to occur. Peak Sword and the knights defended with their weapons or shields, while the qigong masters and magicians used magic. However, everyone except for Peak Sword turned into grey light.


Sword Peak realized it the moment he received more than 100 messages about his guild members’ deaths.

‘This is impossible.’

The Hell Gao raid? It was a pipe dream. He had been confident about the guild’s power over the last month, but they were just pests in front of Hell Gao.

‘It was my mistake for not accurately measuring Hell Gao’s strength...’

He felt sorry for the guild members wiped out because of their foolish master. It was the moment that Peak Sword lost hope in his dream of fostering enough Korean rankers to play a role in next years National Competition.

He flopped down.


Hell Gao emitted a hot breath as he laughed and approached. He aimed his staff at Peak Sword who lost all his men and all hope. At that moment.


[A fire stone has been acquired.]

Grid finally obtained a fire stone. At the same time, the black flames around Hell Gao’s body noticeably weakened.



[You have suffered 4,200 damage.]


Peak Sword survived despite being hit by the staff. Both Peak Sword and Hell Gao were shocked.


It wasn’t an illusion. Hell Gao had rapidly weakened. An awkward atmosphere flowed.

“Transcended Link.”

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

20 blue and white energy blades flew and hit Hell Gao.


Blood spurted in every direction like boiling lava. Hell Gao let out a terrible scream of pain. Then he belated discovered the fire stone held in Grid’s hand.

"You dare...! I will kill you!”


“Can you do it?"

Grid laughed before squeezing the blue sword that was reminiscent of a predator of the sea.

Peak Sword was surprised twice.

The first reason was that he figured out Grid was Pagma’s Descendant who appeared in the battle of Bairan several months ago. The second reason for his surprise was the white light around the blue greatsword.

“A +9 item?”

“Take this pickaxe.” Grid threw his pickaxe towards Peak Sword, whose mouth was gaping open. Then he explained to the puzzled Peak Sword. “Hell Gao’s weakness is the fire stone. The more fire stones that are collected, the weaker he will be. So collect the fire stones while I block him.”

This was it. Peak Sword’s expression darkened, "I understand what you're saying. But I didn’t acquire the mining skill. It will be hard for me...”

“Don’t worry. Anyone can mine with that pickaxe.”


Grid spoke confidently. Peak Sword was curious and checked the details of the pickaxe.

[Fantastic Pickaxe]

Rating: Legendary

Durability: 155/219   Attack Power: 107

* The chances of acquiring advanced minerals will increase by 10%.

* The chances of acquiring the highest grade minerals will increase by 5%.

* The skill ‘Intermediate Mining Technique’ Lv. 3 will be generated.

A pickaxe made by the legendary blacksmith G.

With this pickaxe, even a five year old child can collect high quality iron ore.

User Restriction: Level 200 or higher.

Weight: 45


"Why are you just watching?”

Hell Gao wasn’t a fool. He couldn’t let the humans touch the fire stones anymore, so he tried to get rid of the injured Peak Sword first. However, Grid wouldn’t quietly let him do that. He detached the pavranium from his armor and aimed at Hell Gao’s head with his fingers.



The combined pavranium separated into seven blade-like shapes. Then they spread out and attacked Hell Gao from different angles.


Hell Gao missed Peak Sword. He lifted his staff and resisted the seven blades, but they couldn’t be destroyed no matter what.

‘No, what is this...’

Peak Sword thought it was absurd. It felt like a feast of items kept appearing.

Item effect.

The words Grid said when he first appeared popped into Peak Sword’s head. Then Grid prompted him, “What are you doing? Go and mine the fire stones.”

“Ah, y-yes... That... Yes...”

The 16th ranked Peak Sword, it was the first time he challenged mining since starting Satisfy. And it was the day that Hell Gao, the master of hellfire, met the strongest enemy after the great sword saint Muller.

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